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  1. [CLOSED] ExtJS 4 drag gesture bug after resize
  2. [FIXED] 4.2.1 - selection and events (e.g. itemclick) bug on grouped grids
  3. [FIXED] Ext - Sandbox getRowStyleTableEl
  4. [CLOSED] Code generator problems?
  5. [CLOSED] Specifying a 'maximum' value for 'axes' breaks line chart
  6. [FIXED] [4.1.3] Paging toolbar displays 0 of 0 when last row on last page disappears.
  7. [CLOSED] Sorting an Infinite Grid while Row Editing
  8. [CLOSED] Line Chart Highlight: how to only highlight markers while not line?
  9. [FIXED] Neptune theme has a tooltip background color that cannot be overridden
  10. [FIXED] [4.2.1 GA] TextArea rows doesn't work in IE7 because of isBorderBox
  11. [OPEN] [4.2.1 GA] ToolTip doesn't stretch to fit its title
  12. [CLOSED] Issue with Ext.state.CookieProvider. Column Lock/Unlock state not persist.
  13. [CLOSED] Update French translation
  14. [CLOSED] ExtJS 3 compatibility layer breaks creating of implicit models with ExtJS 4.2
  15. 4.2.1: Ext.Loader defaults enabled, even though docs say not enabled by default
  16. [FIXED] [] setEditor doesn't work for RowEditing plugin
  17. 4.2.1 RowWrap and RowBody features set the wrong colSpan when showing/hiding columns
  18. [OPEN] extjs4:2.1(GA) grid cell click return incorrect colIndex if there is hidden column
  19. Redirect loop when opening Ext docs
  20. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] TreeView doesn't pass nodes into its itemadd listener
  21. [OPEN] [4.2.1 GA] GridView preserveScrollOnRefresh doesn't work if any row is focused
  22. [DUP] [4.2.0] - [4.2.1] Ext.direct.RemotingProvider.queueTransaction bug
  23. [OPEN] Window with vbox layout: First setHeight() collapses width.
  24. [4.2.0] DateField format 'W' bug (or just a missconfig)
  25. [FIXED] 4.2.1: How to clear radiobutton values and submitting empty values?
  26. [CLOSED] Line serie is not reused after show/hide in legend
  27. [FIXED] [4.2.1 GA] ComboBox lose value with remote paging
  28. [FIXED] Bug with grouped grid headers and Ext.state.Manager
  29. [FIXED] CellEditing - bad position of a cell if only spaces in a text field in edit mode
  30. [FIXED] [4.2.1] undefined-over as Picker trigger overCls
  31. Extjs 4.2.1 PageMap error while applying beforeSelectedItemCls
  32. [4.2.1] x-body applied to body-tag overriding styles
  33. Incorrect condition in NodeCache's insert method
  34. EXTJS 4.2.1: lockingrrid + bufferedrenderer = async scrolling
  35. DatePicker not shown when collapsible Panel is opened via click on header
  36. [FIXED] [] ellipsis wont´t work on a treepanel treecolumn
  37. [OPEN] Group Tabs example - return to Dashboard
  38. [OPEN] RowEditing provides no BeforeEditing on a per field basis like CellEditing does
  39. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] Window inside TabPanel Issue
  40. [CLOSED] Controller fireEvent not always working
  41. [FIXED] ExtJS Chart labels misaligned
  42. [OPEN] grid column missing dividing line after DnD
  43. [FIXED] Ext.data.proxy.Ajax - minor code issues
  44. [INFOREQ] Constructor on Controller override not working
  45. [CLOSED] JsonStore url undefined error
  46. [FIXED] Time field dropdown selection not correct when setting with date object
  47. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] GridFilters activate and deactivate events issue
  48. [CLOSED] Ext.data.Store.add() not updating session storage
  49. [DUP] Customs cls are having prefix added to them (Button)
  50. [OPEN] ExtJS 4.2.1 Neptune Theme Image tool-sprites.png / tool-sprites-dark.png bug
  51. [FIXED] LRU should compare keys, not values
  52. [CLOSED] Weird store call in `Ext.selection.Model`
  53. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] Floating tree causes Layout run failed if no width
  54. [CLOSED] [Ext 4.2.1 GA] "Layout run failed" with custom Toolbar button baseCls (IE<9)
  55. [CLOSED] Issue with Store Filter and Grouping feature disabling
  56. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] GridFilters StringFilter breaks if define it with listeners
  57. [CLOSED] CheckboxGroup doesn't clear the invalid mark after being disabled
  58. [DUP] The 'fieldchange' event is invalid. --RowEditor
  59. BUG on Connexion.js with IE8
  60. [CLOSED] [4.1.3] Grid focus is lost after popup
  61. [CLOSED] Buffered and pageSize issue in store with combobox. (With ExtJs 4.2.0 version)
  62. [NOREPRO] Record id being ignored for local data stores
