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  1. [OPEN] Ext 3 to 4 Migration
  2. [OPEN] [CLOSED]Getting Started Guide?
  3. [CLOSED]Model.load success callback params
  4. [CLOSED]Model.save also fails...
  5. API Doc issues
  6. [OPEN] Grid & Tree Mousewheel - Scrolling
  7. [FIXED]Auto Setters and Getters for Configurations
  8. [CLOSED]No Bootstrap?
  9. [FIXED]PageToolBar
  10. [FIXED]Combo Boxes
  11. [CLOSED]Ext 4 Themes
  12. [FIXED][DUP]Slider with tip
  13. [FIXED]Models and Stores
  14. [OPEN] [CLOSED] Charts issue
  15. [FIXED]good framework extjs4
  16. [CLOSED]Data package broken
  17. [CLOSED]Portal Example
  18. [FIXED]Charts hang FireFox
  19. [FIXED]Grid Plugins Example
  20. [FIXED]Odd MessageBox layout in FF
  21. [CLOSED]Ext.util.Event and fire bug?
  22. [FIXED]enable() method on button bug?
  23. [CLOSED][Suggestion] Feed Viewer Example With LocalStorage Support
  24. [NOREPRO] CSS interference
  25. [CLOSED]Ext.Application broke (bug in Viewport)
  26. [FIXED]border layout
  27. [FIXED]Button.js doc error
  28. [FIXED]DragTracker.js doc error
  29. [CLOSED]Glitches with border layout and sliding panels
  30. [FIXED]Ext JS 3 & 4 on one page
  31. [FIXED]Ext.layout.container.boxOverflow.Scroller doc error
  32. [FIXED]Welcome Page
  33. [FIXED]Datefield
  34. [CLOSED]xtypes
  35. [OPEN]Scroll-shift on layout
  36. [FIXED]Closing Chart Panel JS error in IE
  37. [FIXED]Ext.data.Store documentation consistency issue
  38. [CLOSED]ExtJs3 and ExtJs4-Sandbox
  39. [OPEN] [FIXED-EXTJSIV-150]A couple of chart suggestions...
  40. [FIXED]Ext.JSON encode bug?
  41. [FIXED]Combo Box List Width
  42. [FIXED]Ext.core.Element.removeCls issue
  43. [CLOSED]Selection misbehave in forms using Chrome
  44. [FIXED]Editor sample doesn't show textfields correctly.
  45. [FIXED]Viewport/Border Layout Render Issue
  46. [CLOSED]Some observations from grid plugins example page
  47. [FIXED]Window layout - IE8 - navigation
  48. [OPEN] [FIXED]Date issue
  49. [CLOSED]Ext.core.Element.child()
  50. [FIXED][API] Ext.ClassManager not found
  51. [FIXED]Paging Grid : error specifying page
  52. [CLOSED]Grid row-over.gif downloading in IE
  53. [FIXED]Variable Messagebox behavior between IE and FF
  54. [FIXED]Bug with Border Layout and collapsed components
  55. [CLOSED]funny code
  56. [FIXED]Legend is empty in Pie chart
  57. [CLOSED]Suggestion: Patch to Ext.ux.Portal
  58. [FIXED]Title of Window with headerPosition Left and Right gets cut of in I.E. 8
  59. [FIXED] Toolbar "Spacer" Acting as "Fill" ?
  60. [OPEN] [FIXED]Toolbar Button Scale
  61. [OPEN] [FIXED]selectionchange event is fired twice
  62. [FIXED] Slider performance
  63. [FIXED]Resizer preserveRatio bug
  64. [FIXED]Toggle Button pressedCls ignored when inside toolbar
  65. [FIXED]Using the proxy of the parent in stead of the object
  66. [FIXED]Toolbar Button w/ MenuCheckItem(s) Error
  67. [FIXED]XML Dynamic Form Sample Bug.
  68. [FIXED]Resizable Bug on TextArea Sample.
  69. [FIXED]Resizable Bug.
