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  1. [CLOSED] ENOENT, no such file or directory '.senchasdk'
  2. [INFOREQ] [2.0-final] App totally broken on android-4.0.3
  3. [CLOSED] LocalStorage
  4. [FIXED] Callback function after card transition animation completes? (worked in ST1, not ST2)
  5. [CLOSED] Panel layout does not work as it used to
  6. [FIXED] Callback definitions
  7. [FIXED] TabPanel buttons look strange on "zoom".
  8. [CLOSED] Adding custom configs in class override throws error
  9. [FIXED] Initial View activate firing twice
  10. [INFOREQ] Date picker appearing behind mask
  11. [OPEN] make LocalStorage proxy more compact
  12. [OPEN] PullRefresh doesn't refresh rows loaded by ListPaging plugin
  13. [FIXED] NestedList not firing BeforeSelect
  14. [FIXED] Not all animations work for hide animations
  15. [FIXED] Server side events in Ext Direct are broken.
  16. [INFOREQ] Carousel stopped working as it did before
  17. [FIXED] Uncaught Error: NOT_FOUND_ERR: DOM Exception 8
  18. [INFOREQ] ShowBy not rendering correct
  19. [CLOSED] Kindle Fire is recognised as "Phone"
  20. [FIXED] there's a problem at validation()
  21. [FIXED] DatePicker update issue #2
  22. [OPEN] Touch chart 2 - pie - piegrouping visual
  23. [CLOSED] Nested Views not loading
  24. [FIXED] TabPanel uses initial config for title & other card attributes instead of getters
  25. [FIXED] Picker flys off the screen
  26. [FIXED] Plugins are not destroyed properly for extended components.
  27. [FIXED] [FINAL] Media#isPlaying() not set to false after it's finished
  28. [FIXED] NavigationView title overlaps with docked items on navbar
  29. [CLOSED] Ext.Loader.loadScriptFile wrong URL
  30. [FIXED] apple-mobile-web-app-status-bar-style - StatusBarStyle - Incorrectly wrapped in quote
  31. [FIXED] Tree Store Child Items Missing Raw Data
  32. [CLOSED] Ext.data.Store addrecords event not fired when using Ext.plugin.ListPaging
  33. [FIXED] Sencha Touch 2 generate app command not working on windows, nothing happens
  34. [FIXED] MP3 Audio Playback on iOS does not start
  35. [FIXED] form.SetValues and grouped CheckBoxField (same name)
  36. [CLOSED] Mixing configuration objects and Ext.create defined objects creates unclickable panel
  37. [FIXED] Feature Request - value for unchecked checkbox
  38. [FIXED] Ext.isReady needs to be triggered by Ext.onReady
  39. [CLOSED] Generate App Command not working on Mac
  40. [CLOSED] Multiple validation rules per model field are not possible
  41. [FIXED] Component#show(true) won't use a FadeIn as written
  42. [FIXED] Autosync not working for LocalStorage
  43. [FIXED] Ext.List onItemDisclosure ignores scope
  44. [CLOSED] Record save error when proxy is specified on Store rather than Model
  45. [FIXED] Native Packaging Install Issue
  46. [FIXED] Require Ext.device.* issue
  47. [FIXED] Missing DragStart, Drag and DragEnd Events for Ext.field.Slider
  48. [FIXED] The Picker can not value in latest version
  49. [FIXED] [2.0.0] Can't remove default back button text
  50. [FIXED] ui of buttons problem
  51. [FIXED] Calling Ext.Msg.show with items second time gives an error
  52. [FIXED] Bugs with showAnimation:n {}
  53. [CLOSED] getHeight() returns null for seemingly all elements and components
  54. [CLOSED] Ext.data.Model#setFields not Working as Expected
  55. [OPEN] Tutorial building your first app bug
  56. [FIXED] Resolving your application dependencies...Error
  57. [FIXED] Ext.field.Radio
  58. [FIXED] [GA] image links not working
  59. [FIXED] Checkbox label disappear after going back with NavigationView (chromium>18)
  60. [NOREPRO] Last Pseudo Component Query not included
  61. [FIXED] Fields don't auto-bubble "action" event in form/fieldset
  62. [OPEN] Setdraggable(false) on Panel moves the panel back
  63. [FIXED] Mon is gone
  64. [FIXED] "change" event inconsistent between text and select fields
  65. [FIXED] Checkbox getValue vs _value
  66. [CLOSED] SenchaTouch API link is broken
  67. [CLOSED] Numberfield input elements no longer get their name attribute set
  68. [INFOREQ] sencha generate app ....loading images shows up but doesnt proceed any futher
  69. [OPEN] Ext.field.Text with clearIcon:false but clearIcon still hold space
  70. [CLOSED] Some Ext.field.Text events not firing with builds using "sencha-touch.js" - GA
  71. Animation bug
  72. [CLOSED] Critical drawing issue with slider component on Android... works fine on iPhone
  73. [CLOSED] Cannot setValue on Checkbox
  74. [DUP] GA: NestedList Displays All Items At Root When Using a TreeStore With a XML Reader.
