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  1. 4.0.2 RowEditing; edit and beforeedit events do not work as described in API Doc
  2. [4.0.2] panel.Table scrollByDeltaX method not working
  3. Viewport Regions Vanish - Breaks Resizing
  4. [CLOSED] 4.0.2 Ext.util.Format.number doesn't format correctly with /i modifier
  5. [EXTJSIV-2502] x-css-shadow class overridden by code
  6. [4.0.2] beforedrop dropFunction doesn't completely work
  7. majorTickSteps not consistent
  8. ExtJs 4.0.2 formBind: true
  9. [4.0.2]File upload tow bugs ?
  10. [4.02] CheckBoxGroup render with dynamic items
  11. AbstractComponent.rendered set too early
  12. [4.0.2] Grid View does not call addEvent for grouping events
  13. Ext 4.0.2 Menu bug
  14. Saving nested data with data package?
  15. [4.0.2 and 4.0.1] sprite.getBBox() issue with coordinates for "circle" sprite
  16. Right click a right click menu
  17. [DUP] [4.0.2] me.loadMask.bindStore is not a function
  18. [FIXED] Where did rejectChanges() go?
  19. TreeStore isLoading flag is never reset
  20. [FIXED] Very slow Tab Panel performance vs 3.4
  21. Dynamically to change Header columns Grid
  22. [4.0.2] Icons, Layout, & Such
  23. Gray theme: TreePanel with minHeight does not render at a correct height
  24. Slider field will not destroy when on an inactive tab
  25. [FIXED] validateedit event does not return the newly entered value
  26. Setting autoSelect to true does not set the first value in the combobox
  27. [Ext 4.0.2] ComboBox getValue() handling
  28. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-2507]Array Reader bug
  29. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-2508][4.0.2]Ext.chart.Chart: config is 'undefined'
  30. [4.0.2 CORE] Ext,ClassManager : setNamespace can't be call twice
  31. Combo setValue() in chage event
  32. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-2509]4.0.2 Ext.Panel.tool "qtip" string do not work
  33. [ExtJs 4.0.x] TreeStore doenst works correctly
  34. Problem with TreePanel
  35. [FIXED] Where did Tree event "nodedragover " go?
  36. FiltersFeature Bug
  37. Toolbar Large Icons Overflow, Overflow button cuttoff
  38. 4.0.2 Ext.tree.Panel bug with viewConfig
  39. [INFOREQ] [4.0.2] Dynamic loader doesn't trow exception.
  40. [FIXED] Ext.data.writer.Writer - data[record.idProperty]
  41. Ext.Date and MS format
  42. [FIXED] [EXTJSIV-2513] Bug in 4.0.2 - dynamically adding menu items fails
  43. [4.0.2] Line chart highlight configuration broken
  44. Remote ComboBox with paging loses queryParam
  45. Scroll Wheel Performance Across Browsers
  46. [CLOSED][4.0.2] Ext.panel.Panel with layout card: bbar is null
  47. [4.0.2] isIE7 returns true for ie8
  48. Grouping Bug or not?
  49. [OPEN EXTJSIV-2544] ButtonGroup renders blue with gray style in Ext 4.0.2
  50. RadioGroup Item boxLabel width error in FF 4 and IE 9
  51. [4.0.2] Y-axis not generated if all values are 0
  52. [4.0.2] validateedit event in Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing passes the wrong value
  53. [4.0.1] and [4.0.2] RowEditing plugin broken in Firefox
  54. [4.0.2] Layout problem: wrong height
  55. Selection Model Error/Issue
  56. [4.0.2] examples/tabs/tabs-adv do not disable overflow arrow that do not apply
  57. [4.0.2] node checkchange doesnot fired by key pressed changing (SPACE key)
