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25 Jun 2010, 12:36 PM
Hi all,

As always, your input is extermeley helpful and i will attempt to be as detailed as possible.

I have a very basic Grid Panel using a Remote JSON Data Store.

So far, not very complicated. The data loads as expected and everyone is happy.

I now wanted to auto refresh the grid so i setup the below task to accomplish this. Once again, works as expected.

The issue was that in another post, a user mentioned "Just remember not to actually update the grid if the data hasn't changed. This is for the server to handle using HTTP Response Status Code".

My question, how can i determine if the store data has changed? The data the store pulls is from multiple tables and this data can change outside of my application. What method can i use to compare the current store data with what can potentially be new?

Here is the task i setup:

var task = {
run: function() {
interval: 60000 //60 seconds

var runner = new Ext.util.TaskRunner();


Thanks for any input!

28 Jun 2010, 3:47 AM
A "load" call essentially refreshes the entire gird, thus is changing all the time, even though the view may not be.