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  1. [CLOSED] Could not update Sencha Architect 2.0.0 build 442 with ERROR CODE 4
  2. [DUP] app in IE goes blank
  3. [FIXED] Unable to establish internet connection to begin software registration
  4. [CLOSED] Unable to capture image using Sencha.
  5. [FIXED] Changing viewport userClassName to "Viewport" - error message not helpful
  6. [FIXED] Architech Frezes while editing Code and Destroys Metada (file vanishes)
  7. [INFOREQ] Problem adding custom filter feature in Grid Panel
  8. [OPEN] Problem with accent in deploy
  9. [FIXED] Architect does not warn you when selecting an alias which already exists in framework
  10. [CLOSED] Sencha Architect Docs not working in Chrome
  11. 504: Gateway Time-out
  12. [FIXED] Inaccessible deploy window
  13. [FIXED] Editable Grid in Sencha Architect....
  14. [FIXED] Unable to define exception event on RestProxy - me not defined
  15. [FIXED] Notification Clipping
  16. Updated to Architect 2.1 now project preview is blank
  17. YaceDev
  18. [INFOREQ] 2.1 Error when saving
  19. [CLOSED] Override problems in 2.1
  20. [FIXED] TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating 'this.getInstance()')
  21. [INFOREQ] Unexpected error on model identifier editing
  22. [FIXED] 2.1 - CSS resources are not shown in the canvas - Windows 7.
  23. [CLOSED] Find panel can not be removed
  24. [DUP] Architect 2.1 crashes
  25. [FIXED] Is hasOne in Architect 2.1?
  26. Layout issue after install on Retina MacBook
  27. [FIXED] BUG: When converting from Box layout -> Border layout
  28. [CLOSED] app.js overwrites view components name
  29. [FIXED] 2.1 tab panels flicks to active tab all the time
  30. [FIXED] 2.1 absolute layout x and y breaking
  31. [INFOREQ] StartupImage property not working?
  32. Upgrade help - 4.1 project recognized as 4.0
  33. [CLOSED] Configuration Objects Converted to String
  34. [CLOSED] SA 2.1: Resources aren't editable
  35. [CLOSED] Cannot uninstall SA 2.1 and rollback to SA 2.0
  36. [FIXED] Group Field property on store is lost when loading a project
  37. [DUP] Resolution / orientation setting not save with project.
  38. [FIXED] 2.1 on deploy. Any Ext.form.field.Time informs it is missing store
  39. Resources overwritten on deploy
  40. [FIXED] Project Upgrade to 2.1
  41. Cant' deploy
  42. SA2.1 config property, A custom config cannot override and reserved member ....
  43. issue with relative path of resources
  44. [OPEN] Cannot MOVE launch function under application tree
  45. 2.1 will erase referenced files
  46. [INFOREQ] Text indents when editing itemTpl
  47. [FIXED] SA 2.1 - TypeError: 'null' is not an object (evaluating 'baseParts[1]') - No Views
  48. [FIXED] property editor "resists" changing some values
  49. Sencha Architect 2.1 Reizing bug
  50. [DUP] SA 2.1 Linked Tabs names reset to "My Tab"
  51. SA 2.1 All Custom View Templates Lost in conversion
  52. SA 2.1 Column Editors conversion problem
  53. [FIXED] 2.1 Static function docs
  54. [FIXED] SA 2.1 Custom RadioGroup in toolbox adds unwanted default fields and config
  55. [CLOSED] SA 2.1 renaming linked classes that have a Class Override
  56. [OPEN] 'cls' attribute does not accept arrays
  57. [CLOSED] 2.1 : error message with ajax proxy relative path
  58. [INFOREQ] Data-Preview in Store doesnt work
  59. [FIXED] Architect behavior when renaming class (impact on revision control)
  60. SA 2.1 - array type for inline store initialization
  61. [FIXED] SA 2.1 - Params for grid.plugin.CellEditing's beforeedit event are listed incorrectly
  62. summaryType:sum lost on upgrading project
  63. groupHeaderTpl missing after upgrade
  64. Architect Project Not Saving, Not Responding
  65. [FIXED] SA 2.1 - Unable to switch between panels of an accordion container
  66. [INFOREQ] Architect 2.1 - update to b588 fails
  67. [CLOSED] SA 2.1 - Why overridden class "requires" the overriding class?
