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  1. [NOREPRO] docElement.scrollLeft & docElement.scrollTop bad check resulting in warnings
  2. 4.2.2 bufferedrender does not render correct data when grid features are used.
  3. Ext.loader() not loading dependencies in cmd generated app. TypeError
  4. [FIXED] Store.filterBy() and Store.filter() results differ
  5. Bug ExtJS 4.2.2. & IE8
  6. ext-4.2 grid scroll bug when row select or cell select or cell editor edit
  7. [FIXED] Ext 4.2.X Docs : Broken link in Drag & Drop guide.
  8. Ext.grid.feature.GroupStore should propagate idchanged event
  9. [CLOSED] RowEditing not rendering correctly in all browsers
  10. Attr.specified is deprecated. Its value is always true.
  11. [CLOSED] Ext.grid cellIndex does not match columns array
  12. [FIXED] Task Runner repeat doesn't work if args are also provided
  13. Ext.grid with summary feature: column lines don't match in neptune 4.2.1
  14. [FIXED] Sprite setText() method moving text upwards
  15. Treepanel afteritemexpand event is not working in Firefox.
  16. Ext 4.2.2 - Configured options for Ext.ux.grid.filter.ListFilter disappear
  17. [CLOSED] Invalid position of QuickTip
  18. [CLOSED] ExtJS 4.2.2 - feature - hide paging toolbar when there are no results
  19. Scrolling bounce back when scroll off the boundary on Chrome browser
  20. ExtJS 4.2.2 bug in onValidDrop inheritance calls
  21. [DUP] ExtJS 4.2.2 Ext.data.proxy.Direct doRequest must return request
  22. [OPEN] ExtJS Documentation in 4.2.2 SDK is 4.2.0
  23. [CLOSED] Getting trouble in IE9
  24. ExtJS 4.2.1 Nested grid in form panel's items incorrectly triggers form.isDirty
  25. [CLOSED] Sliding out a panel in border layout breaks editable grids
  26. [CLOSED] Text Sprite error when text contains consecutive new lines (\n)
  27. Can't reconfigure infinite grid when store.autoDestroy = true
  28. [OPEN] Problem in 'Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditing'
  29. Ext 4.2.2 / rowediting missbehave
  30. Ext.Element 'move' not in the docs
  31. [CLOSED] MyApp.getApplication() not working in 4.2.2 or 4.2.3-nighly
  32. [DUP] Problem with tab reordering
  33. Event life cycle varies for tree panel in Firefox (V 26.0) and Chrome (V 32.0.1700)
  34. Grid cell editing problem
  35. Incorrect behaviour using an editable grid with the rowbody feature enabled
  36. Bug in Ext.util.AbstractMixedCollection
  37. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] Ext.state.CookieProvider breaks for keys with semicolons
  38. [CLOSED] HasOne association is broken! HasOne and Belongs To associations have the same setter
  39. Label style values not applied to the left label of a radio button
  40. [CLOSED] using grouping feature without default groupfield in store
  41. [CLOSED] [4.2.2] Serious bugs with IE8/9 quirks mode
  42. [FIXED] Wrong thousands separator for Swedish locale
  43. [4.2] Bug with scrolling up in element whilst dragging
  44. [CLOSED] allowDeselect does not work with cellmodel
  45. [CLOSED] Bug when collapsing panel in border layout
  46. Ext.Object.merge includes prototypically inherited properties
  47. [CLOSED] Garbage collection when chart is destroyed that has "tips"
  48. [CLOSED] Ext.slider.Multi constrainThumbs bug?
  49. Ext.util.CSS.createStyleSheet fails in IE11.
  50. Button.scss: "null" is not a color for `mix'
  51. [CLOSED] Incompatible units: 'em' and 'px'.
  52. [CLOSED] TriggerWrapCls property is not being added to the combobox
  53. [CLOSED] Ext.view.DragZone getDragData returns selected record(s) from before click
  54. [CLOSED] Store filter doesn't seem to work (combobox example)
  55. [CLOSED] Ext.grid.feature.RowBody.rowBodyCls has wrong value
  56. [FIXED] Ext Direct (some) form submission broken in 4.2.3 pre-release
  57. Remote Combobox - Value is lost with multiple concurrent queries
  58. Error when applying remote filter to infinity grid
  59. [OPEN] Feature Request: Add xclass support in ComponentManager
  60. Grid load mask not displaying after calling grid.reconfigure (4.2.1)
  61. [FIXED] Hitting Enter key when cancel button of row editor is selected triggers a save
  62. Handling of tabchange event changes across versions, broken on 4.2.1-gpl(883)
  63. Ext.ux.grid.FiltersFeature with type:list and options as array is missing in 4.2.2
  64. There is some memory leak problem in IE9
  65. rowEditor focus not set when initial field is not focusable
  66. [OPEN] [ExtJS 4.2.1] MultiSelect and ItemSelector do not implement setReadOnly()
  67. Locking Grid Example not working on
  68. [OPEN] Ext 4.2.2 Loading HasMany assiciation is not working
  69. [Ext 4.1+] View doesn't honor sort on records add.
