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  1. [FIXED] [OPEN-551] Sencha CSS Causing Google Map Issues
  2. [FIXED] Pull refresh demo shows black square
  3. [FIXED] [PR1] Safari - Kitchen sink shows scrollbar in Safari 5.x
  4. [CLOSED] [PR1] Toolbar titles still not centering properly.
  5. [NOREPRO] [PR1] Carousel indicators show if you set indicator : false
  6. [FIXED] [PR1] Filtering a store bound to a grouped list causes strange behaviors
  7. [FIXED] [pr1][docs] fullscreen-property still used in examples
  8. Documentation Content Bugs
  9. [FIXED] When inserting data into a store the listview group headers do not update
  10. [OPEN] [2.0.0DP] Disabling Fields Doesn't Disable Checkboxes In Android 2.2.1
  11. [FIXED] setActiveItem
  12. [FIXED] Ext.application -> autoCreateViewport : false
  13. [FIXED] hideMask
  14. [CLOSED] Ext.layout.Card -> setActiveItem
  15. [FIXED] How to setup homescreen icon and startup image ?
  16. [FIXED] Ext.field.Select change listener
  17. [FIXED] Text Field Listeners returning inappropriate field object
  18. [NOREPRO] Android Form Bug
  19. [FIXED] localstorage proxy sync error, Batch.js related ?
  20. [FIXED] feature request - readOnly attribute for form fields
  21. [FIXED] Controller::init() not firing
  22. [FIXED] Sliding performance on IOS5 !
  23. [OPEN] [PR 1] FormPanel with toolbars
  24. [OPEN] tabBarPosition problem
  25. [FIXED] Where do proxies go in MVC structure?
  26. [DUP] When button is clicked handler is not executing
  27. [NOREPRO] Strange Url in JSONP Proxy
  28. [FIXED] Button loosing listener if another button is created after it.
  29. [FIXED] Native Packaging Issue
  30. [CLOSED] Bug with store / ajax proxy ????
  31. [FIXED] [PR 1] Buttons with iconCls
  32. [OPEN] [PR 1] Toolbar with title + items
  33. [CLOSED] [PR 1] Ext.data.proxy.LocalStorage -> id
  34. [FIXED] [PR 1] Ext.app.Application -> stores
  35. [CLOSED] ios text fields hard to click
  36. [FIXED] Form submitting bug
  37. [CLOSED] Select downarrow click doesn't work
  38. [FIXED] [PR 1] Ext.Msg.alert -> deprecated warning
  39. [FIXED] How to format dates in an XTemplate?
  40. [FIXED] [PR 1] LocalStorage -> autoLoad
  41. [CLOSED] [PR 1] Ext.app.Application -> custom configs
  42. [FIXED] [PR 1] TreeStore autoloading & loading twice (autoload set to false)
  43. [CLOSED] Carousel scrolling animation
  44. [FIXED] Using any animations with phonegap breaks app.
  45. [CLOSED] Multiple redundant headers in Grouped List
  46. [FIXED] [PR 1] Button -> iconAlign
  47. [FIXED] [PR 1] Ext.Panel -> bodyPadding, bodyMargin
  48. [FIXED] form.getValues() crashes if inner content has been modified
  49. [FIXED] fieldSet.remove(this.up(), true) crashes
  50. [FIXED] Selectfield `default` param not working
  51. [OPEN] Ext.Button -> height config
  52. [OPEN] Blackberry Webworks Issues
  53. [INFOREQ] Documentation consistently crashes Chrome
  54. [FIXED] DataView with hasOne association
  55. [CLOSED] dateFormat undefined
  56. [NOREPRO] textarea issues (focus is lost) on return key typing
  57. [NOREPRO] Reproducable iOS Simulator environment crash (forces restart of OS X)
  58. [FIXED] emptyText missing in Ext.dataview.List
  59. [FIXED] clearIcon and useClearIcon
  60. [FIXED] Ext.layout.Card, Ext.carousel.Carousel / setActiveIndex(), next(), prev() wrong cmp
  61. [CLOSED] Ext.dataview.List duplicated the Grouping Header every time store data changes
  62. [FIXED] searchfield not showing "Search" button on iOS keyboard. Bug?
