View Full Version : Configuring Sencha on a server?

23 Jun 2010, 11:02 AM
OK, so this is probably a simple question, but please help...

PROBLEM: I can not get any code to work outside of the Sencha directory.


- I uploaded Sencha0.90 to the top level directory of a subdomain on my website (i.e., not the top level HTML directory of my site, but the directory for the subdomain)
- I created a symbolic link called sencha to the Sencha0.90 folder (for ease of substituting new builds)
- I ran the carousel code by pointing my browser (OK, several browsers on different platforms) to <mysubdomainURL>/sencha/examples/carousel/ and it worked fine
- I copied the code from the carousel example to the top level directory of the subdomain, modified the files so that the paths for the CSS and js files now used the subdomain based path (e.g., sencha/ext-touch-debug.js instead of ../../ext-touch-debug.js)
- Loaded the new URL into a browser <mysubdomainURL>/index.html

The result is a blue page with lots of words, but clearly no javascript API loading.

So what am I missing?

Maurice Sharp

24 Jun 2010, 2:50 PM
I am not sure what happened, but everything appears to be working now. Thanks if you looked.