  63. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] Tab components inherit UI config from parent tab; breaks panel component UIs
  64. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] Store clearFilter doesn't work with initial filters
  65. [CLOSED] Ext.grid.ColumnLayout::beginLayout() change in 4.2.1 produces exceptions
  66. App is undefined in Chrome version 28
  67. [FIXED] GroupTab ux throws error when a tab is hovered
  68. [OPEN] cellediting throws javascript error on IE8 - when refreshing view in "edit" event
  69. [CLOSED] Controller control allows duplicate event registration
  70. [CLOSED] Error on use stric
  71. [OPEN] group header column showing when all sub-columns are hidden
  72. [CLOSED] Number editing in roweditor is broken in ext-4.2.2-20130818-beta.zip / ext-
  73. [CLOSED] Editing Plugin should have a config that disables edit on click
  74. [NOREPRO] ComboBox in grid's RowEditing plugin not working as it was
  75. [CLOSED] Grouped Grid with long group text doesn't style right when scrolled
  76. [OPEN] Tabchange event oldtab is null
  77. [CLOSED] [4.2.x] Button href and hrefTarget attributes issue in IE8 and IE7
  78. [4.2.1] Cell focus broken with enableTextSelection & cellmodel
  79. [CLOSED] [Ext 4.2.1] Infinite loop when pressing TAB in grouped grid
  80. [FIXED] Chart - incorret legend markers color in a multi-serie bar/line chart
  81. [OPEN] [4.2.1 GA] HBox item doesn't expand if it was collapsed initially
  82. Infinite Scroll Grid - Reload function
  83. [Ext 4.2.0] rowediting, editor is shifted if previously selected row was the last one
  84. [CLOSED] Ext.util.Positionable.getConstrainVector() incorrectly handles insets
  85. [OPEN] Summary Feature not aligned when docked.
  86. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] itemexpand/itemcollapse don't bubble on a locking treegrid
  87. [CLOSED] Menu item icon doesn't resize
  88. ERROR in Opera 12.16
  89. [FIXED] Checkbox boxLabel Wrap 4.2.1
  90. [OPEN] ExtJs 4.2.1: HtmlEditor always overflow its parent container
  91. [FIXED] [4.2.x] menuitem with href issue
  92. NodeInterface appendChild/insertBefore breaks UI
  93. [CLOSED] Model Related BUG
  94. [CLOSED] KeyBoard Navigation - When Date Field is the last filed in a fieldset
  95. [DUP] After insert/remove record, grid refresh not resetting rownumberer column values
  96. [CLOSED] 4.2.1 NodeInterface 'removeContext' needs to be passed as an arg
  97. [CLOSED] [4.2.1/4.2.2] TreeStore duplicates nodes during "appendChild"
  98. [FIXED] Element.contains doesn't handle same el
  99. [NOREPRO] nested accordion layouts issue
  100. [OPEN] Firefox left alignment is not good on label with absolute position
  101. [OPEN] Combobox in float region in border layout
  102. [OPEN] Ext.util.Format.number
  103. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] Some space in labels goes away if export a chart to image
  104. [DUP] [4.2.1 GA] RowNumberer breaks after deleting a filtered row
  105. [CLOSED] [] Cell / Row Editor does not handle the character < (less than) correctly
  106. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] Double click events fired when clicking checkbox label
  107. [CLOSED] Edit grid problem in Extjs4
  108. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] Grid Grouping + CellEditing issue if group is collapsed
  109. [FIXED] Unchecking "Show in groups" when hideGroupedHeader : true doesn't show grouped column
  110. [CLOSED] [EXT 4.2.1 883] Grid Actioncolumn handler rowIndex parameter is not correct
  111. [CLOSED] [EXT 4.2.1 883] Column menu marker not sizing correctly
  112. [CLOSED] column chart with time axis: right-side axis tick label not in full length
  113. [NOREPRO] Extjs 4.1.2 buffered grid goes blank if one of the last rows is removed
  114. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] Field ValidityChange doesn't fire if field is invalid and gets disabled
  115. [FIXED] grid view drag and drop with containerScroll true - problem
  116. [4.2.1] Ext.view.DropZone
  117. [CLOSED] 4.2.1GA: portal demo drag/drop bug - looking for workround
  118. [CLOSED] gridpanel reconfigure fails when 'grouping' feature used on store w/ autoDestroy true
  119. [FIXED] [4.2.1] Column editor not created if column instantiated with "hidden : true"
  120. [FIXED] Impossible to add style property with quotes
  121. [OPEN] [4.2.1 GA] Ext.selection.CellModel issue if insert new records
  122. [OPEN] DatePicker as a field (validation, dirty state, etc.)
