View Full Version : HTMLEditor dblclick event

17 Jun 2010, 11:09 AM
Hello All,

I'm trying to get a double click event attached to the body of an htmleditor field within a form without luck. My goal is to give the user a way of opening the editor field in a standalone window with more room to edit comfortably. If I change the type to a textfield or a textarea and do the following it works as expected:

Ext.get('htmleditor_id').on('dblclick', function(){
alert("You double clicked.");
I'd prefer to have a htmleditor on the form and on the popout. But the alternative is to use a textarea on the form and an htmleditor on the popout, but I will need to deal with the formatting issues generated by the htmleditor that the textarea will not be able to show.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.