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  1. Redirecting new page by clicking button
  2. Call ext.window to tab panel body
  3. How to update Architect to use the latest version of Sencha Touch?
  4. Architect Crashes
  5. Use two itemtaps
  6. Multiple grids pointing to the same store in Architect project
  7. How to reference associated object field in list item template?
  8. Using template in architect
  9. Load external JS in SA
  10. Switch views
  11. Sencha Architect to support Ext JS 4.1
  12. Ext.view.View
  13. Sencha Command 2.0.2 and Architect
  14. App loading screens/time (phonegap IOS)
  15. Override of an Ext.data.Store
  16. Select field displays data in designer but not in browser
  17. Panel.update(data) - template usage
  18. Problems to package with Sencha Architect in Itunes
  19. Working with Sencha Architect inside an MVC Web application
  20. How to implement the 'uses=[]' config property with Sencha Architect 2
  21. Sencha Architect is creating viewport.js file always
  22. carousel implementation
  23. Architect 2 how to edit initComponent funktion?
  24. checkbox column grid
  25. packaging on windows with SDK beta 3
  26. Car listing example trouble
  27. getting controllers: [] into Ext.application()with Architect?
  28. Changing view on button click
  29. I simply can't get Sencha to load my json
  30. Video control not visible until I click my mouse on it.
  31. Importing models
  32. Creating a DataView / Custom DataItem
  33. use of basic functions
  34. Ext.view.View and itemselector
  35. save user-metadata separately from project metadata - clean diffs
  36. Routes, History and Back Button in Android
  37. Component DataView with Spinner
  38. Define custom property type? Property scope?
  39. Can't move a DataViewItem
  40. How to add fields dynamically in a Sencha Architect Project?
  41. How to add fields dynamically in a Sencha Architect Project?
  42. Secha Architect Restricting Addition of Custom Events on Certain Components
  43. How set default value in form?
  44. How to load View when button tap inside a tab-bar that has a navigation-controller
  45. Mask for textfield phone number 999-999-9999
  46. how to shorten long names inside a list object in sencha architect 2
  47. enumerated in the new event select ?
  48. Problems with Template
  49. Howto taphold in Architect 2? Is it possible? Seems not, why?
  50. Adding a JavaScript File as a Resource before app.js in the app.html File
  51. Documentation missing: Example for Contacts and other function produced data
  52. Documentation missing: Example or Tutorial for CouchDB or other noSQL database
  53. Forum interface: When Editing or Replying Remove REPLY TO POST green button,
  54. Commenting code in Architect...
  55. combobox in a grid
  56. Main Screen no longer renders
  57. how to modify the app.html ( sencha architect 2)
  58. No data in Json store in deploy mode
  59. Test application Cars: flyout config - edit template
  60. Json does not load
  61. Feature Request: Button for Build Production
  62. Invoking Webservice from Sencha EXTJS 4 form
  63. Large Project Memory issues
  64. Get CurrentLocation Marker Showing on Map
  65. Using a paging toolbar with an autoloaded json Store
  66. Feature Request: Import function of .js files into architect
  67. Feature Request: Imported component optional in toolbox
  68. Reusing models and other classes between projects
  69. Ext.Ajax.on('requestexception', function ...) not catching the event
  70. Quotes in configs
  71. Unexpected Image link behaviour 
  72. TreePanel CRUD operations
  73. Data not loading using controller launch
  74. fade image on tap
  75. scalable basic app
  76. Preset Animations
  77. Sencha Architect
  78. How to enter Null into property
  79. Getting Started tutorial just shows the 3 dot loading
  80. Cars example: how to write back to the cars.json
  81. Is there a way to import common controllers, views, models, and stores?
  82. Any alternative for drag-and-drop link instance?
  83. External js file
  84. The current working directory is not a recognized Sencha SDK or application folder
  85. change the panel about pagesize of a combobox
  86. Architect iPad Examples
  87. Adding custom buttons to a nested list
  88. panel containing child panel
  89. How to get my data from a list? Please help...
  90. TabBar at the bottom?
  91. Re: Implementing Routes with Sencha Architect
  92. css backgroundImage problem
  93. Vertical alignment on table layout
  94. CalendarPanel
  95. how to shorten long names inside a list object
  96. Adding the Slide Navigation Plugin to Architect
  97. My code feature is not working in Sencha Architect 2x
  98. Architect 4.0.* and 4.1.* not compatible?
  99. Search option is not supporting for the PDF file in sencha
  100. call function
  101. Add custom validations to a model in sencha architect
  102. Release date for Sencha Architect 2.1?
  103. variable value with label in Sencha Architect
  104. Add map marker from controller
  105. This view exists in application, would you like to remove the duplicate?
  106. global variable
  107. Feature Suggestions
  108. Sencha Architech 2.0 cannton asign javascript to proxy url parameter
  109. Force a full deploy ?
  110. adding customConfig:null doesn''t work. Fix?
  111. Setting Default date in Datepickerfield
  112. NavigationView override Back event
  113. How can I add plugins or features to treegrid in Sencha architect 2?
  114. startupImage in Architect?
  115. Controller Action Function Parameters...
  116. iPhone (native build) touch event
  117. App Cache Manifest in Architect 2
  118. Where ist the properties region:
  119. architect project crash
  120. How to assign a value into text field from web service
  121. NOT_FOUND_ERR: DOM Exception 8: An attempt was made to reference a Node in a context
  122. SA in Terminal Server environment
  123. IPad/Tablets video playback
  124. Architect 2 Auto-Updates not downloading
  125. layout problem
  126. Access the other Store data in Grid column Renderer or any Button Handler
  127. basic question: how to change a view?
