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  1. With phonegapbuild,my app's memory is always growing,larger and larger.help!!!
  2. Problem with preparing for ad-hoc distribution - using ST 2, Xcode 4.3.3, Phonegap1.9
  3. Return specific number of items from Store
  4. Can't generate example App
  5. Sencha Touch 2 with CodeIgniter in Netbeans
  6. how to do carousel image pinch in pinch out(zoom in zoom out) in sencha touch
  7. SDK Tools app.json url and server-side resources
  8. Way to tell dynamic loader to ignore namespace?
  9. nestedlist autopaging can only pageing successfully once ,pull again no response
  10. TypeError:’undefined’ is not an object while loading app on iOS 5
  11. [Community] Help needed to get ready for Boot 2 Gecko
  12. Phonegap required to access native APIs while using Sencha at UIlayer for iPhone/iPad
  13. Ext.Loader is not coming in android device. using Sencha Touch 2
  14. Sync Localstorage (offline) & Store Proxy JSON (online) ?
  15. Chrome 21 beta and Touch display issues
  16. Simple form validation problem
  17. TextField label with multiple colors
  18. Local Storage Model Update
  19. Android update broke my swipe and scroll!
  20. Using alias or xtype?
  21. Is orientation locking a planned feature?
  22. How to focus/highlight inside toolbar elements in sencha touch2
  23. Working with Layout and Graphical Design
  24. Real device performance comparison iPad 1 vs Galaxy Tab 2
  25. QT Error when packaging Sencha Touch app
  26. Problem with Setting Textfield height when label is on top
  27. Radiofields and Double tapping
  28. how to extend singleton
  29. sql proxy usage
  30. Question about loading data from a store.
  31. Segmented button with allowDepress set to false still sets buttons to pressed
  32. Ext.tab.Panel - tab click event
  33. Problem Controller for disclosure : how link itemdisclosure with controller for disp
  34. CORS Support on Android
  35. Proxy don't work when minified
  36. Implementing a file picker in Sencha Touch
  37. [Ext.Container#doAdd] Adding has card ŕ has tab container without specifying any tab?
  38. Way to detect if running in iOS UIWebView
  39. Ellipsis
  40. Editing Items in a datastore.
  41. Get all the passwordfield on the current active view
  42. how arrive email function with tabpanel option?
