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  1. Problem don,t load store after call Sync() Extjs4.2 with MVC FrameWork
  2. creating monthview in extjs mvc
  3. Read TreeGrid data
  4. Component as a node of tree
  5. Create a new Mixin
  6. DragZone proxy positioning
  7. Looking for a designer
  8. Adding models through association stores
  9. Setting window field values from controller
  10. How to rotate placeholder text.
  11. Chart set store
  12. Possible Bug with Drag and Drop: From a RowExpander row to another Panel
  13. Grid Model different than Store Model?
  14. Calendar refusses to show
  15. about extjs search field
  16. Does Ext4.1.3 support IE10?
  17. Get value from textfield
  18. GroupingGrid sort will not work...
  19. GridPanel with Data
  20. How to see if grid panel (or row) has focus
  21. Tab ativate with mousedown instead with click event - how to?
  22. ComboBox: how to check if values are loaded?
  23. Preload Components for Navigation
  24. how to create a frame and change it's content with a combobox?
  25. Unable to compile SASS for ExtJS 4.0.7
  26. Grid locked column and grouping summary not working in 4.1.0
  27. set background color for legendItem
  28. chart no visible EXT JS
  29. Treepanel - opening a node loads tree in node
  30. Floating Panel Example
  31. Error with the Summary Grid
  32. Updates to grid store result in UI delay
  33. Locked grid column is not sync when bottom scroll bar shows up.
  34. Adding record to store crashes browser
  35. Upload image error
  36. Fetching Response header set cookie value
  37. about extJS and telnet
  38. TreePanel drag and drop leaf to leaf
  39. Need to support IE8, Multiple files upload by using ExtJS.
  40. CRUD example
  41. Change hierarchy on Rest request
  42. Ext.Ajax.request callback never called in IE
  43. Change legend color in chart
  44. How to close browser window by using ExtJS4?
  45. Retrieve GridPanel model/store/columns dynamically from server side
  46. ExtJS 4 vertically fit container
  47. Post Param data to ASP.Net Web service
  48. Panel RemoveAll is not removing Components. Not returning error either.
  49. RowEditing plugin with REST proxy in store is not sending the whole record
  50. Event to check if a Window has completed loading a PDF file.
  51. Tree is not rendered appropriately from xml
  52. calendar does now show
  53. Overlapped Bar chart
  54. Am getting one id from store in one controller now i want to use that id in another
  55. How to load children for a node in a treestore programmatically?
  56. TreeStore problem
  57. Binding Dynamic Store to Dynamic ComboBox inside a GridPanel
  58. checkboxGroup scroller
  59. Text Field Insert Mode
  60. Custom theming in Ext JS 4.1.1 with SASS/Compass.
  61. Textfield (and others), remove extra markup
  62. Need to render a combo inside a grid (not as an editor)
  63. How does exactly work the Ext.each statement?
  64. suspendEvents(false) fires events on resumeEvents()
  65. How to add an XTemplate to a panel then pass a selected record from grid to XTemplate
  66. How to avoid Cannot call method 'toFixed' of undefined in Axis.js in extjs4.1
  67. Equivalent function as .getForm().submit in Container
  68. Stop Browser Back button, but allow closing app or reloading pages
  69. create viewport after loading ALL stores
  70. Label's of line graph misalignment issue.
  71. How to disable tabbar mouse wheel scroll for a TabPanel
  72. is it possible to build extjs application without extjs library using sencha command
  73. EXTJS Bug?: TabPanel does not work correctly in Safari browser for Windows
  74. include html file inside to extjs panel
  75. Store with no Model?
  76. Alternate class name in controller
  77. Issue in Ext.Msg.alert in Ie
  78. Grid column headers not displayed
  79. Can not tab into fieldContainer
  80. Sharing server constants on the JS side, and a/sync calls
  81. Problem in saving Grid data rows in Extjs4.2 inline editable Grid
  82. Grid column headers not displayed
  83. Dynamically set combo box value and display
  84. Proxy action problem - can't get data
  85. Trying to hide Window Component & render Panel Component
  86. Moving Column Header Text along with Horizontal Scroll of the grid.
  87. Multigrouping grid plugin for ExtJS 4?
  88. mysql decimal(14,4) in field model use auto or float type ?
