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  1. About bind columns to a grid
  2. Architect 2 Build Project
  3. How can I have the text in a Form Display field wrap when the window is too small?
  4. TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'array.indexOf')
  5. Missing local css and js resources in build version
  6. Cannot create a controller action for 'afteritemexpand' for Ext.tree.Panel
  7. Handle html div click event
  8. Map component only for Touch?
  9. Loading prebuilt JS components in Architect
  10. Need clarity about form error validation - vtypes
  11. Get/Set Values inside textbox inner component
  12. Cannot generate application to existing workspace root.
  13. Common Json/PJson Storage Parameter - Moving from dev/test/production
  14. How to add Field to Navigation Bar
  15. Sencha Architect: Handling Orientations
  16. Filters Feature "a la 2.1"
  17. Newbie Question
  18. Publish fails in Sencha Architect ver 2.1.0 Build 678
  19. In a panel class, how to run a function after contructor creation
  20. When are we getting 2.2?
  21. Missing activation code for Designer and discounted upgrade
  22. Data not loaded in Browser.
  23. Need help with window show/hide
  24. List Paging problem
  25. CSS Resource comes up Read Only
  26. App.js Contains Non-Existent View
  27. Question: How would I go about implementing two Y-Axis plots in a chart?
  28. width as percent
  29. Native Android app not working properly.
  30. Autocompletion in Code Editor
  31. Architect 2: Selecting the first row of grid in gridpanel after data load.
  32. Flickering controls in Touch 2.1.0/2.1.1 on iPhone/iPad?
  33. Example DeskTop Packer don't open, later Architekt version
  34. Rendering the XML/JSON Tree in Panel
  35. Help setting up a form/fields to display grid details
  36. Question About Features that might be there but I can't find them
  37. How to Add Password/ConfirmPassword textboxes with validation to form w/SA
  38. Previous button tab triggered once again in another button tab
  39. Extjs 4 adding audio to events
  40. How do I change look of selectfield and its overlay in Sencha Touch?
  41. How can I use extjs.Draw library in Sencha Architect
  42. Trouble remove a component / edit component
  43. Please clarify what I can edit with external editor and what I should not
  44. nested JSON data - can't find child data
  45. Loading and External script into a panel
  46. thumbnail image gallery?
  47. Android App not working in 4.0.x (jelly bean framework)
  48. Sencha Architect 2 DOCS NOT WORKING!
  49. Support for Ext.Action
  50. Ho to set eventPublishers property to Ext.application.
  51. A doubt in Sencha Architect.
  52. All images broken in tutorials
  53. Html Component in Sencha Architect.
  54. Adding a background image to a container or a panel
  55. Private variables
  56. Styles change but not updated
  57. Sencha Architect is very slow
  58. My app doesn't work with the library in local on my iPhone.
  59. Controller and View binding question
  60. Reorder controller's functions/references
  61. Basics; parsing multiple sets of data from one json store
  62. Publish CMD Window Close
  63. Understanding sencha command in architect
  64. One-click save/publish with no nags and no command/terminal window
  65. Formatting Chart Axis: Renderer or Segmenter?
  66. UX component in Architect
  67. how to save a project without flush out existing code
  68. help with Car Listing starter application
  69. Ecllipse plugin and SA2 code assist Q's
  70. Create a .xda file with a an hardcoded application!
  71. Adding external resources
  72. [ST] Feature request for NavigationBar.
