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  1. [INFOREQ] No locale for Ext.grid.RowEditor in Polish (ext-lang-pl.js)
  2. [DUP] Grid ColumnIndex for Hidden Column is Omitted in Extjs 4.2.1 issue to get grid editor
  3. [FIXED] Problems with focus on combobox in form
  4. [OPEN] Can paste text into numberfield
  5. [OPEN] [4.2.0] Animation breaks the order of nodes in the tree view
  6. [DUP] Bug: grid grouping does not work properly after reconfiguring the store
  7. [FIXED] Grid with cell/row Editor in IE 8,9,10
  8. [FIXED] Ext.util.Format.number() formats integers incorrectly in some cases
  9. [FIXED] rowediting bug in 4.2.1 that didn't exist in 4.2.0
  10. [OPEN] 4.2.1 Ext.data Association hasMany and belogsTo nightmare
  11. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] Ext.util.Event - references DelayedTask before it's loaded
  12. [CLOSED] Buffered Store
  13. [FIXED] The row editing grid lost auto focus on new record in ext-
  14. [OPEN] 4.2.1 radiogroup and checkboxgroup invalid border
  15. [FIXED] Locked grid leaks its header + columns + editors etc
  16. [FIXED] Needless dependencies: Component->util.Floating->window.Window->half the framework
  17. [OPEN] Combobox dosn't show new items
  18. [CLOSED] Grid grouping startCollapsed in neptune theme
  19. [4.2.1 GA] Layout issue with animation + grid refresh
  20. [FIXED] Call the select function in an extended CheckboxModel doesn't work anymore in 4.2
  21. [CLOSED] [] Cusom Button UI doesn't work in IE
  22. [OPEN] ExtJS 4.2.1 Grid State Bug
  23. [INFOREQ] Grid memory leak in IE9 and IE10 standards mode
  24. 4.2.1 Ext.data.Store idProperty problem with implicit Model
  25. [FIXED] Date Picker fires change event when using setRawValue in IE8
  26. [OPEN] Tree node drag scroll bug
  27. [NOREPRO] 4.2.1 Top level menu doesn't fire handler event in IE 8
  28. [DUP] Ext.grid.Panel group collapse issue
  29. [DUP] NodeInterface.collapseChildren never calls callback if all collapsed already
  30. [OPEN] 4.2.1 Ext.grid.GroupingFeature groupByText locale not honored
  31. [DUP] Ext.toolbar.Paging: bindStore doesn't update info
  32. [FIXED] [ExtJS 4.2] Window's scroll jumps after expend a internal panel
  33. [DUP] Hardcoded '.x-' usage
  34. [OPEN] DateField's DatePicker stops showing when inside fieldset
  35. Multi-column checkboxgroup overlaps when container has Layout:vbox and align:stretch
  36. [CLOSED] Surface's removeAll method works only ones
  37. [CLOSED] 4.2.x store remove method Uncaught TypeError: Cannot call method 'setAttribute' of un
  38. [NOREPRO] Ext4.2.x Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditing Editing combo value is [object Object]
  39. [DUP] [BUG] Ext.Dom.Element method of scroll
  40. [CLOSED] 4.2.1 Ext.data.Model static load method not honor idProperty
  41. [DUP] [4.2.1 GA] Initially hidden column throws a JavaScript error on editing
  42. [DUP] CheckboxGroup & RadioGroup do not show red border box when invalid
  43. [FIXED] numberfield beforeBlur() does not call rawToValue()
  44. [FIXED] [4.2.1 GA] Column layout can crash if vertical scrolling
  45. [CLOSED] window inside window
  46. [CLOSED] Tree + remove(true)/removeAll(true) throws error
  47. [FIXED] [4.2.1] Menu - unused Fit layout?
  48. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] Rowediting Update and Cancel buttons shown above row in IE7
  49. [NOREPRO] IE9 MessageBox Rendering Issue (ExtJS 4.2.1)
  50. [4.2.0] hidden htmleditor on a form will not load.