  89. how to post parameters form Extjs to a php page?
  90. Chart - how to style a specific grid line?
  91. Creating an app or "main menu"-style menu in ExtJS
  92. Text field look like normal text until in edit mode
  93. Capturing success/failure response on record set (REST proxy)
  94. issue on diplay one set of BARS in a chart with Numeric and Categoric Axis
  95. Limit with Line serie is not cover all the entire chart area when using set of bars
  96. line chart, multiple series against time
  97. Can not focus a textfield when window animateTarget be set
  98. Filtering - disable certain operators
  99. Neptune Tooltip Size
  100. Tooltip Scrollbar
  101. Can't load json data in a grid
  102. Generate Sencha Style for the Tab Component
  103. Window Minimize Animate
  104. based on combo value the radio button automatically checked
  105. applyState bug with Grid
  106. Loadng mask message problem whie loading data in gridpanel using mvc
  107. ExtJS 3 to 4 Viewport layout problem
  108. Ext.direct Issues
  109. Update Store & Grid Value After Data Store Proxy Ajax Request
  110. how to display iframe on a grid
  111. Dragdrop plugin question
  112. find if browser is maaximised in EXTJS
  113. Charting: series events emitted with line as source
  114. Binding a Grid to Form. datefield
  115. uneven number of records in store and grid?
  116. How to have multi line text in sencha EXT chart series name (with center alignment)
  117. Cannot call method of on of undefined
  118. Ext.js grouping a grid by number value
  119. autoEl is undefined on add
  120. HasMany with XML reader: How to remove the filter?
  121. ExtJS 4.0.7, how to show spinning icon before grid panel column is resized?
  122. client web mail
  123. Editable Factors and Prices In A Grid That Are Connected
  124. How can chnage the tabs css in extjs
  125. Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'substring' of undefined ext-debug.js:5054
  126. [BIG WONDER BUG EXTJS 4.2] Same key [ID] when update 1 record in Grid panel
  127. Grid Pagination Issue
  128. How can i do the lazy loading of tabs in Tab panel
  129. Date picker is not visible on the popup box
  130. International date format in grid
  131. Table/grid Title dynamically assigned
  132. Two collapsible GridPanels
  133. Clear this up for me? constructor, initConfig, initComponent
  134. Extjs panel combo box when shrinked it's width gray space is displayed
  135. Button Border within toolbar visible ( How to? )
  136. Extra grey line in bar chart
  137. Bar chart grid lines not rendering correctly
  138. Q about custom events and who listens
  139. Forcing tree to reload & redisplay from local data
  140. How can i have submenus in tool gear icon
  141. HOw can i create hyperlinks in Ext js 4.2.1
  142. All Steps to install sencha in windows7 and Xp
  143. Container layout doesn't work
  144. Windows with Layouts livesearchgridpanel Ext.js4
  145. method [get] returns [undefined]