  68. [FIXED] Sencha Architect 2.1 build 588
  69. [DUP] Code Editor view does not allow updates
  70. [FIXED] Overwriting a Tab's title when inherited
  71. [FIXED] Ext.Loader.enabled is always true after project reopen
  72. [OPEN] Card layout + animation where is cube?
  73. [DUP] Hidden Field Values
  74. [CLOSED] userClassName, userAlias not in Configpanel and not able to add them
  75. [FIXED] grid edit fields lost after upgrade
  76. Sencha Architect 2.1.0 b588 prevents me from using "reserved keywords" as field names
  77. When try to play video no video only audio (Android)
  78. [FIXED] Problem with not being able to modify the style after saving
  79. [FIXED] Sencha Architect 2.1.0 b588 automatically sets overriding tab title on instances
  80. [DUP] SA2 should provide a way to add doc comments to classes, methods, properties...
  81. [CLOSED] Class cannot be added to App node...
  82. [FIXED] Model Mapping throws unexpected error when mapping attribute with period (.) in name
  83. [INFOREQ] RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded.
  84. [FIXED] Upgrading Architect 2.0 project to 2.1 removes preventHeader
  85. [FIXED] Renderer config not available in Architect 2.1 but given in Sencha Docs
  86. [INFOREQ] Designer window stacked
  87. [INFOREQ] Project mess in architect 2
  88. [DUP] when setting min/max value of Date Field, new Date() is formatted as a string
  89. [FIXED] Ext.form.field.Number baseChars strips leading zero
  90. [INFOREQ] BUG: delete store/model from project does not remove references from Ext.application
  91. [INFOREQ] Arch. add a deleted panel every time open file.
  92. [FIXED] javascript validation mismatched quote
  93. incorrect filter error report in Project Inspector
  94. [DUP] Grid view plugin issue
  95. [FIXED] BUG: data editor of Ext.data.proxy.Memory does not correctly handle escape characters
  96. [FIXED] Renaming a field in the data model
  97. [FIXED] Deploy not working in Windows 8
  98. [FIXED] Ext.panel.Tool doesn´t work with a Formpanel
  99. [FIXED] Sencha Architect 2.1.0 b588 handles GroupingSummaryFeature incorrectly
  100. incorrect JSHint error
  101. [FIXED] BUG: delete controller's store entry crashes Architect
  102. [CLOSED] directionLock
  103. [FIXED] BUG: Adding Ext.Class from Toolbox -> controllers does not update UsrClassName
  104. [FIXED] The hot update to build 609 destroyed my layouts
  105. [DUP] Architect fails to remember device screen size
  106. [FIXED] [2.1.0 build: 609] ST Cardlayout animation
  107. [FIXED] Canvas becomes blank after linked class
  108. [FIXED] TypeError: 'null' is not an object (evaluating 'Ext.fly(el).getPageBox')
  109. [DUP] Space in object property removed by Sencha Architect
  110. [FIXED] change function name - TypeError
  111. [DUP] Feature Suggestion - Generate Models based off of response data
  112. Can't Get 2.1 Dmg to Work on Mac
  113. listpaging caused params lost
  114. The listpaging event binding add button doesn't work
  115. [DUP] Project Inspector - Drag&Drop to move objects partially doesn't work
  116. Deployment woes
  117. [DUP] Project Inspector Search Filter
  118. Ext.panel.Panel header property - no doc link
  119. [FIXED] decimalPrecision with maxValue
  120. Memory Allocation Crash
  121. BUG: Architect Crash while saving
  122. [CLOSED] SDK Tools V2 Path not appearing in Win 7
  123. [CLOSED] Bug: Error message in app.html can't be seen by non webkit browsers.