  58. scale: "logarithmic" isn't implemented
  59. form.load does not reset radiogroup
  60. [4.0.2] regression - tree checkNode should be boolean
  61. [PATCH] setIconCls fails if header is unrendered
  62. Ext.button.Button ignore menuAlign when menu is invoked for the first time
  63. Modal windows not masking properly?
  64. [OPEN] [4.0.2] XmlReader + XmlStore in Firefox
  65. Form with Grid on non-active tab doesn't render when its store is reloaded.
  66. Grid GroupingSummary Feature bug
  67. LoadMask does not work with Tree Panels
  68. [DUP] Problems with Lockable grid
  69. IE Charting Problem - "Arg: Illegal input string in Vector2D"
  70. Non-rendered view crashes when being destroyed
  71. removeAll for container with border layout causes a crash
  72. innerCt of Ext.layout.container.Box is not being destroyed
  73. [FIXED] [4.0.2] AbstractView.onItemDeselect
  74. [PATCH] Ext.Loader.loadScriptFile sets @sourceURL only to filename
  75. [DUP][4.0.2a] cardswitch events not firing
  76. 4.0.2: Grid vertical scroller does work after resize
  77. Null reference with colapse and frame true (Patch inc)
  78. [FIXED] processResponse is wrong in Ext.data.proxy.Server
  79. [4.0.2a] Strange scrollbar behavior
  80. [OPEN] [EXTJSIV-2565] [4.0.2+] toolbar/ menu issues
  81. TreeStore append listener not being passed tree object?
  82. IE7 & IE8: element.select broken
  83. [4.0.2a] RowEditing plugin - length of undefined
  84. Large number of menu items causes the menu to render empty
  85. [FIXED] RowExpander doesn't work on ExtJs 4.0.2 (ext-all-debug.js) but worked on (ext-all.js)
  86. [Ext JS 4.0.2a] setReader() in Ext.data.proxy.Proxy
  87. [Ext JS 4.0.2a] 'pagingmemory' and 'memory' proxy type
  88. Resizing of grouped headers breaks their height
  89. radio does not respect form.trackOnLoad (with working example)
  90. Toolbar: enableOverflow doens't work with buttongroups
  91. dockedItems in tab panel causes error when tab is closed and reopened
  92. [Ext JS 4.0.2a] combobox broken after invalid submitting
  93. Inconsistent API?
  94. [4.0.2] Grid Checkbox Selection Model Unable to Select
  95. [OPEN] [EXTJSIV-2538][4.0.2] Problem in addListener with "mousewheel" event
  96. [FIXED] [OPEN EXTJSIV-2540] [4.0.2]Rowediting rendering problem with hidden column
  97. XML with CDATA in 4.0.1
  98. [OPEN] [EXTJSIV-2549] [4.0.2a] Collapsed Tabpanel misses the bottom border
  99. [OPEN] [EXTJSIV-2548][4.0.2a] Collapsed tabpanel renders child panels with borders
  100. [OPEN] [EXTJSIV-2547][4.0.2a] Nested panel headers rendered wrong when parent collapsed
  101. why???? ext4.0.2
  102. Ext.tab.Tab config "closeText" not working
  103. Event "beforedestroy" fired too late on tab close
  104. Application does not launch with all files loaded without any error message
  105. [INFOREQ] [Ext JS 4.0.2a] Cell Editing Grid Example with a MutiHeader locked Error
  106. [FIXED] Editable combo box doesn't accept values that are not in the drop down list
  107. Application of Ext.util.Observable in Ext.data.Model
  108. [OPEN] Ext.tree.Panel border:false still shows top border
  109. Buffered grid remove problem
  110. [OPEN] [4.0.2] combobox setValue doesn't as expected
  111. [DUP] [4.0.2a] Bug in Element.slideIn
  112. [4.0.2a] Race condition in `doAdd/doRemove` of Ext.tree.View
  113. [4.0.2a] Passing animate target to window.show results in no window
  114. highlight method does not work correctly on a TextField
  115. [4.0.2a] TabScroller Bug
  116. Store.js - internal comments
  117. [INFOREQ] [4.0.2a] expandChildren(true) doesn't work on partially expanded nodes
  118. [4.0.2a] RowModel.selectAll() should fire 'beforeselect' events
  119. [FIXED] [4.0.2a] Ajax error for non-terminating connections in IE6
  120. [FIXED] Using checkbox selection model in the editable grid produces an error
  121. [FIXED] Ext.form.field.Date do not send post with empty value
  122. The Store has no method rejectChanges in ExtJS 4
  123. [INFOREQ] [ext-4.0.2a] vertical scroll bar not working
  124. [4.0.2] errorchange event and custom invalidCls - requires calling validate() twice
  125. [4.0.2a (3)] Custom Theme breaks Scroller
  126. [FIXED] 4.0.2 Cell not editing correct value when data in cell is updated..
