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  1. [FIXED] Sencha Designer 2.x (preview) vs. Ext Designer 1.x (trial)
  2. [FIXED] Opening an existing project fails to display the design or code.
  3. [CLOSED] Deploy path cannot be set relative to the project.
  4. [NOREPRO] Toolbox tooltips stays up and obscure the menus, toolbox and canvas.
  5. [FIXED] Exported view files are getting modified every time Export is done.
  6. [CLOSED] Some config fields not retaining changes
  7. [CLOSED] Error after update
  8. [NOREPRO] Crazy Behavior when i Connect a store
  9. [FIXED] Can't create a project with a store. (More of can't re-open)
  10. [FIXED] Cannot Open Project with ArrayStore
  11. [FIXED] Exporting code with TabPanel causing SenchaTouch 2.x to break
  12. [FIXED] Missing config option: Stacked Bar Chart
  13. [NOREPRO] Error when linking a toolbar to viewport
  14. [OPEN] Data Model Validations: Format Validation
  15. [FIXED] Filter Config Pane - Ctrl+F not working?
  16. [NOREPRO] id in Controller is duplicated.
  17. [FIXED] Warning messages on Models
  18. Store Code View Changes after looking at a Model
  19. [FIXED] Sencha Touch 2 Project using appFolder configuration continues to use default of app
  20. [CLOSED] Auto-update not working
  21. [FIXED] Unable to establish internet connection to begin software registration.
  22. [INFOREQ] [2.0.0 build 268] Crashes with "undefined" error upon project Save AS...
  23. [FIXED] Linux Code Editor Cursor does not match where you are typing
  24. [FIXED] Opening Samples
  25. [CLOSED] Problem with stores
  26. [FIXED] Store Load Failure - What changed?
  27. [FIXED] TitleBar alignment issues: Child items missing "align" config, spacer display broken.
  28. [NOREPRO] Stores and Load Data
  29. Designer window moves into my dock
  30. [CLOSED] Error when opening the designer
  31. [FIXED] Sencha Designer 2 - Unable to sign in on Ubuntu "A communication error has occured."
  32. [FIXED] Unable to register Designer: "A server error has occurred"
  33. [FIXED] TreeStore and TreePanel bugs
  34. [CLOSED] Combobox inside Menu
  35. [FIXED] "Please associate model" warning on a store that is associated with a model.
  36. [FIXED] Preserving device selection/orientation/zoom
  37. [FIXED] [B1] [object] properties strips to many chars, like ' and "
  38. [FIXED] Adding writer to proxy
  39. [NOREPRO] Designer crashes after removing proxy from store
  40. [FIXED] Spurious "Missing Store" warning with promoted/linked TreePanel class
  41. [FIXED] Ext.menu.Menu.floating config always set to false on Designer startup
  42. [FIXED] Slider Fields Missing from 'Forms' and 'Views' Default Groups in Toolbox
  43. [FIXED] Child Panels of Navigation View do not get title configuration
  44. [FIXED] Help => Forum => Ext Designer forum
  45. [FIXED] Error while loading data with Store's menu "load data" option
  46. [FIXED] Expand category fails sometimes after collapse all
  47. Freezes after a while if not used, or if I switch to other windows, apps a few times
  48. [FIXED] Designer crashes when trying to add a new device
  49. [FIXED] Touch Event delegation failing when both id and itemId set
  50. [CLOSED] Ext.form.Panel misses buttons config
  51. [FIXED] Searchfield not looking correct.
  52. [CLOSED] Design window becomes unusable after creating linked panel classes
  53. [FIXED] "Return not in function" error in beforeedit event handler
  54. [FIXED] "Help" => "Report a Bug" goes to Designer 1.x bug forum
  55. [FIXED] disableSelection configuration missing in List
  56. [FIXED] Designer craches when changing button text of DatePicker
  57. [FIXED] CodeEditor comment on last line gives warning
  58. [FIXED] Where is the label component?
