View Full Version : Split a GridPanel

11 Jun 2010, 9:41 AM

I'm sorry if this question was already asked but i don't know the name of what I want to do.

I have a gridPanel which display the name and the value of my elements in a store.
It's look like that :

Name Value
n1__ v1
n2__ v2
n3__ v3
n4__ v4
n5__ v5
n6__ v6
n7__ v7
n8__ v8
n9__ v9

But I must place this gridpanel in a div with a small height but a large width and I don't want scrollbar. So I try to have a grid panel who looks like that :

Name Value|Name Value|Name Value
n1 __ v1 __ n4 __ v4 __ n7__ v7
n2 __ v2 __ n5 __ v5 __ n8 __ v8
n3 __ v3 __ n6 __ v6 __ n9 __ v9

I could make that with three panel, but I want only one because the users will can sort by value or name.
And it's a dynamic gridpanel who display the value from a database depending the variable chose in a combobox.

Thank you for your help