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  1. Calling functions created by Architect
  2. how do I add an html FILE to a component
  3. Radiofield manual check
  4. Importing file of old projects
  5. adding new properties goes wrong
  6. Convert Function gone from the model
  7. How to add a menu separator?
  8. User Guide?
  9. Sencha Touch SDK Tools Integration
  10. Building CarStore with Architect 2.0 (build 410) - Can't add flex to Grid Panel
  11. Assigning an external panel as a tab item
  12. Direct not working in Architect, but IS working in browser...
  13. Stores in Controllers
  14. How Do You Use The Same Models and Stores in Different Projects
  15. Trying to following the "Build Your First Mobile App" tutorial
  16. appFolder property: Validation error in app.js
  17. Some help
  18. Correct css inside SA
  19. Respond to event to Link Component
  20. Create custom events
  21. Can not find Tab Bar
  22. Sencha Architect, deploy as a mobile web app
  23. Can't test Sencha Architect 2
  24. Ext.getCmp <- not able to find my window
  25. Scope and applicaiton events
  26. Examples projects files
  27. Controller logic
  28. Custom property as boolean
  29. Read Only files
  30. External Editor Support
  31. Sencha Architect 2 - DOES NOT recognize code changes made in external editors!!
  32. Help with alignments
  33. Marker Google maps on Sencha Touch 2 using Sencha Architect - GeoTweets
  34. Select newly added item in Project Inspector (Feature Request)
  35. Sencha Architect 2 - Trial Version - Features
  36. setting scrollable causes container to vanish
  37. Build Your First Desktop Application - Then Deploy to GoDaddy
  38. Assign global variable value to config.text
  39. Specify Theme in Architect 2
  40. Device Profiles for Sencha Touch 2 application developed in Architect2
  41. Howto use Ext.ux.RowExpander ?
  42. question on controllers
  43. Internationalisation (I18N) in Architect?
  44. Are there any easy way to fill NestedList with test data in SA?
  45. How do I import a plugin into Architect 2?
  46. Architect is crashing an awful lot.
  47. xtemplate?
  48. Anyway to have json store preview work with POST?
  49. Struggling with RowUpdater on Grid Panel
  50. Mindless stream of consciousness.
  51. Architect 2 controller confusion
  52. Width as Percent
  53. Package in Architect on Mac and PC - no joy
  54. Why won't my form submit?
  55. I would like to choose the preview browser in the settings
  56. Architect2 and Native API
  57. Creating a General Class
  58. ComboBox - set default value from within Architect.
  59. View and Controllers patterns question
  60. Nested XML
  61. Sencha Architect - Build Your First Desktop Application
  62. Where to get more examples
  63. controller references
  64. How do you add requires section in Architect 2
  65. Why add "flex" property manually?
  66. How to add pattern to input?
  67. how to install ext-designer??
  68. Architect 2 just updated - cannot get in now
  69. pointing to extjs with ExtJs Path
  70. Listview made with store don't show up in browser
  71. importing existing .js files
  72. BlackBerry PlayBook Issue
  73. Data grid data issue
  74. Please allow us to rename components via right-click 'Rename'
  75. Architect 2.0.0 Build 412 - stop working
  76. Suggestion: split this forum in "SA Help & D / ExtJS" and "SA Help & D Touch"
  77. Build 412: Code search isn't working
  78. setPath in Architect
  79. Loading Json Stores from files with PHP extension
  80. How to use Architect and put custom code in implementation classes?
  81. htmlEditor Plugin
  82. AppPath in a ExtJS Project
  83. Load Data Error 401: Unauthorised - JSON Store
  84. multiple developers on the same project
  85. NestedList loading treeGrid JSON data
  86. Controller listen to custom events in Architect 2
  87. deploing apk error
  88. where is fieldDefaults in the Ext.form.Panel?
