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  2. Touch charts vs ext js 4 charts
  3. Example crashes iPad
  4. Uncaught Attempting to create a component with an xtype that has not been registered:
  5. Issues when series are hidden or shown
  6. Image/text is not getting added on Scatter Chart
  7. Uncaught TypeError: store Object 'Store Name' has no method 'on'
  8. Ext.Chart.Panel any possibility to hide the generated toolbar?
  9. Drag a draw component
  10. Custom Gradients to Pie Chart
  11. How to create paths from data sets
  12. Anyone know of a chart example using real data?
  13. Replacing Ext.chart.Panel with Ext.chart.Chart
  14. Code not working on IPad Simulator whereas working fine on Safari/Crome
  15. Touch Charts Release Candidate Now Available
  16. Changing fields of axes during run time
  17. Different styles in the same series.
  18. Pan Chart without Zooming
  19. Swipe on charts
  20. MVC and Sencha Charts
  21. Properties of Item and series
  22. Line chart will use the series fill color as the legend marker even if not set.
  23. trying to figure out axes definition in the line chart example
  24. how to display csv data
  25. series will not strech with panzoom interaction
  26. interaction and performance
  27. API
  28. Unregistered Chart
  29. [OPEN CHARTS-166] Scatter chart label bug
  30. Charts break Container.down function
  31. Text Scaling
  32. Touch Charts License question
  33. Sparklines w/ Sencha Touch Charts
  34. Compatibility with Sencha Touch
  35. axis title internationalization?
  36. axes label configuration
  37. Draw: image tag problem - src filename cutoff
  38. Removing an ext.Chart from a Carousel
  39. Pie Chart with Multiple Labels
  40. tree graph
  41. draw image tag: displaed image is cutoff
  42. draw: image tag sprite.setAttributes( src: src) not update image
  43. How to dynamically assign a store to a Ext.chart.Panel?
  44. First Run Render error
  45. Time Axis not scaling properly
  46. Cannot apply 'interactions' if there are more than one Column chart in the same Panel
  47. Speed up load times touch charts?
  48. build-touch-charts.sh
  49. Ext.chart.Panel use?
  50. problem adding a chart to a tab panel dynamically
  51. insetPadding
  52. Set title of Ext.chart.Panel
  53. Example of the Ext.chart.Toolbar
  54. 0 values in JSON
  55. sharing configuration between charts
  56. cant get radar to work
  57. a little help to get custom theming working
  58. Touch Charts will consistently crash iPad's Safari when Created and Destroyed
  59. List with charts
  60. How to use the highcharts?
  61. Sench Chart Crashing in IPAD
  62. line chart problem
  63. CSS Guidance needed
  64. Problems with Styling a text-Sprite
  65. how to add new series in line chart
  66. compiling chart theme error
  67. Give names a color?
  68. Toolbars, how to remove them?
  69. Reducing number of labels on X axis of Stock example
  70. Chart won't display
  71. optimizing chart drawing area for touch devices
  72. Ext.get('panelID').getHeight() always reporting a value of '0'
  73. How to repaint chart when panel becomes active
  74. Pie Chart demo
  75. Chart not displaying inside panel.
  76. Chart axis not updating when store filter added
  77. Click to add point
  78. Chart Series feature request
  79. Chart tutorials
  80. Chart won't render in proper panel
  81. compass compile error
  82. Display real time data in Charts
  83. Using Ext.extend
  84. Loading spinner while loading the data
  85. Error when data is loaded after the chart is rendered
  86. show a chart in a specific location
  87. EneryApp
  88. column chart
  89. Chart - DataStore binding
  90. Charting axes values problem
  91. how to assign column chart field with array value
  92. Change title of Ext.chart.interactions.ItemInfo
  93. Size of pie chart not taking into callout labels
  94. Multiline callout labels on pie chart?
  95. GOTCHA: store writes during render trigger endless chart refreshes
  96. Draw an image larger than the screen and allow scrolling
  97. Hide ext.chart.Toolbar from ext.chart.Panel
  98. Category Axis not redrawn when underlying store has getCount() == 1
  99. markerConfig
  100. Series Hiding Issue
  101. Categor axis is not updating
  102. Regarding Sencha Touch Pie Charts
  103. Sencha Touch Column Charts not rendered properly
  104. Charts not displaying inside panel.
  105. Clickable Callouts for Pie chart
  106. Help: I can't render a graph into a div
  107. Sencha Touch Charts in Android
  108. chart axes labels do not render on ipad
  109. Problem showing legend in SenchaChart
  110. Irregular time data supported?
  111. Regarding adding button in a template
  112. How to Heighlight Pie chart Item ( like tap-higjlight) on button click ?
  113. Sencha Touch Charts Line series filter broken?
  114. when it is going to work with sencha touch 2.0
  115. Line chart. how to show tip on item click
  116. Tips in line chart doesn't work !!!
  117. Listeners for label
  118. Images on grid
  119. Draggable markers in line chart
  120. Chart does not display until the window is resized.
  121. Series Line throwing error in Android 2.2.2 landscape
  122. Creating Custom Gradients on a grouped multi column chart0:
  123. Chart Legend not working properly
  124. Carousel Charts - memory issue
  125. Issues when combining values
  126. Bar-chart: Bar color based on a value in the Store
  127. BAR chart orientation
  128. Sencha Touch Charts in iPhone/iPad app
  129. A message or html when the chart is empty
  130. listener on Gauge chart
  131. Touch Chart becomes Picasso art
  132. Sencha touch charts - need help with pie legend
  133. Stack multiple datasets
  134. Regarding Pie Charts in Sencha touch
  135. Column Chart - how to customize legend text
  136. Looking for TreeMap example
  137. composite charts
  138. Sencha Touch Charts
  139. Regarding Line chart in SenchaTouch
  140. Chart Customization Issue
  141. how to set maximum value to not rendered axis ?