  70. [CLOSED]Override doesn't work with singletons
  71. [OPEN]Suggestion: Flow/Hierarchy Chart
  72. [FIXED]Ext JS 4.0 API page is broken on IE 8
  73. [FIXED]Fieldsets's Icon Bug.
  74. [OPEN] [CLOSED]Grid misses events fired
  75. [FIXED]Vertical slider and negative values
  76. [FIXED]Ext.form.Basic.getValues()
  77. [OPEN]ComboBox's setValue call with a remotely loaded Store
  78. [FIXED]Broken CycleButton
  79. [CLOSED]Weird bug with toolbars
  80. [FIXED][DUP]Component enable/disable
  81. [FIXED]Form fields in toolbar break layout
  82. [CLOSED]Ajax argument
  83. [CLOSED]Bug with iframe ?
  84. [CLOSED]Memory Leak in Charting
  85. [FIXED]Typo in buildExtractors function of Ext.data.Reader in Dev Preview code
  86. [FIXED]tbspacer seems to begin using the right-justified
  87. [CLOSED]window.status usage
  88. [FIXED] Grid data not rendered in TabPanel on none active tab
  89. [FIXED][DUP]ComboBox does not submit vaulueField in Form
  90. [FIXED]Cannot create an instance of unrecognized alias: widget.grid
  91. [CLOSED]Component.ref does not work anymore
  92. [CLOSED]Tab Panel: Tabs are not closable
  93. [FIXED]Wrong categories order in Grouped Bar Chart
  94. [CLOSED]Tab Panel: Layout Bug
  95. [OPEN]allowBlank validation
  96. [OPEN]missing support for xdomainrequest in IE
  97. [OPEN] [FIXED]HtmlEditor available yet?
  98. [CLOSED]hbox layout: layoutConfig parameters 'pack' and 'align' not working
  99. [OPEN]Form rendering with padding property broken
  100. [OPEN]Legend/Series not modifiable after chart creation.
  101. [OPEN] Chart seems to average data depending on height
  102. [FIXED]LocalStorage Proxy: rawData is null
  103. [DUP][FIXED]Ext.util.Date.format error
  104. [FIXED]DateField parsing/formatting problem
  105. [OPEN]Component config property 'margin' issues
  106. [FIXED] TimeField parsing / formatting problem
  107. [FIXED]Model.set() does not set its modified fields
  108. [OPEN] [CLOSED]Chart Numeric Axes label customization
  109. [DUP][FIXED]PagerToolbar keeps paging images in disabled state
  110. [FIXED]IE6: ViewPort doesn't hide vertical scroll
  111. Ext JS 4 Releases and Notes (4.0B2)
  112. [OPEN]Combo Boxes about Chinese bug
  113. [CLOSED]Ext.Viewport.init is not a function
  114. [FIXED]Patch for Ext.core.Element.removeCls
  115. Ext.grid.View.getRowClass does not supply record (pr2)
  116. [FIXED]Reserved word bug in pr2 -> JSBuilder error
  117. [FIXED]pr2: Ext.grid.GridPanel - config preventHader not working
  118. [INFOREQ]Menu.remove
  119. [FIXED]documentation for AbstractManager is not that abstract
  120. [CLOSED]Multiple Panel / Collapse bugs; Panel events not fired
  121. [CLOSED]IE8 : Slow first calling of Ext.Msg.alert
  122. [FIXED]Requests with invalid urls
  123. [FIXED]Sandbox EventManager Issue
  124. [OPEN] [Feature Request] Render windows without focus them
  125. [FIXED]Temporary scrollbars affect width of resized container
  126. [CLOSED]defaultMargins for Box containers does not accept string value
  127. [FIXED] "string is undefined" when setting element style
  128. [FIXED]Multiple grid sorting example of ext 4.0 preview 2 is broken
  129. [CLOSED]Automatic dependency management broken in 4.0 Preview 2
  130. [CLOSED]Different collapsed look in Chrome and Firefox
  131. [CLOSED]Ext.select should be a shorthand of Ext.DomQuery.select
  132. [CLOSED]Strange behaviour: Window, closeAction and ComponentQuery
  133. [OPEN]Ext.pass(myFunction, arg1, arg2) does not work as documented
  134. [FIXED] Stacked Bar Chart Sample problems