  124. File conversion from last update produces phantom itemTpl on list views
  125. Deploy of 1 View fails
  126. [INFOREQ] overridden controller trying to fetch overriding controller from server
  127. Can't create a checkbox with a name starting with underscore
  128. Direct Resource with relative url
  129. Ext Direct resource assumes static api
  130. [FIXED] [ST2] ControllerAction - Order
  131. [DUP] SA does not provide a way to register listeners for gridpanel cellclick
  132. [FIXED] Store doesn't load data if using 'api' property on proxy
  133. [FIXED] Grouper rendered in browser but not in Architect Design panel
  134. [CLOSED] "Edit template button" does not show with a Panel? Cant edit template code?
  135. [FIXED] Deploy to Network Path
  136. TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'd.appendChild')
  137. [FIXED] Custom css file cleared on app conversion to b633
  138. [CLOSED] Sencha Touch DataItem and DataView.useComponents incompatible with Architect 2.1
  139. Can't drop a Container in Ext.dataView.List
  140. [FIXED] CRITICAL BUG: JS files are overwritten after installing latest minor update
  141. [FIXED] CSS Files getting wiped out with new Architect 633 Build
  142. [CLOSED] Canvas/artboard items not selectable
  143. [FIXED] Setting requires properties for views like Ext.form.*
  144. [FIXED] Loading json data error
  145. [FIXED] First Tutorial Load JSON Store not working: Unable to load data using. . . ."
  146. Sencha Architect Build 637 Fails to load CSS
  147. [INFOREQ] Problem activating software - "A communication error has occurred"
  148. [OPEN] Option in CodeEditor for tab to always insert tab rather than indent line
  149. [INFOREQ] The design view has stopped working on my project
  150. [FIXED] Anyone else having problems with 'Load Data' since build 640?
  151. Project not showing app when previewed in browser
  152. [OPEN] Snapshot scrollbar out of place
  153. Header for grid columns makes columns not sortable
  154. [FIXED] SummaryType and SummaryRenderer disappears after convert from Number in grid
  155. Can't have more than one association instance of the same model
  156. [OPEN] warning sign red or other color, comfusing...
  157. [CLOSED] What is a delegate Event Binding vs standard event binding?
  158. How add a custom function to SummaryType
  159. [FIXED] Could not change Panel Layout Config Type from string to Object
  160. [FIXED] Broken link - Guide overrides was not found.
  161. Model association bug
  162. [OPEN] Unable to add custom object (listConfig) - quotes are added
  163. [INFOREQ] Carousel - directionLock
  164. [FIXED] Properties in forms
  165. [FIXED] Can't set proxy *Param properties to undefined
  166. Added icons on button, iconalign left - icon to the right..??
  167. [INFOREQ] Code generation issues
  168. [CLOSED] Some kind of error
  169. [INFOREQ] Architect crashes when selecting a view with a video.
  170. [INFOREQ] Change EventBinding Name
  171. [INFOREQ] Ext.data.TreeStore does not added to the list of application models
  172. [FIXED] Bug in content of "Viewport.js"
  173. Sencha Architect crashes when project is reopened (corrupted project source?)
  174. [INFOREQ] New Controllers not loaded w/o restart of SA
  175. [FIXED] Hang up when I add a Sorter to a JSonTreeStore
  176. [DUP] Add plugin to Tree Panel
  177. [FIXED] Store not added to Application when added to project via a component saved to toolbo
  178. [INFOREQ] ExtDirect.Resource always failed to load
  179. [CLOSED] crash on adding container
  180. [CLOSED] Mainwindow container not showing
  181. [FIXED] All Metadata's re-write themselves when saving a Architect regardless of changes.
  182. [INFOREQ] ExtJS Desktop > Rename Objects > Not updating files
  183. [CLOSED] Custom grid feature (ex: filter) for a gridPanel causes blank display in design mode
  184. [NOREPRO] Store won't load XML: TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'b.length')
  185. [FIXED] Toolbar on Accordion
  186. [INFOREQ] error...