  127. [4.0.2a] Tree header unexpectedly appears
  128. [OPEN] ExtJS 4.0.2a Line Chart bug
  129. Isue with dynamic column resizing in grid
  130. [FIXED] [EXTJSIV-3029]Ext.grid.Panel reconfigure columns cannot be ommited
  131. [OPEN] [4.0.2a] Pie Chart with small value renders incorrectly in IE
  132. [INFOREQ] [ext-4.0.2.a] Modal Window masked in IE
  133. Tabs css error
  134. 4.02 s.gif / BLANK_IMAGE_URL
  135. [INFOREQ] [4.0.2a] CellEditing + CheckboxSelectionModel
  136. [4.0.2a] DomHelper.insertIntoTable
  137. [CLOSED] Error in Ext.define
  138. htmleditor
  139. Problem with Combobox set to readonly
  140. [CLOSED] [4.0.2a] Should at least generate a debug error if controller class name is not match
  141. [4.0.x] [IE] Can only activate/click Menu URL when mouse hovers over text [Screenr]
  142. [CLOSED] actioncolumn on mvc
  143. [OPEN EXTJSIV-2573] Ext.grid.Panel: Disable plugin
  144. 4.0.2 - form.field.Text - grow:true doesn't shrink correctly in WebKit
  145. [FIXED] 4.0.2 Grid vertical lines of the header and those of the rows don't correspond in IE9
  146. 4.0.2a not deselecting multiselected grid in infinite scrolling
  147. [OPEN EXTJSIV-2572] Grid column header menu trigger gets stuck when there's no ...
  148. [OPEN] Custom Themes in 4.0.2-rc3
  149. [CLOSED] Infinity Grid will not rerender in Firefox 3.6.x
  150. Ext.getClassName(Ext) == ''
  151. [INFOREQ] [4.0.2] Bug in anchor layout
  152. [OPEN] Tab on grid with more columns than can be made visible messes up the display
  153. [OPEN] labelClsExtra of Field form not exist!!!
  154. [FIXED] Event sequence grid/view/selectionmodel not correct
  155. [CLOSED] [4.0.2] extraParams not working on store's proxy
  156. [OPEN] [4.0.2] sortOnLoad : false does not reset sort icon on column header
  157. [OPEN] [EXTJSIV-3034][4.0.2a] Accordion: Child panel's docked items with wrong borders
  158. [OPEN] Charts not working in this version of IE8
  159. [OPEN] 4.0.2 only - layout fit grid scrollbar when used does not scroll content
  160. [OPEN] Field setValue() firing change event
  161. [INFOREQ] Destroying of the JsonStore submits a POST request as side effect
  162. [FIXED] [extjs 4.x] How to use "showInInlineEditor" in ExtJS 4?
  163. [CLOSED] use of mixed withs in colum layout b0rken in 4.0.2?
  164. [CLOSED] 4.0.2 grid reconfigure is broken
  165. [OPEN] TreeGrid in vbox - node expansion truncated
  166. [OPEN] Horizontal scrolling with a CellModel
  167. [OPEN] itemselector does not work with remote ajax json store
  168. [extjs-4.0.2a] Layout problem with validation errors
  169. [FIXED] [4.0.2] Plugins instantiated too early in AbstractComponent
  170. [INFOREQ] Reader.buildExtractor ignores zero properties
  171. [FIXED] Ext.menu.Menu positioning problem while scopeResetCSS:true
  172. Adjusting the button texts of the msg box buttons like in ExtJS 3 is missing
  173. Invalid Ext CSS
  174. [4.0.2 rc3] Buttons Don't Always Respond to Clicks
  175. Browser specific Ext CSS
  176. Layout not sizing properly in FF & Chrome, but works in IE
  177. Grid behaviour when cell contains an image ?
  178. [FIXED] FileUploadField label does not collapse
  179. Ext.data.TreeStore bug?
  180. [FIXED] Ext JS 4.0.2 tab title error
  181. [CLOSED] Ext.Direct Samples broken?
  182. [INFOREQ] Grid Row-Editing bug
  183. [OPEN] grid feature bug, function not found
  184. Ext.picker.Time not starting at minValue
  185. ExtJS 4.0.2a - Scroller left behind on grid destruction
  186. Missing image (or unnecessary css style)
  187. Button icons in wrong <span>
  188. [CLOSED] Ext.tab.Bar - setting border has no effect.
