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  1. Architect 2.1 charts -Scatter Series
  2. Native App with Sencha Architect and Apple Provisioning Question
  3. Architect 2 touch native app build with sdk tools not working
  4. build 676 - Publish
  5. consume soap webservice from sencha architect?
  6. Publish Path issue after upgrading to build #676
  7. Local Server or Remote Server
  8. Help with locales in sencha architect
  9. Tooltip: How-to in Architect
  10. Trying to use JsonPProxy with Architect Model and Store
  11. Is Charts license legal if I create native app using Architect?
  12. Need help on the setup of a button click event to go to a new screen or view?
  13. Whats this publish thing
  14. Offline sencha fail
  15. Feature Request: Buffered functions
  16. Object values trim white-space - causes problems for date objects
  17. Command line publish?
  18. Custom Properties Help
  19. How do you make form field updates update the model automatically? (Touch 2.1)
  20. Custom Tree Icons Possible?
  21. Need help getting to a new screen on button click
  22. How to avoid "_dc" being appended at the end of URL when preview
  23. Adding dataviewitem generated undefine error in sencha-touch-all
  24. populate selectedField inside form with a nested store
  25. Can't find COPY option in new build 676
  26. xTemplate <div> tap in architect
  27. Is there any way to make the designer spit out the app as a class definition?
  28. Setting Locale
  29. 3rd party components - plans to support?
  30. Put Sencha GridPanel and its GridView in MVC web app to a specific div
  31. Doesnt display charts, but axis yes.
  32. Where do I find latest/nightly build of Sencha Architect?
  33. Can Sencha Command be used to build an Architect application?
  34. Checkbox column in architect and grid
  35. Sencha Architect not creating the app.json file
  36. list border colors
  37. Map Component Map Options
  38. Promote To Class a column in a GridPanel
  39. Store-View like SQL-View
  40. Invalid Date
  41. Store not available in Properties Combo
  42. Drag and drop for PC and Tablet
  43. Sencha Architect vs. Sencha Eclipse Plugin
  44. Do I need to check in metadata files to source control?
  45. Adding an image to a button in Architect
  46. Controller action with buffer for the event handler ?
  47. Div with title in sidebar showing up more than once, showing above each item
  48. Problem importing button
  49. TreePanel Drag & Drop with server side CRUD
  50. Calendar - Anyone else working on it?
  51. A communication error has occurred
  52. summaryType as a function
  53. Where to add a class?
  54. Migrating Architect Application to use Sencha Cmd 3.0
  55. sencha architect 2 30 days trial vesion by sencha id?
  56. Extending my Sencha Architect trial?
  57. Affine Transforms and reserved Ext.draw.Matrix
  58. Native Packaging for iOS
  59. Theming for Sencha Projects
  60. Sencha and Parse.com whitelisting
  61. Login Window: More Difficult Than It Should Be
  62. package build packager.json
  63. autoMaximize, not possible to set on launch or change to anything but true/false?
  64. n00b question: how to add to Ex.application "requires" section?
  65. Problematically Change Carousel...
  66. Struggling With Bar Chart
  67. How to Add Carousel item in Sencha Architect
  68. Problems with Container Event
  69. Sencha POST with parameters Can Sencha get back a Boolean from WCF?
  70. Font Awesome
  71. Switching from Sencha Designer 1.2.2: where to edit my own code?
  72. Add Data to a Nested List - Sencha Architect
  73. scope issue on events
  74. How get data before the data gets loaded into the store?
  75. Fonts not showing up correctly in Architect GUI
  76. Architect Touch 2.1 - Tab Panel Docked Bottom Doesn't display
  77. Problem to show the data of a XML in a grid
  78. Noob: Using Custom User Extensions
  79. Upgraded Architect and none of my projects work
  80. Newbie Question
  81. How to change framework version in Architect
  82. Support for sencha build production etc.
  83. How to build apps using sencha touch architect
  84. Integrating Architect with Eclipse
  85. Premium Ex.Net users with Sencha Architect
  86. how I can organize my project views in folders?