  59. [FIXED] handler configuration missing for ActionColumn
  60. [DUP] TreeNode root/data property confusion
  61. [FIXED] Designer 2.0.0 Beta Build: 276 (Duplicating Store Issue)
  62. [FIXED] error registering sencha touch designer in linux
  63. [FIXED] Cannot save project into a folder named xds...
  64. [FIXED] Mistakenly reports that it cannot be deployed in Project Path.
  65. [CLOSED] AjaxProxy - "noCache" causing error message
  66. [CLOSED] Store name is not updated
  67. [FIXED] [r276] Menu: Help => Changelog
  68. [FIXED] Store/model not working after new update!!!!
  69. [FIXED] Get Started with Designer 2.0 -- missing instruction
  70. [NOREPRO] SelectField wont deploy without a store
  71. [FIXED] No support for gridviewdragdrop plugin?
  72. [FIXED] TreeViewDragDrop plugin listeners configured incorrectly
  73. UI Components of same parent are "following" each other
  74. [INFOREQ] Clicking on Controller nodes crashes Designer 2
  75. [DUP] "TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object" after click on linked item.
  76. [CLOSED] DataView as card of another panel does not work
  77. [CLOSED] Error when trying to run the CityBars Designer 2 example
  78. [CLOSED] ExtJs Project issue: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'on' of undefined
  79. [INFOREQ] TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object
  80. [NOREPRO] Project deployment issues when switching between operating systems
  81. [FIXED] view not deployed
  82. [FIXED] 'flex' property set to 1 after reopen project
  83. [CLOSED] Component Config - Add custom property issues
  84. [FIXED] Model field Definitions
  85. [FIXED] Adding 'extend' property via the Component Config causes issues
  86. [FIXED] Add 'requires' property via Component Config causes designer issues
  87. [FIXED] Model definitions are not editable and do not follow same pattern as view and store
  88. [CLOSED] Project files in the same base directory overwrite each other
  89. Problem with the property list filter
  90. [FIXED] Mixins property is not available and cannot be added
  91. [OPEN] targetType Ext.fom.Basic is missing in component config of Controller Action
  92. [CLOSED] Project name deployed is always "app"
  93. [OPEN] Carousel wiping bug found on ST2 beta 2
  94. no program window anymore
  95. [FIXED] "defaultMargins" is set to a string instead of an object.
  96. IO pulled from build 276?
  97. [FIXED] Deployment notification no longer lists deployment path
  98. [FIXED] My Row Editing Plugin event handlers are gone
  99. [FIXED] Touch: Component missing from Toolbox
  100. [FIXED] "Illegal token"
  101. May I have some more contrast please?
  102. [CLOSED] Grouped Broken in Build 286
  103. [CLOSED] missing combobox
  104. [CLOSED] Build 286 - Grouper still not working
  105. Incorrect handling of configs: autoCapitalize, autoComplete, autoCorrect, (etc.?)
  106. [CLOSED] Nested list not showing displayField.
  107. [FIXED] Missing Tooltips
  108. [OPEN] Any way to add a custom summaryType in designer?
  109. [FIXED] Cannot call method 'on' of undefined
  110. Undo stack
  111. [FIXED] Delete key
  112. [FIXED] Touch: slider change event signature is incorrect
  113. [CLOSED] Make a Ext.tree.Panel link in Panel or Viewport causes nothing in Design View
  114. [CLOSED] Bug Report: Overwriting wrong files on deploy
  115. [INFOREQ] TypeError: 'null' is not an object
  116. [FIXED] Designer 2 build: 288 and ST Beta 3 Viewport autoMaximize
  117. [FIXED] App name reverts to MyApp opening old projects
  118. Unable to establish internet connection to begin software registration - Windows inst
  119. [FIXED] appFolder property doesn't accept slashes
  120. [FIXED] Should quote custom configurations that need it
  121. [FIXED] Flex is reset to 1 when moving inside a container
  122. [FIXED] Chart series yField wrong type
  123. [FIXED] Resizing Designer does not accurately update films
  124. Deploy Path and Sencha Touch Library Path are not being saved
  125. Collection of issues
  126. [CLOSED] TreeStore can't get data from url in web but can refresh it in designer.