  146. How to document application wide events using JSDuck
  147. How to apply linebreaks in grid headers only?
  148. Simple login form
  149. flat borderless menubar with image as logo
  150. Knowing a Panel is floated-expanded instead of expanded
  151. Extjs fieldset checkboxToggle checkbox value (checked/unchecked)dynamically
  152. How to access pagingToolbar in initComponent method?
  153. Applying Filter to gridView to search data in xml localy
  154. Skip Cell in CellEditing Grid When Using Tab Key
  155. Ext JS to EJB Integration
  156. Column Chart With :Column +Stacked Chart
  157. Collapsed panel won't open
  158. How to display Y axis label value depend upon the store value in extjs4.1
  159. Dynamic columns in extjs Portal Example
  160. Store re-usable custom queries?
  161. Ext.data.Store datachanged event issue
  162. Grid Pagination with local/static data
  163. Absolutely floating element within panel (<video> full screen)
  164. Listfilter with custom operator
  165. EXTJS Load Testing.
  166. PagingToolbar loads page numbers works, but all rows are displayed in the first page?
  167. Getters and setters inside view.
  168. Problems with the check tree
  169. Tab Panel issue in ExtJS4
  170. Render different Panels to HEML div - IE Error
  171. Unnecessary scrollbars in IE
  172. Drag-Drop between two Trees with Ext.Direct Proxy - problems
  173. Grid data does not display
  174. How to display multiple images?
  175. VBox inline styles setting width height to zero
  176. Drag and Drop from ComboBox to Empty Grid
  177. Height in vbox layouts
  178. Need help with IE8 - Object expected error
  179. App URL handling
  180. Ext.form.field.Picker with Two Trigger
  181. JSON representation of Model(with associations)
  182. How to do export to excel for summary grid ?
  183. How to search for elements with class starts with particular character and replace th
  184. styling a checkbox column in a grid
  185. Toolbar - buttons stay on the same location when resizing the toolbar
  186. Can we force document mode in our own codes (javascript, or EXTJS), make it always IE
  187. Theming Custom UI Button issues
  188. Proper Way To Set CellEdit Value Format For numberfield in ExtJS 4.0.7
  189. Building a custom Drag Proxy to follow the mouse pointer...
  190. Easy way to make form read-only on the fly?
  191. Columns in grid resize to equal width when I "show() a component
  192. Load ComboBox Store From Local Store By Using Collect and Filter
  193. Generate 2 different style for the sencha grid component
  194. store with filters and sorters ignores autoLoad: false
  195. Message box with icon and title
  196. How to reload the screen on custom action to reflect new added fields
  197. Space Key Event in CellEditing
  198. Dataview itemSelector pointing to child element
  199. Problem with appendChild method of treeview
  200. Grid store not updating on filter
  201. Controller getView
  202. Can I have A grid column with checkbox + checkall header + hiddable
  203. creating component
  204. Combobox ListConfig is not setting width property
  205. form.updateRecord() behaving strange
  206. ExtJS 4.2 add frame to menus with different style than panels
  207. Extjs 4.2 CSS variable for active menu item color
  208. Extjs 4.2 - gradient background for menus using sencha cmd
  209. RESTFull Proxy not sending Id with DELETE and PUT Verbs
  210. tree cannot expand all node? (ext 4.2)
  211. passing query parameters
  212. Editable grid with grow causes display error
  213. Testing Ext JS 4.1.2
  214. Automation testing using HP QTP
  215. How to suspend change event of combobox in Ext Js 4.1.3?
  216. Extjs 4.2.1 Stacked bar chart Minimum and maximium values changes based on store
  217. TreeStore with autoSync - D-D reorder 2 top nodes cause to update all siblings
  218. Problem with Ext.selection.CheckboxModel
  219. Disable SHIFT key in Ext.selection.Model mode:"MULTI"
  220. App architecture
  221. Combobox with typeAhead search all test in tpl
  222. Add/change widget on panel dynamically
  223. CSS classname generation in 4.2.1
  224. Combobox "hiddenName" does not appear in POST variable.
  225. totalProperty in xmlStore?
  226. Setting common title icon by using css
  227. How to add a 'file upload field' to a grid row?
  228. Has anyone done a navigatable Data Form Using REST?
  229. Text Field Dirty Icon
  230. How to set selected extjs combo value to another combobox
  231. Save data into store persistently
  232. extjs 4.1.1 proxy reader read() error
  233. How can I control relative zIndex of multiple windows?
  234. Grid nested header and summary
  235. Bug in Ext.grid.plugin.Editing ?
  236. Proper Way To Prevent Paging Toolbar To Go To Next Page If Dirty Records Exist?
  237. Grid selection model select() doesn't highlight the row?
  238. Display GridComboBox as an Editor in GridPanel Cell editing Plug-in ?
  239. New record will pass to server through 'update' api not the 'create' api.
  240. Problem with Json Response
  241. Show combo DataGrid in existing DataGrid cell
  242. White Page after opening some windows
  243. Creating a Navigation bar
  244. Button collapses when opening 2 identical tabs
  245. Problem with refs in controller
  246. NodeInterface destory method executes callback but doesn't honour success:true/false
  247. In controller's "control()" method, you can't use dinamically concatenated selectors
  248. Toolbar disappears in card layout
  249. Setting focus when tab changes
  250. Values not Populating in COMBOBOX even though it is fired the values from MVC