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  1. [OPEN] [] CSS border-spacing can interfere with layouts
  2. [FIXED] Simple combobox filtering fails
  3. [FIXED] Tab scroller partially obscures the active tab
  4. [FIXED] [] Grid reconfigure with autoDestroy fails
  5. [FIXED] [4.2.0 RC] Setting up legend for chart throws JavaScript error
  6. [DUP] [] Gray theme is pink
  7. [FIXED] [] Long menu item names with submenus
  8. Hard coded check for Bar series in Axis
  9. [FIXED] [4.2 RC] Trouble with TreeStore without TreePanel
  10. [FIXED] IE6 - Combobox - only first item visible on first click
  11. [FIXED] [RC1] Locked Tree Grid Row Alignment
  12. [FIXED] Drag&Drop (Portal, TabReorderer) causes IE9 hidding if IE9 has single tab
  13. [FIXED] [4.2 RC] Bug with password field as a grid editor
  14. [FIXED] [4.2 RC] Tree node drag drop not passing 'isMove' flag
  15. [FIXED] [4.2 RC] IE scroll quirk with grid editing
  16. [CLOSED] Wrong filling space under line series when it have null values
  17. [DUP] animateTarget does not work with floating components
  18. [NOREPRO] [4.2.0-489] Ext.Component - setLoading generates error
  19. [NOREPRO] [] Tab scrolling don`t work in rtl mode.
  20. [FIXED] [4.2.0-489] SCSS for TreePanel complains of undefined variable $form-checkbox-size
  21. tabindex and modal window
  22. [CLOSED] [4.2.0 RC] TreePanel useArrows switches off lines
  23. Stacked barchart series labels are not placed and colored correctly
  24. [OPEN] Default value in Models for integer-type fields
  25. [CLOSED] [ExtJS 4.1.1a] Error using cmp.removeAll
  26. [NOREPRO] Mixin parameters have no effect
  27. [CLOSED] Editor grid does not work with Locked Columns
  28. [FIXED] [4.2.0-540] Ext.data.Nodeinterface - collapseChildren not working as specified
  29. [FIXED] [4.2 RC] Tooltip cuts off content
  30. [OPEN] CMD Build with Grid included in a project
  31. [CLOSED] IE9 attachEvent
  32. [FIXED] [4.2.0-489] Issues when adding items to a form.
  33. [CLOSED] Ext.form.field.ComboBox multiSelect:true dirty checking broken
  34. [FIXED] [ext-] Window.maximize() error
  35. [FIXED] [] Ext.view.Table does not refresh columns on model.save
  36. [OPEN] [] Ext.data.Model does not load associated data on .save + .copyFrom()
  37. [FIXED] [4.2] No top border in grid header (grid with toolbar and witout border)
  38. [FIXED] Combo with store triggers store load, without autoLoad
  39. [OPEN] Buffered Renderer reconfigure,loadData functions not working properly
  40. [FIXED] [] FieldContainer: labelAlign:"top" and anchor layout doesn't resize items
  41. [EXT 4.1.1a] textarea editor bug
  42. [CLOSED] Cannot type anything in the textfield within a tollbar open in modal window
  43. [FIXED] Ext.Date. getElapsed optimization suggestion
  44. [INFOREQ] [EXT 4.1.1a] 2 doubleclicks and modal
  45. [DUP] Issue hiding grid columns when white-space: normal;
  46. [CLOSED] Area Chart Series Labels Bug [4.1.1]
  47. [FIXED] Why RowExpander need grid to be locking to work?
  48. [INFOREQ] ActionColumn handles keydown events if and only if it's the first column
  49. [FIXED] Menu.Item and Icon
  50. [NOREPRO] Child model's proxy overwrite parent's one
  51. [FIXED] [BUG] in ext- Headerless window maximized caused Cannot call method 'suspend
  52. ComponentQuery fails when xType contains . (dot)
  53. Serious layout Issue with ExtJs 4.1 and Chrome 25
  54. [CLOSED] ext- htmleditor forecolor background color win7 ie10 bug
  55. [FIXED] ext- button group combo trigger button display bug
  56. [INFOREQ] [BUG] Ext- Draw Line Chart
  57. [OPEN] [BUG] Ext- Scroll Button in TabPanel
  58. [CLOSED] [4.1.3] Scatter chart with manually added data doesn't render with minimum/maximum
  59. [DUP] 4.1.* Model save updates the fields but not hasOne associations.