  142. How can i handle TAP on Bar chart?
  143. chart legend
  144. Legend not updating
  145. Iphone problem
  146. Pie Chart Segment Highlight
  147. Add Multiple Labels in Pie Chart From store (Label + Value)
  148. Draw a gauge with "stacked" values
  149. Toggle button for single or multi touch not showing
  150. Stacked bar chart?
  151. Applying gradients to line chart fill color
  152. Barchart with decimals instead of integers
  153. Bar chart with rounded corners
  154. how to show the data value in the line chart
  155. Adding Handler to a sprite
  156. highlight a stacked column chart ?
  157. pie inside pie possible
  158. No Joy with Time axis
  159. is there a touch charts 1.1 for touch 1.x in the works?
  160. PDF display problem
  161. Touch Charts 1.0 On Sencha Touch 2.0 ?
  162. Styling Area Series
  163. Dynamic json chart
  164. Button in iteminfo panel
  165. Bug + Fix: Charts 1. Could not apply >2 stops to gradient and angle not respected
  166. On re-filtering store, Pie chart crashing.
  167. Change width of the bar
  168. Horizontal stack bar chart with labels
  169. Line chart with single series and multiple colors
  170. How to get access to selected item's series in Ext.chart.Panel?
  171. How to display chart data in table format in tab panel
  172. Is Slider possible in line charts?
  173. Is Sencha charts 1.0 compatible with Sench touch 2.0?
  174. Is it possible to Display threshold value in sencha bar chart?
  175. Two charts in the same panel overlap each other
  176. Label too long
  177. Render ChartPanel
  178. Dynamically Adding to Path Extremely Slow
  179. Numeric axis not showing the whole range
  180. Recommended way to do Retina Charts?
  181. Issues running build-touch-charts.sh on Mac OS X - solved
  182. Radar and ItemInfo
  183. Grid styling
  184. Configure chart legend interactions programmatically
  185. Convert Bar Chart To Column Chart Dynamically.
  186. How to change axes description
  187. Pie Chart , Legends Text does-not Resizes with device
  188. Chart as item in panel not showing
  189. Change charts animation speed?
  190. Chart's theme
  191. Legend in column chart
  192. Using custom fonts in Touch Charts
  193. Need more than 9 Series in LineChart
  194. Sencha touch: how to shorten the axis labels
  195. Percentage in label
  196. Change marker color
  197. How To Set A Color To The Lines Present In Line Chart?
  198. Change axis title dynamically
  199. Bug (I think) discovered about gradients
  200. Bar Chart With Gradient Example
  201. Labels on line chart data points
  202. Hide Grid
  203. Series labels
  204. Forecast Charts Support for ST2.x?
  205. Hiding Series in a Bar Chart
  206. Take EnergyApp Charts example OFFLINE
  207. Problem modifying existing series and axes in charts
  208. how to map a dropdown with a touch chart in sencha touch1
  209. Draw an exploded Pie Chart
  210. Error 'null' is not an object in IPad.
  211. Arrange Graph Horizondally
  212. Graph frequency - sample rate
  213. LDAP and HTML4 - support?
  214. Drop downn menu in sencha.
  215. [OPEN] My column chart is not behaving
  216. Column chart with 2 Y axes
  217. Real-time strip chart
  218. Carousel does not switch if chart present
  219. Header background color for chart
  220. Table view below chart
  221. Multiple line on Single line chart
  222. Creating Dashboards app with SenchaChart
  223. Overlaying images and gradients on gauge axes?
  224. CUSTOM theme
  225. json parsing
  226. Different interaction panzoom on column example is not working for me
  227. Remove method doesn't free memory.
  228. Extending Ext.chart.Chart
  229. Multiple Y axes?
  230. Json parsing problem in sencha
  231. Error while re-creating a chart object
  232. Axes Title Is Not Visible If The Store Has Single Row.
  233. Scatter chart not drawing
  234. Change scale radar
  235. Pie Chart issue
  236. Commercial license
  237. More than one chart
  238. Start Toggle Stacked
  239. when will touch charts 2.0 release?
  240. Touch Charts - Export to PDF or save as image Format PNG / JPEG
  241. Make panzoom interaction default to Pan
  242. line chart with an image
  243. Please Help! Urgent need for List example that shows a chart
  244. sencha is plotting wrong on the chart !!
  245. regarding pie chart
  246. regarding pie color
  247. Six charts in a panel
  248. Multiline Bar Chart Labels
  249. Add remove fields from chart
  250. Negative Values in Columns