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  1. [CLOSED] Architect Design View Blank after adding custom property
  2. [OPEN] bug opening Architect in Maximised window on Windows
  3. Sencha Architect wont display Data from XML in browser
  4. Architect is unable to save changes to project and close program
  5. Uncaught TypeError
  6. [INFOREQ] You're trying to decode an invalid JSON String error
  7. ExtJS gridpanel filters features doesn't work when using 4.2.1 new css themes
  8. Architect Build no show chart
  9. Cannot set accordion layout for a window
  10. Architect: renderer axis chart problem
  11. Design view not rendering
  12. [CLOSED] Removing a class file and adding as resource will delete the source file
  13. EXC_BAD_ACCESS (SIGBUS) Error while running architect (mac)
  14. Buttons not rendering in preview
  15. need better field validation in Sencha Architect for noobs
  16. [CLOSED] Sencha 3 beta allows creation of id's with dash
  17. Save bug in Sencha Architect on Mac when only using copy/paste
  18. [INFOREQ] After renaming a controller, the requires override statement is not saved
  19. [OPEN] SA Ext Js ComboBox property triggerAction last not available
  20. [INFOREQ] Architect thinks it's smarter than me (may be true!)
  21. Adding event binding in store proxy bug
  22. Trying to create override and SA says "Save Failed"
  23. Uncaught SyntaxError: Unexpected token <
  24. [OPEN] Publish does not remove deleted views
  25. [OPEN] Design View is Gnarled
  26. [OPEN] Import store-bound XDC component shows default names MyStore etc
  27. [FIXED] createClass throws an error 'property must begin..'
  28. [OPEN] Can't add listener to chart interactions - Architect 2.2.2, build 991
  29. [OPEN] autoSelect missing from Select field
  30. [OPEN] createAlias and dots/periods.....
  31. [INFOREQ] Uncaught TypeError: Object has no method 'filter'
  32. Mac OSX 10.8.5 Retina External GPU
  33. [OPEN] Sencha Architect 2 and SA3 Time Field min max value bug?
  34. [CLOSED] How I can correctly set the output parameters to consume the service?
  35. Blank Page after Publish
  36. Pull-Refresh plugin crashes windows 8 app
  37. [DUP] Nested header and summary
  38. Code reloaded from metadata
  39. [FIXED] Can't download CSS
  40. [CLOSED] Sencha Architect 2.2.2 build 991 - Sencha Touch 2.2 project
  41. serious bug in build 1039 - Graphics! Part of window disappears
  42. [INFOREQ] How do I downgrade back to build 991?
  43. Color me CONFUSED! Serious bug in 1038 and not a PEEP from Sencha???? WTF
  44. Newest release has problems refreshing screen on Mac.
  45. [CLOSED] Deleted Title Bar on Grid Panel, now can't get it back
  46. downgraded from 1039 to 991 and have problems editing
  47. [OPEN] For Mac users having problem with build 1039
  48. [FIXED] Trying to convert RowEditingPlugin event listeners to action fails
  49. Object type configs are converted to string
  50. Problem when clicking functions in the Project Inspector
  51. [OPEN] Opening braces can't find their closing braces in large functions
  52. [INFOREQ] Upgraded, but still prompts for major release every startup
  53. [FIXED] Boolean value for 'navigationBar' soils config key in Sencha Touch 2.3.0
  54. What is the latest version?
  55. [OPEN] Architect maps dates to locale
  56. [FIXED] "text" property for columns of type "action" is missing in Config pane
  57. Upgraded to build 1044: Getting a LOT of Max Call Stack Size Exceeded
  58. Feature Request: Keyboard shortcut to switch to Property section of Config pane
  59. Proxy auth dialogue on SA startup appearing every time
  60. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method '$onCreate' of null
  61. [OPEN] MaxValue of Ext.form.field.Number
  62. Cannot publish a model with userClassName > 20 characters in length
  63. [CLOSED] setMenu doesn't work
  64. Sencha Touch Packager Sencha Architect 3.0
  65. right to left framework sample of Sencha architect 3 demo text is not correct
  66. Please help with https.
  67. UI behavior becomes odd then Sencha Architect cannot shut down without being killed.
  68. application loading failure in IE8
  69. [OPEN] Padding between a Grid Panel and a Panel
  70. Process config and the propagation of the show event from parent container
  71. Requires not loaded in time for fields.convert
  72. New apps: Xcode 5 and iOS 7 SDK
  73. Not able to register sencha architect 2.2.3
  74. Sencha Architect 2.2.3 - New Install, Cannot login to register, Server Error
  75. After upgrade (Mac) templates in different language.
  76. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'dom' of null.
  77. Architect 3 trial version errors
  78. How to report a bug
  79. "Load Data" or bind grid to store failed with EXT JS Architect