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  1. [FIXED] [4.1.0 B2] missing grid loadMask on first load
  2. [CLOSED] Element mask not positioned correctly for gridpanel in a tab
  3. [CLOSED] StoreManager seems to ignore the StoreId
  4. [OPEN] [4.1 beta 2] constrainHeader error whith viewport
  5. [FIXED] Is this change intended in 4.1?
  6. [OPEN] draw.Surface - group handling problem
  7. [FIXED] [4.1B2] Hbox and collapsing panels broken
  8. [FIXED] [4.1B2] Inconsistent animate behavior for TreePanel
  9. [CLOSED] [4.1B2] Issues with cell editing
  10. [FIXED] Picker Bug (Bubbling of ESC)
  11. [FIXED] [4.1B2] Global variable leak
  12. [CLOSED] Label information still remains after store filtering when showing a chart
  13. [FIXED] [4.1B2] Loading grid on demand fails
  14. 4.1-B2: HasOne constructor does not work
  15. [INFOREQ] GridPanel doesn't scroll back to top 1st row
  16. [FIXED] [4.1 Beta2] Load mask cannot be removed when animateTarget is set
  17. [FIXED] [4.1 b2] - Tree Drag n Drop - Broken ...
  18. [FIXED] [4.1B2] Ext.XTemplate no longer handles nested {parent} references
  19. [CLOSED] 4.1.0Beta Collapsed panel in border layout's north region, rendering problem
  20. [DUP] 4.1 beta 2 Regression - Window's shadow does not move when height changed in code
  21. [OPEN] Ext.Element.repaint improvement
  22. [OPEN] [4.1B2] TreeStore inconsistent firing of 'update'
  23. [FIXED] [4.1B2] Grid panel messed up when using 'enableLocking'
  24. [OPEN] fieldcontainer's labelSeperator will disapper when I add an new fieldcontainer into i
  25. [FIXED] [4.1B2] Clean up Grid init code
  26. [FIXED] [4.1B2] Error when using buffered grid + locking columns
  27. [FIXED] x-grid-empty missing
  28. [FIXED] [4.1B2] ItemSelector returns [undefined] when empty
  29. [FIXED] Inconsistency on closing tabpanel items
  30. [FIXED] Bug with Ext.msg.Confirm and Translation/Localisation
  31. [FIXED] Ext.js4 Charting issue (stacked column with two series) values incorrect
  32. [FIXED] [4.1] textAlign text in tab....
  33. Ext-lang files and 'cancelText'/'okText' in DatePicker
  34. [INFOREQ] Inconsistent Cursor Placement with Cell Editing Plugin
  35. [OPEN] Row Editing and Action Column conflicting
  36. Grid Filters feature auto-loads filters too late
  37. [OPEN] [4.0.7] Fail when using Tree plugin TreeViewDragDrop + set nodeInterFace config href
  38. Loading ExtJS 4.1-beta-2 after page load fails
  39. Smartest Ext.widget
  40. Disappearing Panel Bug
  41. [OPEN] [4.1 beta 2] combobox blur fail
  42. [NOREPRO] [4.1 B2] CompositeSprite.destroy method is broken
  43. [FIXED] [4.1b2] ComboBox needs 2 clicks to trigger
  44. [CLOSED] Store.add not adding correct model
  45. [INFOREQ] Ext3-compat.js: this.cascase is not a function
  46. Event on data change in TreeStore?
  47. [INFOREQ] 4.1 B2 - Menu gradually creeps away from its shadow
  48. Class attribute in mark up has additional whitespace on end of form fields 4.0.7
  49. sass no extjs-grid-ui
  50. [CLOSED] Open Bugs for the data package
  51. [INFOREQ] some original config objects are modified
  52. [INFOREQ] HeaderResizer broken?