  60. [FIXED] [BUG] Ext.ux.IFrame memory leak
  61. Chart Line series not rendered correctly
  62. [FIXED] 4.2 ComboBox Query Enhancements
  63. [NOREPRO] Tree Error in ExtJS 4.2-beta
  64. [FIXED] TreePanel dont fire itemmove event on Drag'n'Drop
  65. [CLOSED] [4.2.0 RC] Rendered pagingtoolbar not updating if store already loaded
  66. [FIXED] [4.2.0 RC] File field can overlap things if buttonOnly is true
  67. [FIXED] Ext.selection.CheckboxModel's checkOnly: true not working
  68. [FIXED] [ beta] After calling record.reject() GridView doesn't clear dirty mark
  69. [FIXED] [ beta] ButtonGroup inside the panel with BorderLayout causing panel refresh
  70. [FIXED] [4.2.0 RC] GridPanel + IE: scrollbar jumps to beginning on select in unlocked area
  71. [OPEN] [4.2.0 RC] GridPanel horizontal scrollbar is not moved on column drag
  72. [4.2.0 RC] Issue if sharing menu for buttons
  73. [] Grouping feature and DragDrop plugin on a Grid
  74. [4.1.1a] Sorting a grid - Loading hangs
  75. [FIXED] 4.2 RC and Nightly: OS/Browser Loading Spinner on MessageBox
  76. [FIXED] Ext - VERY slow tree grid on second load with bufferedrenderer plugin
  77. [FIXED] Missing TabBar Theme Images (all Themes)
  78. [FIXED] Ext.view.NodeCache must confirm element exists before trying to use it
  79. [CLOSED] Window margin bug
  80. [OPEN] Public 4.2 Docs Broken
  81. [FIXED] No Annotations on Pie charts
  82. 4.1.2a (& 4.1.1) Ext.grid.Panel & forceFit true breaks widths on first resize
  83. [NOREPRO] Grouping feature and store.remove
  84. [CLOSED] [4.2.0 RC] IE9: dragging to a TextField over existing text is indicated as invalid
  85. [FIXED] [4.2.0 RC] Expanding a tree node causes multiple layouts
  86. Missing ButtonGroup CSS in IE
  87. [FIXED] ExtJS 4.1.3 - Possible Bug with Ext.Grid.Panel
  88. [OPEN] grid dragdrop plugin containerScroll doesn't unregister
  89. [CLOSED] JS 4.1.1 Combo losing single mouse click and enter key select ability
  90. [4.1.1a] Ext.data.TreeStore with Ext.data.proxy.Rest still does not pass ids right
  91. [CLOSED] [4.1.1a] CRITICAL BUG. Multiselect Combobox and submit method
  92. [CLOSED] BufferedRenderer and RowExapander combined have rendering issues after scrolling
  93. [DUP] Ext 4.1.3 Error Displaying File Field Button
  94. [FIXED] Grouping feature breaks bufferedrendere scrollto function (and possible fix)
  95. [NOREPRO] Bug with Resizer in nested Panel/window (4.1.1)
  96. [CLOSED] Ext.form.field.Field-Bug: change event not fired.
