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  1. rev2377 not building
  2. gxt-parent checked out not as Java Project
  3. LayoutContainer UIBinder bug
  4. [GXT3.0][Test in IE8] Radio disappear.
  5. TreeStore: private access to TreeModel class
  6. [CLOSED] Ext GWT 3.0 Explorer Demo ?
  7. [CLOSED] Full Screen BorderLayoutContainer
  8. HBoxLayoutContainer displays items in a column, not in a row
  9. Would you please add a GXT Help on this Forum
  10. Viewport bug
  11. Does TreeStore leaks @UiConstructor?
  12. [FNR] Question, small bugs and to do remindes for dp5
  13. [FIXED] Weird behavior on selecting row in groupping grid dp5
  14. Deferred Binding error when trying to create a new Grid
  15. A help forum for Ext GWT 3.0? For now, questions with Window...
  16. Yet another Window class question....
  17. [CLOSED] reset.css missing?
  18. new com.sencha components and legacy components work together
  19. [FNR] Bug in BorderLayoutContainer.setXXXWidget(Widget w)?
  20. [FNR] TextField setName() not working
  21. GXT 3.0 Charts - Performance & Scalability Problems
  22. Bug in . . Viewport? Or TopBottomComponent? Or browser issue?
  23. BarSeries Enhancement Request for Setting Gaps Between Bars / Columns
  24. GXT3.x: When do we have mulit-select combo ?
  25. GXT3.x: Filterable-checkable-tree with demo.
  26. [DUP] AccordionLayoutContainer
  27. will GXT3 comes with Open Source License ?
  28. [FNR] setPrefefinedButtons
  29. Doing Chart Drilldowns
  30. ListStore#replaceAll doesn't reflect on removed filters
  31. PaginLoader with a HttpProxy
  32. [FNR] TabPanel.update(Widget, TabItemConfig) removes styling
  33. Mouse-Over Tooltip on a Chart's CategoryAxis Labels
  34. Mouse-Over Tooltips on a Chart’s Axis Titles
  35. [CLOSED] Unable to add more than one widget to a ContentPanel?
  36. Charting TimeAxis LabelProvider Does Not Handle New Line Very Well
  37. HideMode - all constants equal
  38. [FNR] TabPanel and VBoxLayoutContainer
  39. Problem Using DateField Components for Charting Controls at Bottom of Browser Window
  40. [FIXED] Tree throws exception when a single quote is in model key
  41. [FNR] Window invisible while dragging if useProxy = false
  42. [FIXED] BorderLayoutContainer ContentPanel expand does not work if executed from code
  43. TreeGrid fireEvent UmbrellaException
  44. [CLOSED] TabPanel and uibinder
  45. BoxLayoutContainer adds all new widgets at position 0, not at the end
  46. [FIXED] DateField Methods “setMinValue” and “setMaxValue” Don’t Work
  47. DateField Throws “Uncaught exception escaped” When Validating Invalid Text That Was E
  48. [FNR] Grid.setEnabled(false)
  49. [FNR] Editable grid - TextField cell editing
  50. ComboBox - TextField methods don't work
  51. [FIXED] TreeDragSource does not allow moving both the leafs and the nodes in same tree
  52. [CLOSED] Tree: cannot add leaf as a child of leaf node via drag drop: node disappers
  53. [FIXED] TreeDropTarget throws ClassCastException in showFeedback (Tree / TreeGrid cast)
  54. [FNR] TreeGrid sorting
  55. [FIXED] TreeGrid node icons
  56. [Fixed] Explorer Form Example Bug
  57. [FIXED] FieldLabel - problems with a line break
  58. [FNR] Error message on form validation is positioned incorrectely
  59. TabPanel + FormPanel problem
  60. [FIXED] Sort not working in Grid Grouping
  61. [FNR] FramedPanel - setHeaderBisible does not work
  62. (Beta) ComboBox issues
  63. [FIXED] [FNR] TextField Validation
  64. [FNR] (Beta) TriggerFieldCell racing conditions
  65. [CLOSED] Undesired top/left margin around viewport with borderlayoutcontainer
  66. [CLOSED] TabPanel do not display correctly in Internet Explorer 8 and FireFox 7
  67. [FNR] DateField Width Gets Shorter by 10 to 15 Pixels When Invalid Data Entered