  123. [FIXED] [4.2.1]QuickTip: dismissDelay: 0 defaulting to 5000
  124. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] Panel drag&drop behaves differently in FireFox and IE, Chrome
  125. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] Issue with Simple mode of selection model and key navigation
  126. Ext.chart.Chart problem with minimum value
  127. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] Ext.grid.locking.Lockable lockText and unlockText are not localized
  128. [OPEN] [CMD] x-split-css generating files, but not being used
  129. LoadMask bug in
  130. [FIXED] Button 'focus' and 'over' style precedence using image slices in IE8?
  131. [FIXED] [4.2.1 GA] FiltersFeature Filter doesn't apply value for initial filtering
  132. [CLOSED] Panel missing Ext.panel.Tool require?
  133. [ExtJS 4.2.1] Ext.selection.Cell/RowModel with groupingsummary feature
  134. [NOREPRO] Show hide column in grouped header does not work properly
  135. [NOREPRO] Ext.form.CheckboxGroup issue
  136. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] Accordion item doesn't expand well after toggling its visibility
  137. [CLOSED] Slider disable bug in IE
  138. [NOREPRO] combo cell editor not working for columns after horinzontal scrolling
  139. [CLOSED] Grouping grid Drag and Drop problem
  140. Ghost bars after chart change
  141. [FIXED] The events listeners does not work propertly in IE9
  142. [CLOSED] [4.2] Animation bug
  143. [FIXED] [4.2.1] fileuploadfield change listener not fired when browsing cancelled.
  144. [NOREPRO] Grouped header show hide does not work
  145. [CLOSED] [4.2.1]problem in the class system, mixins with inheritable statics
  146. [4.2] - show hidden column then hide - bug (getEditor is undefined)
  147. [DUP] summaryType does not work if field is calculated using convert
  148. [DUP] Extjs Drag & Drop and Cellmodel Bug
  149. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] Line chart without markers and with tooltip: surface error
  150. RaidoField, CheckBoxField Selection, DeSelection is not working with Key Board.
  151. [FIXED] EXT Grid Summary Check Column Issue on collapse of groups
  152. [DUP] BUG: hideMode=visibility does not work for hbox
  153. [CLOSED] ExtJS ComboBox property name not working.
  154. [CLOSED] itemSelector and ddReorder
  155. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] Line chart: after line hide/show the click event is not fired anymore
  156. Extra space using trigger field as custom editor in property grid
  157. [FIXED] [4.2.1] getFramingInfoCls broken in IE8
  158. [FIXED] Ext.Date.parse with 'W/Y' format buggy in ExtJS 4.2.1 for some years?
  159. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] Grid + CellEditing + ComboBox issue on tabbing
  160. [CLOSED] titleAlign in MessageBox
  161. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] Charts & plugins, no event after series initialising.
  162. [FIXED] Formatting negative numbers on grid column
  163. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] Cursor pointer inconsistency in legend item's label
  164. IE-Can't move to a new line in the TextArea if it is configured with maskRe property
  165. The first row becomes unselectable when a buffered grid is scrolled down and back
  166. [FIXED] Broken getNode method in cellediting locking_grp_summaty_grp_headers grid
  167. [FIXED] Layout run failed with ext-all-dev.js on grid with hideHeaders=true
  168. [CLOSED] Retroactively making class pre-processors private
  169. [CLOSED] HTML editor - html editor lose value after move on Form Panel
  170. [NOREPRO] [4.2.1 GA] Grid's headers disappear if no data and double click on column resizer
  171. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] FormLayout without items causes an error
  172. [FIXED] DragDrop with cellmodel selection breaks selectionmodel
  173. [OPEN] messagebox default button not in focus when invoked in beforetabchange event
  174. [FIXED] RowEditor does not sync field sizes on column change
  175. [FIXED] column width when using bufferedrenderer and rowexpander
  176. [CLOSED] locking-grp-summary-grp-hdrs-grid on cell click left scroll
  177. [FIXED] locking-grp-summary-grp-hdrs-grid cell non editable on Group Collapse
  178. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] Local dlineWidth in Ext.chart.axis.Axis.drawGrid is never read.
  179. Remote sorting in buffered grid fails if ExtDirect prefetch call is still running
  180. Cellediting layout of cell has a strange behaiviour
  181. [CLOSED] Textfields in fieldcontainers are not spaced properly in 4.2.1
  182. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] Default pageSize 25 doesn't work with a buffered Store
  183. [OPEN] [4.2.1] Chart series don't have hide and show events
  184. [FIXED] XTemplate code generation
  185. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] Charting and drawing - add me argument to fireEvent
  186. [4.2.1]It fails to render Ext.window.Window using DOM.
