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  1. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1344][B3] checkbox cell editor appears on top of cell's contents.
  2. [CLOSED][DUP]Bug: Calendar issue in Ext 4.0 Beta 3
  3. [OPEN] [DUP][CLOSED][4.0.0] Sprite Stroke Opacity in VML
  4. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1343][B3] Bug in Ext.state.CookieProvider
  5. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1342]Ext.picker.Color can't show selected color
  6. [OPEN EXTJSIV-1333] [4B3] Locking Grid doesn't read viewConfig properties
  7. [FIXED EXTJSIV-1332][B3] Application.getController does not use Loader to resolve pat
  8. [B3 Improve] Chart defaults for axes, series
  9. [CLOSED-EXTJSIV-1341]Tabpanel layout problem
  10. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1340]Potential Area chart issue
  11. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1338][B3] Issues with Grid enable / disable
  12. [CLOSED]BasicForm.getFieldValues is missing
  13. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1339][B3] Chart tries to use undefined event on Store
  14. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1336][B3] Grid with 'grouping' feature & RowExpander doesn't work
  15. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1334][B3] Modal Windows + Form Field Qtip = Window shadow disappear
  16. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1337]Alias name with embedded . causes error in grid columns
  17. [B3] Combobox show Error Indicator on Select
  18. [CLOSED]Unable to change chart axis title font
  19. [B3] Problems rendering form with HBOX layouts
  20. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1393]Ext JS 4.0 Beta 3, Pie Chart with 0 values
  21. [CLOSED]Ext JS 4.0 Beta 3, Model Registration fails
  22. [CLOSED][B3] Button tooltip config doen't work
  23. [B3] Ext.grid.plugin.DragDrop beforedrop event
  24. [CLOSED][B3] Form autoScroll: true doesn't resize child fieldSets
  25. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1550] [B3] Another Layout/Grid Issue
  26. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1447][B3] Ext.form.action.DirectLoad success callback is called twice
  27. [CLOSED]Bug with Ext.ModelManager.registerType when using 'location' as name
  28. [INFOREQ] BufferStore sychronization issues Beta3
  29. [CLOSED EXTJSIV-1380] requires: [] config option doesn't support wildcards
  30. Application can't load controllers from /controller/ subdirectories
  31. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1396][B3] Grid actioncolumn getClass function metaData parameter unused
  32. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1446]Duplicate core sources in the distribution?
  33. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1395]Ext.tree.Panel doesn't declare required classes
  34. [CLOSED][B3] Portal demo - Arrow for collapsing disappears after a drag-n-drop
  35. [4 B3] Drag drop problem with intersect method of Ext.util.Region
  36. [CLOSED][EXTJS4 BETA3] firebug 1.7 (FF4) not show sync loaded scripts
  37. Panel Header polishing (B3)
  38. [DUP] [B3] DatePicker styling issue
  39. [B3] Charts: programmatically show / hide series
  40. [CLOSED]three comboboxes results in lots of errors [B3]
  41. [B3] Chart line-series at wrong position (y-axis)
  42. [CLOSED] [B3] Bound components bound to stores should relay beforeload, load events
  43. [CLOSED]borders appear where they should not (B3)
  44. ComboBox doesn't display a value if store loads after record
  45. [CLOSED][B3] RowEditor param bug
  46. [B3] Adv. StatusBar
  47. [CLOSED][B3] Ext.tree.Panel controller not listening to itemclick
  48. [B3] Thank you!
  49. [CLOSED][B3] styleHtmlContent applies to whole page
  50. [OPEN][4.0.1] Accordion panel fails to show/expand under load
  51. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1440]Rest Proxy not working with the api config?
  52. [B3] Stroke Dasharray in VML
  53. [CLOSED][DUP] TabPanel activeTab problems
  54. Is this a bug : overCls do not effect in Ext.button.Button ?
  55. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1458][B3] Ext.form.field.File cannot be set disabled in its config
  56. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1457] Ext.Function.createBuffered() ignores scope
  57. [OPEN] [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1503][B3] Grid layout is broken on IE with lines of different height
  58. [INFOREQ]Ext JS 4.0 Beta 3, Chart added event
  59. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1621] SVG.createSVGElement() - camel case guideline not followed
  60. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1482][B3] Ext.draw.CompositeSprite.setStyle() bug
  61. [OPEN] [EXTJSIV-1761] ux. .grid.FiltersFeature broken for remote filtering
  62. [FIXED] [ExtJS 4.0B3] Vertical Scroll Becomes Useless in Grid Panel (w/ video)
  63. Ext.draw.Color - TODO: find a more elegant way of copying...
  64. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1502][B3] CompositeSprite - remove unneeded param in hide() and show()
  65. [CLOSED][Beta 4] setText() duplicating classes
  66. [B3] Duplicated Grid Classes.
