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17 Jun 2010, 4:52 AM
Hey Sencha guy,

congratulation to the release of the Sencha-Touch Beta!
The first Touch felt fenomenal!!!!

While Reading through your sources I stoped at Geolocation. You should definatly tweek it a bit!
I have done some practice Tests with GeoLocation on the Iphone and I would like to share my experience.

The navigator.geolocation.getCurrentPosition function doesen't seem to update its Position!
To Implement an update event you should go with watchPosition instead!

To get good Results for tracking for example you have to Tweek the geolocation functions with a third parameter Containing maxAge timeout and enableHighaccuracy

Looking forward to develope some nice Apps with the new Sencha Touch Framework!

Great Work Guys

17 Jun 2010, 5:05 AM
Thanks a lot for the positive feedback!

I am very interested in your recommendations regarding geolocation. We are aware it needs some work. Any help would be very appreciated.

I will make sure to look into some of the pointers in your post.

17 Jun 2010, 5:19 AM
Win Win :)

I am on the very beginning of writing an Mobile Application. One of it main Features does some heavy usage of Geolocation. Since I just looked through the demos of Senscha Touch (...and I am just blown away) I will recycle the current jQTouch code base to use your framework instead... I will keep this thread up to date an will throw in all Code changes Ill do to make it work as expected.

BTW as an Support subscriber for Extjs is it possible to get an SVN Access for Sencha Touch?

Jamie Avins
17 Jun 2010, 5:23 AM
We do plan on having SVN access up soon.