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  1. [4.1.1] grid renderer not work correctly
  2. [OPEN] [4.1.1 GA] No config option to hide collapse tool of Border splitter
  3. [OPEN] [4.1.1 GA] RowEditing errorSummary="true": bad tooltip aligment
  4. [FIXED] [4.1.1 GA] Ext.Msg.show maxWidth doesn't cause any effect
  5. [FIXED] [4.1.1 GA] Ext.grid.plugin.DragDrop dragText is not localized
  6. [FIXED] [4.1.1 GA] RowEditing Update button initially looks enabled for invalid editor
  7. [FIXED] Selection disappears when scolling in an infinite grid
  8. [DUP] ComboBox suspendEvents doesn't work
  9. [OPEN] Safari 6 - Scrolling seems to broken in big grids
  10. [INFOREQ] charts - time axis - incorrect positioning of labels vs data points
  11. [DUP] Wrong RadioGroup height with labelAlign=top
  12. [CLOSED] [4.1.1] idField is appeared in global scope after create Ext.tree.Panel
  13. [CLOSED] Problem with grid inside window with checkbox selection
  14. [OPEN] ext-lang-de.js: getShortDayName
  15. [CLOSED] Ext.container.Container Border
  16. [CLOSED] Specifying width on a nested container truncates field widths
  17. [FIXED] IE8 standards mode has different tab icon and text layout than other browsers
  18. [FIXED] [4.1.1 GA] Bar Graph Axis become corrupted
  19. [FIXED] Disabled HTML Editor Masks Entire Form in Firefox
  20. [OPEN] [4.1.1 GA] Invalid MultiSelect looks valid
  21. [OPEN] Localization bugs
  22. [CLOSED] [4.1] [Performance] Panels with docked items can easily trigger needless layouts
  23. [NOREPRO] Memory leak using Ext.form.field.ComboBox
  24. [OPEN] Slider in modal window does not work
  25. [FIXED] [4.1.1] Ext.ux.form.MultiSelect value is not inicialized correctly if store is empty
  26. [CLOSED] Combo box select event fires even if value is not changed
  27. [NOREPRO] [4.1.1] Selection lost when collapsing tree node
  28. [FIXED] BUG: Scrolling error on Grid within Accordion Layout
  29. [FIXED] Placeholder expand issue with titleCollapse
  30. [OPEN] Faulty collapse animation with collapseMode: 'header'
  31. [DUP] Problem when deserializing state informations for grid
  32. [DUP] Form gets dirty if a textarea field contains a leading line break (IE8 only)
  33. [NOREPRO] Ext.Date.parse ('Junho/2012', 'F/Y') returns Sun 01 Jul 2012 00:00:00 GMT-0300 (EDT)
  34. [CLOSED] Wrong scope in a controllerAction...
  35. [OPEN] [4.1.1] grid row looses focus after store.sync()
  36. [CLOSED] ControlQuery dont work with a ItemId on a Controller Action...
