View Full Version : Editable Grid and XmlWriter - Server Response?

6 Jun 2010, 9:29 AM

Hope to get some help. I've created an EditableGrid which loads from an XmlStore and also added XmlWriter to send Create, Delete and Updates back to the server (using autoSave == true). All is well and the requests for changes are sent.

However, I'm puzzled over what the server response should be to these posts. At the moment, after each server post, I just get a script error that something is undefined. I've tried various combinations of returned xml trying to indicate that the update, create or delete was a success. But, it seems to either not parse the response or cannot find the "successProperty".

Doesn't anyone know what the format of the returned xml should be?


2 Dec 2010, 2:26 AM
Hi Mitch,
do you have found a solution?

I'm asking the same and the example are in Json.
I think I have replicated the structure of Json on the server response (in Xml) but it doesn't seem to work.