  63. [CLOSED] [PR1] Selecting child items via controller
  64. [FIXED] [PR1] Newlines break XTemplate.from
  65. [CLOSED] multiple toolbars and buttons kill events
  66. [CLOSED] Filtering the bound store does not update the Ext.dataview.List
  67. [CLOSED] Picker not animate
  68. [FIXED] Undefined Ext.log()
  69. [FIXED] Ext.Map rendered incorrect in initially hidden Ext.tab.Panel
  70. [CLOSED] Picker -> setSlots bug
  71. [CLOSED] ContactProxy callback error with phonegap on read()
  72. [FIXED] Ext.dataview.List's multiselect mode does not work
  73. [CLOSED] layout dock:top is not work...
  74. [FIXED] FormPanel's setRecord doesn't set numberfield or selectfield
  75. [INFOREQ] I change the Test code of Toolbar ST 1.0 to ST 2.0 but toolbar is not work ...
  76. [OPEN] DatePicker 's format .... (KOREA) is not surpported?? or any other reason?
  77. [FIXED] Callback not called when submitting form
  78. [INFOREQ] index.html codes are affected Panel...
  79. [CLOSED] Kiva app has issues
  80. [CLOSED] Ext.app.Controller bug in getModuleClassName ?
  81. [FIXED] Panel ignores activeItem config ...
  82. [FIXED] JavaScript execution exceeded timeout error
  83. [CLOSED] Scroll: 'vertical' on a Carousel hides content
  84. [FIXED] Html in text for buttons
  85. [FIXED] JSB-File missing
  86. [FIXED] Checkbox check/unchecked events switched
  87. [FIXED] DataView (like List) should use the getter function of an Model
  88. [FIXED] Scrolling and Swiping a Carousel Card doesn't behave like it did in V1.1
  89. [CLOSED] Ajax/JSONP request doesn't work..
  90. [FIXED] The kitchen sink app will lock up if you click around too fast
  91. [DEFER] Blank page on Windows Phone 7 "Mango"
  92. [FIXED] [PR1] Ext.select throws exception with CSS selector
  93. [FIXED] List Search example not working
  94. [FIXED] TabPanel problem
  95. [FIXED] CSS bugs with fieldsets and labelAlign: 'top'
  96. [FIXED] [PR1] Ext.field.Select does not work properly with "store"
  97. [DUP] Setting container body with TPL makes it unscrollable
  98. [CLOSED] Ext.dataview.List and Ext.data.Store can't use loadData function
  99. [FIXED] Togglefield change event not fired
  100. [CLOSED] Ext.List does not work in a Ext.tab.Panel?
  101. [FIXED] [PR1] Selectfield CSS too narrow on iPad
  102. [FIXED] [PR1] Ext.Audio and "setCurrentTime()"
  103. [FIXED] SegmentedButton Listener - Button Object undefined
  104. [FIXED] [PR1] Creating an empty Ext.Carousel throws errors
  105. [FIXED] [PR1] Ext.Carousel has "getActiveIndex()" but no method "setActiveIndex()"
  106. [FIXED] [PR1] Ext.Carousel - Removing an Item from the Carousel adds one more Indicator
  107. [CLOSED] hbox, vbox layout not working, flex not working
  108. [INFOREQ] Creating a store with inline data requires a proxy
  109. [FIXED] [PR1] Ext.Carousel.getActiveIndex() returns wrong indexes
  110. [FIXED] [PR1] Ext.Img should be called Ext.Image
  111. [FIXED] [PR1] Ext.Carousel.setItems(Array) doesn´t remove previous added items
  112. [DUP] [PR1] Cannot format a date
  113. [CLOSED] hasOne Model Assocations Missing
  114. [FIXED] No callback for Ext.Anim ??
  115. [FIXED] [PR1] Ext.util.GeoLocation uses deprecated Ext.createDelegate()
  116. [INFOREQ] List throws errors on scrolling when small store
  117. [FIXED] [PR1] radiofield getValue
  118. [FIXED] [PR1] Ext.XTemplate error - [object Object]' is not a function: Ext.log
  119. [CLOSED] [PR1] Ext.data.Store.filterBy(...) keeps wrong records
  120. [FIXED] Text area looses focus on enter key
  121. [FIXED] [PR1] Ext.data.List and "setGrouped(false)" doesn´t work
  122. [CLOSED] [PR1] Hyperlinks in Panels do not work on Android
  123. [FIXED] Ext.form.Panel scrollable: false Bug (changes background to black)
  124. [FIXED] setPressed() should work for itemId?