  97. [FIXED] [4.2.0 RC] Selecting a grid's row with a buffered store causes a JavaScript error
  98. [NOREPRO] NotFoundError when using the useDom option of DomHelper
  99. [CLOSED] [4.2.0 RC] Locked grid causes too many initial layouts
  100. [FIXED] blur() not firing when pressing tab to leave datefield grid cell editor
  101. [OPEN] [4.2.0 RC] FiltersFeature DateFilter initiates request on picker click without filter
  102. [CLOSED] [4.2.0 RC] Wrong layout if show Initially hidden grid column with inner columns
  103. [CLOSED] [4.2.0 RC] IE7 issues with grid header menu and columnLines option
  104. [CLOSED] Chart bug
  105. [OPEN] De-selecting from MultiSelect w/selection mode: "single" throws exception
  106. [FIXED] In controller using views: 'Microsoft.view.MyView' generate many requests
  107. [OPEN] 4.2 Line Chart bug
  108. [CLOSED] [4.2.0 RC] Direct2DBug=false helps improve performance but causes issue with IE/Msg
  109. [FIXED] grouping grid with the first char
  110. [OPEN] Prevent AutoLoad of Buffered Grid
  111. [INFOREQ] [4.2.0 RC] Not able to use compass in 4.2.x using the old file structures
  112. [FIXED] 4.2.0 Groupingsummary : Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'childNodes' of null
  113. [FIXED] [Ext 4.2.0] Ext.data.NodeInterface#serialize not including children
  114. [FIXED] MixedCollection will not process iterable objects you want to add
  115. [FIXED] 4.2 CellModel does not allow key nav
  116. [OPEN] [4.2.0 GA] Buffered store can initiate too many requests initially
  117. [FIXED] [4.2.0 GA] Controller listen doesn't work with controller id
  118. [NOREPRO] Ext.tree.Panel node doesn't keep the selection when iconCLs is changed
  119. [DUP] Extjs 4.2 bug?
  120. [CLOSED] [] "Cannot call method setStyle of undefined" and others
  121. [FIXED] Bug in 4.2
  122. When hovering over a Container certain fields lose focus
  123. [OPEN] Ext.util.Positionable.convertPositionSpec - simplify definition
  124. [OPEN] Unable to reload buffered grid when rows are selected
  125. [CLOSED] Store.filter on a RegExp of any part of /^undefined$/i matches everything
  126. [FIXED] New 4.2 'bufferedrenderer' Grid plugin crash.
  127. Grid scrolls to the top on row click, but only in IE/FF, not in Chrome.
  128. [CLOSED] [] Lazy Associations don't Decorate properly.
  129. [INFOREQ] [4.2.0] Date & Time fields submitFormat not working when jsonSubmit is true
  130. [CLOSED] Manipulating View from within Store's 'load' event handler may break the View
  131. [FIXED] [EXT 4.1.1a] sorters are added to operation even when remoteSort is set to FALSE.
  132. NodeInterface.destroy eventually calls non existant TreeStore.remove
  133. [FIXED] [4.2.0 GA] DateField F and l format issue with Vietnamese (at least) locale
  134. [CLOSED] [4.2.0.GA] TreeStore.setRootNode() there is an inaccuracy
  135. [CLOSED] Scatter series renderers incorrect when the store only has a single item.
  136. [NOREPRO] Scatter series doesn't remove plots when shadows are enabled
  137. [OPEN] [4.2.0 GA] HtmlEditor enableFont false causes JavaScript error
  138. [CLOSED] [4.2.0 GA] DataView.Animated plugin throws error on loading new data
  139. [FIXED] Ext.util.MixedCollection.sortByKey does not work
  140. [FIXED] [4.2.0 GA] setTitle of non-rendered panel hides its tools
  141. [OPEN] Sprite draggbel not working
  142. [FIXED] Toggle buttons in toolbar are ugly in Gray theme
  143. [CLOSED] [] Problem with overriding a class using Ext.define
  144. [FIXED] [BUG] Combobox with large fieldLabel, picker placement
  145. [NOREPRO] 4.2 Final: BufferedRenderer incompatible with locked grid columns
  146. [CLOSED] [4.2.0 GA] Model's id field's converter not called with correct arguments
  147. [OPEN] 4.2 NodeInterface.updateInfo doesn't set the 'modified' properties
  148. [OPEN] [4.2.0] constrainHeader error
  149. [FIXED] [BUG-EXTJS-4.2.0] Item not being removed from form
  150. [FIXED] - x-form-item-label has huge line-height
  151. MixedCollection items become undefined after "sortBy" call
  152. [FIXED] Updating a record in grouped store, trigger remove action on the store's proxy
  153. [FIXED] GroupField Forces Remote Sort on Store Initialization
  154. [FIXED] grid reconfigure without store
  155. [CLOSED] Ext.Object.merge does not merge Arrays inside the object
  156. [DUP] [BUG] radiogroup markIInvalid error.