  135. [FIXED] Chart - Line - Numeric Axes - problem
  136. grid scrolling chrome - many rows
  137. [FIXED] Line chart: tips do not toggle with series
  138. [FIXED]Ext.button.Split: initComponent
  139. [FIXED] Issue with sandbox demo on Ext JS4 developer preview page
  140. [CLOSED]Ext.AbstractComponent mixins
  141. [OPEN]Association between namespaced models doesn't generate getter function
  142. [DUP][CLOSED]collapsible: true items in anchor layout incorrectly calculates width
  143. [CLOSED]defaultAnchor has no effect on collapsed items
  144. [FIXED] [OPEN]Ext.form.BasicForm fails to correctly read the response of a file upload
  145. [FIXED]Model.load response structure
  146. [CLOSED]LoadData on an ArrayStore Appears Broken
  147. [FIXED] Large buttons in toolbars
  148. [FIXED]Combo scrolling issue in Firefox
  149. [CLOSED]'ref' config option not recognized, but is referenced in API docs
  150. [FIXED]Model getBelongsToClass() not working
  151. [FIXED]Model root is undefined error
  152. [OPEN]Adding a record with the same ID does not remove stale or duplicate records
  153. [FIXED]Ext.ComponentMgr.onAvailable never fires callback
  154. [CLOSED]Bug in Element.getXY()
  155. [CLOSED]panel / formPanel: buttons cannot be retrieved anymore
  156. [OPEN]Ext.Controller calls 'render' with wrong arguments
  157. [FIXED]currency function doesn't work as documented
  158. [FIXED] Wide label problem in form with vbox layout with hbox items
  159. [OPEN] Ext.chart.axis.Numeric - minimum value
  160. [FIXED]Tooltip and focus issue under IE8
  161. [DUP][CLOSED]Panel : frame and padding, both options using bug under IE
  162. [CLOSED]Ext.Ajax.abort different behaviour than in ExtJS 3.3.1
  163. [FIXED] Category Axis label width check
  164. [FIXED] Incorrect Drawing of Axis Labels
  165. [INFOREQ]Maximum on Chart Doesn't Seem to Function
  166. [FIXED] Series in chart legend do not update
  167. [FIXED] Charts: binding series to axes
  168. [OPEN] [FIXED] Charts: Bad rounding of maximum value
  169. [FIXED]Collapsed Portals not working
  170. [OPEN] [FIXED]Found another hbox in vbox form layout problem
  171. [FIXED]'submit' Button doesn't submit without null clickEvent
  172. [CLOSED]CompositeField el is undefined exception
  173. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-212] Ext.data.Store.sync() does not update 'id' of phantom records
  174. [FIXED]Ext.data.RestProxy URI generation
  175. [OPEN]Email validation should allow [email protected]
  176. [FIXED]ArrayStore wrong alias
  177. [FIXED]floatable : false config is ignored in PR3
  178. [CLOSED]panel.setTitle("hi"); not working
  179. [OPEN]Ext.Action - setText method don't works
  180. [FIXED] Cycle button destroy() method crashes
  181. [FIXED] Safari bug in column chart
  182. [OPEN]Framed CSS glitch in IE 7 [PR3]
  183. [FIXED]Closable Tabs error in IE [PR3]
  184. [FIXED][PR3] autoHide option doesn't work for ToolTip
  185. [FIXED]Grouping grid generate invalid html
  186. [INFOREQ]Wrong mouse cursor while column drag
  187. [FIXED]Floating region flicker in animation
  188. [CLOSED]Ext IDs
  189. [FIXED]Ext.data.Model.destroy() missing
  190. [FIXED]Ext.layout.container.Border - definition issue
  191. [DUP][FIXED]PR3 - None of our components with box layouts are rendering correctly
  192. [CLOSED]TanPanel's findById method missing
  193. [FIXED]Model and defaultValue
  194. [INFOREQ]When use chinese character as window's title, it didn't show full
  195. [FIXED]ToolbarDroppable Safari render issue
  196. [CLOSED]Error in Ext.data.Model.load ?
