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  1. [OPEN] [EXTJSIV-1970] [4.0.0][BUG] Incorrect cell placement in table layout
  2. little bug in row-editing example
  3. [FIXED] [4.0.0] Ext.chart.axis -> title
  4. [4.0.0] Ext.chart.axis.Axis -> formatting
  5. [4.0.0] Ext.grid.feature.Grouping in tree grid
  6. [EXTJSIV-1969] Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditing bug
  7. [OPEN] [EXTJSIV-1966] ArrayStore memory leak
  8. Nested Model with XML Reader/Writer
  9. Ext Destroy a data store for local storage will fail
  10. Store.sync() does not update dirty flag
  11. [CLOSED]Context Menu ...
  12. [OPEN] Double-Click Close Button on Desktop Example Window (getStyle of undefined element)
  13. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1767] ActionColumn handler bug
  14. [OPEN] [FIXED-EXTJSIV-2519] When creating a store, fails silently if model doesn't exist.
  15. Ext.selection.Model does not support allowDeselect when mode === 'MULTI'
  16. Bug in clearSelections() of Ext.selection.Model in ext4
  17. [CLOSED]xtype filefield response error
  18. [CLOSED]Recurring 503s on http://docs.sencha.com
  19. [OPEN] [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1973][4.0.0] Ext.util.HashMap - keyFn never referenced in code
  20. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1975][4.0.0] Getter in BelongsToAssociation does not cache result
  21. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-2131]GroupingSummary when two columns reference the same dataIndex
  22. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-2521][4.0] destroying an unrendered chart results in error
  23. [4.0] Window with too long title hides tool buttons
  24. Are these bugs?
  25. [INFOREQ]Store returning all records for getNewRecords
  26. using cellediting plugin for two grid on one page with different stores
  27. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-2520]Typo in Menu.js - Ext.iStrict instead of Ext.isStrict
  28. [4.0] Namespace in Ext.tip.QuickTip off or docs wrong
  29. [4.0] Namespace in Ext.tip.QuickTip off or docs wrong
  30. portal bug
  31. Maximize Window Causes Restore Failure
  32. Bug in the Example (Class system documentation)
  33. 4.0.1 Row Editor renders hidden columns causing width and alignment errors
  34. [4.0.1] Buffered Grid vertical scrollbar click not working on IE9 but work on Chrome
  35. [4.0.x][BUG]Incorrect component width calculation in table layout
  36. [DUP][CLOSED]4.0.0 Double quotes cut datas in fields when form standardSubmit=true
  37. [4.0.1] Performance regression in Firefox
  38. MessageBox buttons are not localized
  39. Selection gets lost in grid with rest store during create
  40. [4.0.1] Regression in Ext.data.Store's handling of the config.filter property
  41. [FIXED] How to prevent extjs grid from scrolling when clicking on a cell ?
  42. checkboxfield truth values
  43. Stroke opacity still not fixed in 4.0.1
  44. [4.0.1] TreeStore Bug when Updating a Record
  45. [4.0.1] Grid performance still too slow
  46. Double calls to infinite-list scrolling grid
  47. Using native browser scroll bar for grids
  48. 4.0.1: Ext.tab.Panel: plain config property
  49. [CLOSED]4.0.1 Ext.view.View 'onBeforeItemundefined'"
  50. [FIXED][4.0.1] Ext.draw.Surface - wrong inline code example
  51. [CLOSED]Override the labelableRenderTpl does not work?
  52. Possible bug with config and title property?
  53. [CLOSED]Grid grouped header, columns not aligned
  54. [CLOSED][4.0.0] Store constructor needs me.groupers, me.groupField, me.groupDir
  55. [OPEN] Vertical scroll bar offset in textarea
  56. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-2004][4.0.1] ui setting ignored when frame=true