  68. How to use GXT 3 Beta 1 with the visual GWT Designer?
  69. Beta 1 - BorderLayoutContainer: setCollapseMin(boolean)
  70. user.agent setting is ignored during gwt compilation phase
  71. Improvement: Status has no padding on the left side
  72. (Beta 1) BarSeries Stacked Mode Issue
  73. (Beta 1) Performance Issue with Charts
  74. [FIXED] [FNR] (Beta 1) RedrawChart Does Not Always Work
  75. Set label size for formpanel widgets
  76. [FIXED] (Beta 1) Vertical Axis Top-Most Label Not Aligned to Top-Most Tick Mark
  77. [FIXED] (Beta 1) CartesianAxis setTextLabelPadding Doesn't Work When “\n” Used in FF7.0
  78. Issue with BorderLayoutContainer
  79. Store.isCurrentValue() NullPointerException
  80. Border Line on Group value does not display for all the columns
  81. [FIXED] (Beta 1) Under IE 8 Horizontal Axis Labels Are Left Justified When “\n” Used
  82. MinLengthValidator message
  83. [FIXED] ScrollSupport for Vertical[Horizontal]LayoutContainer not implemented?
  84. [FIXED] FieldLabel - LabelAlign can not be changed from TOP to any other
  85. deselect() in StoreSelectionModel don´t work
  86. DatePicker Locale Support Not Fully Implemented
  87. Grid & Editing
  88. (Beta 1) ScatterSeries Does Not Work in a Bar Chart (myBarSeries.setColumn(false))
  89. (Beta 1) Suppressing Markers for Zero Values in a ScatterSeries
  90. [FIXED] Beta 1 - DateField getMinDate() always returns null
  91. (Beta 1) Tool Tips Overlap in Mixed Series Chart
  92. GWT - BETA 1 - Firefox - Charts throw error on widget.clear
  93. Cannot use keyboard navigation on combo box with GridRowEditing/Grid
  94. index out of bounds error with NumberField.setAllowedDecimals(false)
  95. [FIXED] (Beta 1) Area Chart - AreaSeries SeriesItemOverEvent Issue
  96. Beta 1 - NorthSouthContainer behavior different from TopBottomComponent of DP5?
  97. (Beta 1) BarSeries Stacked Mode Defect (AreaSeries is OK)
  98. Beta 1 - Draggable.setContainer doesn't work properly?
  99. GWT - Beta 1 - Stacked bar charts don't take into account stack size
  100. Beta 1 - GridInlineEditing BeforeStartEditEvent never fires
  101. Updating text of a existing TabItemConfg does not work
  102. Using TextButton without text, the image is not centered
  103. FillToolItem does not render correct when used inside a container
  104. Masking a grid inside a portlet does not set the position of the mask correct
  105. Current limitations of Live Grid (in demo)
  106. Bug in TextField.validateValue ???
  107. [FIXED] (Beta 1) Scatter Chart Triangle Shape is Not Equilateral
  108. [DUP] How to control width of label in FieldLabel?
  109. [FIXED] odd inline editor error with Grid
  110. [INFOREQ] Entering invalid number in Number Field, JavaScritpException
  111. Obsolete Dialog JavaDoc
  112. [FIXED] Beta 1 - MenuBar behavior - bug, intentional, or unavoidable?
  113. 3.0.0.beta2 - Inline editing of grid and combo boxes
  114. [FIXED] Beta 1 - ToolBar with status at bottom of Window invisible until resized? Why?
  115. Focus losed in TextField<String>
  116. Widget Renderer TreeGrid
  117. [FIXED] New setEnabled(false) issues
  118. [FIXED] Pie Chart not rendering properly on IE
  119. SerializationException on RPC call when providing List from store.getModifiedRecords
  120. FieldLabel - GWT warning
  121. SelectionChangedEvent.getSource() - ClassCastException with TreeSelectionModel
  122. BorderLayoutContainer float does not work unless collapsible mini is enabled
  123. [FIXED] Piechart Bug: Slices become white after clicking on Legend
  124. [FIXED] (Beta 1) Using Chart in Card Layout Container Throws Error in Firefox
  125. setEnabled does not set the readonly state of a form field
  126. [FIXED] FieldLabel: fieldSeparator is shown even you set the separator to "" for a field
  127. [GXT 3.0 beta2]Grid column could not be sorted while a row with null value!
