View Full Version : PagingToolbar does not display next-page-button/correct page number since Ext 3

8 Jun 2010, 12:58 AM
EDIT: Solved. The property "totalRecords" of the xml reader was renamed to totalProperty. sometimes it's the small stuff you overlook

Hi there
We have a Grid with an PagingToolbar to get to the next page. Since the upgrade to Ext 3.2.1 (from 2.2.1), it does not display the button for the next page nor the correct number of pages no matter how many pages/items are left, but I can't figure out why, everything seems to be as it should.


My code:
The Datastore:

var dataStore_workbasket_table3 = new Ext.data.GroupingStore(
proxy: new Ext.data.HttpProxy(
url: 'list.workbasket',
timeout: 300000
baseParams :
reader: new Ext.data.XmlReader(
totalRecords: 'totalrows', // <-- this is set to 252 in the XML
record: 'row'
{name : 'cell1'},
{name : 'cell2'},
{name : 'cell24'},
{ name : 'rowid'},
{ name : 'rowclass'}
autoload: false,
remoteSort: true,
field: 'cell8',
direction: 'DESC'
);The PagingToolbar:

var fieldRowCount = new Ext.form.NumberField(
width : 24,
minValue: 0,
maxValue: 100,
enableKeyEvents: true,
value: '10'

var bbar = new Ext.PagingToolbar(
items :
new Ext.Toolbar.Separator(),
'Zeilen pro Seite'
pageSize: 10,
store: dataStore_workbasket_table3
);The GridPanel (since the grid is displayed correctly with the right amount of rows, I abbreviated the devinition a bit)

var workbasket_table3 = new Ext.grid.GridPanel(
ds: dataStore_workbasket_table3,
cm: new Ext.grid.ColumnModel([...]),
stripeRows: true,
frame: false,
hideMode: 'offsets',
border: false,
stateful: false,
sm: selectionModel_workbasket_table3,
id: 'workbasket_table3',
bbar: bbar,
view: new Ext.grid.GroupingView([...]),
autoWidth: true,
autoHeight: true
);Part of the XML returned by the URL list.workbasket (see Reader above):

<cell1>&lt;img title=&quot;&quot; alt=&quot;&quot; src=&quot;images/actions/shared/unlock.gif&quot;&gt;</cell1>
[8 other <row>[...]</row> entries]
</data>So, anyone has an idea why the next page button does not show up and the number of pages is set to 1, while only 10 of 252 rows (1 of 26 pages) are displayed?