  70. [DUP] Missing localisation for Ext.data.validations messages
  71. BufferedRendererTableView runtime exception
  72. Ext JS 4.2.3 beta Ext.data.Store onPageMapClear defect
  73. method onBoxReady used in example but not documented in API docs
  74. ExtJS 4.2.1 - maskEl visibilityMode (Ext.dom.Element_fx override)
  75. Combobox: excerpt shown around last selection is broken on 4.2.1-gpl(883)
  76. [OPEN] PageMap error with multi select mode
  77. [CLOSED] [4.2.x] Ext.date.Picker nextCls has wrong value
  78. [CLOSED] CreateMenuConfig will delete all listeners
  79. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] Tree panel resizable: false column config ignored when using forceFit: true
  80. [CLOSED] Neptune scss var not overridable
  81. [CLOSED] Combobox picker item - word wrap depends on scrollbar?
  82. [CLOSED] Ext.Msg Title width
  83. [CLOSED] [4.2.2] Missing semicolon in Grouping.scss for classic theme
  84. Grouping grid cell click
  85. Ext.data.validations length bug
  86. [CLOSED] Radiogroup with boolean as inputValue
  87. Error updating the store GridPanel
  88. [CLOSED] ExtJS 4.2.2 - Grid state issue with multiple grids of the same type
  89. IE8 bug in bootstrap.js? 4.2, Architect 3 project
  90. EXT JS 4.2.2 HtmlEditor don't work IE10 on Windows 7
  91. [CLOSED] updating a record in a filtered store does not apply the filter to the updated record
  92. [CLOSED] [4.2] Store parameter in grouping grid renderer is grouping feature instead of store
  93. [OPEN] Using own association classes: Ext.data.association.Association.create too strict
  94. Column editor not created if column instantiated with "hidden : true"
  95. [4.2.2] TreePanel after load(Ajax) does not render child nodes as expanded
  96. Bug in FiltersFeature.js in ExtJS 4.2.1
  97. [CLOSED] Menu button does not regain focus when its menu is closed when inside of a window
  98. Attr.specified is deprecated warning
  99. GroupTabPanel: changing tab can not be aborted
  100. Enter key does not open row editor in 4.2.2
  101. Dynamic loader doesn't count for alternateClassName queried with wildcard
  102. ExtJs 4.2.2: File upload field has reset and dirtychange event bugs
  103. [CLOSED] resizable handles in Window
  104. Grouping Summary Bug
  105. [OPEN] Update Ext.LoadMask Example
  106. [CLOSED] Table inside table generated when using ext.grid.plugin.RowExpander plugin
  107. Grid getPlugin Issue
  108. 'override' with 'config' fails
  109. [CLOSED] Showing normalGrid columns causes both lockedGrid and normalGrid to have scrollbars
  110. [CLOSED] Bug: startCollapsed overridden after first processing of the store
  111. [OPEN] [4.2.x] Some German locale improvements
  112. [CLOSED] Text field focus issue
  113. Nested tabpanels
  114. grid autoscroll when zoom < 100 and locked columns (Chrome)
  115. Comboboxes' ajax proxies should cancel loading before starting a new ajax request
  116. Grid editorPlugin loses focus on Tab in IE8
  117. [INFOREQ] [4.2.x] Strange Focus/Blur - Button-Click-Handler Bug in IE
  118. [OPEN] Tab performance in IE
  119. [FIXED] DateField doesn't select today on SPACE
  120. [CLOSED] Layout run failed: Window with TableLayout and Grid without width
  121. [CLOSED] Cannot expand grouped rows in Ext.grid.Panel after sorting
  122. overflowY on grid doesn't apply to headers
  123. [CLOSED] TaskManager doesn't start when interval isn't specified
  124. [OPEN] Ext.is.Tablet and Ext.is.Phone bug
  125. [CLOSED] List Filter (local mode) in EXTJS4.2.1 not refreshed.