  187. [FIXED] wrong parameters in added event "canceledit" in RowEditorPlugin
  188. [FIXED] New custom configs are not picked up by previously linked instances
  189. [CLOSED] CarListings Example json error/problem - New Download - Purchase Complete Oct 31-201
  190. [INFOREQ] Sencha Architect Crash when I open my project
  191. Please add preserveScrollOnRefresh boolean to Gridpanel's view
  192. Clear Icon Bug
  193. Build 670 with Cmd 250 is not working on Windows - Not changing working directory
  194. [FIXED] configurations "Release" vs "Production" (touch 2.1)
  195. [CLOSED] Build 670 out but no update reminder?
  196. [DUP] Splitters in VBOX/HBOX layout not working anymore
  197. included CSS Resource and GET Parameter
  198. [FIXED] std::runtime_error in Build
  199. [OPEN] SA2 Build 676 does not start with a project started with buid 640
  200. [CLOSED] no iconCls in Ext.Tab.Panel item
  201. [FIXED] Architect 2.1.0 build 676 remove from splitter xtype
  202. [CLOSED] Missing "operation" argument in Store Load Event
  203. [FIXED] ctrl + s takes me away from my current selection and view
  204. [INFOREQ] Am I able to use an external Js resource in Sencha Native app?
  205. [676] ST2 - Controller Action Selectfield Change event does not contain options.
  206. [INFOREQ] Converting a button into a cycle button
  207. [INFOREQ] Stores config missing when publishing app
  208. [INFOREQ] ctrl+z disappears override class
  209. [DUP] Delete a view make a null in loader class
  210. [DUP] Windows: Architect's "Package" Commands fail when Project ist not on C:\
  211. SyntaxError: Parse error
  212. Help pointing to wrong page
  213. [FIXED] Duplicate itemIds
  214. [OPEN] UTF-8 characters in pathway scrambled!
  215. [FIXED] Wrong default value for Ext.DataView.selectedItemCls
  216. [INFOREQ] 2.1.0 Build 676 - Transform/rename getting reverted
  217. [INFOREQ] Freez of Architect
  218. [CLOSED] adding an Ext.data.TreeStore, root property converted to string when a variable added
  219. Sencha Architect Design View goes blind when...
  220. [INFOREQ] Hidden View breaks build process
  221. [FIXED] Architect Crash
  222. [OPEN] Could not find master instance -> work lost!
  223. [INFOREQ] I can't load my archive project !
  224. [FIXED] Missing matcher config for Model Validations
  225. [DUP] Architect switches to CSS on save
  226. Unable to load data in Architect (preview) when using a MemoryProxy
  227. TypeError: 'null' is not an object (evaluating 'reader.getReaderType')
  228. SA 676 crashes
  229. [DUP] ComboBox editor in tree panel
  230. [OPEN] Need ability to add "." in namespace
  231. [INFOREQ] Editing component properties as object causes crash
  232. [CLOSED] context parsed wrong when editing "object" property
  233. [FIXED] Wrong name in outline window
  234. [NOREPRO] No pictures in Architect2 docu
  235. [OPEN] How to add custom field type in SA2?
  236. [OPEN] Help! Simple packaing for Android!
  237. [DUP] Always shows CSS resource window after saving
  238. [OPEN] Feature Request: Higlight / Mark overriden classes in project inspector
  239. [FIXED] Adding a function to a Linked Instance fails
  240. Simulate for Android nor working with version 2.1.0 Build 678
  241. Transforming a Panel into a TabPanel
  242. So Architect is not able to Deploy for Android at all?
  243. evaluating 'b.fireEvent("beforeactivate",b,d)'
  244. [FIXED] TypeError: 'null' is not an object : Sencha Architect V2.1.0 Build 678
  245. [DUP] Floating Panel
  246. [FIXED] Actioncolumn wrong handler parameter
  247. Error on during project opening
  248. [DUP] Latest source code shown change after click save button
  249. [FIXED] Feature Request: Ability to navigate using history like
  250. [DUP] TypeError: 'undefined' is not an object (evaluating 'layoutDefinition.layoutConfigs')