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  1. Calling a function inside a tpl [ ]
  2. Dispaatcher and routes removed?
  3. Some notes on DataView in PR1
  4. contentEl missing in 2.0
  5. [FIXED] Wrong link to Touch 2.0 Docs
  6. Migration from 1.1?
  7. MVC structure migration
  8. 2.x and phonegap?
  9. What's the point of having Array documentation
  10. ListPagingPlugin
  11. [PR 1] initComponent replacement -> initialize
  12. feature request
  13. Stable Releases
  14. controllers and views
  15. packed layout and dockedItems
  16. Sencha Touch 2 and ExtJS 4
  17. To the admins -> Where is my topic...? Controllers and views
  18. HTC Desire Android issues
  19. Auto loading Classes Using Organized Into Modules
  20. How to create an Ext.List on an Ext.Panel ?
  21. Storing JSON data to WebSQL (SQLite DB)
  22. App not working on device
  23. Swipe Performance
  24. SenchaTouch Formfield DatePicker cyclic feature like ios native style date picker
  25. Where are the component events???
  26. List not appears at android 3.0.1 Browser
  27. Tap event not firing on nested components?
  28. FormPanel doesn't display but Panel does. Bug?
  29. MVC and Button events
  30. MVC Design Question
  31. ext.panel setLoading gone?
  32. HELP ! app is undefined, app is application name
  33. Twitter Example (Sencha Touch 2.0 Documentation)
  34. Grouped list not displaying right
  35. Volume
  36. Geotweets sample app
  37. facebook / twitter integration
  38. Example of a Sencha Touch 2 app:
  39. ST2 performance on the PlayBook
  40. DataView with new TPL
  41. Set Panel config option at initialization with Sencha 2.0 broken?
  42. EXAMPLE: Encapsulating common UI patterns by using inheritance
  43. New to Sencha Touch. Should I start learning/coding with 1.1 or jump straight to 2?
  44. Component class change performance
  45. app will not load
  46. How to understand MVC workfloa in sencha touch 2.0?
  47. What is in 'sencha-touch.js'?
  48. Static header with zoom/pinchable content. is it possible ?
  49. MVC, how to render view from controller?
  50. Google Map not filling entire Panel space
  51. Is it ID always required?
  52. Ext.picker.Picker did get shown over Ext.tab.Panel. Bug or not?
  53. CSS issue with widths and word-wrap
  54. Android Performance Issues
  55. My tap event listener function is executed on app launch!
  56. Facing issue with sencha touch chart
  57. How to smoothen the movement of items inside a carousel component?
  58. ui light or dark? Trying to get scroll color on black background
  59. How can we access objects of inner components?
  60. How to get count/length of items in a carousel component?
  61. Supporting Blackberry Webworks trackball/mouse
  62. Sencha Touch 2.0 PR1-patches repository
  63. Facebook-like slide in menu? Is it possible?
  64. TypeError: 'null' is not a constructor (evaluating 'new c(a[0])')
  65. native android packaging
  66. Making Carousel from JSON store.
  67. Difference between sencha-touch.js and sencha-touch-all.js library files?
  68. Feature Request: Grouped List Header option
  69. Issue in adding LISTENER to carousel element(can't access items within the carousel)
  70. [Q] Emulator for windows platform?
  71. How is the tab bar implemented?
  72. Unclear how to implement afteritemchange listener
  73. Carousel dont animate sliding
  74. Carousel dont animate sliding
  75. Patterns For Dealing With Nested List Items that Navigate to Mutiple Places
  76. IOS ToggleField CSS
  78. ST2 community patches repository
  79. Store looping is not working inside the load function
  80. cross domain problem
  81. Tap event for a carousel in mvc!
  82. Changelog
  83. Proxy not working with type 'jsonp' !!!
  84. Gracefully Handling External Request Timeout and Errors
  85. cardSwitchAnimation on Ext.tab.Panel
  86. Error occuring while removing items from carousel component!!!
  87. Adding Custom Styles in Sencha Touch 2
  88. Feature requests
  89. Dialing a phone number using Sencha 2 & Phonegap on iOS5
  90. how to set landscape view only for an application in Sencha Touch 2.0?
  91. Overlay itemtap from list not working in ST v 2.0
  92. column chart legend problem
  93. Ext.clone should check for a custom clone(), _clone() or another suitable method
  94. Error when using Sencha in Phonegap notification callback function
  95. Pull to Refresh in ST 2.x-pr1
  96. Touch 2 dynamic carousel
  97. Launch function
  98. Template in NestedList
  99. Can't get Store to work using MVC pattern
  100. Can't reference added carousel
  101. getRange Issues
  103. Call function from init
  104. localstorage: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'create' of undefined
  105. field.Select only displays a max of 4 items?
  106. creating animations for an ebook with sencha
  107. Infinite Carousel
  108. How to disable toolbar scroll?
  109. What happen? I couldn't align on title.
  110. File Uploading
  111. General confusion about Layouts
  112. Form and screen keyboard
  113. Can we expect PR3 to drop?
  114. Sencha Touch 2 MVC NestedList
  115. how to call same a function from several button tab event?
  116. Sencha touch game world
  117. Sencha-Touch2 release date?
  118. can i self define a function in controller?
