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  1. How to implement localization
  2. Not needed to declare width or height properties in components inside a borderlayout
  3. Displaying only some of the axis' labels in a line chart
  4. store.sync() doesnt add action=create or action=delete.....parameters
  5. How to get store record's field name?
  6. how to hide grid column based on condition
  7. Stop RowEditing plugin from completing the edit on keypress 'enter'
  8. IE 8 memory leak on page refresh
  9. Interaction between row editor and renderer in grid ?
  10. Hiding chart series labels
  11. Hiding button doesnt work in firefox
  12. multiple Components inside a row column of grid
  13. button in rowbody of a grid for the first row alone
  14. Combobox's view not defined? Trying to set a value. EXTJS 4.0.7
  15. Generate dynamic html table inside tpl using JSON data
  16. Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'onAdded' -BorderLayout
  17. Setting text field value with URL parameter value
  18. Mixing ext-all.css into an existing web page
  19. function to create new window called multiple times problem
  20. Window child hide event.
  21. Accordion layout - fire the event expand on add
  22. tpl--having to iterate additional times when using store as opposed to inline data
  23. Java boolean success parameter received as string in JSON data on form.submit
  24. Groupingview get last clicked or run function on click
  25. Data View Drag and Drop to Simulate JQ UI Draggable
  26. form submit database
  27. How to sort a grid column with checkboxes?
  28. extjs 4 show mask while check/uncheck nodes
  29. Change background for collapsed gridpanel not possible
  30. Use ExtJS slider for automatically action
  31. Highcharts in PANEL
  32. Mask a grid before shows it
  33. Tree panel pagination!
  34. not able select month or year in datefield
  35. Check Tree not displaying data
  36. Extjs 4 ext.grid.panel hide column only hides Header
  37. Grid panel not showing horizontal scroll bar when show/hide columns
  38. How to resize window height in ExtJS
  39. how to check in the form whether any filed is enterd
  40. Removing x-mask in certain cases
  41. Focus on selection model checkbox using Tab key
  42. Hide selected item column in a splitbutton
  43. stop user input in number field after 6 decimal places
  44. Can't prevent treepanel checkbox from being unselected.
  45. How can I get selected items for checkbox tree panel?
  46. Button with icon which changed when i click
  47. How to prevent hiding grid row editor when click cancel button there data is dirty
  48. Add buttons to tabpanel tab header
  49. Set displayfield of combo and binding its store dyanamically
  50. ExtJS4.2: How can I add an array of objects into another object.
  51. [Q] How to delay selectionchange events
  52. Confirmation message to save changes before closing a window
  53. multiple instances of store in controller
  54. ExtJS 4.2.2 tree node selected CSS not being applied.
  55. Enable loadmask Iframe while processing
  56. Extjs Combobox remote query double loading
  57. EXTJS for Mobile Vs Sencha Touch
  58. Integration of JQUERY widgets with EXT JS 4
  59. textfield not holding the value when we tabbed out
  60. ISSUE related to IE9, Status bar scripting with EXT JS
  61. Stacked pie chart
  62. Ext.application get namespace
  63. treestore load problems
  64. Ext JS taking 3+ seconds to load
  65. Ext js buffered grid (infinite scroll) not rendering first page on scrolling
  66. extend tbar
  67. value from div can't be load in new tab panel
  68. Extjs Dynamicly loading treepanel
  69. value disappearing in the combobox
  70. Highlight mandatory fields(text boxes) in red color
  71. Panel scroll when shortcut from iPad desktop
  72. pagingtoolbar - busy icon when next or previous buttons clicked
  73. getValue() not working for MixedCollection of objects
  74. Bind new json data to Itemselector
  75. Combobox Boxselect.js loses focus when used with typeahead ExtJS4.2.3