  157. [CLOSED] Default fieldset throws warnings in the layout diagnostics tool
  158. [NOREPRO] line series style
  159. [NOREPRO] [4.1] grid selModel broke edit in ie8
  160. [FIXED] Possible memory leak caused by animations
  161. [CLOSED] TreePanel with "rootVisible: false" not showing anything in Ext 4.2
  162. [FIXED] form.submit() with fileuploadfield does not trigger failure handler for HTTP errors
  163. [CLOSED] Dotted border on selected tree node.
  164. [INFOREQ] removeAll() on accordion throws error
  165. [FIXED] Row numberer not updating when changing page via paging toolbar
  166. [CLOSED] [4.2.0 GA] GridViewDragDrop/TreeViewDragDrop causes scrolling on selection
  167. [DUP] Ext 4.2.0. 'loadingText' is not overridden in locale files
  168. [OPEN] [4.2.0 GA] FiltersFeature's stateful functionality doesn't work
  169. [OPEN] Both cellModel and cellEditing cause loose focus after completeEdit
  170. [OPEN] [4.2.0 GA] Loadmask stays at previous position when using alignTo()
  171. [FIXED] [4.2] IE only: Normal grid scrolls to left in locked editing grid
  172. [OPEN] [4.2.0 GA] GridViewDragDrop issue if a select listener is long-playing
  173. [FIXED] TreeStore setProxy method doesn't return the proxy object
  174. [NOREPRO] Ext.ux.TreePicker wont mark form dirty
  175. [FIXED] Horizontal scrollbar missing on grid with no height
  176. Ext.menu.CheckItem with radio configuration displays checkboxes on the right
  177. [FIXED] Infinite Grid + Filters won't work
  178. [INFOREQ] ExtJS 4.1.3 IE8 clicking Ext.view.View item /w itemSelector scrolls view to top
  179. [CLOSED] Key navigation (up, down arrows) does not work in infinite scrolling with cellmode
  180. Ext 4.2 Bugs: Ext.grid.feature.Grouping
  181. [4.2.0 GA] viewready fires before load
  182. [CLOSED] src/Layer.js does not exist in ExtJS 4.2.0
  183. [INFOREQ] Scrollbars not working in vbox with complex layout in 4.2.0
  184. [FIXED] extjs 4.2.0 grid cell edit with group feature is not working
  185. [NOREPRO] Unable to set a singleton GridPanel in 4.2.0
  186. [CLOSED] Drag n Drop of Multi Select Enabled Grid rows can result in wrong ordering
  187. [OPEN] REST problem in ExtJs 4.2.0
  188. [FIXED] [4.2.0 GA] Loader loadMask doesn't appear if container is collapsed initially
  189. [DUP] [4.2 GA] grid PagingToolbar and RowNumberer
  190. [FIXED] [4.2.0 GA] D&D tree reorder and sync to server
  191. [OPEN] [Extjs 4.2.0] RowExpander doesn't fire events
  192. [FIXED] in 4.2 surface.getGroup() returns empy array
  193. [OPEN] [4.2.0 GA] CSS issue in IE if wrap grid column header text
  194. [FIXED] Slider weirdness with increments
  195. [FIXED] extjs 4.2.0 remote tree node expand not take proxy.extraParams set at beforeexpand
  196. [CLOSED] Textfield keyup event returns incorrect keycodes
  197. [CLOSED] Hide tree grid header row at runtime?
