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  1. open a document in ST2
  2. Best practice for Form submission under MVC
  3. st2 and cordova v 1.5
  4. using controller functions with return value
  5. How to get current showed view in controller?
  6. Uncaught error Migration from 1x to 2
  7. android packaging error
  8. Ext.navigation.view on Android is slow to go back
  9. Using itemevents in Touch Charts 2
  10. Upload application to app store
  11. Phonegap 1.5 + Sencha Touch 2 has problems on android 3.0
  12. how can i catch tap event from textfie
  13. does windows 8 browser supports standards enough to be sencha compatible?
  14. programaticallly control orientation
  15. profile usage in ST2 MVC
  16. Changing app from Sencha Touch 1.x to 2.0 complicated/much effort?
  17. Ext.dataview.DataView trackover removed
  18. Cannot create app with sencha touch 2 sdk on windows xp
  19. Clicking on image in Tab Panel does NOT fired
  20. How to add component dynamically in leafitemtap for Nestedlist MVC?
  21. Problem with ComboBox in IE (9)
  22. The .apk generated file shows blank screen on the phone.
  23. Store callback firing several times.
  24. Native packaging and CORS requests
  25. Can you detect if application is running natively or in a browser?
  26. Icons does NOT shown in ice cream sandwich for Android
  27. TabPanel : buttons in the tabBar.
  28. Add to home screen + Keeping state/not reloading.
  29. Sencha Build: Production version causes error, Testing version works fine
  30. Application Shut Down on Button Tap
  31. Navigation View + TabPanel + Routing/Deeplink?
  32. Button or Link in List aware of record object
  33. Tabpanels, iOS and Android
  34. Templating Ext.field.Field
  35. How to dynamically set fields in a Store
  36. Why is TitleBar CamelCased and Toolbar is not?
  37. What is proxyConfig for?
  38. Error raised after a successful native build
  39. Status of Custom Builds documentation (not updated for several releases)
  40. success handler called when service unavailable
  41. Custom build for my Application with Sencha Touch 2 Final
  42. Treemap not working
  43. Format problems when pushing a carousel into a navigation view
  44. Referencing refs & actions in other Controllers
  45. sencha touch 2 direct
  46. Multiple mobile devices remote debugging
  47. Unable to get UI events in a controller
  48. some event related questions
  49. sencha default animation duration
  50. Configs question
  51. show a disclosure icon (like the list's disclosure icon) in my panel
  52. extending container vs panel
  53. Overlay problem
  54. Native Packaging Issue -Platform :iOS not working
  55. animation chaning
  56. Best practise for setting controller member variables
  57. Overriding Application question
  58. Can't compile css files with compass
  59. class question
  60. Differentiate between swipe and scroll
  61. what goes into the new config and what not
  62. verbose logging for development purposes
  63. Sencha Build: Production version causes errors
  64. How to customize slider's thumb
  65. Phonegap best solution for push notifications?
  66. NestedList > setDetailCard not in sync with store.load
  67. Field's architecture
  68. List within a TabPanel not rendering
  69. How do I hide the loading text on a list?
  70. deviceType iPad not working? [iOSSimulator / OSX]
  71. Sencha Touch native access to what resources?
  72. panel tap event
  73. ListPaging with localstorage
  74. Images and scaling
  75. Square Panel/container?
  76. Laying out components at runtime using a UI
  77. How do I navigate to another page in Sencha Touch?
  78. Can a store have multiple models?
  79. Is an analogue for function collectData
  80. [ SHOPPING CART ] HOW-TO make the display
  81. Not sure if I'm getting this right
  82. undefined is not a function when call getCurrentConfig()
  83. Cant get my own launcher icon to be used with android native app
  84. Using store and model in Sencha MVC application
  85. Store with local json file
  86. Combining Carousel and TabPanel
  87. Preventing card switch in Carousel
  88. Can not select App in Application Loader
  89. Event delegation
  90. Need a suggestion to build IPad App using Sencha Touch 2.0
  91. Cannot get JSON to load in list
  92. List Component does not show data from my Store! Im new at sencha touch HELP
  93. Recommended roles of view vs controller
  94. SDK under Source Control / Revision Control?
  95. Search Function cannot restore the orignal list
  96. How to use onlinechange event from Ext.device.Connection?
  97. General questions about object creation
  98. Event Listener for Panel in Controller
  99. [Solved] : Problem with diplaying a container in tab
  100. Dynamic carousel inside TapPanel not working
  101. Sencha Touch designer :: When can we download
  102. FilePicker
  103. Component Dataview Example from help as MVC app
  104. Orientation change works on iPad, not iPhone
  105. Overlay change panel color and rounded edges
  106. Ext JS embedded in Sencha Touch?
  107. How to dynamically load store for list which is inside panel
  108. getNode function analog
  109. Background Image in form Panel
  110. sencha-touch.js and sencha-touch-debug.js showing different behavior
  111. OData proxy
  112. Ext.DataView and tpl
  113. Performance in Sencha Touch 2: what should we be concentrating on?
  114. Dataview items
  115. Wrong view opens up
  116. Change Carousel Item with fade animation
  117. Navigation View Title (IPad App)
  118. Extending the Get Started with a list >> no items showing
  119. NSURLErrorDomain -999
  120. store updaterecord event not firing for me
  121. Adding fields to a model
  122. how to download a file specified by a url in button tap event??