  127. [CLOSED] Sencha Designer on Windows can not open a solution originally created on Apple??
  128. All contents in design view disappears on any update / change.
  129. [FIXED] Form field name property doesn't accept "[]" characters
  130. [CLOSED] Overwriting user classes when deployed
  131. [INFOREQ] TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object
  132. [FIXED] [r288] draggable config of Component should be object, not boolean (checkbox)
  133. [FIXED] Deploy hangs - when extra files are added to the solution directory
  134. [INFOREQ] Able to add redundant link to my classes in viewport
  135. von TypeError: 'null' is not an object first --> zu TypeError: 'undefined' is not an
  136. [FIXED] .metadata + svn = fail
  137. [FIXED] TabPanel no Card Switch Animation
  138. [DUP] "ContentEl" hides design
  139. Layout bug when login panel is hidden?
  140. [CLOSED] Containers lose ability to edit name (missing "designer" tab)
  141. Support For Multiple Namespaces
  142. [CLOSED] OSX Snow Leopard (10.6.8) - Duplicating Documents directory
  143. unable to add boolean custom values
  144. [FIXED] proxy exception codes to undefined variable me
  145. [CLOSED] Unable to load data using the supplied configuration
  146. [FIXED] Import Component throws error.
  147. [CLOSED] Designer 2 does not save device settings and orientation
  148. [FIXED] Designer does not store functions with exported components
  149. Renamed class not found on application startup
  150. Events gets killed after deploying
  151. [CLOSED] Carosel Active Item does not seem functional
  152. [CLOSED] Ext.Msg.alert disables UI
  153. Cannot define api object for direct proxy in extjs project
  154. [FIXED] Designer overwrites MyApp.store.MyStore on deploy
  155. [FIXED] Crashing when saving settings
  156. [CLOSED] ExtJs 4.x.x - Ext.grid.plugin.DragDrop - event binding
  157. Auto Update Issue on Win Designer 288
  158. [CLOSED] Changed application appFolder writes designer.[js|html] always in the root deploy dir
  159. [FIXED] Controller Route problem
  160. Ext.form.Panel doesn't allow to defined a api object
  161. Renamed userClass of a Store cannot be
  162. Ext Direct stripping Ext.app.POLLING_URLS
  163. [FIXED] Double comma between basic functions on model classes
  164. [DUP] renderTpl in Ext.applyIf()
  165. windows - designer disapear after start up
  166. [FIXED] Exception when drawing arrow links
  167. Return in function()
  168. [CLOSED] Adding submit button to FormPanel challenge
  169. [FIXED] Adding a splitter to a vbox or hbox
  170. [FIXED] Critical interference with .svn folders
  171. [OPEN] handling of floating configuration
  172. Series renderer overide error
  173. [CLOSED] Cannot add more than one column to Tree Grid Panel (or Tree Panel)
  174. [FIXED] Changing itemSelector value corrupt the project
  175. Panel Border = null?
  176. [CLOSED] Design view disappears
  177. [FIXED] Missing pluginId configuration in plugins
  178. [CLOSED] Setting the initial sorters on a store
  179. [FIXED] Drag n' Drop Image overtakes the Designer
  180. Right-click in Config panel defocuses selected field
  181. [FIXED] GridDragDropPlugin will not allow beforedrop or drop events to be added
  182. [FIXED] Touch: NavigationView missing flyout config and Toolbar handling (v298)
  183. [FIXED] Touch: DragDrop TabPanel Items lost title/iconCls (v298)