  58. Ext.app.Application's autoCreateViewport has been set to false by default.
  59. [CLOSED-EXTJSIV-2003][4.0.1] x-btn mixin missing
  60. [INFOREQ]Ext.form.field.Trigger: possible bug in markInvalid()
  61. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-2002][4.0.1] Ext.menu.Item.setText() does not resize the menu item
  62. [INFOREQ][4.0.1] tab width is not calculated correctly with iconCls in strict mode
  63. [CLOSED][DUP][4.0.1] Re-defining class results in error
  64. [INFOREQ][4.0.1] combo layout anomoly when in strict mode
  65. [CLOSED][4.0.1]Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditing bug: onBeforeItemundefined
  66. [4.0.1]Ext.grid.plugin.Editing : support not listen to click event
  67. [INFOREQ]Null error (Null Pointer Exception) in Ext.data.Connection
  68. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-2009]tree check node should be boolean (4.0.1)
  69. Grid Scroll bars dissapears in Extjs 4.0.1
  70. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-2010][4.0.1] ComboBox change event called twice
  71. panel is undefined store = panel.store;
  72. bugs about paginator and row-editor in a same grid
  73. [CLOSED][4.0.1] Ext.form.Field.Number.getValue() [EXTJSIV-1942] not fixed
  74. scope of -moz-box-sizing interfering
  75. Buffered Grid issues
  76. In ExtJS 4.0 cellediting we have edit event which doesn't fire for each cell (Bug)
  77. [4.0.1]"dirty" mark not functioning correctly for checkcolumn
  78. [4.0.1] Ext.draw.CompositeSprite.remove() - return the removed sprite
  79. [CLOSED] [4.0.1] [IE8] 'events' is null or not an object
  80. [OPEN] [EXTJSIV-1812] v4.0.1 beforeselect event still does not fire on grid panel
  81. Extended models and Ext.data.NodeInterface.decorate()
  82. Ext 4.x Slow rendering for panels with lots of fields
  83. [4.0.1] Ext.data.proxy.Rest doesn't fully support DELETE in batchOperations mode.
  84. [4.0.1]Virtual scrolling click on vertical scrollbar arrow skip 1 or 3 rows depending
  85. Ext.grid.column.Action add() function
  86. Drag and Drop does not allow you to move the item up or left
  87. [FIXED]Duplicate declaration in ClassManager.js
  88. Typo in JSON.js
  89. [OPEN EXTJSIV-2533] Variable row height and Infinite Scrolling grid
  90. [4.0.1] critical keyup event handlers needed in views!
  91. [4.0.1] Ext.window.Window dimensions are not enforced until state is generated
  92. Improvement: Defining an encapsulated class
  93. [4.0.1] Ext.view.Table -> refresh
  94. [FIXED] IFrame and Ext.onReady in IE
  95. Column and Area Chart color and legend problem
  96. SearchField has strange right margin
  97. [4.0.1] HtmlEditor messes up html when adding (ordered)list
  98. [4.0.1] Improvements to ComboBox and BoundList
  99. [CLOSED] View getSelectionCount(),getSelectedRecords(),getSelectedNodes(), all not work
  100. framed panel ignores ui config
  101. [4.0.1] Grid: Last added record is selected but not visible
  102. Buffered Store Page Scrolling
  103. Tree.Panel Event itemmove
  104. custom panel ui font-weight not working
  105. About Ext.data.JsonP
  106. Charts don't work on android (no SVG - need canvas support)
  107. Grid with GroupingSummary when two columns reference the same dataIndex
  108. Grid, RowEditing and FiltersFeature?
  109. 4.0.1 up and down methods not available in api docs
  110. Ext JS 4.0.1 - Buffered Store
  111. [INFOREQ]Strange behave by using groupingFeature and getSelection() in a grid
  112. Viewport CSS issue with ext-sandbox.css
  113. [4.0] Ext.data.reader.Json - useSimpleAccessors doesnt work properly
  114. x-combo-list-small css class is missing
  115. [CLOSED] Form FindField
  116. Chart Legend and series color bug
  117. [SDKTools 1.1] Empty app-all.js on Win7 32bit - JRE6.0.250 (fix included)
  118. form.getForm().isDirty() bug
  119. [4.0.1] Paging toolbar allows input of out-of-range page numbers
  120. 4.x Charts zoom data range
  121. [CLOSED] card layout deferredRender not working
  122. Anout Ext.ComponentLoader
  123. [INFOREQ] Ext.grid.Panel -> reconfigure
  124. [OPEN] [4.0.3] Ext.data.proxy.Server.destroy generates extra Ajax requests
  125. Tab close doesn't activate the correct panel
  126. Gauge chart - series styles do not work
  127. Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditing don't support multiSelect combo
  128. Ext.grid.Panel
  129. remove child component bug?
