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  1. [CLOSED] Component querying and .down()
  2. [CLOSED] IE 8: DataGrid Headers gets hidden but columns are still in in row data
  3. [FIXED] [4.1.0] Ext.ux.CheckColum with "editable: true" causes a JavaScript error on click
  4. [FIXED] removeAll on buffered grid causes error in cancelAllPrefetches
  5. the amount of updatedRecords on 'write' event is not zero (grid), 4.1.0
  6. [CLOSED] [4.1.0] Store passing filter object to server even when remoteFilter=false
  7. [FIXED] Theming: toolbar margin variables don't have !default flags
  8. [FIXED] Field not destroyed after panel close
  9. [CLOSED] Field not destroyed after panel close
  10. [CLOSED] Ext.getCmp('ID').getValue() or rawValue in IE8 and IE9 with Extjs 4.1
  11. [FIXED] [4.1.0] Bug of render Table layout
  12. TreeStore bugs - appendChild(), load()
  13. [4.1.0] Chart number axis labels misaligns on store reload
  14. [FIXED] Ext.panel.Panel.getHeader() is not documented
  15. [4.1 Final] ActionColumn click triggers row editor
  16. [CLOSED] Checkbox Focus/Blur Issue on Chrome
  17. [FIXED] [4.1 Final]: DragDropManager.fireEvents - wrong parameters calling onInvalidDrop
  18. [OPEN] Splitter Collapse to Right puts Collapse Tool in wrong place
  19. [OPEN] [4.1] GroupBy Broken in Time Axis
  20. [FIXED] [4.1.0] Grouping + locking not working
  21. [INFOREQ] Strange Error when upgrading from 4.07 t 4.1
  22. [CLOSED] [4.1] Configuring a proxy in a Model constructor does not work as expected
  23. [OPEN] 4.1 Problem with Sencha SDK Builds and Ext.define based overrides
  24. [FIXED] calling showAt() for panel does not fire the 'show' event.
  25. [CLOSED] [4.1] Grouping grid + startCollapsed bug
  26. [CLOSED] inconsistent view when dynamically adding checkboxes to a checkboxgroup
  27. [CLOSED] [4.1] ItemSelector ignores last value
  28. titleAlign has no effect
  29. [4.1.0] arguments passed to callback function after model.save considered harmful...
  30. [FIXED] [4.1.0] Trigger button does not look disabled on a disabled ComboBox
  31. [OPEN] html editor color selection dosnt work with IE8
  32. [4.1] Drag and Drop Panels with hidden elements don't layout properly
  33. [OPEN] Ext 4.1 Api view cuts off
  34. [FIXED] the x axis is slip when you have line series and column series in one chart
  35. [DUP] Toolbar buttons remain "focused" after being enabled - 4.1
  36. [INFOREQ] EXTJS 4.1.0 - Locked Grid Rows not aligned
  37. [CLOSED] ComboBox Blur Event Fires After Textfield Focus (using mouse)
  38. [INFOREQ] Updated values are lost with buffer
  39. [OPEN] HTMLEditor bug
  40. [OPEN] htmleditor bugs
  41. [CLOSED] Datepicker month/year button showing two tooltips
  42. [NOREPRO] Save the DrawComponent Surface
  43. [4.0.7] vertical slider problem with vbox layout
  44. [OPEN] [4.1] Chart Axis range is calculated wrong with stacked charts
  45. [OPEN] [4.1] Ext.tree.View configurability
  46. id field inserted into every model
  47. [INFOREQ] isVisible() reports false when loadMask is visible
  48. [CLOSED] TreeNode is not expandable even if expandable is true but children is null
  49. [FIXED] AbstractView - unused local var
  50. Broken example
  51. [OPEN] [4.1.0] Doesn't Work Mask on TextField
  52. [CLOSED] Row Editor doesn't hide fields
  53. Ext 4.1.1 RC1 loadmask does not cover open window
  54. [CLOSED] Problems dragging and dropping across tabs
  55. [OPEN] Internal property applyDefaults get wrong value for associations
  56. [FIXED] [4.1.0] Vbox With Layout-less Child Does Not Show Other Child's Grid
  57. [FIXED] Adding a new field to a form layout in IE error
  58. Calendar type indicator overwrites "Title" label
  59. eval() and IE9 memory usage
  60. [FIXED] allowed to cross column groups when restrictColumnReorder = true
  61. [DEFER] Timefield with Japanese locale does not accept its own values
  62. [CLOSED] Ext.Data.Field::convert, inconsistent behaviour?