  37. [FIXED] Expand fails for panel that is initially collapsed
  38. [FIXED] Panel with flex 'height' less than minHeight not working correctly
  39. [FIXED] Collapse event fires at construction time
  40. [CLOSED] Panel with accordion layout raises an exception if load items via loader
  41. [CLOSED] Ext.ComponentManager.onAvailable raises an exception if add two listeners
  42. [FIXED] Danish locale NumberField decimal separator incorrect
  43. [CLOSED] [4.1.1 GA] Field setValue() performance issue
  44. [FIXED] [4.1.1 GA] MultiSelect with "single" mode selection getValue bug
  45. [FIXED] Ext.grid.plugin.RowEditingView conflicting with grouped headers in grid
  46. [FIXED] metachange event fire multiple times
  47. [FIXED] [4.1.1 GA] RowNumberer rowSpan is not applied
  48. [CLOSED] Border layout is broken when resize window
  49. [CLOSED] [4.1.1 - GA] combobox - triggerAction: 'all' not working in Firefox
  50. [CLOSED] Window cannot be moved after having had a modal window attached
  51. [FIXED] Typo in extjs-4.1.1/src/data/Store.js line 1768
  52. [DUP] Focus not come on clicking editable filed of editable grid
  53. [OPEN] [4.1.1 GA] Daterange VType cycling if both fields are configured with "value"
  54. [CLOSED] tabchange event gets triggered initially in extjs 4.1
  55. [CLOSED] TreeGrid: Edit OnEnter leads to error
  56. [CLOSED] Ext.view.Table error
  57. [FIXED] [4.1.1 GA] IconCls param ignored in Ext.MessageBox.show
  58. [FIXED] negativeText is not overridden in locale files for Ext.locale.ru.form.field.Number
  59. [CLOSED] Problem to see whole row context using RowExpander with infinite scroll grid
  60. [OPEN] [BUG] ExtJS 4.1.x HTML Editor Component
  61. [OPEN] Renderable.initRenderData - add config param
  62. [CLOSED] Pie Charts are not working properly on Opera 12.50 snapshots
  63. [OPEN] LoadMask position doesn't get updated when on a component inside a collapsible panel
  64. [CLOSED] Configuration property revertInvalid in Editor (Cell) won't work
  65. [CLOSED] Combobox htmlEncoding; encoding diffrent in displayField then in the dropdown.
  66. [OPEN] [4.1.1 GA] Should not RowEditing float above grid body?
  67. [FIXED] [4.1.1] Proper css class not added when labelAlign: 'top'
  68. [CLOSED] XTemplates don't show associated hasMany data
  69. [CLOSED] Gridpanel/Store field called "id" not handled correctly
  70. [CLOSED] Error in IE8 when using PagingToolbar with SlidingPager
  71. [OPEN] General performance issue in grid's scrolling with OS X "hide scrollbars" feature
  72. [FIXED] 4.1.2 Nightly No longer supports nested namespaces. "CompanyName.Component.App"
  73. [DUP] ValidateEdit event doesn't pass new value into event handler
  74. [DUP] loadMask does not scroll with components when parent container is scrolled
  75. [DUP] Ext.direct.PollingProvider.disconnect don't move.
  76. [CLOSED] Any patch available for [EXTJSIV-1025] - Tree shifts after expand/collapse animation
  77. [OPEN] Ext.Array.sum improvement
  78. [OPEN] [4.1.*] "Flexed" layouts don't flex properly in some cases.
  79. [CLOSED] Ext.supports.LocalStorage missing
  80. [INFOREQ] EXTJS 4.1 Panel setTitle() does not work
  81. [CLOSED] Text Sprite - Font property in IE7/8
  82. [OPEN] Tab navigation does work with locked grids and checkbox/row selection model
  83. [CLOSED] Grid cell colspan bug
  84. [CLOSED] Hiding all items in legend then Showing in different order (bug)
  85. [FIXED] Dynamic grid column resizing
  86. [FIXED] hasOne & belongsTo createSetter Bug
  87. [FIXED] collapseFirst: false does not work for the accordion layout
  88. [DUP] flex and collapse interact chaotically in a vertical layout
  89. [OPEN] [4.1.1 GA] Window constrain issue
  90. [DUP] vertical header layout under firefox and ext 4.1.1
  91. [CLOSED] textarea blur event missing crucial event details
  92. [FIXED] [4.1.1 GA] ext-lang-pt_BR.js accent symbols are encoded
  93. [FIXED] Toolbar button setText no longer updates text property
  94. [NOREPRO] Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method 'syncContent'
  95. [CLOSED] extjs4.1 Ext.view.Table loose selected css
  96. using enableLocking:true in Ext.grid.Panel disables causes null getFeature() method
  97. [FIXED] triggerNoEditCls is not applied to non-editable or readonly Ext.form.field.ComboBox
  98. [OPEN] Ext.dd.DragDropManager does not respect z-index order when firing event
  99. [OPEN] filefield gets 'shrinkWrap' behavior on Width whether I want it or not
  100. [CLOSED] ComponentQuery - inconsistent results
  101. [CLOSED] Combobox sets input value to displayField, not to valueField
  102. [OPEN] [4.1.*] Inconsistent layouts with docked items.