  53. [FIXED] Ext.data.AbstractStore missing dependency
  54. [CLOSED] setLoading loading animation doesn't get hidden when using setActiveItem on a card
  55. [FIXED] [4.1 B2] Gray theme - tab's background is blue
  56. [OPEN] Tab Panel - Issue hidding first tab
  57. [OPEN] Ext.draw.AbstractEngine
  58. [NOREPRO] Broken image === irony
  59. [OPEN] [4.1b2] MVC 'model' property bug
  60. [NOREPRO] [BUG] on Minimize on Windows
  61. [CLOSED] Records added to filtered store are erased when filters are cleared
  62. [CLOSED] groupers added to store with 'group' method are not cleared by clearGrouping
  63. [CLOSED] [4.1b2] use of Controllers breaks combobox
  64. [CLOSED] Bug with splitter used in a border layout
  65. beforeRowSelect event makes selection
  66. [4.0.7] Canīt set custom Ext.Msg button text any more
  67. [DUP] [4.1.0b2] Data scaling in a Line Chart broken if X axis numeric and data is offset
  68. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] Ext.window.MessageBox - cfg is undefined
  69. [CLOSED] RowExpander columnLines off by 1 pixel
  70. [CLOSED] Ext.grid.plugin.CellEditing is broken when used with Checkbox Selection Model and cb
  71. [INFOREQ] My ExtJS TreePanel grid keeps breaking when I manually modify it
  72. [FIXED] Form gets dirty if a textarea field contains a leading line break
  73. [FIXED] An error is thrown when the portal is put inside a form panel
  74. [INFOREQ] ComboBox pageSize is not working
  75. [OPEN] Ext.clone() silently returns a reference to the object that you want to clone
  76. [CLOSED] HtmlEditor 2 bugs
  77. [OPEN] [4.1b2] Stacked Column Chart bug
  78. [CLOSED] Options pull out menu bug in portal example
  79. [FIXED] [4.1b2] Problem setting grid column filters programmatically
  80. [FIXED] [4.1b2] CellEditing plugin+textfield editor doesn't completeEdit on header click
  81. [INFOREQ] Grid columns overflowing below vertical scrollbar in Ext 4.1 Beta 2
  82. [CLOSED] drag&drop: additional data (record.raw) doesnt get copied
  83. iconCls on Cyclebutton
  84. Wrong pie chart behaviour when animate is set tot true
  85. New 4.1.0b2 MessageBox localization bug
  86. [CLOSED] Scrollbar error on column resize
  87. [FIXED] [4.1 B2] Quicktip show delay bug
  88. QuickTip does not show whole title
  89. [FIXED] Validation message issue with msgTarget: under and hideLabel: true for Ext 4.1.b2
  90. [CLOSED] Form gets dirty if textarea field contains \r\n linebreaks
  91. [DUP] [4.1b2] Combobox and double click effect - Solution found for bug.
  92. [INFOREQ] Line chart X axis renders outside clip region of Panel when using Panel title
  93. [FIXED] [4.1.b2] Button with icon - width
  94. [OPEN] templatecolumn or overriding the Ext.tree.Column rendered HTML<select> not clickable
  95. [INFOREQ] FormPanel header shifts up
  96. [FIXED] [4.1.0b2] MVC + Tree + Autoload + Direct = Mask Hangs
  97. [INFOREQ] determineScrollbars accesses horizontalScroller properties when it is undefined
  98. [FIXED] Store load not triggered when opening ListMenu in FilterFeature
  99. [FIXED] Grid infinite scroll: no last elements, no return to first elements
  100. [OPEN] bug in Ext.draw.Draw.snapEndsByDateAndSteps
  101. [INFOREQ] [Ext 4.1 beta 2a] Header right, collapse left - Problems
  102. [OPEN] wrong bounds after zooming a line series
  103. [CLOSED] Custom text field validator is not executed if the field is blank
  104. [FIXED] [4.1 20120221] Expanding a panel in a border layout with dynamic content bug
  105. [FIXED] Portal example, dropping portals is much slower compared to 4.0.7
  106. [FIXED] [B3] Placeholder not working?
  107. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] PagingBar does not adjust current page when store gets filtered
  108. [FIXED] [B3] button icons are clipped at times (varying between browsers)
  109. [FIXED] [B3] Space for scrollers reserved
  110. [FIXED] [4.1.0B3] Component render, afterrender, beforerender handlers in controller.Control
  111. [FIXED] 4.1 Beta 3: TaskRunner - initial run of task is delayed
  112. [FIXED] [B3] radiofield in toolbar in a tabpanel laid out incorrectly on first tab activate
  113. [CLOSED] incorrect numeric sorting order in grid sample
  114. [OPEN] 4.1 Beta 3: Error show grid when hideGroupedHeader=true, +bugs
  115. [FIXED] me.stretcher in pagingscroller is undefined when destroying a non rendered view
  116. [FIXED] [4.1 b3] LoadMask's broken
  117. [FIXED] [4.1.0 b3] Focus lost when error tooltip displayed on modal window/form
  118. [CLOSED] Fields (except textfield ! ) do not accept "@" in id since 4.1b
  119. [FIXED] [4.1b3] Unable to borrow() more than one function
  120. [DUP] 4.1b3 - Combo onLoad function does not load value if value is zero
  121. [CLOSED] Accordion Layout - each sections header rendering bug.
  122. [FIXED] 4.1b3 : textfield + email vtype + opera 11 osx : delete key do not work
  123. [FIXED] Portuguese Brazilian locale Ext.util.Format
  124. [FIXED] Ext.util.Observable -> hasListener method is always returning true
  125. [FIXED] 4.1B3 "el is null" Infinite Gid, Buffered Grid (Ext.view.Table.forceReflow FF10)
  126. [INFOREQ] [EXT 4.0.x, 4.1pr] Can not cancel resize
  127. [DUP] [4.1 b3] Ext.form.field.File buttons don't get the mouse over effect that buttons do
  128. [FIXED] [4.1 b3] TreeStore doesn't copy all standard Tree field's.
