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  1. consume a web service with sencha touch 1
  2. Possible to show holding text in select field?
  3. Install sencha touch web app on microsoft IIS webserver
  4. Is it possible to prerender components in ST1?
  5. Url history
  6. How to adjust content dynamic into Ext.Msg.confirm?
  7. Load external html not scrolling in iPhone
  8. Can't get simple 4box layout working with flex
  9. JSONP request
  10. TabPanel ActiveItem Error Msg
  11. Get List of records from my store
  12. How could change the color for checkbox/radio?
  13. Cross domain request through JSONP
  14. Android Password form field focus state background CSS issue
  15. Sencha Touch 1.1 Checkbox field rendering issue in Adobe AIR
  16. How to set height for textfield , emailfield?
  17. List itemTpl wrong
  18. Android back button & sencha history
  19. consume a web service with MoSync IDE
  20. Origin http://localhost is not allowed by Access-Control-Allow-Origin
  21. can't get the internet picture
  22. populate a multiselect field using a web service
  23. Generic function to set attribute of a component?
  24. "Not allowed to load local resource: file:///C:...."
  25. How to display error messages similar to ExtJs
  26. google maps through html in sencha, Cannot set property 'position' of undefined
  27. Global variable in sencha touch
  28. populate itemTPL list with sencha touch
  29. Get form field by name
  30. To get the new value for global variable without callbacks, listeners in sencha touch
  31. Missing some data while filling up a TreeStore using jsonData.
  32. NestedList in combination with Carousel.
  33. Screen Breakup in Iphone
  34. Screen Breakup in Iphone
  35. Using ',' instead of '.' in numberfields. Possible?
  36. How to set different color on each list row
  37. ext.ajax.request response == 0
  38. How to set variable from store?
  39. Display Textfield for each row in a List
  40. Passing Parameters to controller through paramMatchingRegex
  41. Using PhoneGap - AJAX JSON or JSONP requests ?
  42. sencha nestedlist itemtap. Please help me. Koreans.
  43. how add action to search field
  44. TabPanel autoscroll to top
  45. It's possible insert a tabPanel inside a formPanel??
  46. Store is not sorted by GroupString after changing getGroupString
  47. Image resize with two fingers
  48. how we can access device camera and photo gallery in sencha touch1 website
  49. Panel scrolling with iFrame
  50. JSON Results not loading into List
  51. Issue while removing and adding a component in the same parent
  52. can't change size of tabpanel items on ipad orirentation
  53. Sencha 1.1 - Fusion Chart Intgeration - Chart Bar Colors are Black
  54. Touch charts in carousel
  55. Checkbox design issue
  56. Detecting server errors when store.load() is called.
  57. Hide panel then rendering
  58. help with Nested List
  59. Send ajax request from browser on Android & IOS
  60. Does Sencha charts support Sencha Touch 2.0?
  61. unable to load nested json returned from php
  62. scheduler do not shows the bar
  63. iPhone screen shifts up a few pixels when tapped
  64. nested list example needed
  65. List Navigation for kitchen sink model App
  66. Android4-only stock browser strange behavior with input text
  67. does anybody know solution for fokus on pass fied android?