  67. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1794]Treepanel crashes when rootVisible is false
  68. [B3 API] Ext.panel.Panel -> header
  69. [B3] Ext.panel.Panel -> headerBorders
  70. [B3] HeaderContainer Configs are Ignored
  71. [B3] Specifying autoEl as string is not supported
  72. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-590][B3] Scatter chart doesn't render data with 'Time' X axis
  73. Table layout example seems to expose issues with component layout (EXTJS v4.x BETA3 )
  74. Ext.draw.Surface - groups should be MixedCollection?
  75. [B3]Ext.chart.Chart 's bar bottom render's bug
  76. [B3] Button Fill position alignment / spread is wrong
  77. [B3] Scatter chart doesn't support series with several points having same x value
  78. [B3] collapsed panel shows artefact
  79. [B3] ComboBox : Ext.AbstractDataView error on bindStore
  80. [FIXED][B3 API] Ext.Date -> add()
  81. Models don't know how to validate numeric types
  82. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1636][B3 API] Ext.form.field.Time -> view source
  83. [INFOREQ]api assignment in AjaxProxy
  84. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1636][B3 API] Ext.slider.Tip -> view source
  85. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1619][b3] Ext.slider.Tip -> getText()
  86. Filters set on a Store using Ext.define are lost
  87. [B3 API] Ext.grid.header.*
  88. Border Layout BUG.
  89. [OPEN] [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1654] Initializing QuickTips on Frameset-Only page breaks
  90. [B3] Ext.grid.RowNumberer and forceFit -> no more fixed config?
  91. [CLOSED]css issue
  92. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1645] Grid and Form. Can't save second time.
  93. FIXED-EXTJSIV-1650] Calling enable on container isn't enabling child components
  94. [CLOSED]Ext.grid.column.Template {#} always gives 1
  95. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1814]Tab and beforeclose
  96. [Closed] grid clearSelections is not clearing the selections
  97. [B3] Ext.panel.Panel -> setTitle() inside a TabPanel
  98. [B3 API] Ext.grid.Panel -> selType / selModel
  99. [Beta3] Forms and Toolbars
  100. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1767][B3]ActionColumn bug and issues
  101. [CLOSED][B3] Ext.Dataview.getRecords typo
  102. [CLOSED-EXTJSIV-1836][B3] Files referenced in default CSS not in package.
  103. [FIXED] ComboBox readOnlyCls
  104. Grid shows only one grouper
  105. [INFOREQ] itemexpand event fires BEFORE expand
  106. [CLOSED]Images folder not in ext-4.0.0-gpl.zip package...
  107. [CLOSED]insufficient error message in Ext.decode
  108. [suggest] name convention
  109. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1760] Making columns of a grid not resizable
  110. [OPEN] [EXTJSIV-1762] [4.0] Error when destroying grid using Editing feature
  111. [FIXED] [Ext 4][B3] Ext.draw.Component - click event fires twice
  112. [Ext 4] Ext.draw.Component - add defaults for items
  113. [CLOSED] MVC appFolder path
  114. [CLOSED][4.0.0] Header layout broken
  115. [CLOSED][DUP]Tab Panel Icons cut off in example
  116. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1835]minWidth for grid columns does not work
  117. [Ext 4] Ext.draw.Component - click event won't fire unless fill provided
  118. [OPEN] SenchaSDKTools-1.0 on CentOS 5.6
  119. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1287][4.0.0] MessageBox display truncation
  120. [OPEN] [EXTJSIV-1758] [4.0.0] Checkbox field broken with RowEditing plugin
  121. Change locale filename
  122. [OPEN] [EXTJSIV-1758] Checkbox field reports incorrect value
  123. [OPEN] [CLOSED]Error when JSON format is invalid
  124. [CLOSED]Disappearing Toolbar & Moving Collapse Buttons
  125. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-2095]Missing tip-bg.gif from resources dir EXT 4.0.0 COM
  126. [OPEN] [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1770]Weird graph behaviour
