View Full Version : Sorting on column name other than dataIndex

30 Jun 2010, 6:52 AM
I am trying to perform a remoteSort with extjs grid. The sorting works fine, the problem I am running into is the fact that the data that is sent to extjs is a slimmed down DTO of my domain model, and as a result the dataIndex that I am feeding to extjs does not match up with my domain model that I am doing the sort on.

Is there a way that I can configure the extjs grid sorting to use a different grid column value that it sends to the server to perform sorting? Either a custom property I can add to my grid columns definition, or something like the gridColumn.id or something along those lines.

The real question is, is there a way to tell extjs grid to send a different grid column value to the server to perform sorting on other than the dataIndex property.