View Full Version : Change variable name from Debug to Deployment version

7 Jun 2010, 10:45 AM
Hi There.

I noticed that in ext-all-debug.js the long variabe names are replaced with with one letter name in ext-all.js.
I informed myself a little about about building extjs using jsbuilder.
Well my first naive question is: Is Jsbuilder responsible for replacing the long names with shorter ones?
I have python script that uses jsmin for some other js files and I'd like it also to minify the extjs using the same mechanism, which is actually working to some extent, but I also would like to do the same trick of shortening the variable names, the problem is that I'm on a linux machine (i.e. JSbuilder is a no go for me) and place all that in one build automation process for my whole project.

Including ext-all.js is not a good option, because I need I want to
1- exclude the unused classes
2- have a debug version along

Any ideas how to achieve that?

Best regards

7 Jun 2010, 10:50 AM
Ops I just saw that theres jsb2 which is implemented in java. which solves my Problem. Sorry about that