  103. [FIXED] Splitter in vbox layout
  104. [FIXED] Panel.setTitle
  105. [OPEN] Scrolling issues in grouping grids using buffered stores (in a border layout)
  106. [FIXED] AbstractComponent - duplicate Ext.ComponentQuery dependency
  107. [CLOSED] [4.1.1] Component.addXtype - doesn't work well with ComponentQuery
  108. [CLOSED] Incorrect fieldcontainer label position under 4.1.1
  109. [FIXED] CheckboxManager incorrectly returns checkboxes from other forms
  110. [CLOSED] Scrollbar in Infininte Scrolling Grid is inconsistent about returning to first line.
  111. [CLOSED] Ext.DomHelper.append and form with input(s) having name="parentNode"
  112. [OPEN] [4.1.1 GA] Menu mouseLeave is not fired when expected
  113. [FIXED] Ext-JS 4.1.1 : remote grid filtering doesn't work with locked column
  114. [CLOSED] [4.1.1 GA] Grid selection key navigation doesn't work if select programmatically
  115. [DUP] [Ext 4.1.1] Ext.grid.Panel - Some events are not working if locked columns are used
  116. [OPEN] Ext.Function.bind - check native bind
  117. [FIXED] GMapPanel creating global variable
  118. [CLOSED] Function provided to Ext.onReady continually called when `withDomReady` arg === true
  119. [DUP] buffering grid delete problem -> ghost records
  120. [CLOSED] Accordion does not cope with header: false;
  121. [OPEN] [4.1.1] Ext.ux.DataView.Draggable seems to break CTRL+click, SHIFT+click on dataview
  122. [FIXED] Slider within Form.loadRecord() bug
  123. [OPEN] Problems when dragging invisible rows from a infinite grid
  124. [DUP] Ext.grid.Panel "cellclick" event not working with locked columns
  125. [FIXED] Serious ExtJS memory leak (non-iframe + sandbox + jquery)
  126. [CLOSED] Grid: 'grouping' & 'groupsummary' cannot coexist
  127. [CLOSED] Ext.Msg configured with draggable:false has no affect
  128. [CLOSED] Scaling does not match axis when series is hiddend then shown
  129. [FIXED] Row striping and updating
  130. actionColumn: disableAction called from getClass works on the next record
  131. [OPEN] 1 pixel left between items when use 'hbox' layout container
  132. [DUP] Problem with the new ExtJs Calendar
  133. [DUP] [4.1.1] Alt row styling lost after record update
  134. [OPEN] [4.1.1] Fieldcontainer (hbox) with combobox and textfield
  135. [FIXED] grid CellEditing + selection.RowModel loses focus on tab
  136. [OPEN] Ext.dd package prevents focus.
  137. [OPEN] qTip positioning is wrong when target inear browser edge
  138. Store::sync() runs destroy requests on proxy for Models that are already destroyed
  139. [CLOSED] [4.1.1] Ext.util.Event bug
  140. [NOREPRO] View.onMaskBeforeShow() can break Ext.view.View's state
  141. [FIXED] [4.1.1] Tooltip delegate option not working properly
  142. [CLOSED] Bug in group-header-grid example. Version 4.0.0
  143. [FIXED] 4.1.1: ownerCt or floatParent is no longer set for Button Menu
  144. [DUP] Grid date filter doesn't check correspondent checkbox
  145. [INFOREQ] ext js 4.1.1 ga - Problems with Grid forcefit=true attribute
  146. [OPEN] Problem with smooth function in Ext.draw.draw
  147. [OPEN] [4.1.1 GA] Chart legeng: no way to see all legend items if there are many series
  148. [CLOSED] VBox splitting
  149. [NOREPRO] Missed affectation
  150. [CLOSED] [4.1.1] Issues with hasOne and nested json
  151. [CLOSED] Sass Style Misspelling: $loadmask-backgorund
  152. [OPEN] [4.1.0] Collapsible panel with collapsed = true doesn't work with animation
  153. [FIXED] Ext.menu.Menu.showBy can't be cancelled
  154. [CLOSED] forceFit is broken for Ext.panel.Table.