  187. [FIXED] [4.2.1 GA] Grid with BufferedRenderer throws JS error on record insertion
  188. [DUP] [4.2.1 GA] Tree node's destroy call throws JavaScript error
  189. [DUP] [4.2.1 GA] Tree (with model) node's destroy call throws JavaScript error
  190. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] TreePanel beforeLoad doesn't fire even if its TreeStore's beforeload fires
  191. [CLOSED] Store.data - unused maintainIndices config
  192. [FIXED] TreeStore - unused property rootProperty
  193. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] Grids with header heights don't resize their rows when a column resizes.
  194. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] Styling charts axis grid lines, configs and improvement
  195. [DUP] [] Memory Leak in Ext.chart.Chart
  196. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] Blur event does not include event-object
  197. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] Javascript error objects are being replaced by plain exception messages
  198. [CLOSED] bad sizing of components inside window with scrollpanel
  199. [NOREPRO] Buffered store load callback interface inconsistent with documentation
  200. [INFOREQ] Internet Explorer issue with tabchange event. Overwrites all tabpanels with template.
  201. Strange association problem
  202. [FIXED] IE9/10 Ext 4.2.1 Hbox with top labelAlign results in non-visible displayfield value
  203. [OPEN] [4.2.1] Grid RTL columns misaligned
  204. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] Grid + BufferedRenderer: inconsistent selection after insertion of record
  205. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] defaultMargins + margin
  206. [FIXED] button with formBind doesn't enable/disable after dynamic form element removal
  207. IE8 exception when launching a modal dialog from a modal dialog
  208. [OPEN] "beforeedit" event fired of next cell fired before "edit" event of current cell
  209. [NOREPRO] [4.2.1] TypeError: Cannot call method 'hasId' of undefined
  210. [FIXED] Ext.data.association.HasMany with 'rest' type proxy not passing owner model's id
  211. [FIXED] Ext.util.Format.number does not work as documented
  212. [OPEN] Ext JS 4.2.2 1160 9/23 Menu Item handler not executed inside a Container
  213. IE 9 Message Box text is wrapping and clipping.
  214. [CLOSED] HasMany association does not set set associated id properly
  215. [DUP] [4.2.1 GA] Grid BufferedRenderer + RowWrap or RowExpander breaks rendering
  216. [CLOSED] cellEditor misalignment after grid changes the layout
  217. idProperty not honoured when using 'internalId' as field name
  218. [CLOSED] Grid.applyState: moveColumn bug when some columns are hidden
  219. [INFOREQ] Extjs chart draws start point from non correct position
  220. [CLOSED] Ext.isSimpleObject - make public
  221. [4.2.1 GA] CellEditing edits wrong cell in locking grid
  222. Error 'TypeError: record is undefined' when load store that has record selected.
  223. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] Grid 'tdCls' attribute duplicated
  224. [FIXED] [4.2.1] Crash if calling Ext.Msg.hide() before it has been shown.
  225. [OPEN] Collapsed Grid in Ext.layout.container.Box can't be expanded
  226. Removing row breaks rowBodyTpl expansion
  227. [CLOSED] ComboBox should have xtype 'combofield' - class is Ext.form.field.ComboBox
  228. [CLOSED] ExtJS 4..2.1 : 'mouseover' event not firing in Ext.chart.LegendItem
  229. [FIXED] [4.2.1] Group Grid without groupField errs on header mouse over (Working Example!)
  230. [CLOSED] ie scrollbar jumps to top of page on tabchange
  231. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] Grid with buffered Store doesn't refresh after reload
  232. [FIXED] Mousedown wheel click in IE10
  233. [CLOSED] Grid's grouping not working anymore for Object fields (4.2.1)
  234. [4.2.1] tooltip for menu item will not be shown
  235. [FIXED] [] Ext.grid.header.Container does not destroy its menu when being destroyed
  236. [FIXED] isLayoutSuspended method returns incorrect value
  237. [CLOSED] Border layout resizing
  238. [CLOSED] 4.0.7 XTemplates do not work on Chrome 30
  239. [FIXED] fileuploadfield issue when submitting file in IE8
  240. Localization falls over when decimalSeparator and thousandSeparator are used.
  241. [FIXED] Layout example - missing comma
  242. Grid: infinite scroll + locked columns + rows grouping
  243. [CLOSED] Extjs 4.2.2 : Bug in ext-lang-fr.js, incorrect override of getSuffix method
  244. [FIXED] Variable set based on non-existent CSS property in [email protected]
  245. [FIXED] How to handle "Layout run failed" on a valid layout ?
  246. [4.2.*] TypeError: records is undefined
  247. [INFOREQ] [4.2.2] IE9 Collapsible panel bug in examples
  248. [CLOSED] Display field getvalue.replace() is not a function error in ExtJS 4.2.2
  249. [CLOSED] Dirty red mark of grid cell not removed after record.save
  250. [] Drag and drop scrolling issue