  43. Calling toggle() on Ext.field.Toggle doesn't fire change event
  44. getPageBox
  45. button is taking time to load/show Image while pressing button
  46. Can the same model be under hasMany and belongsTo associations?
  47. Good news app with Sencha Touch?
  48. Can we resize converted base64 image into custom size in sencha touch
  49. Search sencha touch expert for help with filter in store !
  50. Handling layout spacement
  51. production build trying to load src/log/Logger.js
  52. Sencha Command build stripping custom configs
  53. Ext.Img has no alt config
  54. HELP: Render Component into HTML element (div etc.)
  55. reuse data in xml store
  56. Is custom App Structure like this possible?
  57. Form iterating fields how to get to know the required fields
  58. Component Listeners - Delegating Single Event to Multiple Classes
  59. Getting values from a form
  60. Render Google Map from List item tap - Porting to ST 2.0
  61. "sencha app build production" [Ext.Loader] Failed loading
  62. Can i use localstorage in nestedlist?
  63. Is localstorage without Model/Store possible?
  64. List component not rendering properly
  65. Getting radio field value from a form
  66. Add a new form
  67. Getting started
  68. Windows Mobile 6
  69. Convert VS store.each
  70. Where is Sencha Touch 2.0.2?
  71. Using Json data in Sencha touch
  72. Sencha Touch - Performance and Responsiveness
  73. Sencha Touch 2: List of problematic Android devices
  74. Cannot add Carousel to View
  75. global variable not working with sencha build
  76. Lock orientation in sencha touch 2.0
  77. Maximizing carousel swipe performance...
  78. Remove Highlight when clicking a Button
  79. datetimepicker help
  80. [2.1 B2] MUCH BETTER Android 4.x ICS Performance
  81. Optimizing Sencha application and increasing the performance of overall site
  82. Append a List View in a controller on click of a form button
  83. create a form with a custom layout
  84. How to left align the navigation view title
  85. parsing nested XML: xml reader
  86. using app.scss vs. external css file
  87. Emulate iPad in Google Chrome on Mac
  88. Making Media recorder in sench touch
  89. Chances of using Sensor using sencha Touch
  90. Loading image get stuck on Chrome, app not shown properly in Firefox
  91. Building facebook like application in Secha Touch
  92. How to use custom css, html and js code into sencha touch
  93. which is easier on resource consumption (CPU/RAM etc)
  94. Ext.anim issue
  95. setTimeout during sleep mode causing frozen/hung Android WebView
  96. Sencha Touch 2.1.0 Beta 2 inheritance question
  97. Map Marker
  98. Problem when loading a list for the second time
  99. Release Sencha Touch 2.0 to Chocolatey.org
  100. How to make vertical tabbar on landscape orientaion in sencha touch2
  101. odd ref issue
  102. Container form mixing error getID
  103. New in Sancha Touch
  104. New in Sancha Touch- Need the startup help
  105. shopping/auction app
  106. List with item description
  107. Adding views to app.js
  108. ListView's attaching xindex field to Model's in
  109. showBy Triangle Becomes Rectangle on Android
  110. How can I Batch Operations?
  111. Column chart not working
  112. Error 400 on call store.add(record)
  113. Scroll to view the selected list item function
  114. Loading classes on the fly from server ( widgets style)
  115. Change theme on the fly ?
  116. Poor performance about Ext.data.Store
  117. Pass parameters in Controller function
  118. how to show splash video during launching appication in sencha touch2
  119. Ext.device.Camera.capture returns default image
  120. Pie Chart in Sencha touch 2 through MVC
  121. Unable to set the values in the HTML form element
  122. json list auto update
  123. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'selectors' of undefined Theme.js:69
  124. Modify models before are created in the store
  125. How to apply PressedCls css for Custom Component in DataView
  126. Sencha Touch 2 Native Packaging for iOS
  127. Sencha Touch / PhoneGap / Ajax calls
  128. PhoneGap whitescreen problem
  129. JSONP Proxy unable to access objects
  130. How can i create a custom dataview item with the following layout using itemTpl
  131. Html in selects and pickers
  132. itemtouchstart handler breaks list item (blocks touchend)
  133. Error in Building app for production
  134. scrollBy ?
  135. Problem with Sencha Touch app from inside Google+ native client
  136. Blackberry : site ok on simulator but not on real phone
  137. window.onerror in Cordova ?