  51. Ext JS 4.2 examples page has broken links
  52. [CLOSED] Window in ExtJS 4.2.1 stopped working
  53. [CLOSED] Ext.data.Store.removeFilter() does nothing if remoteFilter is true (ext-4.2.1)
  54. [CLOSED] RadioGroup value won't reset
  55. [CLOSED] Ext 4.2.1 Ext.Component focus method problem
  56. [OPEN] Package extending Neptune isn't picking up Neptune's JS overrides
  57. [FIXED] TaskRunner start function fires the run function before interval is hit
  58. [CLOSED] Accordion with multi and animate
  59. Accordion expand/collapse icons cutoff in 4.2 Neptune
  60. [CLOSED] Ext.setGlyphFontFamily() has no effect
  61. [OPEN] [4.2.x] TabPanel item doesn't respect closeAction:'hide'
  62. [DUP] Ext4.2.1 multi window zindex bug when drag
  63. [CLOSED] File upload in IE has broken after upgrading from 4.1.1 to 4.2.1
  64. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] Error from file upload form submit doesn't call requestexception
  65. [OPEN] [4.2.1] column.getHeaderIndex() is broken
  66. [OPEN] problem Locale file
  67. [OPEN] Tooltip showDelay on a chart series
  68. [FIXED] too many colsToMove causes out of bounds lookup on array
  69. [OPEN] wrong/invalid index on hidden column during column move
  70. [FIXED] 4.2.1: Wrong cellEditing context after preventing editing from beforeedit event
  71. [NOREPRO] CellEditing combobox width (screenshot)
  72. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] The flash plugin system for doing binary AJAX in IE hates recursive requests
  73. [NOREPRO] Customized combobox
  74. [FIXED] [4.2.x] TabPanel does not update tab glyph on glyphchange event
  75. [FIXED] [4.2.x] TabPanel does not remove all listeners from item on remove
  76. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] CycleButton breaks if add a non-CheckItem into its menu
  77. [OPEN] [4.2.1] Ext.grid.RowEditor - unused HashMap
  78. [FIXED] 4.2.1 + IE 7, Button with href config -- link doesn't work
  79. [NOREPRO] [ExtJS 4.2.x] "result" Property Missing After AJAX Form Submission
  80. [DUP] ExtJs 4.2.1 LoadMask bug
  81. [FIXED] Ext.data.Field.sortDir is not implemented
  82. [FIXED] Multiselection in Grids (with Shift) won't work if first selection isn't made by user
  83. [CLOSED] Ext 4.2.1 Ext.data.proxy.reader.Reader success even if no success in response
  84. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] Splitter collapsible false option is not applied in border layout
  85. [FIXED] 4.2.1 GA: ToolTip cut off on Mac Firefox
  86. [CLOSED] each() - inconsistent return value
  87. [FIXED] [4.2.1] Grid view (scroll bar) jumps to beginning when selecting row.
  88. [DUP] Column chart has horizontal axis labels mis-aligned with the columns
  89. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] slideIn start position incorrect with multiple in-flight animations
  90. [CLOSED] Grid.reconfigure() does not modify columns object.
  91. [NOREPRO] Ext4.2.1Ext.data.TreeStore mybe have a bug
  92. [CLOSED] Window defaultFocus not works with text field itemId written with capital letter
  93. [DUP] [4.2.1 GA] Scrolling issue with a buffered store (no way to see all rows)
  94. [OPEN] Constrained windows do not save restore position properly
  95. [FIXED] [4.2.1] AbstractView refresh method + grid with buffered store problem
  96. [FIXED] Ext.chart.Chart - stacked bar chart width is smaller then expected
  97. [FIXED] [4.2.1] Application - require missing MixedCollection
  98. [CLOSED] summaryType of count does not work for date columns in grids
  99. [FIXED] cross borwser instance calls fail with Ext. 4.2
  100. Treeview --'onBeforeFill' I'm not sure it's a bug.
  101. [DUP] Ext.util.Format.number thousands separator not shown for negative numbers
  102. [CLOSED] Extjs 4.2.1 Ext.selection.Model select records method incorrect.
