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18 Jun 2010, 5:52 AM
Hello everyone,
I am new to extJs and I have to make a nested liquid layout. I am bit confused about how to achieve the liquid layout in extJS because height: "100%" does not work. Also autoHeight:true does not work. I am using the border layout and west region should contain the following three items:

west region (split)
- search bar
- advance search form (collapsible)
- grid for result

When I add these in the west panel items then i need to specify the height and if i don't specify the height then only 10% of the content are shown. Can anybody suggest me how to fit all these in one container? Using the 'fit' layout should have one item but I have two items. So should i put these two items in one panel and add it in the west panel item? Or should i use the 'border' layout for the west region? Or should i use the 'vbox' layout to arrange these items vertically? I am kind of confused and tried appoximately every layout... It will be of great help if you can show me the right direction for making the layout as it is the basis of one application.
Thanks in advance

18 Jun 2010, 7:40 AM
Both border and vbox should work. But both will require a fixed height for the search form.