  127. [OPEN] [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1769][4] Ext.draw - can't create draggable sprite
  128. [OPEN] [CLOSED]'reader is undefined' when showing a window more than twice
  129. [CLOSED]Ext JS 3 & 4 on one page example
  130. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1766][4.0.0] Ext.Img breaks all rendering in IE8
  131. [CLOSED-EXTJSIV-1765][4.0.0] Barchart with numeric axis still renders wrong
  132. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1729][4.0.0] Ext.tab.Panel -> CSS issues
  133. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1771]deselect is not fired when the selection mode is 'MULTI'
  134. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1778]PropertyGrid: event 'mousewheel' is not a recognized event
  135. [FIXED] why the gridscroller didn't destroy when the grid destroyed
  136. [CLOSED][DUP][4.0] RowEditing bug && feature
  137. [CLOSED][4.0] For layout.container.Table need class for last row and last col
  138. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1838]Ext.form.field.Checkbox bug
  139. [CLOSED][DUP][4.0] CheckboxModel missing alias && auto load custom plugin
  140. [CLOSED][DUP]Ext.define should raise an Error when extending an unknown class
  141. [INFOREQ][4.0.0] Loadmask message and modal window z-index issue
  142. [CLOSED][4.0.0] Combo field as editor in grid, displayField and valueField problem
  143. [Closed-Dup] Initially collapsed panel, after expand do not show content correctly
  144. [CLOSED][4.0.0] Huge memory leak(s)
  145. GridEditor paging
  146. [4 beta 3] Initially collapsed panel under borderlayout do not show content on expand
  147. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1837]Ext 4 Examples are not accessible from IE9, meta tag not work
  148. [CLOSED][4.0.0] ComboBox editing
  149. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1839][4.0.0] Regression - collapsed Fieldsets
  150. [INFOREQ]Dragging of a Window in a Panel at a Viewport results in wrong positions.
  151. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1779]tab still change for return false
  152. [4.0.0] Ext.draw.Surface.add() - wrong return value when adding multiple sprites
  153. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1780]Closing a panel of a border layout with large grid ERROR
  154. [4.0.0] Images (IE) generated using recompiled version of ext-all.css break css in ie
  155. [CLOSED] Why toolbar in 4 beta was above tabbar in tabpanel, but in 4 it`s under?
  156. [CLOSED][4.0.0] proxy.Server does not allow you to change params
  157. [4.0.0] Ext.panel.Table missing declaring [uses] Ext.grid.header.Container
  158. [CLOSED][4.0.0] proxy.Direct.doRequest's odd dealing with params
  159. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1789][4.0.0] Cannot edit cells after grid reconfigure
  160. [4.0.0] buffered store
  161. [4.0.0] Category axis labels for config.fields.length > 1 (Patch/override included)
  162. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1787][4.0.0] Initially collapsed panels layout problems
  163. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1786][4.0.0] setting href value to button appends '?undefined' to link
  164. [OPEN] [4.0.0] Cellediting on TreeGrid
  165. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1776][4.0.0] Defining a model twice
  166. [OPEN] [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1825] Customizing buttons only works for default state
  167. [OPEN EXTJSIV-2492] 4.0.0 - No "metachange" event on Reader?
  168. [CLOSED][DUP][4.0.0] Grid components clean-up?
  169. [OPEN] [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1869]Alignment of the displayfield label and the displayfield
  170. [4.x] Serious performance issues under IE 8
  171. [FIXED] "overHeader.isOnLeftEdge is not a function" after calling grid.reconfigure()
  172. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1785]Ext.require wildcards failing with ext.js