  198. [FIXED] Ext.util.HashMap should use Object#hasOwnProperty
  199. [INFOREQ] 4.2 grid layout breaks with missing width/height
  200. [NOREPRO] [4.2.0] TreeStore.load bug
  201. [NOREPRO] [4.1.1a] Ext.draw.engine.SvgExporter generate incorrect svg with image sprite
  202. [DUP] about:blank urls in extjs 4.2
  203. [CLOSED] [4.2.0 GA] extraParams not working
  204. CheckBoxModel and text column interacting in way does not make sense
  205. [FIXED] on grid's record destroy, the selectionchange event is not fired
  206. Reconfiguration in property grid doesn't set update handler of store handler
  207. [DUP] [4.2.0 RC] FiltersFeature doesn't work with a buffered store
  208. [CLOSED] [4.2] grid doesn't show properly in Accessibility Theme
  209. [FIXED] removeAll function of store not working with infinite grid in version 4.2
  210. [INFOREQ] chart style and label styles
  211. [CLOSED] [4.2.0] Treepanel behaving really strange on appending a child with children included
  212. [Ext 4.2.0] Iterate over buffered store (store.each) doesn't work
  213. [CLOSED] Header icons appears to be cut
  214. [INFOREQ] buffered store 'getById' throws error when no record is found.
  215. [FIXED] Grid edition with grouping
  216. [DUP] HtmlEditor bails if enableFont is set to false
  217. [OPEN] Ext.util.Format.round doen't work properly
  218. [CLOSED] extjs4(include 4.2) table layout lost its item in ie8
  219. [FIXED] extjs 4.2.0: 'hiddenfield' occupies the visile place in the form
  220. [FIXED] 4.2.0: drag/drop plugins cause grid focus and scrollbar reset with prevent focus
  221. [OPEN] columnLines: true applies columnLines to any grids that are docked onto that grid
  222. [CLOSED] Chrome browser applying input CSS on Cmd generated app.
  223. [CLOSED] [EXT 4.2 GA] Grid row select issue when combined with Rowexpander plugin
  224. [NOREPRO] [4.2.0] TreeStore.removeAll bug
  225. [FIXED] applyOut try/catch
  226. [FIXED] combo trackOver
  227. [FIXED] Ext.grid.Panel allowDeselect config has no effect
  228. [FIXED] [ExtJS 4.2] MixedCollection fails to store empty strings
  229. [CLOSED] [4.2] BasicForm's findField should take itemId into account
  230. [CLOSED] Mask on modal window shows up behind the window
  231. [DUP] ExtJS 4.2 Buffered Grid and Filtering
  232. [FIXED] extjs 4.2.0: filefield in fieldset will cause textfield focus to fielfield broswe
  233. [FIXED] Row Editing the last record on a grid causes horizontal scrollbar
  234. [NOREPRO] Expanding a tree store causes an unhandled exception ot be thrown
  235. [FIXED] Scatter series isn't shown on legend click
  236. [OPEN] Ext.data.Store.getUpdateRecords() throws NPE
  237. [CLOSED] Ext 4.2.0: Ext.data.Store.sort() clears view when buffered and remoteSort are set
  238. [NOREPRO] [4.2] Store autoLoad=false ignored when remoteSort=true
  239. [FIXED] [4.2] Reload a TreePanel with static JSON data will only expand first level children
  240. [CLOSED] doLayout issue in Ext.menu.Menu
  241. [NOREPRO] [ExtJS 4.2] MixedCollection.sortByKey undefined function parameters
  242. [CLOSED] collapse collapseNode collapseAll callback never called if no node is expanded
  243. [CLOSED] Template breaks when calling function
  244. [FIXED] extjs 4.2.0: form panel w fieldset in viewport - setVisible cause scroll reset to top
  245. [DUP] [4.2] MixedCollection sortByKey unexpected results.
  246. [CLOSED] Title of chart axis doesn't change using setTitle method
  247. [FIXED] Problem with Action Column in Ext-Js 4.2
  248. [FIXED] Best practice for overriding SASS mixins with new package structure.
  249. [OPEN] [4.2.0] Tree nodes with id generated by id gen can not be found by getNodeById
  250. [INFOREQ] Suggested override