  130. [OPEN] ComboBox.setValue behavior with values not in store
  131. Scrollbar not rendered correctly in grids.
  132. [4.0.1] Ext.grid.column.Action.getClass value parameter not available
  133. Ext.form.field.Number returns custom decimalSeperator
  134. input fields in collapsible panel - visual issues
  135. Bug in Htmleditor in use with RowEditing Plugin (4.0.1)
  136. CellModel issues
  137. SenchaSDKTools: win "sencha build" version 1.1 compress emptyfile
  138. Checkbox error
  139. ExtJS 4 Pie chart display with 0 Value
  140. GridFilter-Sample + RowEditor causes Error in IE
  141. JS error in getKey() on loadRecords when result set is empty
  142. [FIXED][EXTJSIV-2376]checkcolumn dirty markup
  143. FieldSet event listeners not working!
  144. [FIXED] [EXTJSIV-2470] [4.0.1] ComboBox not issuing queryParam on paging requests
  145. SASS issue with disabled button color
  146. Ext.view.View generates error on mouseenter/mouseleave when data config is used
  147. HTML5 offline mode + AJAX = bug
  148. Ext.grid.Panel - Potential memory leak (demo included)
  149. [DUP] [4.0.2a] Component border configuration does not work even in very simple cases
  150. Error in SDK Tools 1.1 beta
  151. [4.0.1] tpl.overwrite(el, data) breaks when using a docked component
  152. [FIXED] Ext.tree.ViewDDPlugin beforedrop event not working accordingly the API docs
  153. Ext.chart.series.Column api doc bug duplicate axes
  154. Controller refs resolution broken in 4.0.1
  155. [FIXED] Extending model perturbs associations (4.0.1)
  156. Ext.tab.Panel ???????Close Tab???????
  157. Add CancelEvent in Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditor
  158. Inadvertent cycle in 'requires' dependencies gives unhelpful message 4.0.0 and 4.0.1
  159. [4.0.1] ComboBox in PropertyGrid
  160. Ext.global.console.warn does not work in IE9
  161. [FIXED] Absolute layout - strange requires
  162. Loading Indicator is positioned wrong
  163. [4.0.1] PropertyGrid columns
  164. Ext.view.View - alternateClassName same as class name
  165. [FIXED] Ext.encode() error
  166. [FR] Add to requires Ext.form.field.Radio for Ext.form.RadioGroup
  167. Column renderer docs + meta bugs
  168. [OPEN EXTJSIV-2090] Sandbox margins
  169. [4.0.1]Keypress Event dosn't fire in Chrome
  170. [4.0.1] Paging toolbar items are inappropriately enabled when no data
  171. [4.0.1] Panel drag ghost does not inherit 'ui' config, nor other CSS classes
  172. [FIXED][4.0.1] Bug in Ext.isObject() on IE (at least IE8)
  173. Inconsistency between Ext.create and Ext.ModelManger.create
  174. Ext.Loader tricky loading
  175. Ext.form.CheckboxGroup.getChecked() optimization
  176. panel.buttonAlign does not work
  177. NESTED BORDER LAYOUT PANELS, Collapased panel is disappeared!!!!
  178. getFunctionRef is undefined for Ext.chart.Chart
  179. Tree reader idProperty is ignored
  180. Inserting data into a grouped grid
  181. [4.0.1]ComboBox bug in firefox
  182. [CLOSED]Phantom records after data loading
  183. [4.0.1] Grid on Panel. Very slow layouting with componentLayout=dock
  184. [4.0.1] bug in EventBus.js, method dispatch
  185. tree node copy(deep) not working (4.0.1)
  186. [CLOSED] getDockedComponent does not work with a position
  187. Ext.Require and XHR load asynch
  188. [CLOSED] QuickTip data-qwidth seems to not work over 300 pixels
  189. [4.0.1] Does anyone else see the buttons flicker on mouseover in IE?