  129. [CLOSED] ExtJS 4.1-Beta-3 Ext.grid.RowEditor. Does not appear previously hidden column
  130. [OPEN] Feature Request for Ext.view.TableChunker
  131. [CLOSED] [4.1 B3] : form.Basic.setValues() gives error if the form has a radio group
  132. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] filefield and json-answer with html-code in it doesn't work
  133. [OPEN] Ext.selection.CheckboxModel bug
  134. [INFOREQ] Possible Bug, Legend toggle function doesn't work without shadow on Scatter Chart
  135. Slovak locale
  136. [FIXED] [4.1B3] Locking grid + stateful broken
  137. Ext 3 Compatibility issue in autoLoad : {}
  138. MVC Articles are not showing on site
  139. Defined ComboBox Select Event while inside Panel
  140. [CLOSED] grid navigation broken in cell editing mode
  141. [CLOSED] Possible bug in Ext.Array.intersect
  142. [OPEN] [4.1B3] Panel collapse/expand behavior broken
  143. [OPEN] [4.1B3] preventHeader not honored
  144. [FIXED] [4.1B3] Possible bug when grouping by a template column in a grid
  145. [CLOSED] [4.1.0 b2,3] Window button problem when window is not resizeable
  146. [NOREPRO] Change in validation state causes form to scroll
  147. RadioGroups broken 4.1.0-beta-3
  148. [FIXED] accordion get stuck if you select fast in 4.1. beta -3
  149. [FIXED] [4.1B3] Bug when centering components in vbox/hbox layouts
  150. [CLOSED] Ui goes Kaboom on exception
  151. [DUP] [4.1B3] Panel resizable stops working after a collapse/expand
  152. [FIXED] [4.1B3] TaskManager doesn't break on runtime errors, but causes infinite loop
  153. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] 'select' event is fired when a grid is sorted if selection model is CellModel
  154. [FIXED] [EXT 4.1(B1-3)] Style for chart line series not applied
  155. The Browse button is disabled in the File Upload Field
  156. [FIXED] Ext.Date.format breaks ugly on wrong input
  157. Ext.Date.defaultFormat not localized
  158. TotalProperty problem in dataStore
  159. [DUP] [4.1B3] Docked toolbar on inactive tab has wrong height initially
  160. [CLOSED] FieldContainer.updateLabel() drops labelSeparator
  161. [FIXED] BUG - [EXT 4.1 B 3] Ext.data.reader.Reader onMetaChange listener and idProperty
  162. [CLOSED] Ext.tree.Panel bug on column definition with 'hideable: false'
  163. [CLOSED] [4.1B3] Bug with initComponent method of dataview
  164. [FIXED] Grid mask is shown above Window on Ext.4.1b3
  165. [FIXED] [4.1rc1] ExtDirect Form Post (File Upload) doesn't work since 4.1
  166. [FIXED] [4.1rc1] Ext.widget reports config is undefined
  167. [CLOSED] Grid headers disappear in chrome, safari, ie after click on row
  168. [FIXED] [4.1 B2] EnforceMaxLength and MaxLength on text area
  169. [OPEN] BUG, RadioGroup event change is messed up.
  170. Panel does not initialize a KeyMap on render
  171. [OPEN] TreePanel Columns - Menu Problem
  172. [NOREPRO] MVC Application Architecture example works in Beta 2 and NOT Beta 3
  173. [OPEN] Ext.util.Format.number - Minor issue
  174. [FIXED] Hard coded value in variables/_grid.scss
  175. [CLOSED] Ext.ux.DataView.Draggable failed to initialization !
  176. [FIXED] Ext.JSON.decode can't handle certain unicode chars
  177. Reload store, grid looses selection
  178. Column chart and negative numbers
  179. [FIXED] dirtyCls style not applied to slider field
  180. [FIXED] Additional scss files with hard coded values
  181. [FIXED] Ghost image while dragging a panel
  182. [OPEN] Bar/Column Chart issue whith a single value
  183. [OPEN] Bar/Column Chart axis problem with multiple series
  184. [CLOSED] ExtJS charts : store.loadData() issue when new data has not the same number of column
  185. Ext.draw problem in IE7 and IE8 with image type
  186. Ext.clone bug with firefox [firefox bug not expected by extjs]
  187. Unexpected behaviour when collapsing panel in container
  188. [CLOSED] [4.1 B3] form.loadRecords breaks when record contains field 'length'
  189. [CLOSED] TimeField bug? ExtJs 4.1rc1
  190. [FIXED] refs config not in API documentation
  191. [NOREPRO] [4.1B3] Scrolling a buffered grid is broken
  192. [CLOSED] Resizing portlet problems
  193. [CLOSED] ItemSelector doesn't work in ExtJS 4.1.0-b3 (ext-4.1.0-beta-3)
  194. [FIXED] groupgrid is not showing properly in beta3
  195. [FIXED] [4.1 b3] ToolbarDroppable.calculateEntryIndex()