  138. TabPanel Question
  139. Where's the beta?
  140. Ext.device.Camera.capture crashes the app on large images
  141. endless loading screen
  142. Destroy controller (Mitchell Simoens SubApp)
  143. Dynamic Carousel setActiveItem MVC trouble
  144. Quickly testing deep-linked screens...tips and tricks?
  145. Memory crash + Nestedlist + treeStore + ios
  146. Help with ext.form.panel
  147. Sencha Build
  148. Application crashes on textfield action event
  149. Consume a .Net WebService
  150. Our first impressions
  151. Memory warnings and application crash
  152. 2.1.0 B2 issues
  153. Use of documentFragment
  154. Floating panel with toolbar - title gets truncated
  155. Getting a panel data from a button inside it
  156. Having problems with complex components in DataView
  157. Dynamically change Ext.List store
  158. HELP!!!! OMG, HELP!!! I need a code example!!
  159. Cross Domain Authentication - Best Practice?
  160. Ext.data.Store reader xml does not map values to model
  161. How to get the x and y position inside an image
  162. Problem with navigation view having multiple items on it. (list, searchbar, etc..)
  163. Touch 2 on iOS: Selecting Text and Blurring Input
  164. Calendar plugin using Google Calendar API ?
  165. How to include my XTemplate classes
  166. Error signing application
  167. How to trigger an event upon select of form.ComboBox?
  168. On which platform new sencha command (v3.0.0.122) really works?
  169. Problem in using JsonP request
  170. Ajax request failure in Safari with error 403 (Forbidden)
  171. Controller's launch and init functions unexpectedly firing
  172. Phonegap vs Sencha Cmd
  173. WebSQL proxy implemented in 2.1 [TOUCH-2800]
  174. Panel is not shown in Chrome but in iOS Simulator
  175. 'ref' buttons by classname (in a controller)
  176. Is there anything that will override the submit method of form panel ?
  177. Docs for: Native packages are also now plugin based
  178. SegmentedButton allowDepress clarification
  179. Nexus 7 Softkeyboards not working
  180. Sencha Touch 2 and Cluster Marker of Google Maps
  181. How do I specify a default row selection in Ext.ux.touch.grid?
  182. Selection dialogue
  183. iOS Packaging failing - Code Signing issue
  184. PhoneGap Support ST 2.1.0-b3 and SenchaCmd-
  185. navigation view title shifting to the right
  186. Better Android support === better browser support
  187. Not able to call soap based web service in sencha
  188. how to inclue php files in iOSSimulator buiid native?
  190. Dynamic button on navigation view bar
  191. Sencha touch select field is not closing when clicks the back button in android devic
  192. Ext.Animator.runningAnimationsData does not clear after animation finished
  193. How to navigate in a Tab panel?
  194. phonegap 2.1, xcode 4.5, iOS 6 issues
  195. Safari Mobile Input Type File (camera) examples ?
  196. Login Form Authentication using sencha touch
  197. Possible Race Condition on Simulator/Device
  198. iOS App - MDM push
  199. Can you include video in an HTML5 app package?
  200. Mixing vbox / hbox
  201. Prototpyal config object control constructs- does this confuse you?
  202. Has Ext.define been deprecated as part of 2.1.0.b3?
  203. Getting a reference to current view from controller
  204. Ext.ComponentQuery cache disabled?
  205. Production Build - Malformed delta content error
  206. Dataview repaint issue
  207. Pickers including select not working on iOSSimulator/iOS native
  208. Packaging Cordova 2.0.0 and ST2 for iOS
  209. Displaying Clock on screen
  210. Chart marker is cut on axis in scatter chart
  211. Overcome the problem of the CORS (Access-Control-Allow-Origin) in MVC application
  212. access app over wifi
  213. reason for xtype?
  214. Phone Gap with Sencha Touch 2 not working
  215. SenchaTouch + PhoneGap platforms
  216. Group by in scatter chart in sencha touch
  217. [Sencha Touch 2.1.0 RC1] Why Ext.app.Application.getController() is private?
  218. passing data and how to access it correctly
  219. Group by functionality in chart
  220. item mask
  221. Migrating app from sencha touch 2.0 to sencha touch 2.1
  222. Panel Containing Form Doesn't display
  223. controller not responding to dynamically added component
  224. Dynamic Series in scatter chart
  225. Cannot get iOS simulation or packaging to work
  226. Gurus, Really Need Help on Theming
  227. Sencha Charts = $1000 license
  228. Startup Performance Problem
  229. scrolling text - egular panel with text or charting draw component
  230. Association on loaded model fails
  231. Ext.data.Types problem
  232. Globally removing all card switch animations?
  233. add series at runtime in 2.1 RC1
  234. Ext.loader error when i tried to execute in android emulator version 3.0.3.
  235. stbuild exited with non-zero code : 134
  236. How to use Ext.field.Number with locale formatted numbers?
  237. Better to use one nav bar per app or per tab?
  238. Best practises for singleton
  239. installing Disqus comments in Sencha Touch /Architect
  240. Remote Debugging ?
  241. Blind iPhone Users and Sencha Touch
  242. 2.1 and BlackBerry support
  243. Ext.apply.clone : Uncaught RangeError: Maximum call stack size exceeded
  244. navigation view back event
  245. Uncaught Exception on Model
  246. How to stop a Native Android app caching a store
  247. Android certification generation. How to?
  248. Need to maximize window nested in parent container
  249. How do I access panel data from a button on a navigationvew bar?
  250. Need help getting started