  125. [OPEN] TabBar tab position center
  126. [FIXED] stores[] is using synchronous loading
  127. [FIXED] Can't destroy a card after the cardswitch (activeitemchange)
  128. [CLOSED] selectfield dropdown button not working ...
  129. [FIXED] Store throwing an error when syncing with REST proxy
  130. [FIXED] Ext.Msg.prompt does not pass value to callback
  131. [FIXED] Form.disable() crashes on sliderfields
  132. [FIXED] Ext.anim.run issues
  133. [FIXED] Text field focus()
  134. [FIXED] [PR1] Ext.Button - iconAlign config parameter did not work
  135. [FIXED] Ext.form.Panel.submit.exception is never called
  136. [FIXED] [PR1] Ext.SegmentedButton - If first Btn gets hidden(), second Btn should get rounded
  137. [FIXED] Ui:light, ui:dark has no effect on data view. Cannot see scrollbar on dark background
  138. [FIXED] Overlay Modal Window hideOnMaskTap bug
  139. [CLOSED] "selectionchange" fires two times
  140. [FIXED] radiofield check/uncheck events
  141. [FIXED] LIsten map events inside a controller
  142. [FIXED] NestedList Duplicating Items At the Root Level
  143. [FIXED] scroll position not reset after store loads second page of results
  144. [CLOSED] DataView does not update the displayed rows correctly
  145. [FIXED] autoSelect text in field isn't available in touch 2
  146. [FIXED] MVC: Setting config in Ext.Map
  147. [FIXED] BUG: Slider.js throws TypeError exception
  148. [FIXED] Can't dynamically add items to Carousel and remove all items
  149. [OPEN] Android tabbar flickering
  150. [FIXED] Using a Proxy to send json parameters to asp.net web service
  151. [CLOSED] BUG & FIX: Adding panels to carousel shows too many circles in the indicator
  152. [OPEN] Blank Canvas on iPhone with PhoneGap 1.1+
  153. [FIXED] Can't click on map buttons.
  154. [CLOSED] Anchors in HTML fragment not working on Blackberry
  155. [FIXED] SelectField setRecord bug
  156. [FIXED] [PR1] Moving from a textfield to a selectfield does not hide the keyboard
  157. [CLOSED] Application do not get other attributes of the list
  158. [FIXED] [PR1] LocalStorage throwing error on 'sync()'
  159. [DUP] Animations doesn't work in packaged iOS application
  160. [FIXED] [PR2] Ext.application broken ?
  161. [FIXED] Grouped LIst not working with AJAX proxy loading
  162. [FIXED] Select Field with AJAX Store (with Model) behind it does not display selected item
  163. [OPEN] Number Field (numberfield) Missing Methods
  164. [NOREPRO] Problem with Ext.create() and arrays
  165. [FIXED] Configuring a list with emptyText defined causes an Error
  166. [FIXED] Ext.msg not passing buttonId to function in PR2 anymore?
  167. [FIXED] TabPanel with no items breaks on creation - PR2
  168. [FIXED] an ext.map bug
  169. [FIXED] [PR2] Ext.field.Text#readOnly displays clear-buton
  170. [FIXED] Slider Events
  171. [FIXED] ext.domquery.isxml is undefined
  172. [CLOSED] setActiveItem() works for items with "id" but not "itemId"
  173. [FIXED] Model Save
  174. [FIXED] How to initialize a select field - value does not work
  175. [FIXED] styleHtmlContent is not really a boolean
  176. [CLOSED] undefined value in Ext.Msg.prompt callback
  177. [FIXED] NoteInterface.appendChild also adds the nodes to the parent list
  178. [FIXED] PR2 breaks model.save()
  179. [FIXED] Actionsheet in a card - how?
