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  1. [CLOSED] Stateful grids buggy with nested columns
  2. [FIXED] Ext.get() throws errors if the element has the same id as a recently removed element
  3. Toturi
  4. Component.setVisible() has no when not rendered yet
  5. [CLOSED] Grid with explicit column headers height doesn't sync column header's with
  6. Collapsible panel in borderlayout without center region does not trigger expand event
  7. Node MetaData doesn't update correctly when node operation occured
  8. ExtJS 4.2.x Menu Items (extra space before menu items)
  9. Messagebox in IE11 - <br> tag causes wrapping and text cut off
  10. [FIXED] Display field's body element should have vertical-align:top
  11. [4.2.1] Ext.onReady won't be called in all-classes.js
  12. [ext-][cmd-] Layer doesn't hide properly for packaged apps
  13. Column layout of Grid gets broken when using itemId in column definition
  14. [CLOSED] getNodeContainerSelector() bug
  15. [DUP] [4.2.2] Viewport Window Alignment Issue (North Border).
  16. [FIXED] Undefined width and height in boxready event
  17. Grid column resize behavior with last column !resizable
  18. Ext.tree.Panel collapse node broken in 4.2.x works in 4.1
  19. [CLOSED] File Input in Chrome not fully clickable when button only
  20. [4.2.2] store Cannot read property 'buffered' of undefined
  21. [FIXED] Destroying a filtered store
  22. Tree panel duplicates child nodes of a manually appended node
  23. [OPEN] Error in opening column header menu for Stateful Grid Grouping & Filter Features
  24. Calculating height of textarea with autoGrow set to true is wrong
  25. [CLOSED] Columns in grid not resizing when i resize header
  26. Memory Leak on extjs 4.21 using IE11
  27. [OPEN] Ext.menu.Menu DefaultType is ignored
  28. column layout placed vertically instead of horizontally with summary columns width =1
  29. Grid grouping collapse not working after grid reconfigure
  30. [4.2.1] When a combobox has a filter applied, and enableRegex, enableRegex is broken
  31. [OPEN] stores property of model not set before calling convert function of fields v4.2.1.833
  32. Ext JS 4.2 Window goes off screen in firefox on restore.
  33. Classic Theme and extjs-dev.js
  34. [OPEN] Documentation: Ext.selection.Model.getLastFocused() should be public
  35. [OPEN] [4.x.x] Ext.slider.Multi click causes scroll in Internet explorer
  36. [FIXED] Restaurants store - storeId typos
  37. FIle upload button not work in chrome 35
  38. Panel >> titleCollapse >> collapseDirection = right ::: Expansion bug
  39. Charts does not paint properly when both negative and positive values are in store
  40. [OPEN] Cannot focus filter text field in column header
  41. [OPEN] Ext.selection.Model loses selection on page change [4.2.3]
  42. Issue with x axis labels when using line chart with column chart
  43. [DUP] Stateful Grid with Grouped Headers: Sub Header Restore Problem
  44. [OPEN] Field never show after hidden
  45. [OPEN] VBox height issue with vertical scrollbar
  46. Provide silent flag for commitChanges and rejectChanges on Ext.data.Store
  47. [FIXED] DataSimlet has unreachable code in getData
  48. Ext.resizer.Resizer's resizedrag event can't be stopped
  49. ExtJS 4.2 : Can't add space in textfield inside Grid Panel
  50. Layout of a grid fails when parent and children columns hidden property doesn't match
  51. [FIXED] Japanese locale file improvements
  52. [NOREPRO] LruCache Prunes Records After Add
  53. show/hide issue with grid columns
  54. Issues on moving columns in Grouped Header Grid
  55. 4.2.1 Accordion layout bug inside TabPanel
  56. rowAttr is not resetted for other instances of Grids/Trees
  57. view.refreshNode messes up 'data-recordIndex' attribute
  58. [OPEN] Column-state not correctly saved
  59. Ext.window.MessageBox not destroying on yes
  60. [OPEN] Can't drop after scroll in ExtJs 4.2.2 GA
  61. Lazy Loading Associations demo broken
  62. [FIXED] window constrain with insets
  63. [NOREPRO] Listeners not firing for store after loadData()
  64. Data Store loadData method does not seem to fire load event
  65. [OPEN] BufferedRenderer with grid and features
  66. [NOREPRO] Grid header gets out of sync with table rows when using cell editor in IE8
  67. [FIXED] Selected records are unbound of store after store is refreshed
  68. Loading Mask is not display in IE 11 With ExtJs 5
