View Full Version : Impossible to navigate back after opening an external link in full screen mode

28 Jun 2010, 5:21 AM
After opening an external link from a mobile web app that is running in full screen mode, it is impossible to navigate back to the app.

To reproduce:

Add the Kiva Touch demo app to your iPad homescreen: http://kivamobile.org
Open the Kiva Touch app from your homescreen so that it runs in full screen mode.
Select an item from the list, and then tap the "Lend $XXX" button.
Link opens in new safari mobile window as expected.
Note that it is now impossible to navigate backwards to the Kiva App. The safari back button is disabled. It's necessary to close the safari browser and re-open the Kiva Touch app.

I suspect this is due to how mobile safari handles opening new windows when in running full screen mode. Probably nothing Sencha or any framework can do about it. Any work around ideas?