  63. [OPEN] CSS3BorderRadius in IE9 is slow
  64. [FIXED] tbseparator incorrectly inherits border from toolbar
  65. [FIXED] Delegate Ext.Object.chain to Object.create
  66. [FIXED] Ext.form.TimeField - Field Value not displayed on Blur
  67. [CLOSED] [4.1.0] childItems is undefined
  68. [DUP] [4.1.0] rendering error when loading a grid in collapsed state
  69. [FIXED] cellmodel bug when using scroll fast
  70. [CLOSED] store.sync() does not work as expected
  71. [FIXED] [BUG] toolbar defaults override single item settings
  72. [FIXED] [ExtJS 4.1] "cols" attribute is being ignored when textareas are rendered.
  73. [INFOREQ] combobox and checkbox do not work properly in form when blank
  74. [CLOSED] Window child with "frame: false" changes background color
  75. [CLOSED] Time Field (timefield) loses scrollbar when modified with setMinValue or setMaxValue
  76. [CLOSED] [ExtJS 4.1]Scatter chart renders blank if all values are the same
  77. [OPEN] Selection bug when using non-local filtering
  78. [OPEN] TreePanel with DnD does not autoSync
  79. [FIXED] Scoped css doesn't work well for filtering and date picker
  80. [FIXED] Combobox losts the value after input of wrong value if forceSelection is used
  81. [CLOSED] [4.1.0] ComboBox trigger not shown when using Ext.scopeResetCSS = true
  82. [4.1.0] Menu Items Collection is now AbstractMixedCollection and not sortable
  83. [FIXED] [4.1.0] HtmlEditor can never be destroyed
  84. [FIXED] [BUG] line chart messed up after disabling and enabling lines though legend
  85. [FIXED] [] EventManager does not return listener response
  86. [FIXED] [4.1.0] Tab text centering stops working in IE8 after dynamically adding tab
  87. [CLOSED] 4.1.1-rc1 layout: something is going wrong in Chrome after a button is clicked
  88. msgTarget messes up the width (Ext 4.1)
  89. [FIXED] Flash Component disregards WMODE transparent (Ext 4.1.1)
  90. [DEFER] 4.1.0 Missing localization for File field button
  91. [CLOSED] [4.1] Convert function in Ext.data.field not always invoked
  92. API Docs sections still not working correctly under Chrome...
  93. [FIXED] Issue with top and bottom padding of form fieldset
  94. [NOREPRO] assosiation bug
  95. [CLOSED] 4.1 Model type AUTO error this.type.convert is not a function
  96. [FIXED] Sass bug in _frame.scss when $radius === 10
  97. [OPEN] IE6 and IE7- Ext.IsArray bug
  98. [INFOREQ] 4.1 - Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing beforeEdit parameters changed from 4.07
  99. [OPEN] drag and drop with summary 4.1 bug
  100. [OPEN] [4.1.0] Column Layout with Delayed Add in IE9 Incorrectly Accounts for Scrollbar
  101. [FIXED] Double buffering fails if API scroll is used with infinite scroll grids *CRITICAL*
  102. [INFOREQ] 4.1 Ext.tree.Panel : between page view, panel doesn't remember last column sorted
  103. [DUP] Ext 4.1.1 RC1 tree node deep copy is not deep
  104. [INFOREQ] Error in AbstractComponent updateLayout Ext.layout.Context is not defined
  105. call reload of the Tree panel node causes IE to pop 'script taking too long' alert
  106. [CLOSED] [4.1.0] Method "setSize" in Ext.chart.Chart is producing no effects (Regression)
  107. [FIXED] Ext.data.Tree.flatten duplicates Ext.Object.getValues
  108. [OPEN] ext-debug.js doesn't contain <debug> code
  109. [CLOSED] Checkbox.getRawValue() issue
  110. [CLOSED] [4.1] Component.showAt does not fire the beforeshow event the first time it is shown.
