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  1. how to reload a grid data using change event of combobox?
  2. sencha architect reuse components
  3. Adding multiple infowindows for google maps marker
  4. My Sencha Architect hides away?
  5. Ext.picker.Date to default to current date and yearFrom, yearTo to be dynamic
  6. Display combined values in Combobox
  7. How to link map marker to the detail view
  8. Validating a form with a model - Model not found.
  9. possible to recreate .xds file from project directories / files?
  10. How to use extensions with SA2
  11. Question about licence
  12. loadmask loading indicator
  13. How to popup one of those opaque screens with a form
  14. Subfolders for Views, Models and Stores
  15. How to access data of a JsonStore
  16. Layout config (regionWeights)
  17. Educational Pricing
  18. Does Architect work with SDK_Tools 2.0.0?
  19. Question using CityBars Tutorial with Sencha Architect
  20. records.data is undefined on addrecord
  21. specify function for root property
  22. Complete Sample Projects?
  23. How to save form values to store
  24. One week of use and experimentation
  25. Ext.Sheet with black background
  26. On MAC OS X: SDKTools installed but Architect says SDKTools v2 installed : false
  27. id and internalId
  28. How can I add an afterlistener
  29. Displaying JSON Object
  30. Export option in Sencha Architect 2.0.
  31. Error in loading the Data in Sencha architect 2(ext js 4.0)
  32. Using an HTML5 canvas in Architecht 2.0
  33. extend Ext.Field.field
  34. search list content in sencha architect 2
  35. Associations - any way to name them?
  36. Controller Actions without order
  37. google maps
  38. Links not working - sometimes
  39. Extending Sencha but being restricted from using it in Architect
  40. Any examples of a custom "Sencha Architect Component" ?
  41. how to configure 'DATA' field in store?
  42. Problem - Build your first Mobile App CityBars
  43. Grid Infinite Scroll In MVC php and sql
  44. Display content of a store
  45. Architect 2.0 not working with CarStore tutorial for 1.2
  46. Editing Code in Code View
  47. recommended way with current designer to store css?
  48. iconName, icon, phoneStartupScreen properties not working
  49. Ext.plugin.ListPagingView
  50. Architect Update caused error: Cannot call method 'join' of undefined
  51. Row / Cell editor has no fields
  52. Odd stub method created in controllers
  53. Components and huge TPLs... surely this isn't right?
  54. building forms
  55. Twitter OAuth
  56. How to have button in a view trigger controller action
  57. Viewport xclass in app.js
  58. Changelog Missing
  59. How to add mapOptions object to Ext.Map
  60. Displaying a png image file on a form
  61. Sheet vs Panel for Modal Dialog
  62. Are Themes Available?
  63. Help me with basic architect sencha!
  64. Architect not supporting ExtJS 4.1 - can I start anyway?
  65. Help with custom css file
  66. Problem while connecting a Login webservice
  67. Ext.MessageBox support
  68. Documentation, video, tutorial or just help on how to generate a .ipa file
  69. guaranteeRange in Sencha Architect
  70. Cannot sync store with hasmany association
  71. guaranteeRange Sencha Architect
  72. Feature Request - "Duplicate userClassName" warning.. Which one..??
  73. deploy and exclude
  74. New user getting frustrated.
  75. Dataview in Sencha Architect
  76. How to style a label with external css
  77. Load image in architect sencha
  78. Setting up your Architect Touch projects to be used with SDK Tools v2 beta 3
  79. Align Button on Form
  80. PNG as source for a TitleBar
  81. About Some Feature
  82. Setting orientation in Architect when running Simulator or native would be nice
  83. DataView Store Sync problem
  84. SA's native packaging... I give up.... PhoneGap here I come!
  85. Adding dynamic filter on store for remote filtering
  86. Reinstallation of sencha architect trial version.
  87. How to post to php URL in Sencha Architect?
  88. TextItem scales the Toolbar down
  89. Config Panel Properties are in reverse sort order
  90. How to add Listener for a Line Series
  91. tree grid deploy error
  92. How to add a "standalone" class in the architect?
  93. Multiple Lists served by one navigationview
  94. sample app source code
  95. Master Detail View
  96. TinyMCE form field?
  97. How can I add datas to localstorage which were in the server response?
  98. Model Convert Function
  99. Overriding & dynamic items in config
  100. Variables in config properties
  101. removing height on an image
  102. Add Icon in a navigation View
  103. To limit or not to limit?
  104. Documentation is awful and vague - how to find stuff and name things?
  105. Changelog!
  106. Sass/Compass and Architect at Design Time
  107. Pictos Icons with Architect
  108. Deploy From Architect Performance Optimization
  109. Updated tutorials
  110. Push view to navigationview using controller in SA2
  111. Project Inspector suggestion
  112. How to use dataMap on dataListItem?
  113. How to call device's Default Email, Phone
  114. Create Carousel with dynamic data
  115. store confusion
  116. New "Classes" in Architect 2
  117. Store constants for an application scope
  118. deploy with sencha js local
  119. Unable to preview the web page
  120. how do I pass user , pass in a proxy??
  121. Rating Field for Sencha Architect 2.x
  122. I need to edit app.html, please help.
  123. Add comment to class and function
  124. Example: Facebook Login page
  125. Architect 2 vs SDK beta 3 & Touch 2.0.1 differences
  126. How to change Display Name of MyPresenceValidation in Project Inspector?
  127. Bottom Tabs : Missing Icons
  128. Deep Linking: How to?
  129. Import JS file into Architect
  130. Where are the other icons?
  131. Sencha Architect 2 problem with config onItemDisclosure
  132. Memory usage
  133. Big installation problems
  134. Problem deploying Architect 2 project using SDK beta 3 via command line
  135. Animate a button
  136. Combo with Array Store
  137. ExtJs compatibility issues with different browsers- is it actually compatibility?
  138. Architect unworkable with annoying error
  139. how to make sure the viewport fit the whole screen (width & height).
