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30 Jun 2010, 3:15 AM
hey sencha community :)
i am new in this board and i need a little bit help as first.
i create a little application with the new sencha framework and i have problems with the nestedlist, i cant add new items:

var rowData = responseObj.lists[i];
var newItem = nestedList.add({text:rowData.name});

we have test it with add, render, doLayout etc.
what i do wrong? thanks for help and sorry for my bad english :D

30 Jun 2010, 5:07 AM
Give something like this a go

var newObject = Array();
for (var i = 0; i < responseObj.length; i++) {

name : responseObj[i]['col1'],
label: responseObj[i]['col3'],
value: responseObj[i]['col4'],
listeners: onChangeValue

var newItem = {
title: title,
items: [newObject]

once you have created your object you then have to create a nestedlist object

var nestedList = new Ext.NestedList({
fullscreen: true,
items: []

And then set the list.

nestedList.setList(newItem, true);

30 Jun 2010, 5:46 AM
thanks for the fast help :)

7 Sep 2010, 1:19 PM
is this an undocumented method? Also, is this meant to add multiple items at one time? I have only been able to add a single item and it replaces the list that is currently there. I've been trying to update the list by doing the following

var newItem = {
baseCls: 'order-blotter-item',
html: '<div class="order-blotter-item-content"><div id="sell_arrow"></div><div class="order-blotter-item-side">Sell</div><div class="order-blotter-item-details"><span class="amount">1000</span> shares of <span class="symbol">IBM</span> at Market at <span class="price">132</span></div><div class="order-blotter-item-status pending">Pending Approval</div></div>',
handler: views.showOverlay

but the interface does not repaint the new items. Can anybody help me out with this?

7 Sep 2010, 6:17 PM
The nested list is changing fairly significantly for the next release, where it will be backed by a hierarchical store, so a lot of this discussion is fairly irrelevant.