  87. Architect errors in ext-all.js after reverting layout changes to panels in project
  88. Multiple pages
  89. Overriding behaviour and custom components - is this possible?
  90. How to separate the view.js file into view1.js and view2.js
  91. Tab Panel Docked Bottom displays blank screen
  92. Using Nestedlist with treestore [data formating]
  93. Architect and ext js calendar view
  94. How to Create Custom Controllers, and Then Extend Them
  95. VBox Splitter Not Working
  96. Accelerate your multi-device application development with Sencha Complete
  97. pictos in architect
  98. List Creation Problem
  99. ajax intercerpt 401 not authorized before browser pop up their own gui
  100. Error parsing json data
  101. How to add a List to a ListView
  102. Sencha Architect
  103. Custom tool types in panel header
  104. Can Navigation Bar be undocked?
  105. 401: Unauthorized
  106. Newbie question(s) for show and showAnimation
  107. Architect 2 creating builds with local sdk
  108. How do I add a ButtonGroup to a drop down menu on a toolbar?
  109. Something missing in "Build your first mobile app"
  110. Architect, Stores and A Reusable Reader
  111. How can I preview my app using "ext-all-debug.js"?
  112. Add a ButtonGroup to toolbar menu?
  113. Sencha Architect App preview PROBLEM on webserver
  114. How do you add a row of data to a store
  115. Touch20 List with Store & Model generated in Architect 2.1.0 Windows 7 platform & IIS
  116. CityBars Example: Yelp creating problem
  117. @font-face Support
  118. Newbie: Add a panel to viewport's initComponent() by referring to a view
  119. How to set the Route in Sencha Architect ?
  120. Browser Could not connect to local host
  121. Sencha architect 2.1 packaging Problem
  122. Overriding proxy.buildUrl in a Sencha Touch project
  123. Window container set to hidden by default?
  124. Selecting more than 1 component?
  125. Force 2 decimals to show in a Number Field?
  126. Simple Packaging Steps from Architect
  127. Using custom proxy class
  128. Problem with CUSTOM CODE insite InitComponent Method....
  129. OptimizedTab error in console...
  130. Architect gen Tab Panel & List - List does not show in Tab...?
  131. Loading google points from Database
  132. Idea for Architect interface....
  133. Playing/Stopping Audio in Lists
  134. How to create a view that initialises differently according to create params
  135. Runtime error when make package for Andriod App
  136. ExtJS 4.1 : Opening Window at the x,y coordinate that I desire
  137. sencha architect 2-views
  138. Problem building first Android application with Architect 4.1 and touch
  139. Handlers and Functions in Sencha Architect 2
  140. multiple views in a viewport
  141. Problem with adding CUSTOM CODE to an object
  142. jsonp feed - nested with different models and hasmany associations
  143. How to upgrade extjs framework from 4.0 to 4.1 in sencha architect ?
  144. Button action-connection with Arduino
  145. How to set value localStorage["data"] for store in Sencha Architect?
  146. Help with loading data in store - hasmany association
  147. How to control the source code?
  148. Navigation View - won't push new view from list disclosure.
  149. after the 30-day trial of sencha architect 2
  150. Hide and Show onButtonClick()
  151. How to set 2.5em to itemHeight for List in Sencha Architect?
  152. override on grid feature
  153. Audio is not playing in "ended" function on iOS Device
  154. How enable deferredRender from MyTabPanel?
  155. vtype-password?
  156. Ext.define and Ext.create
  157. Error stbuild exited with non-zero code 3
  158. How to connect to ESRI/Arcgis map uisng Sencha Architect/ExtJS 4.0
  159. Can I prefix the relative path?
  160. Can I extend saved components???
  161. Architect and JSDuck
  162. Can not able to load json data in Sencha touch 2.1 Accordionlist
  163. Reusing Stores Throughout Application
  164. Understanding ComponentQuery and accessing peer components
  165. How to get the chart controls developed by highcharts imported into the Sencha
  166. Different controllers for different views
  167. Using mixins in Architect?
  168. Architect Crashed (SA 2.1)
  169. How to Theme Touch Charts in Architect?
  170. Container is not be filled 100 percent by a toolbar
  171. Getting Error During Packaging of Sencha Architect Application
  172. Architect 2 grid heading and data column miss aligned
  173. Bullets to the left of combo box items Question
  174. how to set the controller/action route in sencha architect or extjs mvc?