  123. How to apply handler/listener to html element
  124. location of sencha.bat, running commands from the Sencha SDK folder
  125. initConfig and order dependencies
  126. Extending a Store
  127. Confused with the first App
  128. Generating New App using SDK tools
  129. Get data from complicated JSON
  130. Stores with Sencha touch 2.0
  131. How to create custom model validators?
  132. Disable auto shift in textfield keyboard?
  133. convert Data into XML and send to the server
  134. Error when testing on eclipse-phonegap
  135. Selectfield opens external about:blank on first click
  136. Swipe-to-Delete, list and DataItem
  137. Was anyone successful using any CFJSONReader or CFQUERYReader for sencha 2 mvc?
  138. Has Many with localstorage
  139. Ajax request returns success when no server and when cross-site blocked
  140. What can cause iPhone address bar to not hide?
  141. Created CityBars app and when running in Chrome, I get a blank screen.
  142. getters for stores and models in controller
  143. List item border thickness
  144. Sencha Touch 2 MVC NestedList Problem
  145. Display Tab Panel with icons when docked top
  146. Proxy url suffix and extra parameter for all proxies/request
  147. getActiveItem method in a TabPanel
  148. Is it possible to have a "FK" in a Model?
  149. Native API - application in background
  150. form.updateRecord() vs. form.getRecord()
  151. Mask or format TextField
  152. PhoneGap and Sencha touch
  153. Tap event fires twice for Ext.dataview.List
  154. if itemTpl is (intentionally) returning null, can I avoid creating an empty item?
  155. DatePicker minValue
  156. Open a new pane/page with a text link with in normall html.
  157. jsonp :how to manual load data store and refresh data store ?
  158. TabPanel by left side
  159. bug in before filter
  160. Stay logged in
  161. How do I stack two formpanels?
  162. ?ommunication with JSON-RPC server from Sencha app
  163. action on click of form field
  164. Open view on tap button
  165. About Profile
  166. all badges now square?
  167. Sencha Build App Production: Error when deployed to server
  168. NavigationView and rightButton - How to ?
  169. Handle click events within controllers
  170. Add items to navigation view toolbar
  171. Possible bug in keyup listener function
  172. 2 items oer visible row in list/data view
  173. Removing a button from a Navigation Bar
  174. Ext.List Sortable Item
  175. can you extend 2 classes at once?
  176. Help converting custom Form.Field from 1.1 to 2.0
  177. About the license
  178. Rest proxy adding a strange parameter
  179. Where is best place to implement listeners
  180. Ext.dataview.component.DataItem
  181. Ext.dataview.component.DataItem
  182. Question about .app file out from iOS packaging
  183. how to define custom Ext.data.Types?
  184. Binding models and forms
  185. What is best practice for default initialization of arrays in configs?
  186. ST 2 on CDN?
  187. Load event on an image element
  188. Cross Origin issue / is Sencha doing something special for CORS?
  189. Ext.dataview.List
  190. component data view info
  191. How to use component data items inside a List (not DataView)
  192. Need help auto refreshing treestore
  193. best practices combining extjs 4 and sencha touch 2
  194. Anyone write their own custom animations?
  195. Over ride datepicker done button
  196. Slide, Cover, Reveal, Out How to use these Transitions
  197. Stuck with json nested structure
  198. Problem with setting activeItem on Viewport
  199. IPAD Ext.Audio Autoplay
  200. Question about Ext.os.deviceType usage
  201. detailCard issue with nestedList ( is this a bug ? )
  202. About multi applications in one portal
  203. Tab Panel with Navigation View..
  204. JSON-RPC client and server for Sencha Touch
  205. Model can't load data from web-service
  206. Build inconsistencies
  207. User interaction and unnecessary tasks
  208. Android keyboard display affects initial viewport sizing
  209. Map Support other than Google
  210. Considering Sencha; already have a mobile site
  211. List's are not loading!!!
  212. Pull to refresh.
  213. TypeError when adding/removing panels with Chrome for Android
  214. Ext.getStore inside a Controller..
  215. What's the problem here in refs and control?
  216. Set emptyText dynamically of Ext.List
  217. Event not working after popped from NavView
  218. custom build for apps using native API or Native packaged app
  219. Ext.data.JsonP.request not working
  220. Setup application
  221. Load data to store using Sencha Touch 2.x
  222. getValue of a DOM element
  223. Better way to do this in Touch 2?
  224. Update existing record in Data Store (Sencha Touch 2.0)
  225. Deploy Sencha touch 2.0 in Apache tomcat server
  226. PullRefresh duplicate items
  227. Multilingual/Translations - best approach?
  228. Analog Gauges
  229. iOS home screen app and ajax calls
  230. setActiveItem animation doesnt work
  231. problem about scroll
  232. How to implement custom compoment in Sencha 2
  233. Is there an event that can fire when CSS rendering is complete?
  234. "rootProperty" of Data Json Reader and Writer
  235. HasMany association and "dirty" items...
  236. Build for production error
  237. Persistent Audio Between Views
  238. How to make elem.addEventListener("touchstart",... work with Sencha Touch?
  239. Active Polling task.delay() does not work as in 1.x
  240. Way to get current Route?
  241. Will the new layout engine in Sencha 2 improve List performance?
  242. Button Hander in MVC Architecture
  243. Trying for really smooth transition between portrait and landscape on an IPad
  244. ReferenceError in production build
  245. List Paging - how to get it working?
  246. Reuse card components in Ext.navigation.View?
  247. Twitter style menu in List items - Sencha Touch 2.0
  248. PullToRefresh - strange behaviour
  249. Usage questions Sencha Command
  250. Error message "Failed loading synchronously via XHR:"