  155. [FIXED] Chart - enginePriority config is redundant
  156. [DUP] [4.1.*] setActiveItem layout issue.
  157. [FIXED] Offset start and limit calculated incorrectly for infinite grid
  158. [FIXED] [4.1.1] Ext.grid.feature.Grouping - startCollapsed not working with remote data
  159. Close a window that contains a PDF with IE9 causes white screen
  160. [OPEN] columnmove event in grid toIdx has wrong value moving columns to the right
  161. [FIXED] Checkbox disappears after reconfigure call on locked grid with checkbox selection mod
  162. [CLOSED] HtmlEditor bug/problem with styleWithCSS setting in Fx
  163. [FIXED] ExtJS 4.1 - Unknown component "Ext.panel.Form" in ExtJS 4.0 docs
  164. [FIXED] [4.1.1 GA] PropertyGrid without source throws a JavaScript error
  165. [CLOSED] Issue with the docs UI: buggy resizing of the west region (probably, a bug in ExtJS)
  166. [DUP] [4.1.1 GA] File field should not be reset on failure submit or, at least, optionally
  167. [INFOREQ] Time axis
  168. [FIXED] Not triggered and unefficient summary update.
  169. [INFOREQ] Timefield in grid with CellEditing clears value (only first digit)
  170. [FIXED] Child Component Loses Scroll Position When Parent Layout is Updated
  171. [FIXED] With CheckboxModel selection model Header Checkbox is checked on empty store
  172. [CLOSED] Grid with checkbox selection model showed on window
  173. [CLOSED] [BUG] selected node lose CSS selection class after editing
  174. [DUP] Draw/Chart - enginePriority is ignored
  175. [OPEN] [4.1.1 GA] CheckboxSelectionModel checkOnly allows to select a row without checkbox
  176. [FIXED] Pie Charts: One of the segment does not animate when shadow is set to false.
  177. [CLOSED] BUG? Ext.grid.RowNumberer with tree grid breaks
  178. [FIXED] Sencha Touch 2.1.0-b2 Pie Chart not rendering
  179. [FIXED] [4.1.1 GA] A scenario when setDisabled method doesn't work well
  180. [OPEN] Ext.panel.Panel collapsible & padding
  181. [DUP] [4.1.1 GA] GridPanel: selected row CSS appears not reapplied after row refresh
  182. [4.1] duplicate ajax requests by store with autoSync on record removal
  183. [OPEN] Cannot move columns in a grouped grid with a rowexpander
  184. [FIXED] follow up for EXTJSIV-7088
  185. [INFOREQ] Window clipping bug with Norton tool bar in Chrome for Windows
  186. [DUP] Extjs 4.1.1 Tree Performance
  187. [FIXED] ExtJs 4.1.1 ComboBox typeAhead doesn't set value correctly
  188. [OPEN] Combo box type-ahead filtering remembers filter even after combo box is closed
  189. [DUP] Translation bug
  190. [CLOSED] Window maximazing bug
  191. [CLOSED] [4.1.0] NodeInterface.removeAll - performance increase
  192. [CLOSED] Gauge chart Needle (with a value less than axes minimum)
  193. [OPEN] ExtJS 4.0/4.1 E.d.p.Server ignores server response on store.load for non-200 status
  194. [CLOSED] Ext.JSON.encode(obj) can get stuck in loop
  195. [FIXED] Chart examples - skip xtype
  196. [CLOSED] [4.1.1] Mistake in Element.dom.syncContent
  197. [CLOSED] Grid Cell Renderer (metaData.tdAttr issue)
  198. [CLOSED] [4.1.1 GA] startDay is not localized for DateField
  199. [OPEN] [4.1.0] Is Ext.data.reader.Reader.extractData not using Ext.isArray for a reason?