  89. Sencha Touch + Touch Charts in Architect?
  90. Cannot retrieve geo config from map
  91. Ext.Direct Sample
  92. Multiple Controllers
  93. Any examples of dataView using checkboxes?
  94. Can I build sencha architect app for iOS on my PC?
  95. Handlers and Functions in autogenerated files
  96. Suggestion: App importer
  97. Architect x64 - Missing libion
  98. Several issues with Charts in architect 2
  99. What is AutoComplete Supposed to Do?
  100. Deploy project says that SDKTool v2 installed: false, but SDK is installed and works
  101. How to change the style of the Geocongress demo app
  102. Building your first mobile app
  103. How to set the default value for Ext.picker.Date
  104. how to add the icon"check.png" into button
  105. Settings for Simulate and Package
  106. How do I do set up this code in Architect?
  107. Please create a project for me with Nested Lists
  108. How do you hook the save button to the controller
  109. Working on MacBook (Safari) but empty on iPad and Android tablet?
  110. Sencha Architect is not running
  111. summaryType and summaryRenderer
  112. Cannot wrap my head how to work with CSS files in Architect
  113. Can't run in iOS Simulator
  114. Grid support in Sencha Architect for Sencha Touch 2 app
  115. The current working directory (C:\Program Files\SenchaArchitect) is not a recognized
  116. Cannot Preview Project
  117. Checking for internet connection...
  118. Trouble with documentation
  119. Learning Resources for Sencha Architect
  120. Cannot connect to internet to register. Error message on proxy.
  121. How to use the ExtJS 4.1?
  122. qtips using Architect
  123. Is there a wrapper for jqueryui components?
  124. Problem in loading nested xml data into a list
  125. Delta Update mechanism
  126. IE 9 Error c00ce56e on Ajax request . DOCTYPE directive produced by Sencha Architect
  127. Floating window problem in Architect creating desktop app
  128. Get rid of the deployed dialog box
  129. 'Change' event not firing for ComboBox via Architect
  130. How can I add a 'checkcolumn' to a grid in Architect 2?
  131. Adding an array to config section of a controller
  132. Deploy to app.html, app.js Shouldn't that be the name of the app?
  133. proxy param and update list
  134. ui styling
  135. web-wrapping technology
  136. Changing App.js File
  137. Working with existing Designer 1.2 projects
  138. setactiveItem question
  139. Store creation in Sencha Architect: Ext.define vs Ext.create
  140. How does override work?
  141. How to "extend" in Architect 2?
  142. Custom DataView items?
  143. Switch To Store Would be hugely helpful
  144. FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions
  145. Syntax for using HasOneAssociation
  146. Cannot find triggerClick event on Trigger field
  147. Direct API Form Submit
  148. Tying cards to tabpanel
  149. Just A Simple Form
  150. How can I implement Ext.app.Application 'paths' object property?
  151. Unable to open Sencha Architect 2 and continue trial
  152. Deploying touch into ipod using iTunes in WIndows
  153. Ext.History in Architect - Back/Forward navigation and deep-linking
  154. Separate Visual Functional Design Properties - Feature Request
  155. Accessing camera stream
  156. How to achieve this tutorial in Sencha Architect?
  157. Beginner - just starting from sencha doc Build Your First Desktop Application
  158. Sencha Architect 2 problem with proxy
  159. [Help]the sample project Citybars displays in browser in full screen!
  160. Delegated events are not firing
  161. Updating Sencha with architect
  162. Deploying non-touch app
  163. Ability of Senca Architect to create a Universal IOS app
  164. Metadata should be more version control friendly
  165. How to create an SQL type View with Stores
  166. Project Save Path
  167. Why is an Association applied to a Model and not a Store?
  168. Execute Ext function from the link in the title
  169. Use of GMapPanel
  170. How to force an Ext.dataview.List to refresh
  171. How to specify deploy path to a remote computer (used UNC in 1.2)
  172. displaying data
  173. "Load Data" still disabled on "Store" pull down.
  174. time picker in Touch2
  175. ST 2.0.1
  176. NavigationView inside Tab Panel
  177. How do you get a hold of other components in the controller
  178. Where to download the older EXTJS designer?
  179. Models, Stores, Associations and Filters
  180. SA examples / plugins
  181. Architect and files manipulation
  182. Using external scripts with architect
  183. Store using localstorage proxy has undefined data at start-up
  184. Collaboration development using Architect
  185. Adding Marker to Ext.Map in Sencha Architect 2
  186. Data not displaying in a pickerslot
  187. Deploy Usability Enhancement - Feature Request
  188. getting data from picker
  189. function scope
  190. Can I open existing IED project with sencha architect
  191. Does Architect have a build tool for webapps?
  192. Load Tree Menu from jason data in Architect
  193. Ext.slider.Slider
  194. First Timer Feedback on SA with ST2
  195. Not allowed to load local resource
  196. Need to overload default application file(s) loading paths
  197. CityBars Example
  198. menu from json store
  199. Save is not really save in Preferences/Setup
  200. Event onButtonClick :: submit
  201. Moving from Designer 1.2.2 to Architect. Where is the Application 'launch' function?
  202. chart loadData() issue in the Build a Car Store example
  203. fireEvent with Touch 2.0 and architect 2
  204. Sencha Architect Ext Js 4.0 Preview Blank Screen
  205. Application develepment. with architect 2 doubt please help
  206. How to add a button to Tab bar in a TabPanel in SA2.0 build 412
  207. New base class for stores
  208. Master/Detail & Add/Save/Edit best practises
  209. No place for userAlias or userClassName
  210. errorSummary issue
  211. How to send a listener event to a controller
  212. Bottom Tab Bar slides away
  213. problem with vbox and charts
  214. Sencha Architect 2.0, too small font
  215. code editor font name and size
  216. Sencha Architect not showing up
  217. Architect: Stop trying to own my entire codebase
  218. Deploy way too many clicks
  219. No find in code view
  220. how to show a numeric pad keyboard with a dot, when inset amount in a numberfield ?
  221. extjs 4.x with Sencha Architect v2.x
  222. View PDF using Sencha Architect 2
  223. How to add a user class name to a container within a container
  224. Open another view on button tap
  225. What's the best practices for using SA2 to develop for both Desktop and Mobile?
  226. callback function
  227. Can Sencha Architect 2 make (WYSIWYG) use of custom CSS and extra icons?
  228. My Suggestions to SA2
  229. Retrieving MySql Queries to JSON in Architect - how?
  230. Detect Swipe on Screen
  231. json format for rootProperty
  232. Adding grid filters using FilterFeatures
  233. Upgrade issues from designer 1.2 to Architect
  234. Can't use your own vtypes on form fields.
  235. Evaluation version and licence
  236. Apply extraParams to Store
  237. Using an object for custom properties?
  238. Navigation view detail panel created from code
  239. ControllerAction working on more then one component
  240. Add custom component in Sencha Architect 2.0
  241. JSONP loading problem
  242. Extjs 4.1
  243. How do we create group header grid using Sencha Architect 2.
  244. Theme switching in Architect 2.
  245. Customizing generated app.html by adding loading mask...
  246. Cannot get Mac to deploy to simulator in Architect
  247. Code assist for SA2 ?
  248. Problem in display data in browser
  249. Using a Model to load a form
  250. List data is not viewable in browser and android simulator.