  128. Created dataview does not show data
  129. Working with XML Store in Sencha Architect 2
  130. Update/Feature Request: Update Architect to support Macbook Pro with Retina Display
  131. Feature Request: support for addStatics() calls
  132. How to set method and params for AjaxProxy in Architect 2.x?
  133. How to integrate ExtJs 4 with Sencha Touch 2 in Sencha Architect 2?
  134. editing date column with RowEditingPlugin
  135. passing parameters to store
  136. Edit column in grid inline (RowEditingPlugin) with a combobox
  137. TreePanel does not render?
  138. Suggested SA improvements for version control
  139. Filter problem
  140. Connect WCF service from Sencha
  141. OnCellSelectionModelSelect is getting called twice on a single click in Architect
  142. cannot create native app in sencha architect 2
  143. Variables inside Proxy URLs - Another issue with escaped values within Architect
  144. Different folderstrucure than default
  145. ExtJS 4 + Sencha Architect 2: Basic Array Grid Example (using ActionColumn)
  146. Themeing Gauge Chart and Axis
  147. Sencha Architect 2.1 Release Timeframe
  148. How configure splashscreen With architect2
  149. Why so many Architect 'Not Responding' messages
  150. Update/Feature Request: Work Tabs
  151. Ext.Msg.alert problem in MobiOne test center
  152. Build Your First Mobile App - City Bars
  153. How to set timeout on an Ajax Proxy
  154. How to discard the old code and use the new one of Sencha Architect ?
  155. combobox with image
  156. Linkin twice a component makes its handler been triggered twice...
  157. Are there any Architect Examples With Horizontal List or Dataview
  158. Updating Grid (Store) After New Record
  159. split screen: top fieldset and bottom carousel
  160. Using a variable instead of a hardcoded array in the data property of a store
  161. Custom code or trigger a method inside initComponent
  162. Getting the messageProperty field
  163. Card layout - form panels with anchor layout
  164. Setting Title when using ref
  165. Transition on sencha Architect
  166. row wrap feature
  167. Add property in sencha architect
  168. Dynamic Detail Card from JSON Data Store
  169. [solved] Pushing a list onto a dataview that is connected to a store.
  170. include custom components
  171. Defaultl controller
  172. error occurred when logging in
  173. Include external controllers in app.js
  174. Sencha Designer 2 - Unable to sign in on Win7 "A communication error has occured."
  175. Activation Server Failure
  176. How do I display results on a google map in Sencha Architect?
  177. Modifying app.html
  178. Infinity grid in Sencha Architect 2
  179. Working with Layouts/Build Your First Desktop App problems
  180. put carousel inside other controls (panel, formpanel, container, etc)
  181. Adding an Image to view
  182. Architect and Subdirectories
  183. citybars tutorial detailed view not linking
  184. Building a 640 x 960 App for iPhone Retina appears on Simulator as 320 x 480
  185. Variables - where to put
  186. Two questions related to Sencha Architect2
  187. Overriding the applyHtml function in Architect
  188. filter
  189. Problems with the tutorials
  190. EXT JS Help providing examples for Architect and not just the resulting EXT JS.
  191. Combobox difficulties...
  192. Add gesture to panel
  193. How to access the code using Sencha architech and how to add a checkbox
  194. Tabs to switch between Controllers/Views/Models/Stores/Resources
  195. Managing Site Layout - Content Widths
  196. skinned architect 2 app
  197. Build Your First Mobile App - where is "layout" ?
  198. Build Your first mobile App - Container settings
  199. How do I activate Sencha Architect post 30 day trial under Linux?
  200. 3rd party extension & next release
  201. A little fun app I made in an hour
  202. Update data based on geolocation
  203. image src vs cls
  204. Deploy to Simulator gives errors
  205. XML Store data not displaying in grid panel
  206. Architect Keyboard Shortcuts?
  207. complex app possible in architect?
  208. Understanding js-generation of SA 2.0
  209. Architect Deploy Native App (iOS) -- No code signature found
  210. Architect "Build Your First Mobile App" not running correctly in Simulator
  211. How to put the selected grid data into the form field?
  212. Store Data Load Query.
  213. Deploy->Package does not generate file nor sign (iOS)
  214. Add a GridPanel to a Tab using Architect (Ext)
  215. How do you insert Buttons (fbar) in Form designed by architect?
  216. How to setup tree store
  217. Sencha Architect + Open source license
  218. Question about new features
  219. Adding components to Sencha Architect 2's Toolbox
  220. Card layout in SA
  221. CRUD component
  222. CityBars example XDA 422 errors
  223. Extend my own component
  224. How can I open a view by a button click?
  225. load mask
  226. Using DataView update for Architect
  227. How to add data into a grid?
  228. Architect 2, Wow!
  229. How do I add a tab
  230. Failure when using a store
  231. SyntaxError: Parse error - Pls Help!
  232. Line chart not showing line
  233. Calendar component in Architect
  234. 1st time logon
  235. Feed image links not recognised... Bug?
  236. C is not a constructor Failure! Please help!
  237. Merge GeoExt-2 with Sencha design
  238. change opacity in mask behind modal window
  239. Sencha Architect problem :how to connect more application
  240. Using xmlwriter with sencha architect
  241. How to fill textfields with store
  242. iPhone-like swipe to delete
  243. Architect 2 crashing multiple times a day
  244. Importing a panel that has linked components inside "Could not find master instance"
  245. No idea how to get started with a tree
  246. Dynamic Image Carousel using Sencha Architect 2
  247. showAnimation
  248. localstorage
  249. backButton in navigationBar
  250. How to open a tab by selecting tree node?