  75. [FIXED] Ext.DomQuery not working for all selectors listed in API documentation?
  76. Orientationchange repaint issue ICS (Android 4.0.3) in webview
  77. [FIXED] Datepicker will not set initial value
  78. [OPEN] unhandled error in onProxyLoad() if any record in the store is undefined.
  79. [INFOREQ] Classes added with AddCls on DataItem get removed when tapped
  80. [NOREPRO] store.sync() fails to update localStorage
  81. [CLOSED] iPhone display problems in card layout
  82. [FIXED] Model.validate ~ Ext.data.Validations (presence,format) fail on undefined fields
  83. [FIXED] Native Android Build Launching Issue
  84. [OPEN] Setting the callbackName property of the Ext.data.JsonP class to any name
  85. [OPEN] Floatable panels aren't added to a viewport or a defined parent automatically
  86. [INFOREQ] TabPabel / Panel destruction corruption problem
  87. [INFOREQ] Cannot see Sencha Touch 2 Documentation
  88. [INFOREQ] jQuery's bind 'click' not work on mobile Safari (but work in ST1)
  89. [CLOSED] Can not reach DOM elements from items inside a carousel
  90. [FIXED] Bottom Tabs - no images (Android 4.0.3 Browser)
  91. [FIXED] Date Picker :: Not Docked at Bottom :: Moves Away Keeping the screen disabled
  92. [INFOREQ] Checkbox colors
  93. [FIXED] Ext.msg.confirm callback doesn't seem to match documentation
  94. [CLOSED] xhr.getAllResponseHeaders().replace method not found
  95. [FIXED] icon for toolbar buttons
  96. [CLOSED] 2.0 RTM - Issue with Ext.mixin.Identifiable.getUniqueId
  97. [DEFER] The Value of 'top' limits panel drag area
  98. [FIXED] NoteInterface.appendChild also adds the nodes to the parent list
  99. [CLOSED] sencha-touch-all-debug.js giving different result than sencha-touch-debug.js
  100. [CLOSED] Object as default value for a config property not working
  101. [FIXED] Ext.form.Number setValue to clear the field on Android
  102. [FIXED] badgeText of top tabpanel is displayed incorrect
  103. [FIXED] ui: light or ui: dark has no effect on any UI componenet
  104. [FIXED] Arror/Anchor on the corner bug
  105. [INFOREQ] Anchor of confirm is not in correct position
  106. [DEFER] [2.0.0] BlackBerry OS7/OS7.1 Problems
  107. [FIXED] Problem with getValue of numberfield
  108. [CLOSED] Problem because reusing the same STORE to more than one DataView
  109. [OPEN] Overlay popup should listen to back button event on android
  110. [FIXED] List items lose selectedCls when changing ordering
  111. [NOREPRO] CSS in IOS 5.1 UIWebview messed up
  112. [FNR] List select(array) and selectRange throw exceptions, completely broken.