  103. [CLOSED] Create a model with associations
  104. [FIXED] grid panel Row-editing plugin does not work with a locked action column
  105. [FIXED] Problem with locked column editor position in a row editable grid panel
  106. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] CSS Mixin inconsistency
  107. [CLOSED] [>4.1] Code that will never work can get run in readAssociated
  108. [FIXED] Wrong column in beforeedit event of a row-editable grid with a locked action column
  109. [CLOSED] ExtJS4 does not display radiogroup errors after form reset
  110. [FIXED] Displaying bug when collapsing parent node of a treePanel.
  111. [NOREPRO] Grid RowEditor: Combobox not mapping values with the record value
  112. [DUP] [4.2.1] Grid cell editing plugin and grouping feature doesn't work together
  113. [DUP] [] GroupingFeature and Filtering breaks SelectionModel
  114. [CLOSED] 4.2.1: Ext.FocusManager interferes with proper tabIndex navigation of form
  115. [FIXED] Datefield in collapsed fieldset does not work
  116. [CLOSED] grid drag&drop and cellmodel bug
  117. [CLOSED] TextArea maxlength checking seems different on Chrome vs FF
  118. [DUP] [4.2.1] Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditing BUG
  119. [NOREPRO] example doesn't work
  120. [INFOREQ] datefield onmouseover when disabled on ie8
  121. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] Focus wrapping round in modal windows doesn't consider tabindex value
  122. [FIXED] [4.2.1] window ghost does not apply custom ui
  123. [FIXED] Problem with Grid Editor blur and focus
  124. [OPEN] Cannot get filefied value from the Form on submit
  125. [CLOSED] Extjs 4.2.1: Unable to move a window inside a tabpanel
  126. [FIXED] 4.2.1 - Accordion Layout in Panel
  127. [DUP] Combo with configs typeAhead: true, selectOnFocus: true
  128. [FIXED] In Line graph, Why x-axis month year is not coming proper?
  129. [CLOSED] Ext.Json.encode not passing all argument to native strinify
  130. [OPEN] [4.2.1 GA] DatePicker with padding looks inconsistent
  131. [INFOREQ] error calling getter of hasOne association when empty
  132. [CLOSED] Portlet close icon clipped off
  133. [FIXED] RowEditing gridpanel problem with locked columns and hidden columns
  134. [NOREPRO] grid.reconfigure is not respecting columns
  135. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] Spotlight doesn't listen to window resize on second and further shows
  136. [DUP] about grid bug
  137. [DUP] [Ext] Bug reconfigure grid with buffered and autoDestroy store
  138. [CLOSED] Editable TreeGrid doesn't remove the red flag after store.sync
  139. [INFOREQ] [ExtJS 4.2.1] "autoCreateViewport: false" doesn't work
  140. [CLOSED] ItemSelector listConfig is ignored
  141. [FIXED] Ext.ux.TabCloseMenuView - "Close other tabs" actually closes all tabs
  142. [DUP] Split bar dragging across iframe issue
  143. [OPEN] [4.2.1 GA] multi-lang example fails to load any locale when selected
  144. [CLOSED] A chart with a buffered store doesn't rendered
  145. [DUP] Closable panels in tab containers leak tool widgets upon destruction
  146. [CLOSED] Stores do not remove the "metachange" listener from their proxy upon destruction
  147. [CLOSED] [Ext] possible bug method storeHasSelected()
  148. Explicit MVC Route causes Loaded path failures
  149. [CLOSED] Rest proxy sends PUT for CREATE with user-supplied ID in 4.2