  175. Reusing Data Store used for showing map
  176. resized a element when window is resized
  177. Feature Request: Possibility to write textual comments
  178. Sencha Architect 2.x - First Experience
  179. Missing source code from architect
  180. Dynamically enable or disable editing on a grid
  181. Custom property getter / setter not generated ?
  182. ArraySstore mixed with jsonStore
  183. Viewport and other views
  184. Sencha Architect ONLY for Sencha Touch, still need ExtJS License?
  185. Model.Load Question
  186. AppName.model. Model prefix
  187. How did you learn Architect 2?
  188. Deploy for Android Error
  189. Designer to Architect... my experiance...
  190. Use Sencha Architect an different computer
  191. Help with formpanel please
  192. Architect 2.1 Build 678
  193. Problem with publishing project
  194. Grid with semi large local data
  195. Question regarding Ext.navigation.view
  196. What events get fired from a grid cell?
  197. Custom component fails to render in form
  198. Grid Filter Configuration
  199. [ST2] sencha app build production - Can't get it to work with v3.x
  200. How to switch my project from 4.0 to 4.1 in Architect
  201. Master app with tabs that load another app!
  202. abort all the pending request. <Urgent>
  203. How to set the calculated title of a panel?
  204. How to Migrate Sencha Touch2 Project code into ExtJS
  205. Navigation View inside a Container not show me userAlias ??nor userClassName
  206. Problem, don't found an event with several segmentedbutton.
  207. load external project
  208. Disable Future Dates On Ext.form.field.Date
  209. How to create constants in ST2 (with SenchaArchitect)
  210. Using DOM events like e.g. mouse over
  211. How to get my Google Analytics in my index.html?
  212. Is "Promote to Class" disabled
  213. Sencha Architect 2.1 bld 678. Unexpected token ILLEGAL
  214. Very simple problem about Ext.getCmp()
  215. nested json with TreeStore
  216. 2.1.0,2-1 stable, buld 584
  217. Sencha Animation effect using Architect
  218. using an externally defined model??
  219. Help setting up non-relative url for project URL prefix
  220. How to add exsting panel to existing viewport?
  221. charts building issue through sencha architect
  222. hyperlink event for display a popup
  223. Create Two Lists in a Container
  224. Ajax Proxy and Extra Parameters - Collecting User Input
  225. XMLHttpRequest cannot load (..) What's this?!
  226. can not call the web service when form is submited
  227. Form layout to position manually using Margin to prevent design view from disappearin
  228. External Component
  229. Store not loading when call one view port from another view port
  230. How to open sencha application in Sencha Architect?
  231. Refreshing a panel
  232. How to set the AjaxProxy to read xml by http postmethod
  233. How copy Grid data to Clipboard in SA?
  234. How to setup JsonTreeStore in Architect 2?
  235. How to bind event from TreePanel to a Panel?
  236. Form label widths
  237. Android APK upload failed in Play Store - Architect Bug workaround
  238. sencha 2.1, cmd and phonegap
  239. html config property not showing the bullet points and their indentation
  240. Could not run simple Sencha Touch 2 hello world application in Blackberry Simulator
  241. package build - Error copying embedded provision profile
  242. Set celleditor editable when adding a new row
  243. Importing .js file into architect. Any update on this feature ?
  244. Can anyone help in how to build from Architect?
  245. Deploy -> Ghost object , duplicated ID and metadata folder
  246. [ST2] Unit Test support (IDE)
  247. How to style Datepicker Field?
  248. Error: The package command has moved to 'sencha app package'
  249. Adding children to a custom linked container in Sencha Architect
  250. SA 2.1 is overwriting my override class