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  1. Facebook App Development
  2. Packaging a sencha touch 2 application with phonegap for android
  3. viewport set mask automatically on UI update
  4. RTL
  5. Try ProcScript!
  6. ref problem
  7. ListPaging autoPaging works in a browser and not on a device
  8. Sencha Touch for Java developers
  9. Ext.Ajax.request TypeError: Cannot read property 'request' of undefined
  10. navigation view title problem
  11. mapRender problem
  12. Free SQLite database guide
  13. Sencha touch panel resize
  14. Area Chart With Negative Values
  15. Repeated tasks using Ext.util.DelayedTask
  16. HTML inside Container
  17. Display a formpanel underneath a list, without fixing the height of the list
  18. Vertical layout for buttons in a message box
  19. Kitchen Sink demo issues on iOS 7 beta
  20. Problem when display navigation.View in tab.Panle
  21. Display bug on loading view (scrollbar)
  22. Display bug on list groups
  23. Push a view => cut title
  24. Android, iOS themes missing in 2.2.1
  25. newbe question about desktop + mobile app
  26. Sencha touch and CORS
  27. Ext.device.Connection shows blank white screen on ipad
  28. requires syntax
  29. Firefox OS
  30. Package app with common folder
  31. Form panel rendering issue
  32. Store updaterecord event not firing for me
  33. App Execution Environment
  34. Date picker and Select field do not work if left or top property is given.
  35. Google Map inside List Template / Component inside HTML
  36. Performance issue for scrolling long text in a panel inside a PhoneGap wrapper
  37. Does Sencha Touch support a JSON.NET deserializing with $ref ?
  38. Cannot set $include-pictos-font to false. Bug? Bad convention? No big deal?
  39. Slow View transions on button tap
  40. CORS & Basic access authentication
  41. Updating/Refreshing Markup
  42. Failed attempts to contact Sencha
  43. Am I going at it the right way?
  44. Local Storage field mapping
  45. Sencha 2.2.1 works in Chrome and Safari but shows a blank screen as a native app
  46. List in fieldset
  47. compass command not found at command prompt
  48. Carousel item Tabpanel-Tabbar Scroll
  49. For these who failed to access google maps from controller.
  50. How customize the tabbutton's listener from the tabpanel?
  51. PullRefresh Plugin ignores store filters
  52. openURL always return error
  53. Gradients or overlays for pie chart in ST 2.1
  54. How to display nested AccordionList in Sencha Touch2
  55. blank screen wp8 sensa touch 2.2.1 Architect 2.2.2
  56. clear itemTpl on back in navigationView
  57. iOS viewport height not adjusting on orientation change when an overlay is displayed