  184. Store and autoload
  185. Problem entering custom property
  186. [FIXED] Unable to remove root definition from reader
  187. Navigation View animations?
  188. [FIXED] Code view is nearly unreadable
  189. [CLOSED] Store urls *must* be strings starting with http(s):
  190. [CLOSED] Renaming a custom component sometimes gives an error and deletes the component
  191. [CLOSED] Using Grid Panel Generates Error
  192. [FIXED] Adding custom config functions or booleans is not possible
  193. [FIXED] sencha designer 2.0 beta1 doesn't start
  194. [FIXED] Cannot move, nest, or link ActionSheets or Sheets
  195. Designer falsely claims Ext.Loader is not enabled
  196. [FIXED] Basic function code isn't generated after build 309
  197. [FIXED] Convert functions on model fields broken
  198. [CLOSED] Override classes are not automatically loaded
  199. [CLOSED] Script tag with incorrect src for override classes on models
  200. [FIXED] Linked component classes in viewport aren't displaying
  201. [FIXED] groupFn - how to add a parameter?
  202. [DUP] Drop any file to window
  203. [FIXED] Moving duplicated TabPanel items resets it's title
  204. Designer 309 issues (Part I)
  205. There's no "controlQuery" value after "Convert to Action"
  206. [FIXED] Store fe (Basic Event Binding) methods are not deployed (v309)
  207. [FIXED] Unreflected Touch API changes in Designer (v309)
  208. [NOREPRO] Panel witth DatePicker inside Toolbar causes null eror in Designer (v309)
  209. [FIXED] Touch TabPanel items promoted to class (v309)
  210. [CLOSED] 404 on Sencha CSS and JS
  211. Upgraded to build 309, rendered all of my previous projects unusable.
  212. [CLOSED] No warning when Deploy Fails
  213. [FIXED] No paging toolbar in "Grids" toolbox category?
  214. [CLOSED] Buttons property missing from Window
  215. Orientation by default goes to Iphone size
  216. [FIXED] After project upgrade, border layout don't let you specify 'region' on linked classes
  217. Something is broken in the render engine of 311: width isn't respected in toolbar
  218. Build 311: TypeError: 'null' is not an object / any chance to get 309 again?
  219. [FIXED] I cannot add "handler" function to Action Column Item
  220. [FIXED] Error on Event Listeners Build 311
  221. [CLOSED] 311 isn't deploying the "view" and UI components
  222. [FIXED] Pull Refresh Plugin Problem
  223. LIST stops loading with associated jsonp Store
  224. [DUP] Custom property weird truncation
  225. Ext.Video - EnableControls Loads Before Video URL
  226. Hangs on open of any project
  227. Adding renderer to a grid column designer shows an error
  228. [CLOSED] TabPanel no Card Switch Animation
  229. [FIXED] (BUG) Basic Function inside the Application (Build 311)
  230. [FIXED] Viewport orientation change event not exposed
  231. Designer complains when component name haves "package" name
  232. [FIXED] Navigation View Action has double view
  233. [FIXED] Bugs in ExtJS4 docs and, as a result, in designer version
  234. [FIXED] Moving a store removes references from views
  235. [FIXED] Problem with Buttons and setting tooltips
  236. [FIXED] Phantom method in my controllers....
  237. - Reorder actions in controller
  238. - Ext.data.proxy.Server-cfg-extraParams as object
  239. [CLOSED] - Filtering Config Pane
  240. [FIXED] - Illegal token
  241. Sencha Designer 2.0 beta1 build 311 doesn't start
  242. [FIXED] Controller Route param
  243. [FIXED] - launch in controller
  244. [FIXED] Allow custom vtype by entering in a free field
  245. [FIXED] Build 311 SyntaxError: Parse error when parsing desinger.js application code
  246. [FIXED] Top level instances are not stretching to fit available canvas when size cleared
  247. [CLOSED] Build 311-TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function, Expand/Collapse Missing
  248. [FIXED] SelectField wants a Store, the doc says optional
  249. Rest Proxy - invalid DELETE request
  250. [FIXED] - snapshot