View Full Version : Bind keymap for iframe?

19 Jun 2010, 9:13 PM
I posted this like 3 hours ago, and it's not show. What's up? Why is there moderation in this forum now? It's going to make people leave the forum...

Hi! I have the following keymap:

new Ext.KeyMap(Ext.get(document), [
key: 'N',
ctrl: true,
fn: function() {
stopEvent: true

and when I press ctrl+n on my page, I get an alert that shows "ctrl+n" expected.

Now, I have an iframe also in my page, in designMode, and when I press ctrl+n when the iframe has focus, nothing happens.

Is there a way to either 1) bind another keymap to the iframe *via code in the parent window* or 2) bind the same keymap in the parent to that of the iframe?