  111. [OPEN] [4.1] Box layouts do not handle flex properly when minHeight is set
  112. [CLOSED] [Ext 4.1] Store auto loads models, but grids don't auto load stores
  113. [FIXED] [4.0.2] Selection model returns wrong record when Grouping feature is enabled
  114. [FIXED] [4.1.1 RC1] Ext.menu.DatePicker select triggered twice
  115. [FIXED] [4.1.1-RC1] NodeInterface qtip and qtitle not updated
  116. [INFOREQ] 4.1 Firefox x-viewport CSS class on HTML Tag causes height problems
  117. [CLOSED] Ext JS 4.1 Neptune Theme images are missing!
  118. [OPEN] setPosition on resizable Ext.form.fieldComboBox components fails
  119. [DEFER] Missing localization for Ext.util.Format.fileSize
  120. [FIXED] [4.1] Ext.util.TaskRunner complains destroy is not a function while destroying
  121. [FIXED] Model's Id field not defined after sync in TreeStore (CRUD)
  122. [DUP] gridpanel drag-and-drop and itemkeydown
  123. [4.1.0] Row editing plugin doesn't fire "canceledit" when changing row
  124. [FIXED] [4.x] model instance shared if proxy subclass specifies a reader config object
  125. [CLOSED] Using Transform on a comboxbox causes line breaks
  126. [CLOSED] Model Convert function is not updated after record.set()
  127. [OPEN] Problem with selectionchange event of selection model
  128. [CLOSED] Ext.util.Observable broken in 4.1.1.RC
  129. Dynamically adding fieldsets to a form.
  130. [OPEN] 4.1 Regression: Grid CellEditing with resizable textarea width is clipped
  131. [CLOSED] Window size should be limited to the browser visible area.
  132. [FIXED] Build files are missing from the 4.1.0 distribution.
  133. [DUP] Ext.grid.feature.Grouping : expand on simple click when startCollapsed = true
  134. [CLOSED] Store - Handling of AJAX responses that came in not same order as requests sent
  135. [FIXED] Issue running 4.1 application in iframe in Internet Explorer
  136. [FIXED] Event listeners stopped getting called
  137. [FIXED] [4.1.0] Any Menu subclass doesn't inherit scrolling functionality
  138. [CLOSED] FieldAncestor not firing fieldvaliditychange event
  139. [OPEN] [4.1.1RC1] Ext.Element setBox method cleanup
  140. SDK 2.0.0 Beta3 error reporting
  141. [INFOREQ] Unable to scroll with a draggable Panel
  142. [INFOREQ] [4.1.1rc1] Null/Undefined columnHeader in onViewRefresh
  143. [FIXED] [4.1.1 RC1] TreeStore root node issue
  144. [FIXED] Config html of Button not working
  145. [CLOSED] loadMask config of grid view not working
  146. [CLOSED] DomHelper bug in IE8
  147. [OPEN] [4.1.0] ValidationStatus: an error message appears behind a Window due to z-indexes
  148. [OPEN] Set maximum bar width in ExtJS 4 column chart?
  149. [FIXED] [4.1.1 RC1] EXTJSIV-6082 bis
  150. [FIXED] locale update for ext-lang-it.js
  151. [CLOSED] [4.1.0] PagingToolbar should not disable navigation if there are no items on page
  152. [FIXED] Bug in triggerWidth detection when using scoped-mode
  153. [CLOSED] EmptyText cannot be shown on password field (IE8)
  154. [INFOREQ] boolean field never set as modified when set with a boolean value
  155. [CLOSED] Why all tabs are bold?
