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  1. Chart Time Axis not scaling correctly
  2. Rendering component in panel after button click
  3. Trying to make a panel; failing miserably.
  4. Show labels at the top of text fields
  5. show gird column value in a text box
  6. Unable to view all the information in the window on viewport
  7. Resize Event: Old Width (?)
  8. Grid rowrender event?
  9. refreshNode in Tree
  10. EXTJS4 - Ext.data.store POST data in JSON format issue
  11. extjs 4 accordion grid cannot be checked
  12. Ext.view.View right to left pagination or card layout?
  13. treepanel autoheight?
  14. TreeView Example Not Working
  15. Grid Field Renderer
  16. model doest not recognize more than 2 associations
  17. Line series chart with time and numeric axis does not work
  18. ExtJS Tree with Sencha Core
  19. Since autoheight is being deprecated...
  20. Few problems with Ext.form.Panel
  21. Where is the grid column header cell width set for DOM elements
  22. Loading data in the gird after reading value from textbox
  23. Loading data on grid
  24. itemselector disabled
  25. Post Grid Values
  26. How define theme dinamically
  27. Google Chrome - GridPanel - date fields don't display
  28. Combo Loading on click
  29. itemOverCls doesn't seem to be working in data view
  30. Grouping feature events don't get triggered
  31. Problem in deploying Extjs-SpringMVC-Hibernate example
  32. Line chart showing only x-axis when all values are zero
  33. How to persist models with an image in Byte[] or Drawable format?
  34. How to determine which model a model belongsTo?
  35. store.filter()
  36. How to find owner panel in initComponent?
  37. How to get access to Sencha Premium Forums ? (I have a license for Sencha Designer)
  38. Modeling semi-complicated json structures
  39. reported error ?!!!
  40. Using Time axis for charts
  41. height of extjs 4 combo box
  42. ext.direct errors
  43. Set Gauge Chart Series Values in MVC Controller
  44. Combobox restore
  45. Cannot save edited grid cell on the server using ColdFusion
  46. Same plugin on multiple panels causing issues
  47. Questions about maximizing panel and adding a rect sprite as marker in a column chart
  48. Combo does not show selected value on first drop down
  49. Intersecting proxy json and modifying
  50. ext js in php.ini
  51. YUI Compressor and Extjs4 MVC
  52. Styling through 'ui' property
  53. Plugin in MVC
  54. Adding renderer specific functions in Controller instead of view
  55. flex problem - border layout ?