  69. Combobox not autoscrolling to selected item when using listConfig itemTpl
  70. [OPEN] [ExtJS4.2.2] [Panel] Collapse/Expand function does not work
  71. [OPEN] Scatter charts markerConfig is ignored as of 4.2.2
  72. Grid Filters does not work correctly in Extjs 4.2.2. It worked in 4.0.0
  73. [OPEN] grouped header hide/unhide problem in a stateful grid
  74. [ Grouped store ] Incorrect group information after updating groupField of a record
  75. [INFOREQ] store.sync call back does not work on running it second time
  76. [OPEN] [4.2.1] Hidden & disabled file field submit blank data
  77. Action coloumn is not working in grid
  78. Action coloumn is not working for single click
  79. new Ext.tree.TreeLoader object doesn't support this action
  80. [Ext 4.2.3] sortState is not set in Ext.grid.column.Column
  81. On click outside of checkbox, checkbox is getting checked and unchecked
  82. [4.2.3] TreePanel - 'loaded: true' on node = children nodes are not displayed
  83. [OPEN] Issue with Desc Order Grouping on numeric field
  84. [OPEN] Panel re-size not working in 4.2
  85. beforedrop listener on tree doesn't work reliably, ext-
  86. [Ext 4.2.3] Ext.grid.column.Column initComponent defaultRenderer scope
  87. [OPEN] ExtJS Desktop Issue on IE
  88. [OPEN] 'resizedrag' not fired (reported and fixed in Ext 5)
  89. [DUP] Collapsed fieldset in vbox
  90. Race condition on creating inhereted associations
  91. Extjs validation error shows something like: <ul><li>error message<li><ul>
  92. Ext.util.Filter?Do not use regular expressions
  93. [OPEN] Ext.form.RadioGroup - markInvalid() - no visual of group being invalid
  94. [4.2.3] CellEditor in propertygrid misses field.column reference
  95. [FIXED] Issues with stateful grid on grouping
  96. Ajax Form Submitting Failure Using Chrome
  97. ExtJS 4.2.2 wih IE 9 - Bulk remove on buffered rendered grid.
  98. resizer bug
  99. [OPEN] [Ext 4.2.3] Decimal separator for Polish language
  100. [4.2.3] Closing formpanel while loading causes javascript error
  101. How do I add records and sort a buffered grid without the scrolling breaking?
  102. doSelect calls doSingleSelect with an empty array instead of null
  103. [FIXED] Collapsible Panel is expanding with a weird animation
  104. [FIXED] [4.2.3] PropertyGrid breaks when clearing source
  105. List Menu filtering not working with store.loadRawData
  106. [OPEN] Checkbox group has wrong visible height
  107. Ext.isIE9m holds in IE11
  108. [OPEN] Ext.ux.BoxReorderer on Accordion in Container with fixed height and autoScroll
  109. [OPEN] [Ext 4.2] Label alignment issue on Category Axis
  110. Tagfield loses selection on drag&drop
  111. [DUP] [4.2.3] Datefield picker closes on month or year selection
  112. [OPEN] Animation on DataView not working
  113. [OPEN] Problem with Bubble Chart
  114. [OPEN] [4.2.2] Ext.MessageBox.prompt multiline problem
  115. Refresh error in table with bufferedrenderer in tabbed panel
  116. [OPEN] Cross-browser solution for custom HTML in displayfield
  117. [FIXED] [Docs] Italic documentation
  118. [OPEN] bordersplitter doesn't hide along with the panel when it is in collapsed state
  119. [OPEN] Exception after reconfiguring a tree panel which uses bufferedRenderer
  120. [FIXED] Issue with reconfigure method of Grid Panel
  121. [OPEN] [4.2.3] ActionColumn click event in controller not working
  122. roweditor hurd bug on change editor
  123. [OPEN] [4.2.2+] Grouping field update can lead group header to disappear
  124. [OPEN] ExtJS 4.2.1 grouping(summary) grid feature startCollapsed BUG with no groups
  125. [OPEN] Resize issue for grid floating over an iframe
  126. [OPEN] [4.2.3] Grid state not restoring properly
  127. [4.2.3] CellEditing : ClicksToEdit:1 Edits Two Records
  128. [OPEN] Grid data is not moving with Grid header while Tabbing through Grid Header items
  129. Style problem with grid headers on Internet Explorer 11
  130. grid drag and drop with multiSelect enabled make records unavalible
  131. [CLOSED] ExtJS 4.2.1 readOnly remote combobox can't have a value if forceSelection is enabled
  132. [OPEN] column are not displaying when i adjust the width of grid columns
  133. [OPEN] Grouping summary not updated after filter update
  134. [OPEN] Move focus from textfield to panel Tool icons
  135. [DUP] Incorrect images in gray theme for toolbar scroll (is classic blue style)
  136. [NOREPRO] store.clearFilter() and gridSelectionModel --- issue or by-design?
