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  1. Best way to design a shopping cart (with multiple components)
  2. textarea event
  3. Need help with the Getting Started example.
  4. Nested List - Slide animation doesn't work with layout card
  5. How to get data from list in sencha touch2
  6. Expected ':' in sencha touch2
  7. How to use Ext.Component.Query to select objects with a given CSS class
  8. phonegap - white screen on second launch in simulator
  9. hasMany association data object empty
  10. XCode4 + Phonegap + Sencha Touch
  11. Please help with understanding of HasMany association
  12. Panel hideAnimation always hidden
  13. itemId versus id, dynamically created views, refs and control
  14. viewing examples
  15. Touch 2 build gives error on iOS only: "undefined" is not an object
  16. Selectfield with store does not work for iphone
  17. ipad textarea scrolling
  18. Sencha touch 2 is not being emailed
  19. Suggested Feature / Functionality
  20. Best authentication approach using Sencha?
  21. Way to hide URL bar with autoMaximize: false?
  22. How to DataItem Id dynamically
  23. Multiple CSS and microloader
  24. How to parse JSON and bind to tpl in sencha touch2
  25. Error encountered - native iOS packaging St 2.01 & SDK Beta 3
  26. Phone gap + android.. Ext not found error..
  27. android native app back button support
  28. Where is Sencha Touch 2.0.1 final?
  29. Good starting point for buiding o something like this
  30. How to center radio, checkbox, ...?
  31. init Event on controller
  32. how to Parse JSON object and bind to dataview
  33. No output form trial looking for a combo select example
  34. Ext. not known
  35. PDF file loading
  36. Best practices for smooth android animation
  37. Google Maps and Geocoder
  38. store event "record not added"
  39. fireEvent with parameters
  40. Sencha Touch 2 - setActiveItem animation not working
  41. Error building production package
  42. Jsonp request to populate list : GET fails
  43. Where can I download Touch 2.0.1
  44. Feature suggestions for Ext.plugin.PullRefresh
  45. Having trouble populating an ajax/json store
  46. how to remove Warning Ext.Component#destroy()
  47. Tap event on iPhone
  48. 2 button problems with navigation view
  49. JSON encodeDate time zone
  50. passage of information from DataView to the Sheet. Result of passage:void information
  51. How to enable auto control to Carousel?
  52. Nested list not working
  53. Model Associations will not work for client proxies
  54. How to refresh panel
  55. Native build for Android not works
  56. Nested list
  57. SelectField
  58. Cache issue with new version of HTML app
  59. Dynamic lists with filtering
  60. Updating properties object
  61. How to get data from sessionstorage and display on the panel
  62. Change event in selectfield and DOM issue
  63. Group list
  64. Form field tabbing and scroller
  65. Individual active-color on Ext.TabPanel tabbs
  66. How to include my own javascript files
  67. Form submit via POST results in error even though it worked
  68. Form not loaded
  69. Ext.bind caches args
  70. Big App : Login screen and dynamically loading items on dashboard using ST2
  71. Change dropdown arrow style on selectfield component
  72. Problem with events
  73. How TabPanel & NavigationView could do better
  74. Good practice with Ext.define for views
  75. Disabling the Ajax HTTP-option
  76. Form fill in values
  77. Build type detecting from app
  78. Sencha Touch & SEO
  79. FormPanel focuses on random textfield in IOS
  80. Disable standalone in home screen
  81. Uncaught error sending form to the server server reply is treated as JSON string
  82. How to set the xtype of a component?
  83. The design of "Record" or "Model" or whatever has many shortcomings (Fixes included)
  84. File upload (android) and some basic questions
  85. Enabling AutoCapitalize on text field does nothing
  86. about carousel
  87. Ext.Map not displaying on Ext.Panel
  88. The specified Store cannot be found
  89. Unable to recreate destroyed views
  90. Change Ext.List ItemTpl on the fly
  91. List event itemTap
  92. Smooth carousel transitions possible when having more than a few elements?
  93. Sencha Touch drawbacks
  94. Error in Sencha-touch-debug.js - TypeError: Value undefined (result of expression Ext
  95. Store set() function is slow
  96. Custom Native API
  97. hide event fired when view is initialized
  98. Sencha touch 2.x drop down placement problem
  99. cant read nested json data
  100. Creating something from a design
  101. Pulling usable example apps out of examples folder?
  102. select by xtype in a controller 'control'
  103. hide and show an element. only show works.
  104. Horizontal list inside Vertical list
  105. Compiler Error Caused by PhoneGap code
  106. ST as/in hybrid app, performance
  107. Using Ext.tab.Panel in MVC Context
  108. Is there a process bar?
  109. How to call a controller?
  110. My App Was Denied By Apple For Being A Webapp...
  111. commercial download links not being e-mailed?
  112. Sencha Touch 2 List (Maps)
  113. Call NestedList setDetailCard on custom html button click
  114. Struggling with associated model
  115. Sencha Theming with Compass and Sass not working
  116. how to update a 'panel' using XTemplate
  117. Using labelAlign top on selectfield causes the dropdown arrow to render incorrectly
  118. How to scroll a list programmatically?
  119. dataview with items on two columns
  120. replace existing content when pulling to refresh rather than append new content