  180. [CLOSED] I can not Query with itemId using ComponentQuery
  181. [FIXED] oddity with hidden on toolbar vs navgationbar
  182. [FIXED] [PR2] this.setConfig() broken
  183. [CLOSED] Ext.Msg.confim broken
  184. [FIXED] Rounded corners on FieldSet with hidden fields
  185. [FIXED] labelAlign: 'top' doesn't work
  186. [CLOSED] FeatureRequest: Ext.Carousel.setActiveIndex
  187. [CLOSED] labelAlign not working
  188. [DUP] plugins not working for any Component
  189. [FIXED] Can't create an instance of a plugin with Ext.PluginManager.create
  190. [FIXED] Ext.Button.initialize does not invoke initialize on its base class
  191. [FIXED] Calling 'removeAll()' on a toolbar removed the toolbar Title
  192. [FIXED] Hide even fires when a Component is Shown
  193. [FIXED] Calling 'deselect' on a list results in an error
  194. [NOREPRO] Ext.Date / Date is always 'invalid date'
  195. [FIXED] LocalStorage Proxy adds IDs on every Update
  196. [FIXED] JsonP abort method error
  197. [CLOSED] Ext.Msg.confirm(...) yes and no button bug
  198. [FIXED] On android when focus a textfield the app is rescaled
  199. [OPEN] Elements in Panels with TPL content Automatically Float Left
  200. [CLOSED] Differential behavior of minified and debug source files
  201. [CLOSED] Plugins in plugins directory under src are broken
  202. [FIXED] "Go" button does not display on iOS keyboard for form fields
  203. [FIXED] iOS with Phonegap with Sencha Touch 2 PR2 problems
  204. [CLOSED] Ext.tab.Panel listeners error
  205. [FIXED] Ext.Anim.run never fire transitionend enent
  206. [FIXED] [PR1] Localstorage - Calling Store.removeAll() doesn´t remove anything.
  207. [CLOSED] tabBarPosition bottom does not work in 2.0 PR2
  208. [CLOSED] ST2 pr2 container.getHeight() always returns 'null'
  209. [FIXED] Tab Switching performance seriously slow
  210. [CLOSED] Blank canvas with phonegap 1.2
  211. [FIXED] Ext.data.Store CRUD operations fail for remote store
  212. [CLOSED] [PR1] Ext.LoadMask - spinner and text aligned left - looks terible
  213. [CLOSED] [PR1] Setting disableCaching: false doesn´t remove "_dc" parameter
  214. [CLOSED] Carousel indicator fails counting items
  215. [FIXED] listener config does not invoke the method if function is given as "fn" option
  216. [FIXED] Toolbar with lots of items does not maintain scroll position if its scrollable
  217. [FIXED] Ext.MessageBox.onClick should first hide the MessageBox and then invoke the callback
  218. [CLOSED] Google Map RC2, useCurrentLocation
  219. [CLOSED] Store "write" event not firing
  220. [OPEN] Panel with template no longer scrollable after setData is called
  221. [FIXED] TreeStore with proxy duplicate list
  222. [FIXED] DataView.prepareAssociatedData does not handle belongsTo associations
  223. [CLOSED] activate event not caught by controller
  224. [CLOSED] list scrollable=false
  225. [FIXED] Sync() not removing items from localstorage
  226. [FIXED] Remove selected class when deselect called programatically.
  227. [CLOSED] emptyText: causes list rendering errors when store is updated
  228. [FIXED] Setting the Config centered : true of an Ext.Container --> Container never hides
  229. [FIXED] Viewport is not fullscreen on HTC Desire
  230. [FIXED] Ext.dataview.List's preventSelectionOnDisclose not working
  231. [INFOREQ] [PR1] Picker. It´s difficult to select an picker entry/item on iOS 5
  232. [CLOSED] Controller not finding ID
  233. [INFOREQ] tap/itemTap event extremely inconsistent
  234. [FIXED] [ST2 PR2] store proxy load and sync bug
  235. [FIXED] Destorying a button (itself) gives Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'removeCls'
  236. [DUP] Animations z-index seems wrong
  237. [FIXED] PR-1 container.setCls does not reset the actual css class as expected
  238. [INFOREQ] 2.0 problem, not sure if its browser or server
  239. [FIXED] prepareData not working in List?
  240. [FIXED] TabPanel won't show content without a height set
  241. [FIXED] Component.showBy always expects an Ext.Component as reference element
  242. [CLOSED] Problem with xtype
  243. [FIXED] Ext.MessageBox/LoadMask and z-index management
  244. [FIXED] Adhoc builds do not work
  245. [FIXED] Ext.mixin.Selectable should refresh selections on store load
  246. [FIXED] Boolean Conversion
  247. [CLOSED] CSS difference in /css/sencha-touch.css AND /css-debug/sencha-touch.css?
  248. [FIXED] Ext.form.Panel.reset() does not reset hidden fields
  249. [CLOSED] config listeners not working
  250. [FIXED] Ext.Date.format should handle nulls