  56. radiofield size
  57. Where can I find documentation about how to create 'Web Desktop' like applications?
  58. Javascript Style vs. CSS Style (Best Practice)
  59. Tutorials / Videos / Links for Understanding Ext JS
  60. Adding event handler for dynamically added button
  61. How to keep all the panels collapsed
  62. Customisable Margin required in TabPanel Widget
  63. How to control the component hidden or visible according to the value of response.
  64. How simultare key press in browser with extjs?
  65. Can you refresh paging toolbar without firing load?
  66. Subtitle in Charts
  67. Tooltip not displayed on 'tools' on tabpanel
  68. Grid drag and drop plugin problem
  69. Tree panel expand collapse issue MVC Extjs4
  70. Rendering several identical grids on one page
  71. Question related to EXT JS4 Graph
  72. When second time loading window(content Tree panel expand collapse issue MVC Extjs4)
  73. White corners
  74. loadmask
  75. Collapsible panel can't be opened anymore
  76. Making LoadMask background white
  77. PropertyGrid with 2 values
  78. question about treepanel node
  79. How to add DateTime and TextArea control in ASP.NET application
  80. Disabled fields when i clic in the grid if i get a tree panel
  81. Same plugin on multiple panels causing issues
  82. 40000 Records in on Store from a XML File
  83. Ext.data.Batch sample?
  84. Create custom view and selection model
  85. How accept editor to grid on fly(online)
  86. problems with treepanel
  87. Why are inline styles being added to buttons when no inline style is defined...
  88. checking equality of two textfield
  89. Gridpanel using RowExpander plugin and Checkbox Selection Model
  90. extjs 4.1 beta 1 files
  91. CellEditing plugin and CheckboxModel
  92. TreePanel / TreeStore with proxy
  93. Can I use ExtJS 4 chart utility in ExtJS 3
  94. Ext.PagingToolbar don't pass original parameters when click next.
  95. Extjs Event Tracking
  96. IE 8 height issues
  97. handling JSON
  98. Combobox without using stores in ExtJS 4.
  99. Which is the ideal place to create a store
  100. how to detroy panel which is inside window
  101. Warnings in firebug
  102. Sharing Store acorss views
  103. catching change on menu in mvc
  104. Using ExtJS 4 and Sencha Touch 2 in one application structure
  105. GridPanel with Locking and Grouping
  106. Combobox Selected value to load store
  107. Layout table cell
  108. panel using in multiple windows
  109. grid rowediting does not refresh
  110. Removing and replacing panels inside of other panels
  111. Trouble creating myFieldSet (extending from FieldSet)
  112. Issue with Panel columns with dot notation in names
  113. treeviewdragdrop disable root node drops
  114. URGENT!!! Help with treepanel
  115. Urgent:: Help with iframe
  116. radiogroup and isDirty?
  117. Grid with grouping and drag and drop
  118. How to create a table containing grids
  119. Why the collapseMode: 'mini' is not it?
  120. Setting the maxHeight of the grid with scroll bar
  121. Bar Chart Colors Without Theme
  122. Global Group
  123. Why is the response only mapped to the first textfield of duplicated textfields
  124. fireEvent not firing in IE, FF & Safari.. works like a charm in Chrome tho
  125. problem with 4.1 and 4.1 beta 3
  126. after text selection text getting overlapped
  127. Axis label color
  128. Form , model dirty
  129. How to show server-side validation errors after sync of an editable GRID
  130. some layout related questions
  131. Extjs 4 grid multiple grouping
  132. Pie doesn't work correctly
  133. Applying scopeResetCSS:true and ext-all-scoped.css doesn't work correctly
  134. Collapse button missing on panel after using setTitle()
  135. How to use toolbar button style classes for normal button?
  136. Grid Panel - PlugIn Rowexpander - nextBd is null
  137. How to call external controller from extjs4 application
  138. How to use a model, store, and combobox from Ext.define statements.
  139. Grid : the backgourd is over the chart !!
  140. URGENT!!! TreePanel
  141. Setting the active item in card layout inside a form
  142. search/Filter in Tree Grid
  143. Sencha ExtJS 4 what files i really need?
  144. Model load problem
  145. Is there a brower specific issue with grouping feature with a grid?
  146. Shim for window.attachEvent implemented with Ext Core
  147. Area Series - nested JSON Array & 1:m relationship
  148. Loader Confusion
  149. How to change template behaviour when store is empty
  150. Controller variables
  151. Extjs Desktop IE9 bug
  152. how can i print my pie chart data into a grid or panel(using extjs4)
