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17 Jun 2010, 11:48 PM
Hi all.
I'm newbie on sencha(extjs) framework, But It's great great framework (especially Sencha Touch).
Great job team.
Good Luck.

I've a question :
Is there any example how to do Websockets into this framework ?
I want to make sample chat program.

Paata Lominadze.
Magticom LTD.

18 Jun 2010, 9:48 AM
Most mobile devices currently have not web socket support for web apps (I believe PhoneGap gives you a wrapper to a native socket), so there isn't much value in Sencha Touch receiving web socket support at the moment. Ext JS 4.0 will have a WebSocketProxy as part of the new data package.

It sounds like you could just use normal, low-level web sockets for a chat app - there's not much on top of them that Ext JS would give you in this case.

15 Nov 2010, 1:39 PM
FYI - iPhone's iOS 4.2 Safari is supporting Websockets... a high mark for smart phone competitors, and also the reason for support at the framework development level too ! IMHO !!

17 Jan 2013, 1:51 AM
Check this out http://www.nils-dehl.de/2010/12/mobile-chat-with-senchatouch-nodejs-socketio/