  150. [CLOSED] Grid buffered and grouping
  151. [OPEN] Selection issue
  152. [CLOSED] Header highlight of a grid is not removed if store is sorted by a hidden field
  153. [CLOSED] [4.2.0] stateful grid sorting state seems broken when adding many records at once
  154. [DUP] Accordion layout bug
  155. [CLOSED] [4.2.1]strange action of numberField
  156. [CLOSED] Missing localization for Ext.form.field.Number.decimalSeparator
  157. Filtered Tree messes up during expand/collapse
  158. [FIXED] [4.2.1 GA] Container with "frame: true" causes "Layout run failed" in IE8
  159. [NOREPRO] [4.2.1 GA] FieldContainer with "hbox" causes "targetCls is missing" warning
  160. [NOREPRO] CheckboxModel & RowEditing can not correct work together in a grid
  161. [CLOSED] Buffered store findRecord does not work in 4.2.1
  162. [OPEN] Chart API to hide/show a series' labels on the fly (say, a feature request)
  163. [OPEN] Can't select a range in a buffered store
  164. [CLOSED] fatal bug with ext-theme-aria
  165. [CLOSED] DataView with Ext.ux.DataView.Draggable breaks multiselect
  166. [OPEN] Stateful in a Locked Grid
  167. [OPEN] Ext.draw.Sprite click event not firing
  168. [FIXED] [4.2.1] Grouped Grid Summary on Converted Fields always 0 (zero)
  169. [FIXED] [4.2.1 GA] Grid column setEditor in beforeEdit handler of RowEditing causes error
  170. [CLOSED] 4.2.1: Grid overstretches and disappears in Chrome
  171. [DUP] toggle button issuee
  172. [FIXED] locking-grp-summary-grp-hdrs-grid cell editing error for initially hidden columns
  173. [CLOSED] Ext.JS 4.* js code injection in Ext.data.reader.Reader from data
  174. [NOREPRO] getDayOfYear bug report
  175. [DUP] Calendar does not work in initially collapsed FieldSet
  176. [NOREPRO] The method store.rejectChanges reports the error Discontiguous range would result ...
  177. [CLOSED] 4.2.1 Constructor overwrites changes to config property made in apply method
  178. [OPEN] Accordion Panel :Object [object Object] has no method 'onComponentExpand'
  179. [FIXED] [4.2.1] broken columns alignment
  180. [INFOREQ] Fonts in a chart don't seem to respect the chart's theme settings in IE8
  181. ext-theme-neutral refers to an undefined variable
  182. [4.2.1 GA] Window's iframe disappears after dragging in IE9
  183. [OPEN] [4.2.1 GA] Broken link in the Draw examples
  184. Extjs 4.2.1: When grid reconfigure, new columns is not treated as columns.
  185. [FIXED] [4.2.1] Down/Up methods include grid editors in results with cell editing
  186. [OPEN] Grid panel with hidden column group does not render properly
  187. [CLOSED] Grid Column editor container
  188. [CLOSED] missing load options in store.prefetchPage call
  189. ExtJS Combobox sets a wrong value when tabbing out quickly
  190. [CLOSED] Tree panel sort state not saving
  191. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] ComboBox in iframe loses focus but stays expanded
  192. [FIXED] Wrong $fieldset-header-font variable in FieldSet.scss
  193. [OPEN] Grid error on delete selected row
  194. Grid header and grid item not found (v
  195. [OPEN] 4.2.1 button state is "stuck" on hover after click
  196. [CLOSED] ComboBox select event doesn't fire when clearing value
  197. [INFOREQ] change in behavior of ComboBox list update
  198. [OPEN] Unable to use focusRow for Buffered grid.