  113. [FIXED] NestedList without toolbar errors
  114. [FIXED] Selectfield does not properly encode for output in pickers (XSS vulnerability)
  115. [CLOSED] Orientation is wrong after added to home screen
  116. [INFOREQ] List not showing up on Android 2.3
  117. [FIXED] Ext.form.Panel.setRecord(record) causes form fields to be marked dirty
  118. [INFOREQ] Ext.Msg.alert setScrollable() causes no text to be shown
  119. [CLOSED] Acer Iconia - TabPanel dock tabs open up a new browser for about:blank
  120. [FIXED] Images are not clickable in android
  121. [FIXED] Refreshing a list backed by a sorted store is really, really slow, and possibly broke
  122. [OPEN] Event after animated container hide / deactivate needed
  123. [FIXED] hide button inside a navigation bar doesn't work after re-create navigation view
  124. [FIXED] Problem passing config to autocreated objects in controller
  125. [FIXED] Packing problem
  126. [FIXED] Date Picker setting Year To showing Picker
  127. [FIXED] Ext.List - xindex returns 1 for all items when using itemTpl
  128. [FIXED] Sencha build generates errors in JS
  129. [FIXED] Checkbox event not firing in
  130. [OPEN] setTop does not work properly after drag
  131. [FIXED] navigation view bug on android
  132. [INFOREQ] adding to application launch corrupts solution ,changing a linked views name and then
  133. [FIXED] Android 4.0.3 and Bottom Tabs
  134. [FIXED] Nativ APP cant'f load P12
  135. [CLOSED] Profile isActive is not taken into account
  136. [OPEN] Lower part of tablet screen non-responsive due to viewport created by Ext.Setup
  137. [FIXED] HVideo player controls non responsive due to ViewPort created by Ext.Setup
  138. [CLOSED] Flex Box Layouts Are Broken
  139. [NOREPRO] tabpanel problem when dynamically removing items
  140. [FIXED] datepickerfield doesn't register 1/1/1980 as valid date without changing dates
  141. [CLOSED] setting statusBarStyle meta tag
  142. [FIXED] 2.0.0 - x-textvalue global
  143. [OPEN] Android 2.3 Store not loaded if Application/Json
  144. [FNR] Cant pass animation object to Component#show
  145. [NOREPRO] Ext Loader and alternateClassName
  146. [CLOSED] Custom headers not working. Ext.Ajax.request()
  147. [FIXED] Android: Submit form on action, double events?
  148. [DEFER] Associations and WebStorage
  149. [CLOSED] mixin automatic getter/ setter & initialization
  150. [FIXED] CompositeElement and Ext.EventManager
  151. [FIXED] Swipe Gesture on iOS broken after applyData on Component when tpl contains table tag
  152. [CLOSED] Selectlist backed by JsonStore, not updating its display in form on select
  153. [OPEN] Android - Ext.form.Text has ghost text after you clear it
  154. [FIXED] Togglefield + Tap
  155. [FIXED] Bug Fix for Cordova 1.5 (PhoneGap)
  156. [FIXED] useDefaultXhrHeader option not working for Ext.Ajax.request calls
  157. [OPEN] Navigation View - Blank Screen shown up after double tap Back button
  158. [OPEN] beforesubmit confirm message box
  159. [FIXED] store garbage collection
  160. [FIXED] Ext.data.JsonP has no Context to the Request Object - missing 'Options'
  161. [NOREPRO] infinite carousel scrolls past end of items to empty page
  162. [NOREPRO] Ext.slider.Slider - can't drag after long tap on thumb
  163. [CLOSED] loadingText config on List gets ignored in GA
  164. [CLOSED] Packaging Issue for Android
  165. [FIXED] No setMasked method for Ext.Map
  166. [CLOSED] Local Proxy not updating on remove
  167. Sencha Touch 2.0.1 RC Now Available
  168. Important SDK Tools / Sencha Command Update
  169. [FIXED] datepickerfield has no method setDateFormat()
  170. [INFOREQ] Lists with an appreciable amount of data randomly prompt a "loading" spinner
  171. [OPEN] [2.0.0] localstorage proxy can't be destroyed - destroy method overrides base destroy
  172. [FIXED] Dataview (touchgridpanel) not refreshing after filtering store.
  173. [FIXED] Ext.picker.Slot `name` issues with slot connected to Ext.data.Store
  174. [OPEN] Swipe problems with Carousel on a tablet when non full screen
  175. [CLOSED] using xtype : 'video' in a carousel is not compatible with the carousel controls
  176. [FIXED] [2.0.1rc] List event selectionchange now has incorrect parameters, fired more often
  177. [INFOREQ] ST2 Ext.List does not appear
  178. [OPEN] xtype: numberfield not working on iPhone?
  179. [FIXED] Blank icons in tabbar if container has scrollable set to true
  180. [CLOSED] Loading mask is not canceled after load when server returns 200
  181. [CLOSED] Ext.dom.Element's select always searches root
  182. [DEFER] Associated (belongsTo) data not sent when hasMany store is synced.