  137. [FIXED] Documentation bug in Ext.panel.Panel.onRemoved()
  138. [DUP] Documentation text format error after Ext.Component.defaultAlign
  139. [OPEN] TabPanel not able to click left arrow when it's too long
  140. buffered grid selectionModel problem
  141. [FIXED] Internet Explorer - Memory Leakage issue
  142. Loading Mask inside Floating Components
  143. calendar wrong behavior at January 2014
  144. CellEditing startEdit after adding new record to store
  145. sencha CDN down?
  146. On clicking textfield in header of columns then clicking row moves scrollbar to left
  147. [OPEN] splitter bug for grid with border layout
  148. [DUP] [All versions] Hiding & showing grouped header in stateful grid
  149. [FIXED] [4.2.3]Grouped grid remove all error
  150. [FIXED] Cors doesn't work in IE11
  151. [OPEN] cannot display a panel with top margin in IE7
  152. Neptune Theme - Space between panel title and body
  153. Grid persisting sortchange state
  154. [FIXED] [4.2.3] Cellediting. Values mysteriously moves to other cells
  155. [OPEN] ExtJS 4.2.2 tree root node is null second time use getRootNode().
  156. [FIXED] ExtJS 5 - Lookupreference issue with menus
  157. [OPEN] [4.2.3] DisplayField too big
  158. [CLOSED] Infinite loop in Ext.Date.clearTime()
  159. Ext.tree.Panel not reloading expanded nodes when store.load() is called
  160. [OPEN] Ext.grid.plugin.BufferedRenderer#scrollTo breaks tree
  161. [OPEN] Closing Tab(Window) which contains fields: beforeclose event fires before focusout
  162. [FIXED] Bug in grid column sizing with state provider
  163. combobox, textfield, button in toolbar. what is wrong?
  164. Ext.form.Panel doesn't appear with IE 9 & 10
  165. [OPEN] preserveScrollOnRefresh does not work with the bufferedrenderer plugin
  166. [FIXED] Ext 4.2.1 - wrong columnIndex sent to the celldblclick event listener: Ext.view.Table
  167. Bug: preserveScrollOnRefresh with Locked columns
  168. [OPEN] 4.2.3 Grid Grouping Summary alignment issue when using Row Expander
  169. [NOREPRO] ExtJS 4.2.3 memory leak on stateful Grid with sorters configured
  170. 4.2.1 Bug using "name" config with combobox in RowEditing plugin
  171. Grid's Grouping feature problem
  172. [OPEN] Grid combobox editor error when rebind store after picking value
  173. [DUP] [ExtJS 4.2.3] slideIn/slideOut not working properly
  174. [INFOREQ] Grid Selection Model and contextMenu
  175. Grid plugin gridviewdragdrop's containerScroll scrolling in the wrong direction
  176. odd bars in Ext.chart.Chart
  177. [DUP] [4.2.3] Calendar: unable to select month\year
  178. [FIXED] Modal window background does not resize with browser window
  179. [OPEN] sub-columns not sortable by default
  180. [NOREPRO] Rendering issue while card layout switching in IE 9
  181. [OPEN] Space pressed in grid cell editor fires first column action in first cell
  182. [FIXED] Datefield: cannot select year
  183. [FIXED] [4.1.0] - Random two click needed to select an option on a combo
  184. [FIXED] 4.2.3 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'isCollapsedPlaceholder' of undefined
  185. combobox.select(record) does not fire select event?