  156. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] Wrong readOnlyCls set for Checkbox & ComboBox when readOnly flag set
  157. If you are missing loadMask in infinite grids
  158. [CLOSED] bug in Webkit: text form fields can be scrolled out of view by text select
  159. [OPEN] [4.1.0] Chart Axis majorTickSteps appears to be not consistent
  160. [FIXED] [4.1.1BUG] Bug of submit method in Ext.form.Basic
  161. Property ButtonConfig in filefield doesn't work
  162. [OPEN] [4.1] Using different DropZone configurations on a single object
  163. [FIXED] Multiple issues with Panel.setBodyStyle
  164. [FIXED] drag and drop can't use arrow keys 4.1 bug
  165. [INFOREQ] Combobox setValue() when dropdown store not finished loading loses set value.
  166. [FIXED] Grid Column Tooltip not supported Ext 4.1
  167. [FIXED] treestore: have sorting probems again... whats wrong?
  168. Using buttonConfig with id in file field causes exception
  169. [CLOSED] Dynamic add Checkbox to rendered Group doesn't create elements
  170. [INFOREQ] infinite scroll & arrow keys
  171. [FIXED] [4.1.1] TreeStore listeners are not cleaned up
  172. [FIXED] Chart with integers on axis
  173. [CLOSED] [4.1.0] Chart wtih "stacked: true" - a ghost when all charts are hidden via legend
  174. [FIXED] Specifying Panel header config and closable: true causes unexpected error
  175. [CLOSED] vbox layout BUG using fieldset with title...
  176. [NOREPRO] [4.1.0] Grid Columns with HR Tags Incorrectly Displayed
  177. [CLOSED] MessageBox under modal because of waitMsg 4.1 bug
  178. [OPEN] Default ext-all.css obstructs adding outline to focused elements in Webkit
  179. [CLOSED] Toolbar text set slow in 4.1
  180. [OPEN] ExtJS 4.1 Ext.slider.Multi doesn't position Thumbs when disabled on IE8
  181. [FIXED] [4.1.0] TreePanel selectPath callback is called twice
  182. [CLOSED] Ext4.1: buttons have unwanted border by default
  183. [OPEN] (Critical) The windows/panels bound to a buffered grid lost on data refresh
  184. [FIXED] ExtJS 4.1.0 FieldSet has a bug?
  185. [CLOSED] setActiveTab doesnt work in controller if....
  186. [FIXED] [4.1.0] - Gray Theme Disabled Tab Background is Pink!
  187. [INFOREQ] [ExtJs 4.1] AllowBlank of one field disables all fields in the form
  188. Problems with flex in grids 4.1 versus 4.0.7
  189. [FIXED] [4.1] scrollByDeltaX and scrollByDeltaY methods not working on a locking grid panel.
  190. [CLOSED] [4.1.0] Modal Window Bad Focus Behavior.
  191. [CLOSED] [4.1] Chart: axes labels are not refreshed.
  192. [FIXED] expandable: false has no effect in tree grid
  193. [CLOSED] Grid grouping feature requires double click to expand when startCollapsed is true
  194. [FIXED] tree.selectPath(tree.getRootNode().getPath()) doesn't select
  195. [CLOSED] Button style is broken with scopeResetCSS
  196. [OPEN] While reconfigure grid lock remove in ext js 4.1
  197. [FIXED] Cell editing in modal window does not work
  198. [CLOSED] [4.1] removeDocked() broken inside tabPanel
  199. [FIXED] Edit Text of TextItem not in dom does not work
  200. [CLOSED] internet explorer very slow with setVisible
  201. [FIXED] FieldContainer's absolute layout misplace in firefox
  202. [INFOREQ] 4.1 IE7 removeAll() breaks right dock
  203. [FIXED] [4.1.1] Locking grid headers misplaced after column hide
  204. Change event not firing consistently
  205. [OPEN] Chart.Series.Column Style not overriding Theme
  206. [CLOSED] Panel 'render' event does not fire in 4.1
  207. [FIXED] Ext.toolbar.Toolbar.enableOverflow: true issue.