  197. [FIXED]Ext.container.ViewPort doc error when view
  198. [FIXED]RowExpander bug in getting gridview
  199. [FIXED][PR3] Bad link in buttons example
  200. [FIXED]Tabs Don't Overflow Correctly
  201. [OPEN] [OPEN]Numbering Presentation Errors in Y-Axis Labels
  202. [OPEN]The second x-axis label on a chart with labels rotated 90 Deg dissappears
  203. [INFOREQ]Chart Legends for Line Charts without markers are ambiguous
  204. [FIXED]Legend Series Hiding Issue
  205. [OPEN]Ext.redirect not working
  206. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-309] pageParam is not sent on remote sorting a Store
  207. [FIXED][PR3] Disabled css is not set on button (when disabled)
  208. [CLOSED]Ext 4 examples "pause" when running with FB open
  209. [FIXED]Combobox Panels Collapse on scroller click [PR3]
  210. [CLOSED]Named functions in Ext?
  211. [OPEN]Ext.Application not working
  212. [OPEN]Ext.Router not working
  213. [CLOSED EXTJSIV-146] Several issues with numeric axis
  214. [CLOSED]Ext.Window.minimizable not working
  215. [FIXED]Model returning wrong JSON in singular object case!
  216. [FIXED] Column chart doesn't show hover tips
  217. [FIXED] No Grid Row Selection After Sort
  218. [FIXED]Bug in Ext.data.Model.setProxy()
  219. [FIXED]Ext.data.Store.clearFilter() does not trigger reload
  220. [OPEN]Combobox no selection problem
  221. [API PR3] Ext.grid.Header.renderer not descriptive
  222. [CLOSED]Fit layout with multiple items
  223. [FIXED] Erorr on Header and sorting if no Header match
  224. [CLOSED] Filter on Ext.data.Store is not working properly with ComboBox
  225. [OPEN] [FIXED][API] [PR3] DateField format link error
  226. [FIXED][PR3] DateField Quicktip loses Window's modal
  227. [CLOSED] ComboBox select event fired twice on selecting an option
  228. [FIXED] Layout Issue with box/fieldset/anchor
  229. [FIXED]formBind on button in FormPanel
  230. [CLOSED]Expanding a Panel after collapsing (me.ownerCt.layout.calculateChildBox)
  231. [OPEN][PR3] Ext.form.ComboBox errors when using ENTER to select an item in the list
  232. [FIXED][PR3] Modaled floating TabPanel does not unmodal on close
  233. [OPEN] [OPEN][PR3] Ext.form.ComboBox#forceSelection: true loading issue
  234. [FIXED][PR3] Combobox error when value is set
  235. [FIXED]XmlWriter forcing a DocumentRoot
  236. [DUP][FIXED]qtip in window with modal set causing overlay/mask to disappear
  237. [CLOSED]ExtJS ApplyTo
  238. [FIXED] Ext.DataView.beforeselect not firing
  239. [OPEN] Renaming tabs does not cases tabs to overlap or get to much space between
  240. [OPEN] [OPEN]Store autoSave: true does not work
  241. [OPEN]Ext.Chart/ Ext.Draw missing features around handlers
  242. [CLOSED]Date in Model converting to null in FireFox 4 RC
  243. [OPEN][BUG] Ext.Application loadmask
  244. [FIXED][BUG][PR 3] Names of model associations automatic functions collide
  245. [INFOREQ]allow singleton as mixins
  246. [OPEN][PR3] Ext.form.Field and Ext.form.Basic are missing 'reset' and 'beforereset'
  247. [OPEN][PR3] Pie Chart no labelRenderer
  248. [CLOSED][PR3] iconCls not applied to CycleButton
  249. [FIXED][PR3] TriggerField in ToolBar width size
  250. [CLOSED][PR3] Header as a dockedComponent on Window