  128. [CLOSED] dev console warnings starting UiBinding usage of forms
  129. [CLOSED] cannot adjust field label width in 'FieldLabel' form component
  130. Basic Binding (UiBinder) error
  131. SpinnerField doesn't work in Development (works find in production mode)
  132. gwt jar missing in mvn repo.
  133. [FIXED] Can not use IconButton in UiBinder.
  134. [FIXED] Rename field ToolButton.style
  135. [FIXED] Bug at creating a chart
  136. [FIXED] (Beta 1) NumberField IndexOutOfBoundsException When Allow Decimals...
  137. ToolButton has errors in IconConfig
  138. Flush not working everytime in editor
  139. [CLOSED] Compile error: Rebind result '...TreeAppearance' must be a class
  140. text of Tooltip for DateField validation goes beyond border
  141. MinLengthValidator message for TextArea shows currently length
  142. [FIXED] Field and setAutoValidate()
  143. Margins within UiBinder is not working [verified with VerticalLayout (UiBinder)]
  144. TimeAxis problem (Beta2)
  145. HtmlData(String selector) does not work for css id's?
  146. [FIXED] [GXT 3.0] Need Access to ComboBoxCell minListWidth property
  147. [FIXED] Code style in ColumnConfig
  148. ComboBox 2 issues
  149. Header.addTool() is not accessible in UiBinder
  150. TriggerFieldCell does not update field value correctly under some conditions (BETA2)
  151. If Row in Grid is empty, height shrinks
  152. [FIXED] When Column in Grid is hidden, editor doesn't adjust
  153. Accordion Layout does not work when it has other accordion layouts inside
  154. Disabled TextArea is editable
  155. [FIXED] SpinnerField bug
  156. [CLOSED] FileUploadField browse button invisibly extends beyond "Browse..." Button boundaries
  157. GXT beta 2 and Chrome Book
  158. IE 7/8 Grid problem
  159. Context Menu declared in uibinder is shown on reveal
  160. [FIXED] Chart: Incorret xScale calculation when setting xNumericAxis Maximum & Minimum
  161. Can select both radio buttons in ToggleGroup, when selecting grid cell between select
  162. FieldSet w/out header text and is not collapsible, minor UI issue
  163. [FIXED] ClassCastException when calling SelectionChangedEvent<T>.getSource()
  164. BorderLayout UiBinder completely ignores LayoutData
  165. CenterLayoutContainer : Container misses the Resize command ?
  166. setId() and radio buttons
  167. Charts 3.0 beta 2 Y Axis Numeric Label on the Edge not displayed
  168. Beta-2: A field in ListView is not focusable in Chrome
  169. (Beta 1) Drop Down List Still Enabled When Combo Box Is Disabled
  170. Beta2. I don't understand BorderLayoutContainer.
  171. [INFOREQ] Application doesn't work with Hebrew locale
  172. Troubles with Widget Renderer TreeGrid
  173. [FIXED] Beta2. HtmlEditor does not integrate well with BorderLayout.
  174. Live GroupSummary Grid renders slower as row total increases
  175. [FIXED] ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException on NumberField<T>.setAllowDecimals
  176. ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException thrown when calling NumberField<T>.setAllowNegative
  177. Checkbox grid in paging mode fails at selection
  178. NumberField bug
  179. trying to hide column of Grid prior to first rendering, errors...
  180. Bugs and Questions
  181. Grid in SimpleContainer that is center of BorderLayoutContainer, cropped scrollbar
  182. Grid in VerticalLayoutContainer doesn't resize like rest of children in container
  183. Beta2 - NorthSouthContainer and rendering south widget
  184. Beta2 - ContentPanel has no setAppearance() method
  185. [FIXED] Grid reconfigure throughs Null exception
  186. [CLOSED] [GXT3 Beta2]: Solve Caused by: java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: org/json/JSONObject
  187. [CLOSED] CheckBox Grid does not deselect on row click
  188. Rows with checkboxes or radio buttons have different heigts than rows containing ...
  189. Grid on Tab not displaying aggregation rows window hide() and show()
  190. [FIXED] Filter in paging grids
  191. [FIXED] Pie Chart - tooltips not working?
