View Full Version : Ext 3.2.x grouped radio buttons too close

10 Jun 2010, 10:48 PM
I have a radio group defined in a formpanel, and I've noticed that with ExtJS 3.2.1
that the radio buttons are now much closer together. The separation is just a few
pixels. Previously the separation seemed much higher, it looks quite strange in the
form now.

Any idea how I can spread the radio buttons out? They are aligned
so that all the radio buttons are in a single line.

items: [{
xtype: 'radiogroup',
name: 'size',
fieldLabel: 'Item Size',
itemCls: 'x-check-group-alt',
columns: 2,
vertical: true,
items: [{
boxLabel: 'Large',
name: 'size',
id: 'large',
inputValue: 'large'
boxLabel: 'Small',
name: 'size',
id: 'small',
inputValue: 'small'

13 Apr 2011, 12:36 PM
I never found a way to fix this. Is there some way of increassing the padding
between buttons, they appear like this:-

[ ]button1[ ]button2