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  1. [OPEN] ComponentQuery.query() with a "root" (or "down) does not work with MultiSelect
  2. [FIXED] Status of bug EXTJS-15366
  3. Combobox boundlist loses alignment on scroll
  4. [FIXED] mzPivotGrid sort order bug?
  5. [OPEN] Ext.form.field.HtmlEditor - text align problem (Ext. 4.2.2, Ext 5.0.1)
  6. [OPEN] Remove tabIndex in Button disable causes selection bug in Chrome
  7. [OPEN] [BUG] Ext.data.validations.emailRe doesn't handle apostrophe
  8. [OPEN] [4.2.3] Bug in NodeInterface.removeAll(true)
  9. Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing focus issue
  10. EstJs 4.2.1 - RowExpander + Row Background Color do not play nice with grid selection
  11. [OPEN] ComboBox TypeAhead incorrect behaviour
  12. [OPEN] CellEditing plugin changes row selection in editable grids
  13. selectOnFocus for an editable grid cell does not work in ExtJS 4.2.3
  14. [FIXED] incorrect mask if dragging win while another modal win popup
  15. [OPEN] Submenus disappear in Chrome 43 beta
  16. [CLOSED] ExtJS 4.2.0 gridpanel inside viewport rendering extra column
  17. [NOREPRO] ExtJS4.2.3 Ext.data.Store.updateGroupsOnUpdate fails when filtered-away row modified
  18. [FIXED] ExtJS 4.2.3 Tree grid view bug when sorting children of a collapsed node
  19. Date control is not displaying correctly year and month when zoom level changes
  20. Charts fail to load on Chrome 43 with
  21. [CLOSED] Bug with Ext.draw.Text
  22. [NOREPRO] setReadOnly resize error (Chrome 43)
  23. [OPEN] ExtJS RTL: The Column headers row is not horizontally synched with the table
  24. Event "painted" not work - (Chrome 43)
  25. [FIXED] Chrome 43 Comboboxes are too short.
  26. [OPEN] [ExtJS 4.2.3] Drag'n'drop in a grid and invalid zone.
  27. Chrome: Grid, columns-flyout disapears on hover
  28. [NOREPRO] Radios in a RadioGroup remains available in form once RadioGroup was removed.
  29. How to report a bug
  30. Line chart is not rendering large data points correctly
  31. [INFOREQ] setClosable fails on IE8
  32. Documentaion Error
  33. [INFOREQ] Ext.Button with Ext.menu problem IE9
  34. Incorrect displaying grouping summary row in grid
  35. Border layout center panel is not working on collapse
  36. Standard Alert Message text cutoff in IE11
  37. [4.2.3] Grid not emitting boxready event
  38. [4.2.3] Added items to combobox store not shown
  39. [CMD+ExtJS] Problem with Charts only in build
  40. [NOREPRO] IE-9 Using Ctrl - (Control Minus) causes UI to freeze
  41. Issues observed frequently in charts
  42. [CLOSED] grid.columns is returning empty array if columns are added to grid using reconfigure
  43. Retaining invalid value in editable grid
  44. Paging Toolbar doesn't work with buffered renderer in ExtJS 4.2.4
  45. [CLOSED] Looking for solution to bug with row editor and locked grids
  46. Memory Leak issue in IE browsers for Extjs4.2x
  47. [OPEN] Ext.util.MixedCollection sort leftovers ($extCollectionIndex property)
  48. Number round ups for no reason for numberfieldin IE8
  49. menucheckitem's checkBox missing in column layout
  50. [OPEN] vbox layout doesn't render dynamically added resizable textarea properly.
  51. [OPEN] Combo in window - text cursor disappear when "This field is required" message appears
  52. Ext.chart.series.Cartesian wrong bounds for Bar Chart
  53. form.submit does not send headers
  54. 4.2.4 Ext.resizer.ResizeTracker has no getResizeTarget method
  55. TabItemConfig.update is not working while obtaining the TabItemConfig from VLC
  56. [CLOSED] Text-overflow issue in grid column with html content. IE 10
  57. Extjs buffered store loads all new added items
  58. Grid problem
  59. [OPEN] Expanding group problem.