  183. [CLOSED] Choppy action sheet, navigation panel animation on Android (2.0.1-rc)
  184. [CLOSED] Navigation View Issue - ST2
  185. [FIXED] Navigation issues when navigate from NestedList in a TabPanel
  186. [CLOSED] Ext.element.is does not work for elements not in document
  187. [CLOSED] [2.0.1RC]: Sencha not working for RC directory
  188. [CLOSED] Custom Android launcher icon never gets used during native build
  189. [NOREPRO] iOS rawConfig UIPrerenderedIcon issue
  190. [FIXED] Toggle change event not firing in 2.0.1rc
  191. [CLOSED] [2.0.1] Build error debug message confusing
  192. [OPEN] Sencha Command Beta2 won't complete install with zsh shell
  193. [INFOREQ] Env variable is set, but claims it's not: SENCHA_SDK_TOOLS_2_0_0_BETA2
  194. [FIXED] Failed to run SENCHA SDK TOOLS 2 BETA2 on linux 64bit
  195. [FIXED] Garbage collection of Models (ST2)
  196. [CLOSED] Sencha Touch 2 beta not working with latest Chrome update (18.0.1025)
  197. [FIXED] Change event called 2x when changing options list on selectfield
  198. [FIXED] [2.0.1RC] Native build seem to be broken
  199. [INFOREQ] Bug on select elements by class name? (2.0.1)
  200. [FIXED] Select Field label Top Selection icon covers the label
  201. [OPEN] Store.add throws an error when adding a static array of records
  202. [CLOSED] [2.0.1] Native Android Build Does Not Finish
  203. [FIXED] Hard-coded class in Ext.layout.Card
  204. [FIXED] closurecompiler.jar access Error while building app with sencha command
  205. [CLOSED] Ext.tabPanel.setActiveItem() makes previous item inaccessible
  206. [FIXED] Ext.ActionSheet Animation doesn't work after upgrading to version 2.0.1 RC
  207. [NOREPRO] Sencha Touch 2.0.1 RC breaks animating
  208. [CLOSED] ST 2.0.1RC - Changed signature of Ext.field.Slider events
  209. [INFOREQ] Segmented Button
  210. [CLOSED] Bug in Ext.NavigationView when going back and forth
  211. [CLOSED] Error while building native application in Linux
  212. [INFOREQ] Cant find ListenerStack.js after new update SDK tools for windows
  213. [CLOSED] Touch 2.0.1 RC - problems with event handler registration
  214. [FIXED] Slider unexpected behaviour when using minValue, maxValue
  215. [FIXED] [2.0.1 RC] Ext.util.Collection.clear() method does not clear indices.
  216. [FIXED] Ext.Viewport.getOrientation on a Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1
  217. [FIXED] List disclosureProperty Bugs
  218. [OPEN] ListPaging plugin interferes with Ext.List default load mask
  219. [OPEN] [2.0.1] Map Directions Not Zooming to correct level or not showing
  220. [FIXED] radiofield with value of 0 returns boolean true instead of 0.
  221. [FIXED] Input type fields: 'paste' event doesn't work
  222. [CLOSED] [2.0.1] native android app: no splash screen
  223. [FIXED] Ext.Msg.alert bug
  224. [CLOSED] All hidden components are now visible with Chrome 18.0.1025.142/151
  225. [OPEN] Loosing listener after popping
  226. [OPEN] CRITICAL: LONG FORMS ARTIFACTS with Form Assistant on iOS make a form unscrollable
  227. [CLOSED] Title Bar in NavigationView not truncating after 'back'
  228. [FIXED] TabPanel Icons Disappear
  229. [CLOSED] Sencha Touch 2 Docs Won't Load in Chrome
  230. [CLOSED] Android package error
  231. [CLOSED] Draggable component is broken in android browser
  232. [CLOSED] Ext.slider.Slider-Cannot drag if I drag it to the wrong direction at the beginning
  233. [FIXED] getstarted video tab
  234. [CLOSED] Packaging problem(Windows 7)
  235. [INFOREQ] Failed loading 'sdk/src/data/ArrayStore.js
  236. [INFOREQ] Formpanel Events don't work when using itemID/delegate
  237. [FIXED] textfield clearIcon not added when pasting new text (Sencha Touch 2)
  238. [FIXED] Modal panel's mask broken if not in Ext.Viewport
  239. [INFOREQ] Sample code in Sencha Touch 2.0 SDK has wrong file name
  240. [CLOSED] Package build looping and AndroidManifest not copied
  241. [FIXED] Authentication using CORS proxy request withCredentials
  242. [FIXED] Error in 2.01 on Gingerbread
  243. [INFOREQ] body css color error in Chrome ...
  244. [FIXED] Listpaging
  245. [FIXED] List items not shown in Android and Chrome for ICS
  246. [FIXED] Select fields requiring options before setting value in 2.0.1 RC
  247. [OPEN] Store.getListeners doesn't seem to work correctly.
  248. [FIXED] Model Field: persist:false does not work
  249. [INFOREQ] Carousel issue
  250. [FIXED] Bugs of Ext.Video, Ext.form.Panel, Ext.field.Select