  76. Inserting container with textfields into form panel
  77. tree store first load
  78. Textfield allowBlank/Focus and invalid-cls issue
  79. checkbox and grid problem
  80. How to re-render treepanel after setRootNode()?
  81. TaskRunner task taskStartTime, taskRunTime
  82. Grid Panel Header - Right Border Disappears
  83. set size spacing in menu toolbar
  84. Get the defined class name
  85. fbar problem
  86. Why this.down method in initComponent before this.callParent don't work?
  87. Extjs button with ZeroClipboard Functionality
  88. tab event
  89. Ext JS4: Combobox options not being displayed
  90. Ext Create/Define and Handler Function Scope
  91. datefield default behavior of changing the the date automaticaaly
  92. Ext MessageBox confirm word wrap or Height
  93. Problem displaying the Currency Symbol from Locale
  94. Problem when using grid cellediting with IE 11
  95. zoom in zoom out div element
  96. number fomat (EU style) in combo box doesn't work as expected
  97. not able add renderer ti save the grid state
  98. columns are disappearing in grid when adjusted width
  99. How to Access data attribute of dynamically added HTML element ?
  100. Multiselect combobox post as array
  101. Dynamic headers in complex tables
  102. How to make tree leaf nodes draggable ?
  103. Trouble with a store that won't sync
  104. In ExtJS 4.2.2, what is equivalent of reconfigure event for tree panel?
  105. How to set text and checked state for ExtJS 4.2.2 tree panel tree column?
  106. XML Parser Problem
  107. ExtJS 4.2.2 TreeStore getUpdatedRecords() returns all records.
  108. Unable to reset Legends on Chart Redraw
  109. Cannot read property 'isModel' of undefined in window when close
  110. how to customize the head container for the grid component
  111. HTML Editor
  112. treepanel and treestore getRootNode() returns null sometimes in ExtJS 4.2.2?
  113. Changing ignoreRightMouseSelection configuration of Ext.selection.rowModel at runtime
  114. how to call a function when we click on legend item in charts
  115. [Q] How to call function from rowExpander template
  116. Use of Ext.require and Ext.syncRequire with native app (phonegap)
  117. How to revert to automatic layout after manual resize via resize handles?
  118. Tree displays recursive values
  119. Extending Grid Feature?
  120. How to ensure componentLayoutCounter correctly set ?
  121. CSS button background styling not showing in IE8. Fine in FF and Chrome
  122. How to change the Action Column's Icon when user Clicks the icon
  123. Combobox -> disable values based on a selection
  124. Dinamically define columns in a panel Grid
  125. How are you supposed to use initConfig?
  126. ExtJS 4.2.0 Grid: Highlighting issues when selecting several rows in the grid
  127. Mark complete column as active
  128. store has no data after loading
  129. what's the best way to load data into form fields?
  130. Store empty after load although success callback gets a non empty records array
  131. What is the right way to get the response text to a failed Store operation?
  132. Desktop icon out of viewport size
  133. Custom Image Animation for LoadMask
  134. Nested Json tree panel, mapping?
  135. Tools to develop Ext Js + Java + Linux application
  136. Problem getting the this.up() method working.
  137. How do I reserve space for a vertical scrollbar in a TreePanel?
  138. File upload working, but callback always fails
  139. ExtJS 4.2 Grid Cell Editor Focus Issue
  140. ExtJs 4.2 IMG insert Htmleditor under IE11
  141. Package building in incorrect order
  142. Store how to get last insert id ?
  143. Using AutoLoad with function call instead of url
  144. what could be the best way to show error message?
  145. get view by xtype
  146. Ext JS 4 - How to Hide ToolTip on MouseOut of target and tooltip box ?
  147. How can I tell the difference between reasons for aborted AJAX operations?
  148. Accessing html tags in IFrame
  149. treepicker multi select
  150. Raw data from reader on nested json data
  151. [Charts] How to remove the label on a Y-axis ?