  60. [CLOSED] Ext.Array.insert BUG/ Throws exception
  61. [OPEN] Tab Visual Issue
  62. Grid with locked column and layout 'fit' makes split grid
  63. Browser Compatibility Issue...... IE9 Vs Chrome 46.xxx
  64. [DUP] Browser Compatibility Issue...... IE9 Vs Chrome 46.xxx
  65. [OPEN] Ext.form.field.HtmlEditor - Change font-size for list-item
  66. Memory Leak issue in IE11 using ExtJS 4.2.1
  67. Ext.clone() Returns null in Safari 5.1.7 Windows Version
  68. Calendar fields on mobile briefly display keyboard before displaying datepick
  69. Type invalid character in Number form field in IE11
  70. ExtJs 4.2.3, 4.2.4 tree buffered renderer scroll bug
  71. Bufferedrenderer grid Issues
  72. [FIXED] Bufferedrenderer grid dont update headers sort state extjs 4.2.4, 4.2.5
  73. [OPEN] Ext 4.1, 4.2 group for number field error
  74. Ext.Number.toFixed is not stable
  75. BufferedRender + Locked Column + VariableRowHeight problem
  76. [CLOSED] Refresh event is fired thrice when reconfigure is called
  77. [OPEN] [ExtJS4.2.5] [Window] Extend Window with own Window class and modal have z-index prob
  78. SVGElement.offsetParent
  79. [FIXED] Selected rows in grid after reload store
  80. Unexpected data in the combobox after filtering store
  81. setting default value to xtype of combo inside grid having issues
  82. [NOREPRO] Grid with large no. of columns issue in IE.
  83. [INFOREQ] Font colour is not wotking correctly in INTERNET EXPLORER TEXT EDITOR
  84. Column chart multiple series legend color issue
  85. [INFOREQ] Problem with focus/blur in loop
  86. [OPEN] Normal grid scrolling is very slow after sew smooth scrolling feature in chrome
  87. [INFOREQ] ExtJs Grid groups will be automatically expanded if "filter" is cleared.
  88. [FIXED] Card Layout making the parent container scroll to top
  89. Problem visual grid / combobox
  90. Column sorting break on hitting ENTER Key in column inner item
  91. Cell Editor Issue in IE11
  92. ExtJS Charts Legend Position error
  93. Locked columns height issue
  94. textfield with input type as password shows dots instead of emptyText in IE9.
  95. Error calling new Ext.data.Model()
  96. When an array value is set to dropdown fieldLabel it is giving a runtime error
  97. [INFOREQ] [Ext 4.2.5] LoadingMask and Ext.tab.Panel
  98. ExtJS 4.2 tooltip bug - Weird mouse hover-over messages are displayed randomly
  99. [INFOREQ] Right-side grid works incorrectly when locked tree node are collapsed
  100. [INFOREQ] ComboBox dropdown list cut off on first click
  101. Ext.isChrome return true for Opera, is it normal?
  102. Panel not expanding-collapsing when item grid panel have headerCt is hidden
  103. Extjs 4.1 table layout issue
  104. [INFOREQ] Message box button Disappear issue.
  105. IE11 - Exception with createStyleSheet
  106. Layout hangs in chrome! (fiddle included)
  107. [INFOREQ] Grid Panel table duplicating rows on display
  108. Tooltip cuts off content in Edge browser - ExtJS 4.2.1
  109. [Ext 4.2.5] [Ext 4.2.6] Disabled button does not display tooltip
  111. Ext 4.2.1 Ext.Loader generate wrong path for diff app names
  112. Ext.form.field.Date validate problem
  113. [INFOREQ] sorting problem on Ext.grid.column.Column -> sort without direction [ExtJS 4.2.5]
  114. ExtJs 6.2.0 - Grid with cellEdit plugin misaligns Rows with Header
  115. Edge "SCRIPT3: Member not found" on create Ext.data.Store
  116. Extjs Locked Grid Mouse wheel scrolling issue
  117. Combo's panel disappear after lost focus
  118. Extjs support needed
  119. [OPEN] Syntax error in createEdgePicker()
  120. Clicking panel bar (body) does not trigger expand event listener
  121. itemmouseleave event is not getting called if we move cursor quickly on treepanel
  122. STORE Bugs in chrome
  123. editable false combo box not expanding on single click
  124. Multisorting not working in locked grid panel
  125. [4.2.0] Store not populating Grid but data returned
  126. [ERR] Index: 1, Size: 1 [ERR] A crash log is available in the file "sencha-error-2017
  127. Ext.form.field.Date and Linux+ Firefox before 57 version a bug in any version of ExtJ
  128. Problems with target in tooltip when i use IE11
  129. Date unrecognized from Data Builder UI genered by Json format
  130. Overlapping UI Components in Chrome