  196. Message box styling issue in IE only
  197. [OPEN] ComboBox and assertValue
  198. [FIXED] ComponentLoader and Component renderer
  199. [FIXED] labelableRenderProps and allowBlank
  200. RowExpander - column disappears after reconfigure store.
  201. [CLOSED] keyup,keydown,keypress not fire on textfield
  202. [FIXED] [4.1 Beta 3] Grouped Bar charts: Incorrect values shown in series labels
  203. ext 4.0.7 window bottom clipped if css vertical-align:top is added to body or div
  204. CellModel('select')event isfired when click same position cell already to be selected
  205. Scrollers on grids with huge amount of rows
  206. [FIXED] Ext.Array.toArray, I do not become the length of end.
  207. Problem with file upload response: '&amp;' not getting replaced
  208. [NOREPRO] Does the CORS option in Ext.data.Connection v4.0.7 actually work?
  209. [CLOSED] [4.0.7] Dataview with store.loadData(data) : Cannot read property 'internalId' of und
  210. [FIXED] Sorters are not applied after using FilterBy() method
  211. [OPEN] Ext.chart.axis.Time auto min/max issue
  212. IE7/8/Mozilla Date Time Error: Daylight Savings Time + Leap Year
  213. [CLOSED] xtype: 'filefield' can not select a file.
  214. Set a int value on a radiogroup fails
  215. Ext.panel.Panel disappears on 'collapse' !
  216. [OPEN] Apply lossless image compression to images in Ext download package
  217. [INFOREQ] [4.1B3] Card layout does not activate item when removed
  218. [FIXED] headerCt and getHeaderCt() missing in documentation!!!!
  219. [CLOSED] If ComboBox's valueField is int type field, It will not work properly.
  220. [FIXED] [4.1.0-B3] `getEditorParent` is ignored - nested cell editing is not possible
  221. [CLOSED] grid action column getClass not working, when modify a record with getAt(id).set()
  222. [INFOREQ] [4.1.0-B3] Ext.AbstractView no longer binds its store to load mask
  223. [OPEN] [4.1b3] Trigger field blur events don't pass event objects
  224. Ext JS 4 Custom Drag and Drop does not work as expected
  225. [OPEN] getterName config option for hasMany association
  226. [OPEN] 4.07/4.1x Bug in rotate animation of a sprite
  227. [OPEN] [Ext 4.1 beta 3] Incorrect layout on Radiogroup with columns
  228. [FIXED] 4.1 beta 3 - model.save() ignores response success state
  229. [FIXED] TextArea readOnly bug - and solution
  230. [FIXED] Observable broken for class observation
  231. Memory Leak when Using Ext4 Sandbox and IFrame
  232. [OPEN] [BUG 4.0.x - 4.1rc1] Chart line series zIndex not set correctly
  233. EXT 4.0.7 IE7 disabled Mask Broken
  234. FieldSet Height Calculation is incorrect
  235. SASS / Compass theming breaks tab layout (4.1 Beta 2)
  236. [OPEN] Disabling a FieldContainer makes children almost invisible
  237. [CLOSED] Ext JS 4.0.7 TabCloseMenu's className should be Ext.ux.TabCloseMenu
  238. css not compiling with new versions of sass
  239. [OPEN] Bugs on Grid with Column Locking : load mask error, grid not resized, etc
  240. [OPEN] [4.1 rc1 BUG] chart.series.Line style properties get lost after chart is re-rendered
  241. Arithmetic overflow on numeric axis
  242. [4.1RC1] Form setValues/trackResetOnLoad: checkbox does not support getFormId()
  243. [OPEN] [EXT4.1 RC1] Ext.chart.series.Line label position doesn't seem to work as intended
  244. [CLOSED] checkcolumn error with Ext.grid.feature.Grouping
  245. [CLOSED] [4.1 RC1] Collapse mode mini doesn't work
  246. [4.1 RC1] Incorrect width of the grouped grid columns with flex = 1
  247. [FIXED] [4.1RC1] LoadMask doesn't mask form's buttons
  248. First row hidden in a grid ONLY inside the docs site
  249. [4.x] HtmlEditor. Submit reset value in sourceEditMode
  250. [FIXED] [4.1.0-rc1] Syntax errors when compiling SASS themes