  186. Problem with DatePicker's month/year selector as of 4.2.3
  187. HTML injection attack against the grid row's TR id and dataRecordId attributes
  188. [OPEN] IE Horizontal Scroll Moves when Scrolling Vertically
  189. Missing images for ItemSelector
  190. [FIXED] Can't tab out of last editable cell in an editable grid
  191. [FIXED] ExtJS 4.2.3 Error in french translation
  192. [OPEN] [4.2.x] CellEditor: incorrect calculation width if cell has left-right padding
  193. 4.2.3 Bug in Editor.js : mix-up between Field and Base
  194. [CLOSED] Extjs Chart showing points beyond the min and max specified for axis
  195. [OPEN] Shift/Scroll issue in Safari & Chrome
  196. [NOREPRO] Leaving cell editor using TAB in grid with only ONE editable row causes problems
  197. Drag and drop over an Ext.ux.IFrame scrolled has an offset
  198. [DUP] 4.2.3 Tooltip location for a right bottom button
  199. The Bug of infinite scroll In IE8 (Version 4.2.3)
  200. Adding/modifying a store's field upon store instantiation.
  201. [INFOREQ] cookies.get bug
  202. [Ext 4.2.3] onStoreRefresh of Ext.selection.Model
  203. [INFOREQ] Date Field Bug for formats containing 'F' and month containing special characters
  204. [OPEN] ExtJs 4.2.3 Adding items to an opened menu on a floating parent
  205. [INFOREQ] Extjs textarea doesn't wrap correctly
  206. [DUP] selectOnFocus does not work on grid fields in Firefox when cellediting plugin is used
  207. [Ext 4.2.1] Dataview with "Dragselector" and "Draggable"
  208. Problems with bufferedrenderer and Ext.tree.Panel
  209. [OPEN] 4.2.3 BoundList Bug?
  210. button "menu" behaves differently when button is in buttongroup
  211. [INFOREQ] Cannot read property 'internalId' of undefined
  212. [CLOSED] Store 'remove()' function not working when passed a MixedCollection of records
  213. [FIXED] ExtJs 4.2.3 Column Resize Error
  214. [OPEN] bufferedrenderrer in ExtJS 4.2.3 seems to be broken
  215. [OPEN] Cell edition overlaped by location.hash to anchor
  216. [DUP] Typing space in cell grid editor will toggle checkbox column on same row
  217. Cell Editing problem in IE 11 (4.2.3)
  218. [OPEN] Can we have scrollbars for Ext.MessageBox.confirm?
  219. ExtJs 4.2.3 Performance issue on border layout : too many useless layouts
  220. [OPEN] ExtJS 4.2.3 Border layout with hidden collapsed panel : separator issue
  221. Internet Explorer 11 issue.
  222. [OPEN] selection model getLastSelected() after deselect
  223. [INFOREQ] I can't select item when i load my store
  224. [DUP] Documentation: 'sort' event of Store is not documented
  225. [FIXED] Maximize/Restore of constrained window moves up and left
  226. [OPEN] IE 11 issue
  227. On IE7 - Issue with sort arrow icon on grid.
  228. [OPEN] Maximized Window is not resized when regions are resized/collapsed
  229. Wrong Z-index of load mask after expand panel
  230. Collapse panel styling issue -duplicated panel title
  231. ExtJS 4.2.3 set a panel collapse animation direction
  232. [FIXED] LoadMask does not move with the target
  233. [OPEN] Ext.LoadMask lets TextField to be edited
  234. [CLOSED] [Ext 4.2.3] Flashing of entire grid after horizontal scrolling to right and select
  235. Ext.grid.feature.Summary not refreshing after data changes
  236. [OPEN] Floating panels in border layout go below a window
  237. [NOREPRO] Window with 'constrainHeader' stays above the container's bottom toolbar
  238. [FIXED] RowEditor isValid() method overwritten with boolean value
  239. Dynamc tree drag and drop, copy elements
  240. [INFOREQ] Ext.EventManager "beforeunload" - Issue on FF
  241. Series storeItem does not work for small charts
  242. [OPEN] RowEditor not scrolling when edited row on focus
  243. [DUP] [Extjs 4.2.3] Resizing columns of a big grid fail
  244. Ext.grid.plugin.BufferedRenderer treeview onRangeFetched error
  245. Winodow.print is printing only first page in IE11
  246. [OPEN] ExtJS 4.2.3: console error 'undefined is not a function' when querying objects
  247. Text in the disabled textfield can't be selected in Mozilla FF
  248. Ext JS doesn't cancel showTimer on the ToolTip when delayHide() is called
  249. [OPEN] Menu hover sometimes failed to open submenu
  250. [CLOSED] number formatting