  126. problem masking at end of drag-and-drop
  127. [OPEN] Chart not re-sizing on legend toggle
  128. TreeStore.getById fails when using models with uuid
  129. [CLOSED] Tabbing through grid cells broken due to invalid position object column index
  130. Accordion doLayout is resetting the page scroll position
  131. [CLOSED] [BUG] Numberfield - Doesn't accept any alpha character except 'E'
  132. [CLOSED] CSS Bug: Internet Explorer 9 rendering collapsible text incorrectly
  133. HTML node insertBefore fails in grids in WIndows 8 native app
  134. [CLOSED] Ext.Msg is not scrollable with additional options (overflow, autoScroll)
  135. [CLOSED] Remove chart series bug
  136. Is that window bug?
  137. Outdated selection after grid store reload.
  138. [CLOSED] HasMany Association store not keeping totalCount
  139. [SOLVED] A huge bug in a grouped treepanel - itemdblclick passes the wrong record!!!
  140. [CLOSED] Problem selecting a legend item on a zoom chart
  141. [OPEN] Moving the window always selects defaultFocus component
  142. [CLOSED] Action Column Memory Leak on Firefox while polling grid store
  143. Field focus lost even though the field is still active
  144. [FIXED] RowEditing plugin with an editor that's a container no longer works in 4.2.1
  145. [FIXED] vbox layout not correctly rendering insert or add component
  146. Focus Manager - Focus Frame no longer visible on treeviews
  147. [OPEN] tooltip bug?
  148. Collapsing node in buffered tree result in rendering bug
  149. [FIXED] [4.2.x] Ext.tip.Tip is not a "tip": xtype is missing
  150. Some function don't work on firefox 28
  151. [FIXED] TreeStore datachanged is not fired when data is changed
  152. [FIXED] Grid momentum scrolling not working in Safari/Chrome
  153. Ext 4.2.2 collapsing field labels
  154. hideMode: "visibility" not working for toolbar items?
  155. localization breaks grid filters instantiation
  156. [] Not able to set seconds in timefield.
  157. actioncolumn tooltip added to wrong row
  158. Inverse colors in the graph - Page Analyzer
  159. [FIXED] Method getInitialConfig of Ext.Base is wrong?
  160. [CLOSED] [4.2.2] Bug with Tab Panel setActiveTab for Previously Disabled Tab
  161. [CLOSED] Dead code in Ext.dd.ScrollManager
  162. [CLOSED] Date menu not appearing on click
  163. Error with buffered grid when the number of elements is a multiple of the page size
  164. [FIXED] [4.2.x] RowEditing doesn't start if no editor defined on (dbl)clicked cell
  165. [FIXED] [4.2.x] RowEditing's editors misaligned if setEditor called onBeforeEdit
  166. Bug in Ext.data.reader.Reader extractData method
  167. [4.2.1] Grouping grid header has too large of width after hiding a column
  168. [CLOSED] Bug in values initialization of field's model
  169. EXtjs 4.2 Tree Node behaves bad
  170. Grouped grid wrong record given to select event handler
  171. Infinite Grid only 1 column locked Issues
  172. Error with buffered grid on Ext.tab.Panel
  173. [CLOSED] [4.2.2] MessageBox/Confirm UTF text broken window
  174. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] rowbody feature does not apply the class from the view
  175. [FIXED] Grid Column Header Menu not getting destroyed on Grid destroy
  176. [FIXED] Ext.Window with prevent header, tool not getting destroyed on window destroy
  177. [CLOSED] Bug in model.getProxy()
  178. [CLOSED] Hide Other Panel While Cell Editing reposition editor to wrong place
  179. [CLOSED] Draggable panel issues
  180. [CLOSED] [EXTJS 4.2.2]Combobox, setReadOnly will change editable status.
  181. [OPEN] [4.2.2] Grid column autoSize() results in cropped column title in Chrome