  73. PIE ->Renderer(default)->getCmp
  74. How to add listeners property in Sencha Architect
  75. ExtDirect / Architect Example?
  76. In SA 2.1, how to rename xds file?
  77. Featuire request : autosense id's
  78. How to add buffer to keyup event in controller in Architect?
  79. Using JsonTreeStore without URL property
  80. Architect Poll: Is it ready for prime time?
  81. suggestion: why do we need to put { } in default
  82. suggestion: control-enter should remove current line and take you to previous one
  83. Inline editor
  84. How to iterate value from store in parent and child response from json in sencha2.1
  85. Controller / References and Getter/Setter Problems
  86. [resolved] Design view trouble
  87. Select multiple items from Architect inspector
  88. Create an Object in Secha Architect
  89. Change Extjs Locaction
  90. after updating proj to 2.2 theme / build version not showing neptune
  91. Architect 2.2 & Centos 6.4 64bit
  92. Architect with other Editor
  93. Installing problem with Architect 2.2
  94. How to put a function as a label for a button (for example) ?
  95. suggestion: remove distracting warning about url unavailable
  96. Non-single-page apps
  97. Device Profile, Viewport and MVC with Architect 2.1
  98. Architect 2.2 -> sencha app build production -> white page
  99. How to put a loading screen while contents are loading when click on tabpanel?
  100. What happened to the snapshot feature in 2.2?
  101. Soap Proxy
  102. Missing configs in Architect 2.2
  103. Need Help With Better Way to do "Convert to Action"
  104. Cannot get JSONP call working
  105. Architect + Charts: How to get iteminfo to show information about the data points
  106. Can't seem to get my CSS resources to package with Android and IOS
  107. Suggestion: Like Visual Studio, Add to tab "Open Containing Folder"
  108. Architect 2.2 and grid filtering
  109. Sencha Architect installation / not starting
  110. dataview.List store property
  111. Suggestion: Let me edit controller code from event like place in Proj Inspector
  112. Android Build doesn't show graphics
  113. Real world project structure with Sencha Architect
  114. iconCls property in Ext.Panel?
  115. Is there any sencha architect chart long polling examples
  116. check box column view in grid Panel
  117. Center Map
  118. JsonP proxy- problem with url input
  119. Setting if Architect should load stores
  120. Architect 2.2 Theme List
  121. Want to be able to drag over a grid row not before or after
  122. With REST proxy in SA, wanting to catch error condition (not 200 status)
  123. buildUrl in SA for touch on proxy
  124. When is device profile support coming to Sencha Architect ?
  125. How to Upgrade to 2.2?
  126. Add custom property to model with Sencha Architect 2
  127. Difficulty creating detail screen with onItemDisclosure
  128. TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object
  129. Architect 2.1 (278) Problem in loading XmlStore (extjs 4)
  130. Sencha Architect 2.2 - Compile sass
  131. Geoext inside Sencha Architect
  132. City Bars Maps Default to Mountain View area
  133. How to use KeyMap in Architect?
  134. Show Data View Item in a Data View
  135. Turn on vertical swipe on Architect
  136. Sencha licensing
  137. CityBars Demo Map Centering
  138. Code view not working in trail
  139. Need help with packaging
  140. Car Listings - Works in Browser, not in Architect
  141. Architect 2.2.0 Build 908 is out
  142. How to Publish to a Remote Server
  143. Suggestion: allow for font zoom in current code editor on mouse scroll
  144. suggestion: on first launch, funny layout reconfig always shows
  145. suggestion: add "close" menu to primary File menu on SA
  146. added override in SA2.2 / Build stopped working with "Failed To Find @PackagesOverrid
  147. Suggestion: Allow moving controllers up and down in project inspector
  148. why i fill array then it was string?