  199. [CLOSED] Grid state lost when gridpanel control is removed and re-added to tabpanel
  200. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] "bulkremove" event is not fired for the TreeStore
  201. [OPEN] [4.2.1] Time - add missing require
  202. [FIXED] RowEditor startEdit does not focus on column
  203. [FIXED] [4.2.1 GA] RowEditing breaks after grid reconfigure
  204. [CLOSED] Radar charts labelling issue
  205. [Ext] BUG Ext.state.Provider method decodeValue()
  206. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] "append"/"remove" events premature fire in TreeStore
  207. [FIXED] [4.2.1 GA] TextArea loses its bottom border with labelAlign "top" and hbox
  208. [CLOSED] 4.2: Ext.data.NodeInterface throws error when Ext.AbstractComponent is not loaded
  209. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 / IE] "Focus" method can break on destroyed grid views
  210. [CLOSED] Tree highlighting doesn't work during drag-and-drop in IE 8 or 9
  211. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] FitLayout doesn't stretch a FlashComponent in Chrome
  212. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] Wrong position of a Resizer with "dynamic: true"
  213. [INFOREQ] [4.2.1 GA] Modal mask is white somewhere in Chrome with some conditions
  214. [CLOSED] (ext 4.2) toolbar.textItem html config are not showed
  215. [NOREPRO] columnHeader has no method 'getEditor' afther reconfiguring a grid
  216. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] Ext.log() doesn't display nested dump on IE9
  217. [OPEN] ComboBox's enableRegEx is case sensitive
  218. [DUP] [ext-] RowEditing plugin does not trigger combo autoLoad
  219. [CLOSED] startEdit does not scroll in buffered grid
  220. [DUP] Cannot collapse grid groups after grid is reconfigured with new store
  221. [CLOSED] [4.2.1] Load mask on panel with accordion layout not properly displayed
  222. [CLOSED] Ext.util.Format.usMoney behaves inappropriately
  223. [CLOSED] Border Layout - East region expand icon located at bottom of panel instead of top.
  224. [INFOREQ] Layout bug with vbox in IE9
  225. [CLOSED] createModel at Store using one deprecated method.
  226. [CLOSED] ZIndexManager Ignores Ext.useShims
  227. [FIXED] 4.2.1 - Ext.tree.Column.renderer doesn't support string.
  228. [CLOSED] 4.2.1. Fieldlabel does not show up with xtype button
  229. [NOREPRO] Duplicate events triggered in Controller.
  230. [CLOSED] Configuring listeners on a mixin and view
  231. [CLOSED] Qtitle can't be set in treeview code because of typo
  232. [DUP] [4.2.1] Deleting models in tree stores fails - missing indexOf method
  233. [CLOSED] limitation of the Live Updated Chart
  234. [CLOSED] Bug in MessageBox.prompt ... pretty sure more a layout issue.
  235. [CLOSED] Strange behaviour while summary grouping grid by float/int field
  236. [CLOSED] Dynamically added hiddenfield not hidden
  237. [CLOSED] Chart: Time Axis Entries Missing
  238. [FIXED] TreeStore model sharing
  239. [DUP] [4.2.1 GA] - FiltersFeature: No filter menu appears on initial hidden column
  240. [NOREPRO] Bug, Window.maximize inside a panel with docked items and constrainHeader=true
  241. Grid not scrollable when disabled
  242. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] ComboBox selectOnTab and selectOnFocus issue
  243. [FIXED] ext- ext-4.2.2-20130730-beta.zip error when syncing a store
  244. [DUP] EditableGrid + holizontal scroll in IE, the scroll goes back to left.
  245. [CLOSED] ExtJS 4.2.1 Ext.view.Table.getFocusEl issue when using a BufferedRenderer
  246. [FIXED] Shift + Row multi-deselect not triggering selectionChange Event
  247. [DUP] Combo Selection Event and Button Click Event not firing inside overflow toolbar
  248. [FIXED] [4.2.1] RowEditing's setColumnField calls deprecated nonexisting functions
  249. [OPEN] addPropertyToState added to Stateful mixin
  250. [CLOSED] [4.2.1 GA] Grid with maxHeight resets scroll if update a cell