  119. Ext.List performance
  120. TabPanel, List & Forms
  121. Is it a way to add a button or any component to the List cells ?
  122. Cache Manifest Ext.loader Question
  123. What event should fire when using the clearIcon for searchfield?
  124. Touch2 MVC one controller one view?
  125. Drag and drop event in DATAVIEW
  126. Loading selectfield from an external json file
  127. Highlight Table Row By Default On Load
  128. Problem with Card Layout "inside" a TabPanel
  129. How todistribut the tabs
  130. Problem: respond the default item button event of list in controller
  131. Why not accept em for margin?
  132. how to detect click event of an Ext.Msg.confirm() box?
  133. More than one controller class...
  134. ST2 MVC
  135. about mask
  136. Difficulty getting started
  137. Panel Show/Hide does not performing given animations
  138. My first ST2.0 plugin : MessageBox aka (native popup for everyone)
  139. addListeners problem
  140. refresh an interface periodically
  141. 'afterlayout' event
  142. Uncaught TypeError is not helpful
  143. Component.setScrollable not working properly?
  144. None of the events are firing
  145. Ext.Loader to production
  146. Stores without model, lists without stores discussion
  147. multi controllers problem
  148. Rest Client
  149. receive return value from view
  150. sencha gererate command
  151. Can anybody give a complete working code of store with proxy 'jsonp'?
  152. Question about the idProperty config on a Model
  153. Template styling
  154. Ext.Picker: why not make it so slots work horizontally too?
  155. List, Forms, Button-down... all horribly laggy - Fix?
  156. fire event to application in request success event
  157. Is there a method to sound a alarm??
  158. Tabbar skipping my view.
  159. How to add a list icon?
  160. How to design the docked buttons??
  161. How to show a view on the top level
  162. problem in loading the json object into the jsonstore
  163. Map example?
  164. Progress bar in Sencha2
  165. I wish Ext.picker.Picker could use an Ext.NavigationBar as its toolbar
  166. Button icons?
  167. Merge Touch and Ext JS applications?
  168. Editable List?
  169. Why config for Touch MVC applications?
  170. Sync ajax store to offline site
  171. Element toggleCls
  172. How to use Ext.dispatch( ) in Touch 2.x or an action controller
  173. How to package touch for production?
  174. PhoneGap white screen "onLaunch" in a Controller
  175. Google Map InfoWindow wont close
  176. Question about XTemplate usage in a view config
  177. Example of syncing an ajax store to localStorage
  178. Good examples of barebones ST2 MVC application
  179. PR3 incoming?
  180. Integration of Yahoo APT JavaScript Ad Serving
  181. Ext.data.proxy.Memory Errors
  182. Problem with this.control in controller
  183. Viewport, ref, alias, xtype confusion
  184. Setting SASS touch variables with JS and updating CSS accordingly
  185. How about a QuadCurveMenu functionality in Sencha Touch?
  186. "See part 2 of the getting started guide" - Sad Panda
  187. MVC structure and views in index page
  188. Ext.Panel showing content webpages using iFrames
  189. Store.loadRecords should fire an additional event apart from add/datachanged
  190. Repository on line
  191. Trouble coding List event handlers in the MVC controller?
  192. Sencha Touch performance: Xoom vs IPad
  193. Removing Items from a panel
  194. Make the <href tel:> to work?
  195. Can SASS generate custom forward/backward button UI's?
  196. log4j - feature request
  197. SASS and custom background gradients
  198. Sencha Touch 2 colorpicker
  199. Android 3.0 Performance Observations
  200. Datetimepicker
  201. Assigning store to list MVC Pattern
  202. Passing MVC controller and action in query string parameters
  203. Infinite Scrolling and Paging?
  204. ChildBrowser / open external url without leaving app?
  205. Local JSON file reading.
  206. Webkit transform for panel contents not working in Android
  207. autoCreateViewport and view transition animation.
  208. How to map a fileld to a component in componentView item?
  209. What events to rely on when a View gets initialized?
  210. Howto setup title of fieldset from record
  211. Dynamic Carousel : Adding item erroring
  212. Best way of determining geographical user location?
  213. Start a new project on Sench Touch pre 2? Or start with 1.1.1?
  214. Is there a way to set the background color of a spacer?
  215. Multiple template for NestedList
  216. afterrender, frist show
  217. List and PR3
  218. how to center the button text?
  219. MVC : working in PR1 but not on PR3
  220. Ext.Loader.setConfig paths seems to work in phonegap ios but not phonegap android?
  221. PR3: How can I access/set the class of the sliderfield's thumb?
  222. Index and views
  223. Bug: The application does not have a valid signature
  224. Safari vs Embedded browser - known problems
  225. How to Access TabPanel items
  226. TabPanel toolbar icon positioning in PR3
  227. NestedList - ItemDisclosure element (hide in nested view)
  228. Unique id working on iPhone and Android
  229. XML Parsing Producing error while the app is turned to a native app.
  230. down(String selector) method from Container class is not working anymore
  231. JSNO to Carousel Items
  232. Render components inside list?
  233. AJAX Exception Handling
  234. PR4 release date?
  235. Touch PR3: using map as xtype inside of a toolbar panel
  236. Passing values for card layout setActiveItem?
  237. How to update existing record in localstorage store
  238. Offline loading of application
  239. Getting List To Render
  240. Performance optimizations
  241. Ext.Component should provide an event like 'render' or 'afterrender'
  242. ST2 animation of a modal panel.
  243. Packaging and installing Sencha Touch Apps on Windows
  244. Panel within a Modal Panel
  245. Multple Applications
  246. Heap gone huge because of Array
  247. [FIXED] PR3 and the side effect of doing away with 'dockedItems'
  248. Which types of proxy for stores is working?
  249. Run function on rawData before JSON reader parses it
  250. Problem with simultaneous use of animation and sheet in PR3