  153. Ext.Window from HTML gives error: el is null(ext-all-debug.js line 15938)
  154. Grid cell editing on keydown missing a key
  155. Scroll bar for Grid is not working
  156. Sending Parameters
  157. Parsing files in response of File Upload
  158. [Ext JS 4.x] Adding more then one Toolbar to Grid/ panel
  159. Ext.data.Model.set() resetting HTML radio
  160. Horizontal scrolling of grids in a container
  161. Grid header disappears on row click
  162. Border Layout & Expand/Collapse
  163. HtmlEditor - allowBlank?
  164. Problems extending of Ext.form.Panel - HELP
  165. Ext.form.field.File - Bring up file upload screen from function.
  166. Ext.data.store with json
  167. treeviewdragdrop: mark forbidden drops
  168. Tools with collapsed panel + Grid slow in Firefox + collapse Error in Firefox
  169. Need a way to allow row and cell edit in extjs grid panel
  170. How to dinamically Populate textarea after combobox select
  171. Tree Panel never stops loading...
  172. Possible to enable/disable multiple buttons (grid actions) in jQuery-like way?
  173. Accordion panel and link in center
  174. Drawing an association between 2 ele's in a canvas
  175. Submitting a form in MVC not working (empty field values)
  176. Custom Drag and Drop Behavior for Grid
  177. Ext. 4 menu event
  178. Accordion Layout with Multi and Re-size capabilities
  179. update in rowEditing plugin saves different record if autoCancel false
  180. Action(Link or call function) on entire row on a grid
  181. Ext link button?
  182. RowExpander and dynamic store - how?
  183. Second combo-box not populating after 1+ selection of first combobox
  184. Add Grid values
  185. store listener not able to load another store extjs 4
  186. When Drag Image, Image is Missing the mouse!!
  187. Where is addCls method of Ext.Element?
  188. Load data to the store via httpProxy
  189. :first selector throwing an object error
  190. extraParams not returning values on C(R)UD
  191. help needed about viewport layout
  192. a way to alert convertion failure?
  193. Ext.override use or not ?
  194. duplicated tabs
  195. how to detect ExtJs version ?
  196. Retrieve succesProperty after loading data to the store
  197. apply renderer to store not just grid
  198. Ext.button: remove all default css classes and add a single class
  199. MVC: How to access an instance of a view from a controller?
  200. Layout elements
  201. Help with replicating CURL command
  202. Mutiple Grid in an application return Null Selection on selectChange
  203. Question about CheckboxModel in Grid
  204. override inheritableStatics
  205. why listener fails
  206. TaskRunner / TaskManager runing a function within MCV
  207. PostBack issue using collapsible Panel
  208. Reflect swap of columns of the grid in excel sheet
  209. Retrieving the data from the preloaded store.
  210. Extjs 4 and PHP
  211. Header Click/Double click Event issue
  212. Handle for rotation of an image?
  213. Deleting Records
  214. Aligning a buton
  215. Resize dockitems
  216. Comboxbox initialized with an one-dimention array: Set a default value
  217. ComboBox: set a default value when multiselect is true
  218. tabpanel event
  219. Closing pop up window on click of button
  220. how to schedule full month, year using extjs4 calendar
  221. Getting the index of nodes in tree.
  222. Customizing default theme: no images generated by sass compilation
  223. Collapsible panel width changes
  224. Scrolling without a scrollbar
  225. Rowexpander Dynamic Content (Chart/Grid Panel)
  226. Catching ENTER key in a model dialog using code in the controller?!
  227. Use a tooltip to display a anchored popup
  228. Nested models in DataView with grouped display
  229. Help here guys. :D
  230. Deleting Combo Box Record(s)
  231. An equivalent to getModelData() for setting field values?
  232. Read XML data that contains HTML elements
  233. Proxy API with url parameter substitution?
  234. New to extjs, MVC tutorial onPanelRendered not called
  235. Pie Chart Legend Max Width
  236. Radio Button Handler not firing properly
  237. use Extjs HtmlEditor in aSP.NET application
  238. Ext 4.0.7: Is there a known issue with grid masks to upgrade from 4.0.2a to 4.0.7?
  239. how render my own grid column?
  240. Grid Grouping feature among multiple panels issue
  241. How read parent tree node name in itemclick listener?
  242. IE 8 Text box border issues
  243. Progress Bar inside a Grid cell
  244. Drag and Drop - Dataview to GridPanel
  245. How to Add Button in the column
  246. convert html table to a nice looking grid
  247. similar save related method like isLoading() is to load ?
  248. Read an Array inside JSON
  249. Request paramter for Store
  250. Highlight some rows in a Grid