  200. [FIXED] Tab icons get cut off in IE10
  201. [OPEN] Grid performance in IE8
  202. [DUP] Form waitMsg mask is not cleared when submit fails
  203. [DUP] [4.1.1 GA] CellEditing "validateedit" e.value argument is initial value before edit
  204. [DUP] How to disallow access of elements which are behind a modal window using TAB key?
  205. [CLOSED] Property grid + custom store -> undefined variable
  206. [CLOSED] Fatal errors in render event listeners caused all Ext4 layouts to stop working
  207. [OPEN] Time axis does not work properly
  208. [4.1.1] Store.load() ignores jsonData config option
  209. [CLOSED] [ExtJS 4.1.1] Ext.form.field.Base ignore value 'right' for labelAlign config property
  210. [DUP] [ExtJS 4.1.1] Vertical Text Rendering Issue on FF
  211. [OPEN] [4.1] Caret position in grid editing cell
  212. [DUP] [4.1.1] With CheckboxModel used, header checkbox is not cleared when required
  213. [DUP] StateFul Grid with "enableLocking=true" doesn't work
  214. [NOREPRO] [4.1.1] With CheckboxModel, rows can't be selected by clicking on a row itself
  215. [DUP] Contact Form Example: Tooltip Steal Focus From TextField
  216. [FIXED] [4.1.1 GA] RowBody of a selected row doesn't look selected
  217. [CLOSED] Splitter bar appears when panel is collapsed
  218. [FIXED] BUG: First check using checkbox selectionmodel creates layout issues
  219. [FIXED] [4.1] Store fires add/datachanged when no data has changed
  220. [CLOSED] data-qclass for Quick tips is not working in IE8
  221. [FIXED] Ext.data.Model destroy always sends delete request to server
  222. [FIXED] Ext.data.Model's phantom property not set correctly
  223. [OPEN] store load addRecords true does not work with buffered store
  224. [FIXED] Loader garbage collection causes IE to request script with null src.
  225. [FIXED] [4.1.1] ASP.NET date encoding
  226. [FIXED] Ext.util.Point.fromEvent Doesn't Accept Ext.EventObject
  227. [FIXED] Missing translation in cs locale
  228. [OPEN] Collapsible panel in vbox-layout: collapse in afterrender-listener does not work
  229. [FIXED] Wrong calculation of step in Ext.draw.Draw
  230. [OPEN] [Ext 4.1.1] Tab doesn´t show if Panel is initially hidden
  231. [DUP] Ext.ZIndexManager removes focus from field in a modal window when hiding tooltip
  232. [OPEN] Adding a listener using an undefined object results in untraceable error
  233. [4.1.1] buffered stores aren't buffered when loadData is used.
  234. [CLOSED] 4.1.0 loadPage doesn't work on buffered stores.
  235. [FIXED] [Ext 4.1.1] Window maximized fail
  236. [CLOSED] Tree scrolls to top on node expand.
  237. [CLOSED] Date formatting is broken (4.1.1)
  238. [CLOSED] SetReadOnly not removing readonly class on trigger base fields datefield, combo etc.
  239. [OPEN] Multiline values in combo
  240. [OPEN] XTemplate for inserting table rows into a tbody only inserts a single row in IE
  241. [CLOSED] cannot reach end of infinite grid after browser zoom
  242. [CLOSED] browser zoom with IE displays empty grid
  243. [OPEN] Masking FieldContainer on IE8
  244. [CLOSED] Auto width and bottom toolbar conflicts
  245. Portal Example Bug
  246. [FIXED] Custom header problems
  247. [DUP] BUG: store.add() does not apply filters
  248. [FIXED] Filefield remains disabled
  249. [CLOSED] Typo in ext-debug.js, the same line twice
  250. [FIXED] [4.1.2] CellSelectionModel, grid editing plugin used for TreePanel editing