  208. [OPEN] Ext.Date.parse "M Y" returns wrong date on certain dates
  209. [Ext 4.1] stateful window
  210. [FIXED] [4.1.1rc1] BorderLayout: collapsed GridPanel on south looks inconsistent after expand
  211. [INFOREQ] Ext-4.0.7-gpl: The wrong marker in line chart is hightlighted.
  212. [CLOSED] Bar chart drawing bug with large amount of data in IE8
  213. [INFOREQ] Ext.Ajax.request setAttribute is undefined bug
  214. [CLOSED] Bug an itemSelector
  215. [FIXED] Ext.data.proxy.JsonP autoAppendParams ignored in buildUrl method
  216. [INFOREQ] Cell editor in Grid Panel is not reliable
  217. [OPEN] FocusManager - hiding component loses current focus (logic error in code?)
  218. [FIXED] standardSubmit: true appears to be broken in 4.0.7 for forms with params
  219. [CLOSED] Ext.dom.AbstractElement hasCls bug (dom.classList is undefined)
  220. [FIXED] Store.isLoading() is wrong from inside Ext.view.View.collectData
  221. [OPEN] No Animation CollapseMode: mini
  222. [FIXED] Spacebar not toggling checkbox state in TreePanel
  223. [FIXED] [ExtJS 4.1.1 RC1 bug] getValue() an destroy() issue in widget TextBox in IE8, IE7
  224. [FIXED] Controller Selector Doesnt Respond
  225. [DUP] TreeStore and Rest Proxy bug and solution
  226. [OPEN] pie chart's sibling segments have same color
  227. [CLOSED] [4.1] - Checkbox in Tree won't be triggered by Space key.
  228. [CLOSED] Ext.grid.feature.Grouping with [startCollapsed: true] does not work well in ExtJs 4.1
  229. [FIXED] Firefox 13 new default smooth scrolling leads to very slow grid scrolling
  230. [FIXED] RowExpander - Row expansion with scrollbars and grid reconfiguring
  231. [DUP] CellEditing - validateedit does not have correct value
  232. [FIXED] [Ext4.1.1 RC1] Ext.data.Field.convert messes up the order of field values
  233. [OPEN] [4.1.1] Column can not be subclassed properly
  234. [FIXED] Ext.AbstractManager.onAvailable listener isn't removed properly
  235. [CLOSED] Ext.form.Panel - reader is ignored
  236. [CLOSED] Blur event Firefox
  237. [OPEN] [4.1] possible improvements for store sync
  238. [OPEN] Scatter chart: tips are shown only if mouse is over the center of the bubble
  239. [FIXED] scrollIntoView issue - it modifies the looks of my page on IE
  240. [OPEN] [4.1] renderer is ignored for radial axes
  241. [CLOSED] [4.1] theme category2 has markers for first 3 series only from 5 total
  242. [INFOREQ] Bad Grid-Performance for FireFox with rowLines:true
  243. [OPEN] list.getSelectionModel().clearSelections() doesn't remove class
  244. [CLOSED] RadioGroup Bug in IE9
  245. [OPEN] [4.1.1] TreeStore removeAll calls proxy when not using autoSync
  246. [FIXED] IE 6 nonsecure items warning when using Ext.History
  247. [DUP] ExtJS 4.1 Ext.grid.GroupingFeature
  248. [CLOSED] [4.1] I can't see the icons in the filter
  249. [INFOREQ] Charts with SVG - Negative values
  250. [OPEN] radar chart: after deleting store's records appropriate sprites are not removed