  149. Import Component not showing in Project Inspector
  150. Is there a way to make grouptabpanel work inside Architect?
  151. Problems Re-using a Modal Panel
  152. processConfig or override in Architect
  153. Best Place for Eveet Bindings?
  154. Extend own class and use it in Sencha Architect 2.2
  155. Unable to register Architect 2.2
  156. Jsonp not working when packaging
  157. Architect 2.2 - Copy and Paste is not working
  158. How do you Set a Total for records loaded from a store
  159. Can't upgrade library in SA 2.1
  160. Ext.ux.LiveSearchGridPanel for architect
  161. White screen on ICS devices only
  162. How do I launch a different view?
  163. Cannot Style CSS "SCSS" With Architect
  164. Create a View Template
  165. Is it possible to change the Config colour scheme?
  166. [FIXED] opening project show error
  167. Can I paste JSON data objects directly into Architect to quickly create data stores?
  168. Unable to establish internet connection to begin software registration
  169. Trouble with button icons
  170. Suggestion: in library path setting, add extra / at end if it is not there.
  171. Suggestion: "Encourage" json reader with REST proxy by default
  172. How to reuse classes from projects not created with Architect?
  173. No sessionstorage and no localstorage in Architect 2.2?
  174. How to match onListItempTap function with onListDisclosure on a List?
  175. How to use the ST2.1.X profile in SA 2.2
  176. Custom new Odata proxy Component for Architect
  177. Sencha Arch use extjs 4.2
  178. Blank window on Sencha Architect
  179. Can I use Sencha CMD and Sencha Architect at the same time?
  180. In ProcessConfig function: what is "this" referring to
  181. CheckColum for Grid
  182. onDeviceReady in Archtect
  183. Using Sencha Architect for application development
  184. Architect and the wonderful world of hand-coded tricks and helpers.
  185. Spanish community ?
  186. .architect file and SVN
  187. Architech 2.2 does not execute in xp
  188. CityBars Tutorial Problem
  189. different behaviour of variables added in config panel - affecting translation
  190. Is it possible to add the Ext.ux.touch.grid as a Component to the Sencha Architect?
  191. How to add checkcolumn control to toolbox
  192. Process to minify app from Sencha Architect project
  193. Assign Prototype string to text fileld from Sencha Architect Config Window
  194. twice call using Ext.Ajax.request (ExtJs 4.2 - Architect)
  195. Bind controller actions to refs
  196. GridPanel using JsonStore - data loads in Architect but not in browser
  197. Upgrading Extjs 4.2 result of nothing is rendering
  198. Multiple persons work on a same project
  199. Is there IntelliSense in Sencha Architect?
  200. combobox dispayFiled from a store
  201. Architect Team Input Request: Complex Nested data in treestore.
  202. Architect evaluation reset
  203. StringFilter in Grid
  204. architect 2.2.0 build 908 project upgrade crash
  205. Dataview
  206. Load one architect built app from another
  207. Configure MyApp.view.Viewport ?
  208. How well does Architect update changes for duplicate userClassName & userAlias?
  209. Architect's interface - detachable inspector, config etc
  210. XML tree
  211. How to get Architect out of fullscreen?
  212. window with fit layout and grid child
  213. CSS Resource not loaded in browser
  214. Folder Structure and Correct Paths
  215. Select Field works on Mouse Click not on Tap
  216. How to use SA 2.2 watching file system?
  217. Retrieving and Sending Date from Database
  218. SA projects and Sencha Cmd upgrades
  219. Architect 2.2 Controller Control ControlQuery
  220. Chart Interaction - Where to start?
  221. Suggestion: sort functions alphabetically in Project Inspector
  222. ui and css
  223. Variable should be supported in api in proxy in store
  224. Architect 2.2, all direct api setting marked red
  225. change plugin configs on Architect?
  226. Architect 2.2.0 undefined logger
  227. Unable to establish internet connection..
  228. What is new in version 2.2.1
  229. Change Title Font Size on Sencha Chart within Architect?
  230. Default mobile themes with Architect
  231. Twitter Store fails after upgrade to 2.2.1
  232. Problem with custom component in the toolbox
  233. Setting createAlias hides my fields in a FieldSet
  234. What are License restrictions on using sencha architect on 2 different pcs?
  235. Ext.Loader vs app.json
  236. Manage app.json from Sencha Architect
  237. Process Config in Sensha Touch
  238. Assign value to field
  239. Style editor error in SA 2.2.1
  240. disclosure icons position
  241. ControlQuery match a cls attribute
  242. How to set the writers for the logger ?
  243. Creating a combobox override in Sencha Architect 2.0
  244. Can't add a Treestore in sencha Architect, I always get a JSONP Treestore
  245. How to use Ext.log() in Architect?
  246. Tooltips with SA2.2.1 (b951) & ExtJS 4.2.0
  247. Creating components using architect, best practices
  248. SA 2.2.x horrendously slow
  249. Possible to script the Architect build?
  250. Implementing Senchas device profiles guide w/ Architect