  190. [CLOSED]IE 8 callback using bind bug?
  191. reset() Does Not Change Dirty Status?
  192. [INFOREQ] Error on closing window that has been just shown
  193. [CLOSED] Panel dockedItems issue
  194. [4.0.1] Combobox grow property not honored
  195. Extjs 4 is even slower than 3?
  196. 4.0.1 doc issue in Ext.data.Store (getById)
  197. Documentation Bugs
  198. [DUP] [4.0.1] PropertyGrid always sortable event sortableColumns set to false
  199. In Editable Grid edit event doesn't fire when in column with combobox and textfield
  200. Grid layout is broken if a forcefit:true grid has a column which its width < 40px
  201. [4.0.1] BUG: different xtypes for comboboxes (combo vs. combobox)
  202. [4.0.1] Button SASS vars in IE8
  203. [4.0.1] Bug displaying '<', '>' characters in ComboBox
  204. [4.0.1] Request: Ext.data.proxy.Server and the cache parameter
  205. Bug in the Infinite Scrolling Grid with very big dataset
  206. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-2523]Ext.picker.Date - bug with the getActive method
  207. Ext.data.NodeInterface please add getPath method
  208. [4.0.1] Chart bugs depends series
  209. [OPEN EXTJSIV-2125] [4.0.1] Checkboxes column disappear when calling reconfigure()
  210. The parameter 'operation' of the Store event 'load' is empty
  211. Chart Y numeric axis range auto calculation wrong
  212. [4.0.1]Menu contents shift downwards when opening on top of WebGL window in Chrome
  213. checkboxgroup - change event not functional
  214. Docs Application Bugs and Feature Requests
  215. API Documentation Content Bugs
  216. [OPEN] [EXTJSIV-2542] [4.0.1] Ext.tab.Panel styling issues
  217. [4.0.1] ComponentQuery does not like xtype with dots
  218. [FIXED] Ext.ComponentQuery - query by alternate alias fails
  219. [CLOSED] Using duplicate id's of Columns in Grid
  220. Event 'exception' of the AjaxProxy is called not in all cases when it is required
  221. [4.0.1] Cell Editor XY incorrect when shown on top of WebGL window in Chrome
  222. 'too much recursion' on TreePanel::setRootNode(~230 nodes)
  223. [4.0.1] Continuous flickering when dragging WebGL window in Chrome
  224. ExtJs 4.0.1 BUG tree.Panel
  225. [OPEN] [4.0.1]ComboBox submit the wrong content
  226. [4.0.1] BasicForm api config when using Ext.define (MCV approach)
  227. ComboBox bug
  228. Ext.queryCmp
  229. TreePanel beforeitemmove Bug
  230. Bug: Animate to opacity 0 not work with IE 9
  231. [OPEN] File upload field is empty by re-submitting of the form
  232. [4.0.1] Setting a TreeGrid column locked breaks the component
  233. [v4.0.1] Upload problem with Safari and Mac OS X Leopard
  234. Form examples do not work under the newest Opera
  235. cell-editing demo with locked property error
  236. [4.0.1] Grid load Data very Slow when not set "width".
  237. Bundled Ext.ux.form.SearchField bugs (Fixes included)
  238. Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditing
  239. Viewport magin bug
  240. [OPEN] ComboBox shadow/loadingText property causes warning/error in compat-mode
  241. [4.0.1] The height of header is not synchronized between locking/non-locking parts
  242. [FIXED] Grid groupingsummary and summary together
  243. By resetting a form, the editable combobox is always reset to empty
  244. Grouping doesn't work together with Locked and Grouped Headers (aka Multi Headers)
  245. Empty bound list of the combobox by typing ahead
  246. [4.0.1] GridPanel Vertical scrollBar
  247. [CLOSED] [4.0.1] labelEl does not work for Ext.form.field.Checkbox
  248. Tree oddities: getChildNodebyId and root.childNodes not working
  249. examples/app/simple does not work without changes
  250. [4.0.1] Sandbox: Ext.form.field.Text -> height