  182. [CLOSED] [4.2.2] Grid w/ rowexpander requires columns on reconfigure
  183. [4.2.2] State provider + summary plugin = Grid with misaligned columns
  184. Chrome 34 broke grid panel scroll bars?
  185. Gridpanel state saved incorrectly when grid is grouped by and sorted at same time
  186. [FIXED] ComboBox with panel picker no more movable
  187. [FIXED] LoadMask warning when closing a Tab
  188. [CLOSED] BuferedRender with shared store with hidden grid
  189. [CLOSED] ComponentQuery can't retrieve toolbar elements via itemId
  190. [CLOSED] Views depend on their owner component, but it is not available immediately
  191. api.submit can't be a string using Firefox in Ext.form.action.DirectSubmit
  192. [CLOSED] getTitle() in a class extended from Panel resets title to default
  193. localStorage proxy not working at all
  194. Ext.grid.feature.Grouping sets invalid DOM id
  195. Grouping error in ext-
  196. [CLOSED] 4.2.2 IE grid focus
  197. Text Sprite odd behaviour when implementing wordwrap: text partially disappears
  198. [FIXED] Roweditor column hide and reorder bug
  199. [OPEN] Grouping by Null Value is Broken 4.2.2
  200. Erroneous management of empty string cookies with IE <= 10
  201. [FIXED] Impossible to clear cookies with IE (Millennium Bug!)
  202. [FIXED] TypeError when editing previously hidden columns
  203. [OPEN] Unable to create inline treestore using alias
  204. [CLOSED] Timefield hideMode visibility
  205. [CLOSED] Small bug in Ext.util.getConstrainVector
  206. Could not find "Ext.getNamespace".
  207. [CLOSED] Checkbox and Radio buttons set disabled attribute when specifying readOnly
  208. [CLOSED] ExtJS 4.2.2 - Error when calling setBoxLabel() in an afterrender handler
  209. [FIXED] EventObject.hasModifier() returns undefined in chrome
  210. SVG Sprite Element Glitch: Ext bug or Chrome Problem?
  211. [CLOSED] row model should not steal ctrl+page-{up,down}
  212. Bug with treeviewdragdrop plugin. Scroll moves only to bottom when dragging to edges.
  213. Chart Series itemclick not working on firefox
  214. [CLOSED] Trying to add a grid row while editing a cell fails in IE and Opera.
  215. [CLOSED] Modal popup Ext.window.Window object in IE6 or IE7 renders behind the modal mask.
  216. ExtJS 4.2.2 shim layer on floating panel does not follow it when the panel is sliding
  217. [FIXED] Expand/Collapse (grouping) causing grid rows to go blank
  218. EXT 4.2.1: Component.setLoading("Message") mask does not follow component in Window
  219. [CLOSED] CRUD Store create called twice with sortOnDrop
  220. [OPEN] RowEditor does not load actioncolumn handler events if active
  221. ExtJS 4.2.2 UX List Filter options config not working
  222. BufferedRenderer+Grouping: On GroupCollapse, If few rows after, group repositions.
  223. [CLOSED] cell editing grid editor combo not expanding in IE
  224. Toolbar text margin missing '!default' stops theming
  225. [CLOSED] Unable to select newly added records in combo having sorters
  226. FF 30 beta logging warnings for Ext
  227. Clicking on down arrow in infinite scrolling grid throwing an error at some point
  228. Ext.ux.RowExpander doesn't show full word
  229. [OPEN] Wrong default date formats in en locale
  230. Ext js checkcolumn checkchange event returning wrong rowIndex
  231. [INFOREQ] ComboBox "select" event problem
  232. Grid selection model's lastFocused property returns undefined in Extjs 4.2.2
  233. Dataview with DragSelector loses Selector on refresh
  234. Ext.ux.GroupTabPanel and Ext.view.Table problem
  235. [FIXED] Ext JS 4.2.2 Documentation Bug in Ext.layout.container.Accordion
  236. [OPEN] extjs 4.2.2: grid cell tooltip is not work fully (works with 4.2.0)
  237. Pie Chart Label gets cut off
  238. [FIXED] collapseMode: 'mini' looks like malfunction
  239. [4.2.x/5-beta] TreePanel + BufferedRenderer = inconsistent display + errors
  240. [CLOSED] Paging toolbar bindStore() does not update numbers
  241. groupcollapse and groupexpand events never happen on grid with "locked" columns
  242. text field error message tooltip problem
  243. [CLOSED] store.isFiltered() always returns true with FiltersFeature?
  244. Ext.util.Filter and Ext.util.Sorter - root and operator bug
  245. [FIXED] Potential XSS attack on Ext.JSON.decode
  246. [OPEN] [4.2.2] Form field height incorrect with afterSubTpl, flex and layout vbox
  247. [ext-]BUG: Grid hidden columns and row editor
  248. [OPEN] Infinite Scrolling Grid: PageDown doesn't go beyond 1000 records
  249. [FIXED] Ext.data.Types.STRING and sorting
  250. [INFOREQ] ComboBox dynamically created store