  140. Call controllers functions, but how?
  141. Unable to install Sencha Architect 2.
  142. Post model object from sencha to wcfrest
  143. Folder structure and multi-application
  144. mouse losing focus while coding
  145. Problems in Sencha Architect 2 that prevent us from using it in non trivial applicati
  146. Where to set a "State Manager Provider" and make it works?
  147. Event picked up by 'wrong' controller
  148. How to create Viewport Container?
  149. Entering config options properly
  150. Can't get data to load...
  151. unable to open detail page on CityBars demo
  152. removing unwanted white space
  153. Private Beta of Architect 2 : participation request form
  154. Store Questions / define verses create and actionMethods
  155. server configuration to sencha
  156. Application load time on Android 2.2.3
  157. Architect Projects with developer teams/multiple devs
  158. refreshing a combobox
  159. Configure Grid Panel Columns Defaults?
  160. Unable to establish internet connection to begin software registration
  161. Unable to distribute Sencha Architect app using Ad Hoc distribution. (0xE8008016)
  162. Linked instance of a promoted Ext.grid.Panel with a different store, possible?
  163. Find & replace
  164. How correctly to connect local storage in sencha architect?
  165. Read from two JSON, żis this possible in Architect?
  166. After Login submit
  167. Post model object from sencha to wcfrest
  168. Check Tree example with XmlTreeStore
  169. Update behind a proxy
  170. SA2 Suggestions
  171. Using an IDE with Sencha Architect
  172. Timeline for Profiles in Sencha Architect
  173. How do I apply a "define" to a slot of a picker control
  174. How do I access global config variable
  175. ext.window.Window.buttons with Architect 2?
  176. Not supported on this type of mac
  177. Error with Architect code in Android 4 devices
  178. How to add a click event in controller for Action Column Item using Architect?
  179. sencha ID for Trial 30 day
  180. Why use "xtype" and not "xclass"?
  181. Roadmap :(
  182. Grid doesn't show data
  183. Good or bad app made in Sencha Architect 2
  184. creating a simple app
  185. text format of Ext.data.proxy.Proxy.api in Architect Config?
  186. Feature request: TODO comments
  187. How to set controlQuery to I trap gridpanel's editing plugin event
  188. Multiple Project Windows
  189. Own Icons
  190. Change iconCls of a button dynamically
  191. how to add plugins to viewConfig of treepanel eg: { ptype: 'treeviewdragdrop' } }
  192. Import existing ExtJS code
  193. "Migrate" from the Beta to the Release
  194. Calling loading indicator
  195. Declare and use global variable with Architect ???
  196. Data Store loading in Architect but not Preview
  197. Data Store loading in Architect but not Preview
  198. advanced layouting
  199. List with detail panel inside a tabpanel, is it possible?
  200. [Feature Request] SA Notification Windows need to react on Keyboard
  201. [Feature Request] ctrl-d for marked code duplication
  202. Architect: Ext.tree.Panel.Config.tpl format?
  203. [Feature Request] "Deploy " Notification Window `=> Autoclose with countdown
  204. Correctly Mapping Fields in the Model
  205. iOS Package & Deploy errors - ARRRRRGGGHHHH -
  206. Take the path from a folder and give it to another php with Sencha
  207. Custom Component and Events
  208. Pull Refresh Plugin
  209. ??????????????
  210. url link in store
  211. Form Data
  212. Extend custom class
  213. boxLabel listener
  214. Best practices for Sencha Architect
  215. Question: How to use Ext.ux.StatusBar in Sencha Architect project?
  216. Deploy button
  217. use functions contained int the controller
  218. Bug with last update sencha architect 2.0.1
  219. Set href value dinamically
  220. SA & DeftJS, How to do it?
  221. Datapicker fly to top when using a navigation view
  222. Double tap problem
  223. SA 2 -- Tree Store with Persistent Storage
  224. [Feature]Add a Sencha Architect Q&A to be consistent with other Sencha Product Forums
  225. Override buildUrl in a RestProxy in Sencha Architect
  226. Running "Building your first Mobile App"
  227. listConfig in combobox
  228. [Question] Premium Forums - "Sencha Designer: Feature" Update or add Architect?
  229. Store load event in the controller
  230. Packaging & Deployment Requirements
  231. NativeContacts video tutorial - nowhere to be found?
  232. Sencha Designer 2 Carstores deployed with Sencha SDK tools cannot view the app.
  233. Ext JS 4.1 Support
  234. Sencha Architect 2 Trial Version on OSX -- "A communication error has occurred"
  235. Right click to add Model is NOT working
  236. Feature rquest: namespaces (again...), change layout and subnodes in controllers
  237. Feature request: Warn when renamed component haves an override
  238. onTap for a label in Architect
  239. How to Create Custom Frame Panel in Architect
  240. Time picker?
  241. What examples would you like to see in Architect 2?
  242. Error on login :30 day license period has expired
  243. How do you remove a component, class from your custom group ?
  244. How to read a json file from Hard Disk
  245. Howto avoid clipped icons in tabs when creating a project in SA
  246. orientationChange Event
  247. How to implement a VCS in Sencha Architect 2 ?
  248. How can I make images fire a click event?
  249. How can globaly catch Ext.Ajax requestcomplete event
  250. Changing ui property within Sencha Architecte