  192. carat browsing of IE8 and GXT input widgets
  193. FillToolItem does not work, at least in UiBinder.
  194. [FIXED] PagingToolBar has no @UiConstructor
  195. [CLOSED] beta2. FormPanel.LabelAlign.RIGHT is ignored and not used
  196. Custom ToolTip to heigh
  197. [BUG:MINOR] Tooltip rendering partially off screen
  198. Incorrect EditField Position in Grid when columns are hidden
  199. GroupingView (w/scrollbar) doesn't render group correctly beyond visible window area
  200. resizing of window with VerticalLayoutData doesn't occur until mouseover of window
  201. Beta2. Text is not centered vertically in TextButton.
  202. [DUP] bug in gwt 3 listview binding
  203. [FIXED] TextButton Focus / Tab Index Issue
  204. If you hide a column prior to rendering (with a scheduler), header doesn't hide
  205. [CLOSED] Examples on Staging are broken
  206. [FIXED] TextButton won't display HTML text
  207. Windows and Layouts
  208. [CLOSED] Value jitter with x and y coordinates in DndDropEvent?
  209. [FIXED] Clicking on a cell doesn't bring up editor if the current cell being edited is dirty.
  210. [FIXED] XTemplate bug found [Beta2]
  211. [CLOSED] SpaceBar does not select TextButton
  212. using Dialog.setHeaderVisible(false) causes app to not start (in prod mode)
  213. [FIXED] disabled spinner can still be changed with up/down buttons & edited
  214. [FIXED] Accordion Layout issue when hiding collapse tool
  215. [FIXED] Beta 3: Runtime error -> BluePlainTabPanelBottomAppearence
  216. Beta 3: Height of input widgets
  217. Beta 3: Display problem error mark when used in TabPanel
  218. [OPEN] Beta3: setModal() on Window still allows tabing through components under it.
  219. Beta3: TextField not updating it's underlying value.
  220. [CLOSED] Beta 3: TabPanel - BottomAppearence - no visible difference between ...
  221. [FIXED] NullPointerException when collapsing a BorderLayoutContainer
  222. [FIXED] [GXT 3.0.0 beta 3] Bug in TriggerFieldDefaultAppearance
  223. [FIXED] [BUG:MINOR, Beta3] - Typo in AbstractGridFilters
  224. [FIXED] [BUG:MAJOR, Beta3] - NumericFilter compares floating point numbers for equality
  225. [CLOSED] TextField is not found in IE9.
  226. [FIXED] If a cell in a grid is currently being edited, events fail to fire on checkbox.
  227. ComboBox within Grid - 2 issues
  228. Programmatic ComboBox.expand() yields previous subset values
  229. It is not possible to change cell styles
  230. [CLOSED] Several errors with charts
  231. [FIXED] (beta3) Mask doesn't have an appearance-enabled constructor
  232. [FIXED] Disabling Radio not working
  233. [FIXED] (beta3) Inconsistent getter naming in BarSeries
  234. [FIXED] Beta3 StoreFilterField doesn't clear the filter when the built-in TriggerClick occurs
  235. Beta3: Validators not working
  236. [FIXED] Window setHeaderVisible(false);
  237. [FIXED] Beta3: TreeStore corruption with an AsyncTree implementation.
  238. FieldSet missing setCheckboxToggle
  239. [FIXED] Beta3: TreeStore.removeChildren fires the wrong event.
  240. [FIXED] FieldSet layout (re-size) bug
  241. BorderLayoutContainer should throw runtime expection if BorderLayoutData is invalid
  242. [FIXED] Beta 4 breaks VBoxLayoutContainer.VBoxLayoutAlign.STRETCH
  243. Live GroupSummary Grid Collapse All Groups Does not always work
  244. [FIXED] Beta 4: Grid header height change on mouseover
  245. [FIXED] Beta 4: Wrong error mark position in TextField after resize
  246. [FIXED] Beta 4: Wrong error mark position in TextField after tabbing
  247. [OPEN] Beta 4: form fields have different heights
  248. [CLOSED] Beta 1,2,3,4: DateField file name too long
  249. Combobox onValueChangeHandler issues
  250. Inline editting and text button