  58. Adding Association Models
  59. How to auto adjust the components for Sencha Touch 2 application in phones ad tabs
  60. How to do text live search on AccordionList using sencha touch2?
  61. After store filter expand and collapse is not showing child data in AccordionList?
  62. Swipe between tabs in tabpanel component
  63. Sencha Touch button click slower than list item click?
  64. Store load call with duplicate params issue
  65. List item looks 'pressed' only after executing itemTap listener?
  66. How to debug application on mobile
  67. Universal tap event interceptor?
  68. Sencha Touch in Action
  69. Stack flexible DataViews in a Panel
  70. Show fullscreen transparent overlay "guide" within app
  71. Scrolling entire view
  72. Bad scrolling performance: container + fieldset + 20 form-fields
  73. Cross Domain development work arounds
  74. Scrolling to a text in the html of a panel
  75. Job Opening : Looking for a Sencha Touch ninja in Paris
  76. A way to specify allowed domains for Sencha's Proxy?
  77. XTemplate and Ext.os
  78. Ext.Ajax.request sends json post data (array items) as [object Object]
  79. Hide/Show logic - in view or in controller?
  80. Sencha native app + rest server - Howto?
  81. Blank picker when adding data (created in architect) (Sencha touch 2)
  82. How to target a Raspberry pi (ARM-based LINUX system)
  83. A question about persisting field values in a store
  84. Writing a TXT file
  85. Checkbox Selection Model type functionality on the List component
  86. How to store array in Config.js
  87. Behave like iOS calendar (Ext.Viewport)
  88. Store latest xml file's data into localstorage when xml file redownload via manifest
  89. Declaring vs. dynamically adding views - performance & memory considerations?
  90. Unless you define your model through metadata, a store needs to have a model defined
  91. Container / Panel is not scrollable when dynamic select fields are created.
  92. in-App Purchase and In-App Billing
  93. http://cdn.sencha.com/touch/sencha-touch-2.2.1/sencha-touch-all.js not Working
  94. Keyboard on Android O.S. resizes the view
  95. Does Sencha support Window Authentication?
  96. Android Enter/Next button is not working
  97. Has anyone tried Sencha Touch with Steriods (instead of PhoneGap)?
  98. Keyboard reopens after clearing Ext.field.Search?
  99. Sending data to Mainserver database.
  100. Sencha cmd command not working in app directory
  101. is there any way to sort search results by date.
  102. Android Native App Title Bar Issue
  103. hiring - sencha touch 2
  104. Custom JS files are not getting bundled when packaging app
  105. Production + Package Builds - Breaks with Javascript errors (null & undefined)
  106. Pull RefreshPlugin event
  107. Html onclick vs this.control
  108. Andorid Native Problem with url
  109. Is ii possible to run Sencha Touch app in Windows Phone?
  110. Controls in itemTpl
  111. localstorage gives blank values after compiled app (with Cmd 4.0 b2)
  112. Matrix checkbox, best practice?
  113. Customize icon
  114. Sync functionality
  115. 2.2.1 works on firefox
  116. How Sencha Touch app handles cross domain request in native package.
  117. sencha cordova native app & html app - what JS code can differentiate between the 2?
  118. Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'append'
  119. Flexbox, Sencha Touch 2 and iOS
  120. ListItem events
  121. Root CA & Sencha Touch 2
  122. access 'outer' instance config from 'inner' proxy definition
  123. Editing production files after build causes checksum to fail
  124. iOS 7 and Forms
  125. Layout issue - items overlaying
  126. Overlay with flexible height
  127. Button - badgeText covers button text
  128. sdk on client side.