  121. Check box (select all check box) in sencha touch 2 grid panel
  122. Pull to Refresh leaves deleted items
  123. cannot build 'production' after sdk update to 2.0.1
  124. carousel activeitemchange
  125. Sencha Touch plugin authoring best practices?
  126. Using sencha 2, how to build the app for Blackberry??
  127. iOS native packaging - signing error
  128. MVC login form form elements not on the screen
  129. Lost with localization
  130. Device API for Camera not working
  131. How to handle particular event by the dynamic created button
  132. How to generate up and down swipe event on toolbar
  133. Adding data to a store
  134. Production mode
  135. Can I buy a clue? Why doesn't this program work?
  136. NestedList should provide option to drill-down on itemtap or disclosure
  137. List behavior change
  138. TabBar change icon to color PNG
  139. My App doesn't load on 4.0/ice cream sandwich! Can anyone provide some insight?
  140. Which files to put in source control?
  141. resume event not called on application resume
  142. How to make a dynamic DataView?
  143. Have any idea to show a splash image screen while a web app loading?
  144. Ext.Panel seems to cache image maps between calls of setHtml()
  145. Start up page.
  146. Store and Charts Usage
  147. Sort near location by latitude and longitude
  148. setting up the default route
  149. Production packaging wrong loading order
  150. RSS feeds - problems reading wp blog RSS feeds. Programer Challenge! - can you do it?
  151. iPhone (native build) touch event
  152. JSP loosing session variables
  153. Android Devices
  154. How does fireEvent work on an Observable ?
  155. Centered Issues
  156. How to increase performance of the Store
  157. [Resolved] How to disable Phone Number detection on iOS Device
  158. Some help with the CONTROLLERS plz.. LOGIN SYSTEM
  159. Problem with localstorage store and model with hasMany association
  160. Problem with jsonp store and list component
  161. Error when nesting carousels inside carousel
  162. Draggable + clone
  163. List shows only last item retrieved from API
  164. Overlay on Android
  165. drag event buffer option question
  166. Custom icon inside TextField
  167. I wanna make an AutoScrolling List, what does it mean? Read the post please!
  168. Nestedlist and separate detailCard
  169. Problem nestedlist and 2 toolbars
  170. View not getting initialized
  171. Store is loaded multiple time [Maximum call stack size exceeded]
  172. Toolbars overlapping after calling Ext.Viewport.setActiveItem
  173. Cant access related items in store
  174. 2 stores in one item Tpl ?
  175. setItems dynamically
  176. How to get data from php server with jsonp proxy
  177. How to create txt file and also How to write all javascript exceptions to d same file
  178. list item color on itemtap
  179. Android ICS Woes
  180. is there any plan to support windows(8) phone..
  181. All Data.Association examples are wrong!!!
  182. Store overrides model values with modelDefaults
  183. index.html is not showing the welcome page as mentioned in the tutorial
  184. Audio Plays in Chrome and Safari on PC but not on Iphone / IPad
  185. London Sencha Touch User Group meetup on 11th July 2012
  186. Best way to store user data?
  187. How do I load dynamic content when page loads?
  188. Getting Cookies in Sencha touch 2.0 using Ajax request
  189. Form field validation based on model validation in sencha touch 2
  190. Optimizing Themes Support
  191. loadmask issue
  192. Selectfield store works...but ValueField" being set to 'ext-record-XXX" instead of #
  193. Broken dynamic loader?
  194. Curving Text
  195. looking for a great css 3 book recommendation to better understand sencha
  196. store filter performance issue
  197. styling x-innerhtml ??
  198. scrollable child inside scrollable parent?
  199. sencha package build c:\GS\packager.json - Does nothing, displays command prompt
  200. Encrytion solution!
  201. Working CORS example
  202. HOW TO prevent itemtap in list to fire more then once!
  203. Want to buy a ready made system to build native apps from sencha touch. Anyone?
  204. ebook application with Sencha touch 2
  205. Will Sencha Native Build provide onPause and onResume events?
  206. Disappearing items in list on IOS
  207. ?breakpoint no longer works with
  208. horizontal center on Container
  209. Licensing for custom components and libs
  210. Can i add a controller action to a div event?
  211. Optimizing Map Performance
  212. Automatic function entry/exit log in application
  213. Adding/removing css class dinamically
  214. setActiveTab in TabPanel
  215. Infinite Carousel
  216. Animating the scale of a container
  217. Dom manipulation add/remove components from Viewport
  218. Do your Touch apps run in Chrome on iOS?
  219. How to fire an event from a controller and listen to it from another one?
  220. New to Sencha touch 2
  221. LoggedIn/LoggedOut versions of something - best way?
  222. Sencha Packaging missing JSON data files
  223. indicator is not working in loadmask
  224. 2.1 developer preview anytime soon?
  225. sencha getting started tutorial package(apk) stuck on load screen
  226. Sencha Navigation View with Multiple Child Components
  227. using property 'renderTo' in Ext.List causing problem in android
  228. google maps api required??
  229. performance on android
  230. Ext.Msg.confirm() is not working on tap of the image
  231. Low memory in Torch 9800
  232. Dynamic config based on device - is this the best way?
  233. Unable to retrieve record after loading data to store
  234. Nice Console output for Chrome [CODE]
  235. Why the xindex in DataView is 1-based?
  236. How to use common code for Sencha UI?
  237. how to check which type of wifi connection in ipad
  238. View State Change
  239. Australian ST2 Training
  240. ItemTpl with Data to get better performance ?
  241. How to use multiple language in Sencha Touch 2 ?
  242. How do i reference a component from a button event?
  243. Routing user to tabpanel in sencha touch 2
  244. Meta: difference between Q&A and Discussion forums
  245. Best way to structure re-usable code with sencha?
  246. itemtaphold event on nestedlist
  247. done button on keyboard for searchfield on iOS does not submit search
  248. Retrieve random items from Store
  249. onUpdated trigger
  250. Problem with "Welcome to Sencha Touch 2" example on ICS Samsung Nexus S