  173. [4.0] Ext.draw.CompositeSprite does not return event object onClick
  174. No mousewheel in grouped grid?
  175. [INFOREQ][4.0.0] Grid Panel setLoading exception
  176. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1784][4.0.0] Ext.global.console null or not an object
  177. [CLOSED] combobox picker problem when matchFieldWidth:false
  178. [SOLVED] Ext.Ajax.method = 'POST' works only partially
  179. [CLOSED] Chart serie tips width not calculated automatically
  180. [FIXED] [4.0.0] Charts - grouped column series tip
  181. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1781][4.0.0] ComboBox layout issue when component moved
  182. 4.0 Weird positioning of points in Scatter Chart
  183. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1783][4.0.0] Ext.Util.Animate.stopAnimation() does not return eLEMENT
  184. [Final] FilterFeature example needs to conform to store parameter encoding
  185. [CLOSED]singleExpand does not work for the TreePanel
  186. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1788]CellEditing not passing new value in the onEditComplete function
  187. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1818][4.0.0] record.destroy() callbacks not executed
  188. [FIXED] [EXTJSIV-2532] Store does not consistently pass event parameters to beforeload
  189. [Final] GridPanel forceFit slow
  190. [CLOSED-EXTJSIV-1841] $panel-border-radius don't work
  191. [CLOSED][4.0.0] Store getUpdatedRecords() does not return modified records
  192. [CLOSED][DUP]Error after close window with grid.plugin.CellEditing
  193. [CLOSED][DUP-EXTJSIV-2470]combobox dont requery on pagination
  194. Ext.draw.Surface.removeAll() does not remove groups
  195. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1793]Sandbox version can collide with ids used with other versions
  196. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1792]Window's preventHeader configOption causes failure
  197. [OPEN] [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1791]AbstractContainer cardswitch not implemented
  198. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1790][4.0.0] Observable should not fail on removeListener
  199. [CLOSED][4.0.0] Ext.data.Store -> setExtraParams() + config
  200. [4.0.0] examples/app/simple with multiple instances
  201. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1795]remove Action BUG
  202. [CLOSED]Ext.util.History and unable to hook-up change event
  203. Virtual grid scroll bar does not update on sort direction change
  204. [4.0.0] Disable/Enable Grid grouping feature while groupingmenu disabled
  205. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1842] 2 Bugs in _btn.scss
  206. [4.0.0]menu& loader+conditional rendering
  207. [CLOSED][4.0.0] Ext.AbstractComponent.getPlugin() issue?
  208. TreePanel: callback beforeselect and beforeitemclick do not work like in V3
  209. [4.0] Grid store insert records leads to full refresh
  210. [4.0] Locking Grid Vertical Scroller looks weird after adding records
  211. [4.0.0] Charts: themes & legends
  212. [4.0] Extra semi-colon in grid table cell style definition
  213. [4.0] Grid events not relayed for Locking Grid Panel
  214. Menu & menuExpandDelay
  215. [CLOSED][4.0.0] getter retuning void
  216. [OPEN] [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1822][4.0.0] Ext.draw.CompositeSprite.setAttributes not effective
  217. [FIXED] [EXTJSIV-1821]Ext.grid.column.Column events not work
  218. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1817][4.0] Unused code in Ext.util.Sortable
  219. [CLOSED]AjaxProxy & "listful" Json Writer
  220. [CLOSED][DUP][4.0.0] beforeselect Event in Grid is never fired
  221. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1816][4.0] Grid column doesn't read 'resizable' config
  222. [OPEN] [EXTJSIV-1803]SDKTools "could not open the pipe"
  223. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1813]Grouping issues
  224. [CLOSED]Ext.draw.Component - can't add sprite dynamically
  225. [OPEN] [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1812]beforeselect event on grid panel does not fire.
  226. [FIXED] [OPEN] [EXTJSIV-1954] How do I make a tree panel scroll?
  227. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1811]Legend Hide/Show Bug with Grouped Bar Chart
  228. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1798][4.0] Ext.core.Element.serializeForm trying to call String.format
  229. [CLOSED]form upload submit bug when server response 500 error
  230. [CLOSED]Ext.Loader tries to load state/Manager.js instead of direct/Manager.js
  231. [CLOSED-EXTJSIV-1810][4.0] Unlocked columns don't align properly in IE9 + Quirks
  232. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-2100][4.0.0] emptyText property of textarea is presented in black
  233. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1809][4.0.0] Double quotes in fieldvalues of forms with standardSubmit
  234. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1808][4.0.0] Ext.draw.Component setViewBox doesn't work in VML
  235. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1805]Grid selection model
  236. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1804]Ext.ComponentQuery xtype
  237. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1806]Dragging deselects all rows
  238. [FIXED-EXTJSIV-1807][4.0.0] Ext.app.Application -> controllers config
  239. [CLOSED]tooltip cannot have a width larger than 300
  240. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1802]Editing cell float above the grid view when scroll in FF
  241. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1801][4.0.0] Border Management
  242. [INFOREQ][4.0.0] Ext.panel.Panel -> animCollapse
  243. [INFOREQ]Problems using sandbox for ext3/ext4 compatibility
  244. [OPEN EXTJSIV-2541] Stores using implicit models initialized via metaData broken
  245. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1820]TriggerField should have x-form-text class
  246. [4.0.0] Borderless tree panel shows top line
  247. MVC - reference to the viewport?
  248. [OPEN-EXTJSIV-1819][4.0.0] Grid collapsed rendering bug
  249. [INFOREQ]Bug in RowEditor plugin with non editable numberfield
  250. [CLOSED]Grid RowSelectionModel Select All Rows command