  152. How to map button toggle groups automatically to specific field in form record
  153. Comparing two records in a grid to check if a particular column has same value or not
  154. Select Fire Event not displaying the selected record
  155. Bootstrap js File!
  156. Problem with inheritance of axes/series in a Chart component?
  157. Datepicker and a list of allowed dates
  158. Failure Function is getting callback even after getting response from server
  159. Absolute Layout positioning as relative
  160. Problem in IE 9 : Unable to get value of the property 'init': object is null or undef
  161. Locked Grid - Tab between Locked & Normal View in the Same Row
  162. Bug with CellEditor
  163. Appending javascript/html function in a extjs window
  164. load hasMany associated data in separate request
  165. Line Chart Series Renderer ignores 'type'
  166. sorting not working on date column in grid
  167. Adding a new element to a combo box dynamically
  168. Help Regarding displaying total records - Grid store
  169. Grid view drag drop - view itemSelector undefined
  170. Ext.chart.Chart doesn't display correct chart with date field
  171. upgrading from Extjs version 4.1.1 to 4.2.3 is giving us a "Uncaught TypeError"
  172. Building packages separately but dependent on theme scss
  173. ExtJs 4.1.1 and UI
  174. How to dynamicaly set format to timefield
  175. Problem creating the application using sencha Cmd
  176. Ext.form.Panel doesn't appear with IE 9 & 10
  177. DateField month/year picker not working properly
  178. How to add dynamic data in a ContextMenu/Ext.menu.Menu?
  179. Problem running the ExtJs application
  180. How to move all the CSS files to SASS?
  181. The grid support double direction infinite scroll ?
  182. Calling Events of Subcomponet in an custom component.
  183. not validating combobox in grid editor
  184. Can't able to sync between label of checkbox and box of chekbox in new plugin
  185. Timing Problem in Ext.data.Connection - beforerequest
  186. Window position changing automatically
  187. time field showing value problem
  188. Buffered Store throws exception on second call to load()
  189. undefined default value on column grid panel
  190. radio field image not showing
  191. Mouse wheel scroll event on Combobox
  192. Editable grid display value for default combobox
  193. Component is rendered but not showing in browser
  194. submit field from another panel?
  195. Starting with an EXTJs
  196. extjs How to show process execution through graph?
  197. Ext.ux.PerCheckCombo
  198. Textfield / combobox autocomplete.
  199. Key navigation, event for window on press Enter on keyboard
  200. Display a panel on Button tooltip
  201. Can't make working the 'root' property of Ext.util.Sorter to sort a store
  202. How to POST grid records to a download URL?
  203. Checkbox doesn't see inputValue
  204. Dynamically Change Label and style of Slider
  205. Data Store and CORS problem
  206. HTML in grid collumn
  207. Tootlp issue on Group grid summary
  208. NodeInterface numerical sort of strings AND numbers
  209. json returning angle bracket
  210. scroll is not displaying when i add more items
  211. Is it possible to render a ExtJs component to heaerTpl in Grouping grid
  212. Multiple requests for combobox .
  213. Combo Box with additional record property information displayed just below component
  214. after click maximize tool, it still can resize
  215. Doubt over event handling
  216. How to find Record's(Row's)select/deselect inside cellclick of checkbox selection
  217. How to get summaryData and metaData value in summaryRenderer function
  218. Object instantiation tracer (app optimization)
  219. Can I add Chart inside Panel
  220. Ext JS 2.0.2 to 4.x Migration
  221. How to set dyanamicaly html value inside rowBodyTpl: case of row expander
  222. Handler submit issue.
  223. Clarification on summaryRenderer function on grid columns
  224. Can we define pure CSS classes in SASS?
  225. How to refresh a container with different component
  226. xtype insteed of alias in class definition.
  227. keep value of grid panel in child window
  228. Combobox RawValue Blank After Dynamic BindStore
  229. Functionality to cfgrid
  230. Return a value
  231. Problem with 'beforerender' event
  232. Problem loading http iframe in a panel in a https page
  233. About renderTpl in grid
  234. Multiple summary row on grid grouping
  235. load from un XML file store
  236. How to hide/show checkboxes in treepanel
  237. Grid Locking functionality - want to restrict it only first column
  238. ExtJS + BPM (business process management framework)
  239. Bar/Column/Stacked Bar Charts not working with Cmd Production build
  240. Grid store with Memory proxy calling asynchronous function from 3rd party API
  241. ExtJS 4.2.2 - create tooltip for textfield
  242. paging not working with ajax call to servlet
  243. Creating new grid
  244. prevent having multiple rows selected in grid tree
  245. Close event for Ext.menu.Menu not being fired
  246. Force grid column renderer to re-execute.
  247. Auto generated methods for associations not generated
  248. Reset or remove all added css classes (ExtJS 4.2.x)
  249. Restricting Date Validation on Date Change/Date Edit
  250. Window issue in extjs when reopening the window