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26 May 2010, 11:04 PM

the site has a viewPort

in left : treePanel
in right : content

3 grid must put in content section
How can I put these grids ( 2 grid beside eachother and the third in bottom of them) in content? use of Panel or viewPort or..?


26 May 2010, 11:24 PM
You can have only one viewPort. I would go for panel with border layout and grids in west, center and south regions

28 May 2010, 8:31 PM
thanks for reply, let' see what I did:

scanJobs.superclass.constructor.call(this, {
frame : true,

autoScroll: true,
layout: {
type: 'fit',
padding: '5',
align: 'left'

items: [columnGrids, simpleGrid]


var columnGrids = new Ext.Panel( {
layout: 'column',
items: [{ ....

var simpleGrid = new Ext.grid.EditorGridPanel( {
store : store,
columns : scheduleColumns,



29 May 2010, 4:58 PM
Ugh! Why don't people wrap code in code tags?

From a design standpoint, people who have low resolutions will have a hard time with a layout that is basically 5 columns wide then. Your Viewport with 3 and your center region having 3. Maybe a TabPanel for the center region would be more desirable? Also, if you can, I'd use xtype as much as possible.

29 May 2010, 8:18 PM
it wasn't my idea,... my idea was also using of tab panel but they...

29 May 2010, 8:52 PM
it wasn't my idea,... my idea was also using of tab panel but they...

Ha! Been there! Good thing that ExtJS is an easy framework to create different layouts easy to show them that one is better than the other :-)

29 May 2010, 9:00 PM
but ifonly extjs has the HowTo articles too... it is sometimes hard to understand :) here just in codes, we have to take many times to understand what it does! anyway thanks..:)