  189. [FIXED] Ext.data.validations presence function return false for numerfields with "0" values
  190. Default Value of a Model Field is not cloned
  191. [FIXED] EXTJS4 Tab iconCls height bug
  192. [INFOREQ] Ext.grid.RowEditor bug
  193. [OPEN] FiltersFeature + GroupHeader + filterCls
  194. [OPEN] [4.0] Ext.tab.Panel history feature missing
  195. 4.0.2 : grid header mis-alignment
  196. [CLOSED] Where is groupRenderer for grid columns in ExtJs 4?
  197. [OPEN] Reader.buildExtractor ignores zero properties
  198. [NOREPRO] ie8 form rendering issue
  199. [FIXED] [OPEN-EXTJSIV-3349] $grid-header-background-gradient as a null value does not work
  200. Category Names in Charts
  201. [FIXED] Wrong height of the north and south panels in the border layout in a window
  202. [4.0.2a] Resizing windows causes artifacts when on top of WebGL window in Chrome
  203. calling loadData seems to change structure of store
  204. [INFOREQ] ExtJS 4.0.2a Strange Menu Hovering Behaviour. Is it a bug?
  205. [INFOREQ] EXtJs4.0.2a card layout deferredRender =true not working
  206. [FIXED] [4.0.2a] Remotefilter on buffered store and prefetch.
  207. [FIXED] Ext.ux.grid.FiltersFeature cannot restore state
  208. [FIXED] bug gray theme extjs 4.2.a. wrong file!
  209. [INFOREQ] Ext.core.Element fadeIn and fadeOut don't work correct
  210. [CLOSED] Scroll bar in grid panel stops responding
  211. [FIXED] ExtJS 4 - Unclear error message with bad xtype
  212. [INFOREQ] Drawing grid in a chart crashes
  213. [FIXED] Hidden field is always dirty
  214. Reporting a BUG
  215. DirectStore sync after add record
  216. Wrong response processing in Direct?
  217. [FIXED] Setting the editable combobox to a value that is not in the list results in empty val
  218. [FIXED] Resetting the editable combobox to non empty original value results in empty val
  219. ExtJS 4, Sandboxed and Charts
  220. actioncolumn ignore defaults
  221. Wrong tooltip title height
  222. Portal Layout sample demo EXTJS 4.0.2a - bugs
  223. [FIXED] Column List empty
  224. [CLOSED] Card Layout rendering all the items instead of just the activeItem
  225. [FIXED] Grid plugin example not working [4.0.2a]
  226. [4.0.2a] Wrong layout of nested panels with docked items
  227. [4.0.2a] Window positioning when rendered to somewhere other than body.
  228. [FIXED] Wrong example code in Object#merge()
  229. [NOREPRO] [4.0.2] Chart's tooltip sticks with mouse if the pointer is rapidly moved
  230. [CLOSED] [4.0.2a (3)] Cannot override Ext.core.Element
  231. Why a Ext.form.field.Field submits getValue, not getSubmitValue?
  232. [OPEN] Solution to FF4/FF5 "regular expression too complex" with Ext JS 4
  233. [FIXED] c is not a constructor message at the very first example
  234. [INFOREQ] [4.0.2a] bind and IE8 is not Working
  235. 4.0.2 - wrong image link for tab-bar bg
  236. radiogroup component has a bug : when I mon the change event its excute twice
  237. [FIXED] RowEditing can't change back to the original loaded value
  238. 4.0.2a : GridPanel and Locked Columns Issues
  239. [4.0.2a] Inconsistent text overflow handling in tree
  240. Treepanel Widget in Accordion Layout does not fit...
  241. [CLOSED] Can't extend Ext.chart.Chart
  242. [4.0.2] Rotating image doesn't work in IE
  243. [FIXED] RadioGroups broken in 4.0.2
  244. [FIXED] [4.0.2] grid columns sortable when sortableColumns : false
  245. [4.0.2a] BasicForm fires no dirtychange after a reset()
  246. [DUP] [EXTJSIV-3449] Ext 3-4 CSS issues with isIE7 and isIE8
  247. [FIXED] Remove option from Element.slideOut no longer works in Ext 4
  248. [FIXED] Window with id retains settings across instances
  249. [4.0.0] Infinite scroll grid does not always scroll to show last few items
  250. [FIXED] Ext4: How to do grid grouping groupHeader with dynamic grouping field header text?