  68. How to add an onComplete callback after the chart has been generated
  69. Custom UI back button
  70. segmented button color change of pressed button
  71. problem using ajax proxy
  72. adjusting layout as per screen size
  73. screen background not coming transparent
  74. popup window not appearing in the center of page
  75. SelectField doesn't show on the iPhone with Cordova
  76. how to handle differrent screen size
  77. Is there a event that fires after a video has been played completely?
  78. Need to add touchstart and touchend event for button?
  79. calling ios methods from sencha file
  80. How to change the cookie value in ajax request header. Ext.Store ajax proxy
  81. Orientation change issue in ipad
  82. SelectField's DisplayField is not updating on selection change
  83. whole application is not centered on the ipad in portrait or landscape mode
  84. Browser Showing Blank Page
  85. how to change panel color
  86. Facebook like button in sencha touch 1.1
  87. Issue with facebook like button
  88. Issue while using the selectfield
  89. 5 easy questions
  90. Render Chart on Change Orientation
  91. Orientation change issue in ipad
  92. Updating Ext.form.Slider style dynamically
  93. How to find the iOS version in sencha touch 1.x?
  94. Sencha List is not loading in Android 4.1 Jellybean - Nexus
  95. IOS 6 - Screen lock showing keyboard
  96. Basic problem
  97. Show progress bar at the time of login.
  98. Tab Merges in each other and getting error...
  99. sencha touch 1.1 & phone gap 1.2 : Will it run on iOS 5.1?
  100. iOS 6 with Sencha Touch 1.1 file upload
  101. WYSIHTML5 TextArea
  102. CSS 3 in sencha touch
  103. How to handle Orientation Change in Sencha Touch
  104. Auto-refresh of pages in sencha touch 1.0.
  105. Tab Merges in each other and getting error...
  106. Android 4.1 and inputs
  107. How to load GeoJson file with sencha touch
  108. Eclipse + Phonegap ==> ajax call to local webserver
  109. Problem with pickers in Jellybean - Nexus
  110. Where is the forum search button?
  111. Phonegap ==> not all variables are returned from server
  112. Zoom images inside tab panel
  113. Advanced form (form in a table)
  114. Focus on SelectField
  115. iPhone Style List Button?
  116. List with checkbox
  117. Question building carousel from store
  118. What is the best way to filter one carousel based on data from another?
  119. How to turn off the ellipsis on badge text?
  120. Unable to get Id of textfield in carousel
  121. Carousel Fantail Plugin
  122. callback in store.save()
  123. Scroll bar positioning in GridPanel
  124. Store Not Parsing JSON Data
  125. How to add longpress event to text field?
  126. How do I move modal screen to the right side of the screen ?
  127. Getting sencha touch error when clicking off modal screen
  128. packaging problem
  129. Panel/List not scrolling correctly
  130. get text value selected from selectfield
  131. PDF file handling in Sencha Touch 1.1
  132. Get record by element in List ("taphold" listener in list)
  133. About how to refresh a list page
  134. Webservice calls stuck up - network unavailability
  135. Sencha compile issues (Sencha CMD v3.0.0. 250)
  136. How to embed a video in sencha touch?
  137. iOS iPad 3 memory issues
  138. TreeStore with Extra Parameters from Node
  139. how to install sencha touch on windows (i am using p4).
  140. how to dynamically change button size
  141. Get/Set Values inside textbox inner component
  142. Dynamically resizing icon image in button
  143. compiling sencha touch 1.1
  144. Remove the thousand comma from NumberField
  145. Windows8/Chrome Carousel not working
  146. Title bar have word wrapping instead of ellipsis
  147. scroll block with data change in list
  148. Sencha cmd aborts prematurely
  149. google maps api stopped working in samsung phones
  150. Ext.Msg.Prompt no writting
  151. Changing Title of Tabpanel in senchatouch 1.1
  152. Sencha - Web - Excel
  153. Using nested lists lines as containers for widgets
  154. View not rendering. No error given. If statement not being fulfilled.
  155. How to handle checkbox in list with a panel?
  156. Pull refresh receiving "new values" only
  157. problem with remove and add item to Panel .
  158. Pull Refresh with an empty result set
  159. Freezed Grid Scrolls not Sync
  160. How to set form lanel to certain size and position?
  161. call SOAP Webservice from senchtouch1.1 with ajax
  162. Cannot read property 'getCount' of undefined
  163. Sencha Touch 1 on Windows Phone?
  164. Sencha Touch 1.1.1 works on IE11 mobile but not on webview
  165. FileNotFoundException with Dom.js
  166. timeout using Ext.data.JsonP.request
  167. Stores, proxies, and list operations