  129. Logging errors in-the-wild and source maps
  130. Error when uploading application on Mac via Application Loader
  131. IE rendering issue ST2.2
  132. iOS 7 performance issues
  133. Non-scrollable list inside scrolling container
  134. sencha-touch instead of sencha-touch-all.js
  135. lanch a javascript after the windows will be ready
  136. CORS - Cross Origin Resource Sharing article
  137. 2.2.1 updated without bumping version number
  138. 2.3 ProgressIndicator for Stores
  139. Carousel with limited range
  140. Anyone using SignaturePad with ST 2.2.1?
  141. Unification of JS and CSS
  142. Load all store first before showing View
  143. search engine spidering
  144. autocomplete
  145. Ext.field.text
  146. Does the iOS packager.json file support iOS 7 launcher icons?
  147. Unable to launch native app on iOS 7
  148. Individual BG color for TabPanels
  149. Stores Calculation Questions
  150. Main app navagation
  151. ios7 password field
  152. ST/Mobile performance consideration
  153. How do I create a pop-up?
  154. Cordova and Phonegap App guide missing
  155. Show data from 2 different classes
  156. Panel showBy call gives odd display on screen
  157. back button in navigation view
  158. Differences in CSS and missing toolbar in production versus dev
  159. This is about blurred toolbar. (Slow)
  160. Public list of bugs
  161. Ext.Menu store based list
  162. Problem when building native application
  163. Send data from Sencha Touch 2 TabPanel to child Panel
  164. sencha 2.3 cordova/phonegap integration
  165. What is the truth about LocalStorage?
  166. Ext.device.* problem on android phone
  167. Label with embed HTML
  168. Problem with cross domain in AJAX call
  169. Ppackaged Sencha Touch 2 app to Open Web App and post it on Chrome Webstore
  170. Model Field Persist config not working for me?!
  171. issue with fireEvent
  172. Access parent model from hasOne associated model
  173. Android Keyboard do not hide after texbox blur and number keyboard issue.
  174. How to use phonegap plugins with ST2.3?
  175. NetworkOnMainThreadException problem
  176. JsonP proxy exception handling
  177. html 5 pushState and sench touch routes
  178. ST 2.2 -> 2.3 Form Panel and Date Fields
  179. Fieldset is cutted of / No scrolling possible
  180. Error on native build after upgrading app to ST 2.3 and CMD 4.0.x
  181. ST 2.3.0 and iOS7 display problem
  182. Problem of updateing record information to Video container
  183. Building with Cordova
  184. File upload to server from sometimes offline native app (Sencha cmd build)
  185. File field to base64 value
  186. Image not showing on Android device
  187. How to insert a picture on the condition itemtpl
  188. Models to fire an event
  189. Ajax and Phonegap
  190. copy cordova plugins with build?
  191. Uploading A picture
  192. Usage of member functions in an itemTpl
  193. SenCha Touch able to to full screen and can't exit the application or not?
  194. search field component
  195. Sencha Touch Specialist Certification Question
  196. Cmd4.0 Package on ST2.3 but dosen't work on Android Emulator
  197. Promises/A+ in Sencha Touch
  198. Grouped List weirs on store reload
  199. How to use Ext.device.Browser listeners
  200. Distribution of iOS6 / iOS7 app with different codebase
  201. List with checkbox selection model type behaviour
  202. Tip for structuring interface
  203. effect just like Service in Android
  204. Touch Grid - customer has purchased sencha licenses how to get touch grid component.
  205. The mysterious little black box of doom
  206. Sencha-cordova native build - no longer creates .apk
  207. Using Sencha 2.x with Rails as a backbone for a login system
  208. How to create Dynamic Fieldset based on Store data
  209. Sencha-cordova build missing cordova.js & does not run in debug
  210. Is it possible to tell when a TabPanel activeitemchange event has 'completed'?
  211. I'm having some troubles when sending data to the server and waiting for a long time.
  212. How to add code to submit form, when panel code view says "read only" ?
  213. How to adjust NestedActions(Ext.direct.RemotingProvider) to Sencha Touch 2.3
  214. Controllers referencing other controllers!
  215. Please help me understand the sample code
  216. Live tiles in sencha touch
  217. Nested list --- need to give alert box for empty category
  218. LocalStorage Quota exceeded, cannot store app.js
  219. trying to use Siesta testing tool from android
  220. Sql Proxy not getting filter
  221. align icon inside button
  222. Touch 2.2 Cordova/Android app can't communicate when debuggable=false
  223. Ext.List distorted/stretched after landscape to portrait orientation in mobile Safari
  224. IOS 7 and status bar
  225. Sencha Touch 2 Dataview not refreshed well
  226. Barcode scan without textfield
  227. Best phone to use for generating audio messages
  228. Insert textbox in Grid Column header in touch 2.3 grid?
  229. TypeError: 'undefined' is not a function (evaluating doItemLayoutAdd)
  230. Error while creating Android Build
  231. creating a new similar app
  232. weird params provided by itemtap event on Ext.dataview.List
  233. "itemtap" event never fired when pushing an Ext.List into an existing navigation view
  234. build error running "sencha app build native"
  235. Dynamic height for DataView/List component
  236. Ext.Viewport.remove displays first transaction instead of last transaction?
  237. Focus on Searchfield iOS7 - Sencha 2.1.1
  238. slow search in store
  239. Build for web and Cordova/android
  240. Use Sencha Touch from web worker
  241. XHR2: Download other files
  242. popup dialog box does not disappear after button clicked on android only
  243. Sencha Touch Care/Support subscriptions changes
  244. How to represent data table?
  245. Check out this book "Sencha Touch Cookbook, Second Edition"
  246. passing extraparam to json file in an ajax proxy
  247. Buffer rendering
  248. Failed to run a simple native app packaged by Sencha Cmd
  249. Sencha Toucn and Phone Gap
  250. Help with my controller and navigating with a button tap